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When Silence becomes the Enemy - The truth Must Set Us Free

All shared videos are for information and educational purposes.


There is so much CONFUSION

 LISTEN TO These Experts

Then Please Do Your Own Research

 INFORMATION on this page is freely available on the net

Heavily Censored Video - The Corona Vaccine is Planned Population Reduction UK whistle blower- 97% of corona vaccine recipients will become infertile. A global population reduction plan!

Dr. Shiva doesn't hold back in examining the facts v. fiction on the threat of the Corona virus, how to really protect your health

Democracy only works if there is an informed People.

And right now, we have a booming misinformation infestation eating away at Sovereignty and democratic institutions.”  

 Technology-enabled disinformation is corrosive to democratic processes and institutions. Increasingly we may be unable to have trust that videos, photos, audio recordings, ‘scientific’ studies or legal documents are authentic. Civility in civic discourse and integrity are increasingly quaint notions.

Authoritarians will weaken checks and balances, turn courts into extensions of those in power and thus undermine representative democracy – enabled by the manipulation of Main Stream and digital media to stoke fear and mask inconvenient truths.


We must educat ourselves in first-world societies to distinguish fact from fiction. And we’re already seeing fear of the ‘other’ stoked to the point where inhumane treatment of children is accepted and our right to basic human rights in this country has eroded/denied our Sovereignty. Extreme views in institutions are putting our World at risk. 


 We have institutional actors denying and actively disabling science and hiding public information about the consequences. We have allowed a system to propagate by our apathy to generate to that which believes it can manipulate people as a resource for a false economic model made more important than life itself.

I grow suspect when it is propagated as specifically " engineered." The system tends to turn consequences, as reactions, into financial benefits.

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