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When Silence becomes the Enemy - The truth Must Set Us Free



There is so much CONFUSION

so LISTEN TO These Experts

Then Please Do Your Own Research

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Mikovits worked extensively under Anthony Fauci for decades, who she says stole her proprietary research not once, but twice.

She joined NIH in 1980 as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the National Cancer Institute, where she collaborated with Dr Frank Ruscetti and helped him isolate the HIV virus and its link to AIDS. Her boss at NIH, Fauci delayed publication of their paper for 6 months to let his protégé Robert Gallo replicate, publish and take credit for their discovery.

In 2006, Dr Mikovits became director of Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease, collaborating again with Dr Ruscetti to search for the cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). She discovered that 67% of women with CFS carried a virus—called Xenotropic Murine Leukemia-Related Virus (XMRV), which only appeared in 4% of healthy women.

XMRV is associated with prostate, breast, ovarian cancers, leukemia, and multiple myeloma. Many women with XMRV have given birth to children with autism. Mikovits and Ruscetti published their findings in 2009.


“Judy Mikovits is Among Her Generation’s Most Accomplished Scientists.”

—Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Dr.karladine Graves, Slams Dr. Fauci 

In this exclusive interview with #TheNewAmerican,


Dr. Graves believes the government should get out of the way and let doctors deal with their patients. She also supports the use of hydroxychloroquine, despite the Democrats and others trying to stop its use.


everyone is TALKING about It!


QUININE comes from the bitter bark of the
Cinchona Tree (Chinatree bark). The ancient tree is named after CHINA! It grows in
South America and China. Quinine is called CHININ in both German and Senegalese, and
translates to mean "CHINESE TREE BARK", and it is the oldest drug in China and South
America, known by the Inka, Azteks, Maya, Olmecs and Africans and East Indians. It is the
core ingredient in oral snake antidotes! It cures deadly MALARIA FEVER. GOD's nature
doesn't need arrogant clinical test approval of the Freemasons

The leaves on these two Indio-men's loins are chincona china-leaves

article by OUIJA ORIENTAL MEDICINE  2020 , Dr. Pharouk-Starzmann

 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation calls for global cooperation to ready COVID-19 vaccines for seven billion people, while offering $150 million toward developing therapeutics and treatments for the virus.
 "When you are dealing with a novel pathogen like COVID-19, as and when we get to identifying a successful vaccine, we are going to need billions of doses."
A cheap and better Alternative that has been used for many Years QUININE - ready and available - Nothing makes sense, right? Many Professional people are calling it out as a HOAX, a very expensive one at that!
Time to WAKE UP!
Discover What is a Virus?
Virology Lectures 2020 #1:
Professor Vincent Racaniello - Columbia University 

The most professional, comprehensive, and valuable video instruction on virology. with a touch of the Professors good humour

Professor Vincent Racaniello has many students from around the world who enjoy and gain valuable lessons with his light hearted humour and wealth of knowledge


Walk away knowing that you have enjoyed a High quality informative lecture that's both entertaining , very illustrative and  rewarding discover the fundamental properties, including whether or not VIRUSES are alive, and explain why they are the most awesome biological entities on Earth.

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