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Dear Fellow Warriors for Truth,

My apologies for this taking longer than anticipated to forward to you. The overwhelming response to the call out for court support for Peter Haughton in South Australia and documents to build and send has proven to be tougher and more time consuming than I had expected. Nonetheless, I guess you could say that this is a labour of Love.....

Please see below and print the attached 1pg My Will Letter and also Brian Shaw's 1pg Co-join Letter to sign, 2 witnesses on My Will, and return as soon as possible. Print extras for friends and family and post with your own when completed, in order to save in postage and for us to get as many in as we can. This action is critical. Registered/Express post is best so you have a receipt and tracking number. The 1pg Advance Australia Brochure explains the My Will letter. Brian's Co-join letter can be sent to the same address as the My Will letter as they get forwarded to Brian anyway. Send to Peter Haughton - 108 O'Sullivan Beach Rd, Lonsdale, SA 5160.

Co-joining Brian immediately brings in ALL legal documents on Brian's Elijah's Challenge website into your own legal matters which I'm certain that many of us now have. No matter can be heard until they hear Brian's first as no court in the country has jurisdiction to hear ANY matter, including the High Court since they removed the Queen and Crown from the Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act on the 1st January 2004 in Western Australia without a Referendum. This affects the whole Commonwealth, not just W.A.

Brian's website is

The attachments below include Peter's transcript (CBA v Peter Haughton), but I would suggest that you first read the Australia Act Affidavit and Australia Act Exhibit Books as the argument is now much more refined after his last appearance on the 4th May 2020 and it will be much easier to get your head around before reading the transcript of 103pgs, if you so choose. You will learn a lot. It's well worth your time and effort. Please feel free to share, as when we stand together, we are indestructible.

And then there's Gerry Donohue's 'Daniel Andrews Exposed' document that I'm certain you'll LOVE that is more of the same to cement this knowledge. Once you embody this knowledge and it becomes second nature, they just can't touch you in court. This is essential before a case can be successful as I have now learned that this is all part of standing in our power against them which is well and truly a spiritual and psychological battle in that court room. 

Both Peter and Gerry are CPO's (Commonwealth Public Officials) that work closely with Brian Shaw and Dick Yardley who have been instrumental in this battle against the corruption at the highest levels in our beloved country. My gratitude goes out to these men and women and many others who have helped and worked tirelessly over many years to get us to this point.

I know that this is a lot of information for anyone to wrap their head around, but our future and the future of the next generation and our country is well and truly under attack and worth the fight. There is nothing that's more important than this right now.


All the best and God Bless You for standing up.

Also attached is Brian Shaw's most recent 'Declaration of War' document that summarizes the chronology of what they did to us and how they did it.


I would suggest that it will be much easier for you to read these if you can print them first.

Please print and share these with your friends and families and return the My Will and Co-join documents as soon as possible so we can hold them to account. Some of you may only be interested in the My Will and Co-join letters, but save them all to your computer's hard-drive so you have them for future reference. 


Amanda Walsh

the pen is mightier than the sword

Please share this - Message and letters attached , that can be sent in support. 

To All  Australians Extra - ordinary times call for extra - ordinary measures                                           thankyou

Music while you read
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