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 We need to see where this PLANDEMIC is heading and to do whatever we can to get the government to stop the lock down as soon as possible.


To be clear, this was not caused by COVID-19. This was caused by federal and state governments shutting down all businesses and putting millions out of work. Quarantine is what you do to restrict the movement of a sick person, tyranny is when you restrict the movement of the healthy. We don't close the country down every year for any other flu virus that have much more higher death rates, is this a deliberate attack on the food chain supply, nothing is more tyrannical than threatening people with starvation.

Between higher food prices, unemployment we are seeing harder times ahead.Are we looking at a coming planned famine?

The NWO have had this planned for years read on their website look at the planned 2021 and 2030 Agendas. The first is being played out right now. 

Government are merely the peoples servants, it is the paid actors who bring the illusion to appear more than that. They are in effect traitors as they sold your country to corporations and are registered as a business 

This is not what the nations real leaders were supposed to do, under Our Commonwealth Constitution for the sovereigns of this nation.

Each advancement under the illusion of government can only take place if the people don't stand up to their tyranny and crimes against the people. They have granted themselves special authority that exceeds their positions.

The Australian people have been systematically deceived as they blatantly violate and propagandize the people into believing, that you must obey their rules.

It's time to make them stand back in line or get out!

The elite cabal, have been using disease as a weapon on the battlefields of world wars and this is no different. 


A despot will ‘INOCULATE WITH DISEASES’ the world’s population to gain political control… And THAT is EXACTLY what the hateful Adolf Hitler did  and they continue to day as the people have not learnt from the past.


 "If something works well once why would you not use it again and again and again."


These people are patient as they planned for decades, to reach their Goal of a One World Government where they kill off billions and leave a select 500 million to be their slaves.

What does non-essential mean...think about it?

They have been living champagne lifestyles on our dollars while we live paycheck to paycheck, it's time it stopped!

 So they have engineered a recession, its all fitting into their plans.

It's time WE THE PEOPLE remain standing. and crush their plans.




Return our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution


RESTORE the peoples bank of the Commonwealth

RESTORE manufacturing/infrastructure

RESTORE WATER/ build the Bradfield Scheme

RESTORE faith and constitutional based education

RESTORE Our NATION to the people




Reveals that a confidential report prepared for the Defence Department about a year ago predicted it would take just three months for essential services to break down during a major crisis that halted global supply chains.

Now, one of the senior officials involved is speaking out to warn Australia must prepare for the possibility of an even bigger catastrophe than the current pandemic.





CHERYL DURRANT, FRMR DEFENCE DIRECTOR OF PREPAREDNESS: I've had a career of 30 years with Defence.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP, REPORTER: Cheryl Durrant rose through the ranks to become one of Australia's most senior military planners.

CHERYL DURRANT: It's my job to be a cool, calm head.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: After a lifetime in the secretive world of Defence, she's speaking publicly for the first time since leaving her post as the Director of Preparedness.

CHERYL DURRANT: If you think of the COVID-19 crisis as a test run, it's highlighted a lot of things that we hadn't thought about and it's really a critical thing for us to learn from this.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: Last year, she commissioned a review of how Defence should prepare for what it concluded was an increasingly likely global crisis.

CHERYL DURRANT: We saw three main possibilities of that happening. The increasing and escalating effects of climate change and natural disasters, a global power conflict, probably America-China, and finally, a pandemic.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: At a secret meeting in Melbourne, she gathered 17 leading engineers to war-game whether their industries would survive if the crisis brought global trade to a halt, cutting off their supply chains.

CHERYL DURRANT: We wanted to understand what was the thing we were most vulnerable in.

While the group didn't look at pandemic specifically, they predicted Australia would suffer massive upheaval in an unspecified global crisis and they laid out a time-line for how our essential services would fail in the space of just three months.

Some of the predictions were eerily accurate.

The first prediction was public hoarding, shortages of medicines and medical equipment, and then mass worker layoffs.

CHERYL DURRANT: We knew there were problems, we knew this might be coming, we knew that various things needed to be done.

I would say that our preparedness planning was probably about a D-plus, C-minus, but our response was much better.


SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: A growing group of Australia's top brass has warned for years, our reliance on overseas supply chains makes the nation vulnerable in an increasingly unstable world.JOHN BLACKBURN, AIR VICE MARSHAL (RETIRED): We're actually worse off than quite a few countries.



All our trade, 98 per cent of our trade, imports, exports, depends upon foreign-owned shipping systems. So we're actually in a pretty fragile position.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: The report models a crisis far worse than COVID-19 where global supply chains like shipping routes are severely disrupted, creating a disastrous domino effect.

One unforeseen risk was sanitation, which would quickly start to fail because imported water treatment chemicals would run out.

CHERYL DURRANT: Now you're getting in some nasty consequences because that's also on health and hygiene and that surprised us. That wasn't something we’d expected.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: While nowhere near that worst-case scenario, the water treatment industry is already preparing in case of disruptions to chemical supplies.

NICK DUNCAN, HYDROCHEM, CEO: When we got first wind of what was happening in China, we were very aware of how that might have played out.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: The chemicals supplied by this factory in Melbourne are used to treat water in crucial sites across Australia.

NICK DUNCAN: From the largest miners in Australia through to all of the major hospitals, the shopping centres, we actually disinfect the water that is coming into the hospital to prevent Legionnaire's disease outbreaks.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: Companies like Hydrochem are stockpiling chemicals as the world competes for space on shipping routes.

NICK DUNCAN: At the moment the delays in shipping have meant that what would normally have come in two months has taken four months.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: The COVID-19 crisis has also been a wake-up for the Federal Government.

ANGUS TAYLOR, MINISTER FOR ENERGY AND EMISSIONS REDUCTION: This is an extreme disruption. There are critical items where we need to ensure we've got strong control over the supply chain. These are the things that Australians rely on.

GAVIN STEVENSON, FRUITMAN SAM FRUIT & VEG: 4:30 wake-up, sort of slap myself awake. I'm sort of on the road by about quarter to, 5:00, something like that.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: Gavin Stevenson delivers fresh fruit and veg throughout Sydney.

According to the report, Australia only has two months' worth of fuel.

GAVIN STEVENSON: I fill up once a week. It's cheaper now than it was.

Probably take it for granted that you can just go to a bowser and fill up. Like, it's your life-line. You can't, I can't walk these boxes to places.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: The Federal Government last week announced it was buying a stock-pile of fuel in the US, which it hopes to one day ship to Australia to keep the country moving in a possible crisis.

ANGUS TAYLOR: The great challenge at the moment is the world is close to running out of storage for fuel because of demand drops due to COVID-19.

We do want to make sure that we have enough fuel in the event of an extreme disruption.

SEAN RUBINSZTEIN-DUNLOP: The report predicts that within three months there would be no transport.
Australia would be racked by social unrest and widespread unemployment and industries like electricity and telecommunications would be failing, because they rely on imported parts.

In other words, our nation, as we know it, would cease to function.

JOHN BLACKBURN: We need to redesign critical parts of our supply chains and that means it's not only having a capability in Australia to manufacture or produce something, and in those critical areas, you also have to have Australian ownership and/or control over critical capabilities.

We're smart enough to do something about it, if only we just wake up.

CHERYL DURRANT: If we take the attitude, I think, "She'll be right", go back to business as usual, bounce back, I think we're going to find ourselves not as well prepared for what happens next.


follow link, download the word file print out a heap and letter drop or hand out, put under peoples wiper blades what ever you feel like. this is a great way too wake many up

Confidential report predicted how long it would take for essential services to break down during a major crisis

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