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Coronavirus COVID - 19

Fact not Fear

 Government Killer

Revealed new slide which shows how the government had access to clear data demonstrating that long before the declaration of UK lockdown and even at the time of the Prime Minister's March 3rd broadcast, the data showed that Italy, Germany,


Sweden and the UK were all decelerating, levelling off, and then falling away in terms of the rate of growth of the contagion. The crisis was over though the contagion would continue until exhausted. It is as inevitable as a ball thrown into the air, slowing down, and coming back to earth.


Our work has shown for now 42 countries just how simple and smooth the progression of the virus is. It isn't difficult to track its trajectory. It is difficult to understand how supposedly decent human beings - our leaders - could choose to so utterly disregard an opportunity to present simple and basic facts to reasure us, and instead could choose to pluck a figure out of thin air to scare us, deliberately so, and so immediately order us into our homes. What matters now is that they chose to do it, and chose to do it contrary to any possible logic other than their own desire or agenda, whatever that might be.


Now it is our turn. Here is the information to bring down the governments who so abused their power. How long this video remains available, we have no idea. I suggest you download the PDF promptly and ensure that a record remains, and then distribute both this video and the record as widely as possible.

article and content by Peerless Reads.

The PDF of this video is here: 

Coronavirus  Covid - 19 Fact Not Fear 

Facts are an inconvenient TRUTH when Agendas are present.

Link to the underlying source video file

A pro forma email if you wish to contact newspapers, news shows or similar, is available here, as sent to Andrew Mather of  Peerless Reads  by a viewer. 



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