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THE ELITISTS ARE SERVED ~We The People Are Going Take Down Their Dynasty ~ CANBERRA CONVOY 2022.

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

J.F.K Had A vision For You & I...He Died For That Vision

"Our goal is not the victory of might but the vindication of right...not peace at the expense of freedom, but both peace and freedom, here in this hemisphere, and, we hope, around the world. God willing, that goal will be achieved." --"Radio and Television Report to the American People on the Soviet Arms Build-up in Cuba (485)," October 22, 1962, Public Papers of the Presidents: John F. Kennedy, 1962.

"Ask not what your country can do for you...ask what you can do for your country."

"All this will not be finished in the first one hundred days. Nor will it be finished in the first one thousand days, not in the life of this Administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin."

"Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate."

"Inaugural Address (1)," January 20, 1961, Public Papers of the Presidents: John F. Kennedy, 1961.


The War To End All Wars Was Designed To Halt The IMF & Religious Doctrines From Destroying Cultures Yet Here We Are. Third world war the globalists against all humanity

The Bugle has called and the People will arise, for the children and one another

nothing will stop the floodgates of an Australian people united to fight for freedom and life

and a future free from tyranny and dictatorship.

We The People Of The Commonwealth Of Australia Will Uphold The Ideals And Values Of Our Fallen.The ANZACS will be honored and their legacy will prevail Nothing Else Will Suffice. Freedom must be restored to the people. God bless Terra Australis

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn;

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning,

We will remember them.

Binyon's Ode of Remberence




If there’s one thing that scares the bejesus out of the New World Order globalist cabal, it’s PEOPLE POWER.

Nothing frightens them like the spontaneous up-swelling of raw uncontrollable outrage. NOTHING!

Australians, the establishment won't go down without a heavy push back to keep control of their masters globalist agenda. We call for all, to gather to

Canberra., en-mass, the police are already kettling the crowds there, to open vulnerable gaps

for them to come in and take the tents and impound cars as they did with the aboriginal people same strategy, so we need numbers and people power, buses cars trains horse and cart

Calling all able bodies willing to fight for your country and freedom, On peaceful terms only.

The people must remain calm and peaceful as you already know they spin their media lies enough already.

Australians must stand their ground and not retreat as the political leaders and government officials, who are Covid genocide suspects, must be lawfully detained and answer to their crimes against this nation.

A single mother of Six

LIVE: Canberra Protest Camp Grounds - Police turn violent.

Police moved in and used pepper spray on the peaceful crowd.

assaulting elderly people to try and antagonize the crowd

Interviews with Freedom Fighters from Day 3. . .Canberra . Cafe Locked Out The old man who was pepper sprayed by the police and more

Some Good advice to protect oneself

Tami Jane ·

Ok guys! It’s Tami Jane here from Melbourne Australia. 
See these photos below? These are what we faced here in Melbourne during our protests! I’ve been pepper sprayed and shot at with rubber bullets many times. 
I saw what happened today in Canberra and any of you who are up there right now need to get prepared! You need to make sure you are protecting yourself from what the police may start doing up there! 
This is no practice run! It’s the real deal. I feel they will go this far at Canberra too and my heart broke seeing many of you on live streams crying with pepper spray in your eyes. 
So please take these steps immediately In the morning to help you be a little safer. 
1 - buy protective eye wear from Bunnings that wrap right around your eyes and are closed so tear gas and pepper spray cannot go in. Wear them around your neck for easy access. 
2 - wear long sleeves and long pants to protect your skin from pepper spray. 
3 - if you get pepper sprayed do NOT put water on the affected areas! This spreads it and makes it worse! Carry MILK in your bag to pour in affected areas. 
4 - buy disposable masks and have one on you at all times! Put it on if they throw tear gas grenades toward you! This stuff hurts in the lungs! I know! 
5 - be aware of frequency weapons if they show up in the tanks. They can turn them on and make you all disperse and feel disorientated and you will have no idea why, you won’t hear anything. You will just feel it. 
6 - never ever give them a good reason to attack. Always make sure you are only violent if you are being attacked for no good reason and you are defending yourself. The world is watching! Let them all see the tyranny that is upon peaceful protestors here! 
7 - live streamers need to always have back up batteries ready to go! We need live footage at all times! I will be there from Monday. Joel Gilmour is there at the moment with other streamers too. Well done Joel! 
8 - If you have to give your details always say your are giving them Under duress. Don’t fight them if they detain you. 
9 - take a change of clothes each day if you not camped near where the protest is. 
10 - do not stand in front of the PORT police if they are aiming their guns at you looking fired up. They have shot people in Melbourne within metres of them who were standing with their arms up! They will shoot! 
11 - Carry an umbrella you can shield yourself from sprays if needed. 
12 - Stay together, do not split up if approached by police. 
13 - If it looks like police are forming a circle around you from all angles, they are starting to kettle you. Move on! 
Please please please, take this advice and look out for each other. 
Courage and love 
Tami Jane xx

Police caught with an assault rifle -

Cafe Locked Out 1 February at 22:29 ·

Police with an assault rifle Canberra

A man approaches two Australian Police holding an Assault Rifle on a street in the Capitol city of Australia. He asks why are you carrying an Assault Rifle?

Parliamentary precincts and the exercise of authority

The parliamentary precincts

The question of the extent of the precincts of the permanent Parliament House was resolved definitively with the passage of the Parliamentary Precincts Act 1988[95] which provides as follows:

The boundary of the parliamentary precincts is the  approximately circular line comprising the arcs formed by the outer edge  of the top of the retaining wall near the inner kerb of Capital Circle,  and in places where there is no retaining wall, arcs completing the  circle. [Where there is no retaining wall, the circle is indicated by  markers—see map at Schedule 1 of the Act.]
The parliamentary precincts consist of the land on the inner  side of the boundary, and all buildings, structures and works, and parts  of buildings, structures and works, on, above or under that land.
If the Presiding Officers certify in writing that specified  property is required for purposes of the Parliament, regulations may  declare that the property shall be treated as part of the parliamentary  precincts for the purposes of the Act.[96]
The precincts are under the control and management of the  Presiding Officers who may, subject to any order of either House, take  any action they consider necessary for the control and management of the  precincts.
In respect of the ministerial wing in Parliament House, the  powers and functions given to the Presiding Officers are subject to any  limitations and conditions agreed between the Presiding Officers and the  responsible Minister.
The parliamentary zone read fully here 
 The security of the parliamentary precincts
Responsibility for security in the parliamentary precincts is  vested by the Parliamentary Precincts Act in the Presiding Officers.  Before the passage of the Act this jurisdiction was based on custom and  practice and the inherent powers of the Presiding Officers to maintain  proper arrangements for the functioning of Parliament.
Security brings into conflict two principles basic to Parliament’s  traditions and usage. On the one hand, there is the undeniable right of  people in a parliamentary democracy to observe their Parliament at work  and to have reasonable access to their representatives. On the other  hand, Members and Senators must be provided with conditions which will  enable them to perform their duties in safety and without interference.  This is basic to the operation of Parliament and a balance must be  struck between these two important principles.
In 1978 some Members and Senators expressed concern that the  security arrangements might become excessively elaborate and that the  rights of Members, Senators and the public to gain access to, and to  move freely within, Parliament House might be unnecessarily restricted.  In a report later that year the Senate Committee of Privileges  emphasised the view that an effective protection system was necessary  for Parliament House and its occupants. It stressed that security  measures implemented earlier in 1978 provided the basis for an effective  system and were not, in the committee’s opinion, in any way  inconsistent with the privileges of Members of the Senate.[103]
The safety of people who work in Parliament House, or who visit it  on legitimate business or simply to see it in operation, is an  important consideration. Some Members and Senators are prepared to  accept that public office brings with it increased personal risk and  perhaps are not easily convinced of the need for special arrangements  for their own security. However, the need to ensure the safety of others  in the parliamentary precincts is recognised and this consideration has  been important to successive Presiding Officers.
A Security Management Board, consisting of the Serjeant-at-Arms,  the Usher of the Black Rod, the Secretary of the Department of  Parliamentary Services, and a Deputy Commissioner of the Australian  Federal Police (AFP),[104]  is the high level advisory and oversight body responsible for the  security of the precincts. In 2014 the Presiding Officers authorised the  AFP to be the lead agency for operational security at Parliament House.  A consequential Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between  the AFP and the Department of Parliamentary Services in that year which  established the operational security and response arrangements for  Parliament House.
The AFP Manager, Parliament House is responsible for overall  operational security and, in accordance with the MOU, day to day  security is overseen by the AFP Security Controller. The AFP Security  Controller also has command, control and coordination of all operational  security and response activity within the precincts. The MOU gives the  AFP Security Controller responsibility for the control and coordination  of Department of Parliamentary Services security staff and AFP personnel  during both day to day security and security response operations.
The parliamentary security staff are responsible primarily for  security within the building—that is, the operation of electronic  security screening devices, the physical checking of people entering the  building and general corridor surveillance. The AFP has exclusive  responsibility for physical security of the external precincts. The  Serjeant-at-Arms and the Usher of the Black Rod are involved in  operational matters if they impact on the House wing and Members or the  Senate wing and Senators respectively.

More excerpts

 Entry to Parliament House and galleries
Goods, mail and baggage brought into the building are checked by  electronic means. On entering Parliament House all persons, including  Members and Senators, must pass through electronic detection equipment  similar to that used at airports and further screening is carried out of  people seeking to enter the public galleries of the two chambers. It is  a condition of entry to the building and the public galleries that any  person desiring to enter shall submit to a search of his or her person  or effects if so required.
Visitors displaying political slogans on their clothing may be  denied entry to the galleries on the basis that the galleries should not  be used as a place for protest action[105]—there are other areas set aside for such activities (see page 131).
 Disorder and disturbances
To perform its functions the House must be protected from physical  disruption, disturbance and obstruction and there is no doubt that the  House has the power to protect itself from such actions. However, such  actions, although they may technically constitute contempt, are in  practice usually dealt with either through administrative action under  the authority of the Presiding Officers or by remitting the matter to  the authorities for criminal proceedings.
Visitors who misconduct themselves in that part of Parliament  House controlled by the Speaker may be taken into custody by the  Serjeant-at-Arms.[106] In  the Chamber visitors are under the control of the Serjeant-at-Arms. If a  visitor or person other than a Member disturbs the operation of the  Chamber or the Federation Chamber, the Serjeant-at-Arms can remove the  person or take the person into custody.[107]  Such disturbances have included persons standing up, interjecting,  applauding, holding up signs or placards, dropping or throwing objects  into the Chamber, chaining or gluing themselves to railings and jumping  onto the floor of the Chamber.[108]
On the authority of the Serjeant-at-Arms, Usher of the Black Rod  or authorised persons, persons creating a disturbance may be detained  and interviewed, or ejected from Parliament House. Persons considered to  pose a threat to the Parliament, for example, because of a history of  attempts to disrupt proceedings, have been barred from entry to the  Chamber or the building for a period of time by order of the Speaker or  both Presiding Officers.
Application of the law in Parliament House

 Powers of police in Parliament
For most practical purposes, Parliament House is regarded as the  only place of its kind and one in which the two Houses through their  Presiding Officers have exclusive jurisdiction. Thus in Parliament House  the police are subject to the authority of the Speaker and President  and their powers are limited by the powers and privileges of the  respective Houses.[110]  Such limitations are not based on any presumed sanctity attached to the  building as such, but on the principle that the Parliament should be  able to conduct its business without interference or pressure from any  outside source.[111] At the same time, the public interest in the administration of justice is given due weight.
It is established practice that police do not conduct  investigations, make arrests, or execute any process in the precincts  without consultation with and the consent of the Presiding Officers,  which is in practice conveyed through the Serjeant-at-Arms or the Usher  of the Black Rod to the Australian Federal Police Security Controller.  An exemption to this is the standing approval for the police to perform  traffic operations in the precincts which may result in arrest or  investigation or, more usually, issuance of infringement notices.
There are a number of precedents of consent being granted in the  case of police wishing to interview Members. In commenting on one such  incident the Speaker stated:

The above are excerpts only

advise to read full Parliamentary Precincts Act 1988[95]


To keep up to date with the Canberra Convoy ~

Download Zello app then click on link in this tweet to join their radio communications and get the latest updates. You can show your support by sending voice messages or just listen in:


One of those difficult embarrassing situations


Watch "Scott Morrison Called A 'Complete Psycho' In Berejiklian Text Exchange | 10 News First" on YouTube


Australian Prime Minister Served With “Crimes Against Humanity” Arrest Warrant by Common Law Assembly

Under international law, a Common Law Assembly is a recognized court which does not require recognition by the government in power. the body of international law recognize and legitimize when local communities come together and form Common Law Assemblies.

The Australian Prime Minister, Governor’s General, and many others were served with an arrest warrant, informing them of the court date set where they’ll have to appear to defend the 66 crimes they’re being charged with. Including TREASON.

Townsville’s Common Law Assembly has served documents with their local police.

Common Law groups were formed around various shires - serving documents to the area police commands, (see here) On the following Monday 31st January the groups, led by spokesman, Steven Sukka. gathered at the Surry Hills Police station, Sydney , Australia to inform the police that the people had come to arrest those named in the warrants.

The Police were sympathetic but declined in assisting the common law group to effect

these arrest warrants.

The fact sheet and brief of evidence to serve police on 31 January, this will be accompanied by a sworn affidavit . The High Court case of Lane v Morrison 2009 states on page 21 which clearly establishes that a court of the people can be convened and is in fact lawful provided they have sworn a correct oath. Further page 326 of the constitution establishes that no public officer cannot hold the court in contempt. If we then look at sec 8 crimes act 1914 establishes that when evidence, fact sheet and sworn affidavit out long the offense has been committed then a citizen can arrest. We are within our rights.

The large contingent of Common Law Assembly moved on to the parliament House to make the arrests but were thwarted by a large police presence who blocked their ability to enter

the building to conduct the arrests of any who may have been in attendance.

an email received regarding the unlawful stance police took on the 31st January as we tried to enter parliament house in Sydney. If the below action eventuate this will serve as a very strong message to police conduct in the future. We are working to bring them all to account. We the people will have our day. (this is a part extract of the email)

Feed back o n the mornings event -

I1 was beside Steve videoing it on Monday, Im a street wise guy and I can tell you that Steve had a massive impact on the cops, even the sargeants. I watched the fear in their watering eyes when they were told they can be arrested.. Steve stood strong and delivered lawful words and policy . He achieved more impact than all the rallies combined so far. The only real disappointment was the lack of numbers. Out of 6 million in this city we had 200 turn up, what a disgrace !! then the arm chair riders have the hide to question the process . This procedure is being implemented all over the world, because its our only chance to arrest the filth before we lose our country.. we are off to Canberra, so if you care about your children's future, be there ...

Message from

Lyn Bennetts

Commonwealth Public Official


YOU ALL DID EXCELLENT TODAY THANK YOU🙏🏼 l have been hearing stories of success from all around Australia!

This is Additional Evidence to present to Police today or tomorrow please:

Can you please print off a copy of the “Sanctioned Lawful Moratorium” and the “Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK Your RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES Doc” and present these documents as evidence to all police headquarters and other police stations throughout the country as well please; old stations that have been visited previously and also take them into the Australian Federal Police Stations for investigation, (It is up to us to educate our police force) they have been lied to like the rest of us.

The Sanctioned Lawful Moratorium document is the one l read out to the people at Melbourne Parliament House on Peter Little’s video and the people all started UNITING under Velvet Revolution, so if the people understood all this information then that is what we need to present to the police stations as additional evidence. I have all the links in that document that proves this is all lawful, l outline the laws the Corporation have broken, the HELINSKI Code, Nuremberg Code, Nuremberg Principals along with all of our RIGHTS to Lawfully Remove The Government.


In addition, the “Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK Your Rights & Responsibilities Document” also needs to be presented as evidence, both are printable documents off our Website

Commonwealth-Of-Australia-Constitution-Act-1900-UK.-Your-Rights-Responsibilities (pdf)Download

We will give the Police Headquarters and the Australian Federal Police all this week up until Monday the 7th of February to study this information and to then be on the right side of history and help us arrest these criminals.

I will see you all in Canberra with our Convoys who are coming from all over Australia through to Tuesday the 8th of February 2022.


Lyn Bennetts

Commonwealth Public Official


AGAINST Treason, Fraud, Tyranny, Treachery, Traitors, Political Corruption, Child Abuse, Pedophilia & Human Trafficking!

Mandatory Vaccines, Mandatory Vaccine Passports & No Jab No Job.

Researchers of Australia’s Political History.


Excellent websites where you will learn about many TRUTHS.


Statements in this site are substantiated with facts that will stand in a court of law. Informed Consent requires a flow of clear, accurate, unfiltered information.

Videos | NutriTruth



School World Order: Teachnocracy....

For over forty years, coalitions of academics, governments, corporations, and world governance bodies have colluded to build a global ed-tech schooling system meant to shackle children to the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Unlimited Hangout

Teachnocracy - Unlimited Hangout

For over forty years, coalitions of academics, governments, corporations, and world governance bodies have colluded to build a global ed-tech schooling system meant to shackle children to the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Australians must lay claim to the institutions of the Australian state which have been captured by corporate agencies of the emergent world communist state and re-establish them upon their correct Constitutional foundation. At present the nation is being destroyed under genocidal tyranny and conflicts of law that have been contrived ‘to exhaust the state in its own convulsions’. (Protocols of Zion 1,8).

Australian sovereignty is the only basis upon which our principles of law and government can be restored. lindesymonds




from Julian Gillespie. They have filed their Judicial Review application in the Federal Court of Australia, seeking to have the Secretary of the TGA cancel the vaccines across Australia.

AVN Tells the Australian Government: We’ll See You In Court!

Judicial review case – AVN v Secretary of Health – Filed in Federal Court

For Immediate Release:

1 February, 2022

Today, the Australian Vaccination-risks Network, Inc. (AVN) has filed a Judicial Review case in the Federal Court of Australia, asking the court to order Dr Brendan Murphy, Secretary of the Department of Health, to meet his obligation to follow the science and cancel or suspend the provisional approval for all experimental COVID vaccines in Australia.

Instructing solicitor, Peter Fam, of Maat’s Method Solicitors, filed pleadings, a substantial affidavit including dozens of peer-reviewed and pre-print studies on the harms caused by COVID vaccines, urgently seeking a hearing date. You can view the video of his filings here, and copies of all court submissions here.

The AVN believes that the Australian Government have acted in opposition to the dictates of the Precautionary Principle, failing in their duty of care by not just distributing and recommending, but mandating Australians to take this medical procedure. There can be no informed consent when someone’s livelihood and ability to feed their children is on the line.

Over recent decades, an average of 2.4 people have died and approximately 3,500 injuries were reported every 12 months from all conventional licensed vaccines,” says retired Barrister Julian Gillespie, author of the original opinion and brief. “Yet in less than 12 months since COVID injections began, 755 deaths and 104,236 injuries have been reported.”

AVN believe the unprecedented upsurge in deaths and injuries, should have been actioned and stopped by Dr. Murphy over nine months ago. Instead, the rollout continues, even in ages where the risks of the vaccination so grossly outweigh the risks posed by COVID-19.

USA Media: Jen Smith | | 714 883 4818 AUS Media: Meryl Dorey | | 0414 872 032 Available for Interview: Julian Gillespie (Former Barrister & AVN Consultant) and/or Meryl Dorey (Founder, AVN)


G&B Lawyers released a Tweet:

Which states:

Mr @ScottMorrisonMP lost big time today.

'National Cabinet' is not part of the Federal Cabinet.

All of its decisions have no legal force. You are free to ignore them.

Including the one of 28 June 2021 mandating COVID-19 jabs for aged care workers see here" :

and it provided a pdf of the judgment. (in post below: see pdf beginning “Patrick”)

Scott Morrison has his lawyers defending this 🙂

It's obviously a HUGE veto of his criminal policies.

What this means is, we need to get the word out!

We are mailing the Gov General and State Governors to demand PM or State Premiers are removed from office using this format:


Dear [Governor-General or State Gov)]

Please see attached pdf (xxx). This judgment confirms that National Cabinet has no executive or legislative power. Every National Cabinet decision that has ever been implemented by the States is unlawful

As a result I demand the removal of [Scummo or relevant State Premier] from office immediately.


The address for David Hurley Gov Gen is:

Government House

Dunrossil Drive


No email address is available.

Next plan is to write to all state and territory MPs and all Senators to”

“cease and desist in carrying out the illegal orders of this “National Cabinet””

A PDF each of MPs and Senators are attached in the post below.

The implications of this judgement are enormous and include making illegal the indemnity of GPs in administering the vax, any mandatory vax requests by Aged Care or other employers to name a couple. Please provide the document to your employers, businesses, police, doctors etc.

Many got stuck in on this yesterday, let's all get on it today! Please also share this comprehensive message in all your groups along with immediately posting the 3 PDFs.....

Mr @ScottMorrisonMP lost big time today. 'National Cabinet' is not part of the Federal Cabinet. All of its decisions have no legal force. You are free to ignore them. Including the one of 28 June 2021 mandating COVID-19 jabs for aged care workers see here

Twitter (

G&B Lawyers

Mr @ScottMorrisonMP lost big time today. 'National Cabinet' is not part of the Federal Cabinet. All of its decisions have no legal force. You are free to ignore them. Including the one of 28 June 2021


Patrick v Prime Minister AAT Decision 5 August 2021(1)
Download PDF • 605KB


Augusto Zimmermann



Premier McGowan has now crossed the Rubicon. The Western Australian government has just banned unvaccinated lawyers and all other staff from attending courtrooms. I am thankful to journalist Daniel Khmelev for the opportunity to provide my humble opinion about this very serious development. It is available in his article published today in The Epoch times. There I have expressed my serious concern over this appalling decision and its implication towards clients who use the services of unvaccinated lawyers. It reads, in part, as follows: “I’m starting to feel really disheartened, and even distressed, by this whole development because one of the hallmarks of a tyrannical regime is to deny people access to justice,” Zimmermann told The Epoch Times. “The vaccine is being used as an instrument to preclude members of the legal profession to represent the clients and therefore, what the government is doing is to create difficulties for people to have access to justice, ultimately speaking.” Zimmermann fears that some parties may now also be restricted in their access to basic legal services, particularly those who are fighting against the government’s vaccination mandates. “It’s clearly undermining the legal profession in the process because there are some good lawyers who are not entirely compliant with the system, and they are actually more concerned about the preservation of individual rights,” Zimmermann said. “You already have clients with their own legal counsel, and these lawyers might now not be able to properly represent these clients.” “So you’re going to have lawyers now that are going to find it very difficult to be able to continue to exercise their role as legal practitioners.” To read more, visit the website of THE EPOCH TIMES. Prof Augusto Zimmermann PhD Law Reform Commissioner, WA (2012-2017)


Share this onto your local cop shop page…the case that’s now in The Hague!

Largest Criminal Investigation coinciding with the end of the pandemic in the UK



Nikki Jeffery

BREAKING NEWS TO ALL AUSTRALIANS AN URGENT CALL Get out to Old Parliament House Canberra SATURDAY 5 FEBRUARY 2022 11AM I WAS IN CANBERRA A WEEK AGO TO WITNESS THE GREATEST JUSTICE ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE WITH Rod Culleton - Former Senator Great Australian Party serving the corrupt Governor General of Australia EVERYONE MUST BE THERE FOR THE GREATEST DAY IN OUR LIFETIME Welcome to the ReVolution



message from Mac, Reclaim The Line

Canberra Convoy

MAC Reclaim The Line

Epic speech by Qantas pilot Graham Hood at Parliament House Freedom Protest

Graham Hood, represents the True "Spirit of Australia"

IMPORTANT REMINDERS FOR #ReclaimTheLine SYDNEY: You're meeting at Prince Alfred Park and marching to Hyde Park. Bring water, a hat, and please wear white. MELBOURNE: You're meeting at Parliament House and marching to Flagstaff Gardens. We don't need to tell you what to bring to a protest EVERYONE: Please wear white and tell your story. Be peaceful, be respectful, and be brave


Australian Prime Minister -

Scott Morrison has been served


Convoy to Canberra crowds reject violent action as they come together and voice their desperation to

2022 Official Convoy to Canberra see facebook Public group ·


Uncle Albert Hartnett Disarming the Police @ Parliament Eviction Notice

Read the real story

Elder uncle Albert speaks about who started the fire in the Australian, Old Parliament House.

see more here the full testimonies of that day, first hand accounts of the police starting the fire then blaming the tribal people


Testimony by

Clea-Rose Cellie

I’m working with Riccardo & Australia One & I have personally met & worked alongside him at an info evening & chatted at length with him. As a person with an incredible high integrity overcoming personal trauma/many challenges in life, I recognised his integrity was a mirror image of my own! This guys heart is in the right place & he’s fighting for his own kids as much as he’s taking a stand & fighting with us!

"Prepare for December 2021!" - Australian Political Leader Ricardo Bosi on the Aussie Nuremberg 2.0

Aussie Cossack

Warning! Very controversial content! Leader of the Australia ONE Political Party Ricardo Bosi goes on the air to share his controversial political views with Simeon Boikov the Aussie Cossack.

An open letter sent to Australia's Governor General by Riccardo Bosi

Open Letter to GG(1)
Download PDF • 258KB

If there’s one thing that scares the bejesus out of the New World Order globalist cabal, it’s PEOPLE POWER.

Nothing frightens them like the spontaneous upwelling of raw uncontrollable outrage. NOTHING!

Any mass protest that’s truly organically grown, grassroots driven and authentically people-powered sends the power elite into sheer panic.

Which is exactly why his masters just sent globalist puppet Justin Trudeau into hiding with an obviously false Covid alarm.

So, what then will The Powers That Be do with Canada’s awesome Freedom Convoy 2022?

Well, what would anyone expect the NWO cabal to do if the largest truck convoy in world history completely surrounded any major capital city? And then brought the greater metro area to a complete standstill via total truck-imposed gridlock? And then demanded that the government immediately (i) end the lockdowns, (ii) terminate all mandates, (iii) cancel the vaxports and (iv) rescind any orders regarding Covid ‘vaccine’ requirements?

Answer: TPTB will do whatever they think they need to do to quickly bust up this Canadian trucker protest. Because if they don’t, the cabal knows they will soon be facing a worldwide domino effect as truckers across the planet pull off copycat protests wherever there’s an 18-wheeler, semi or big rig driven by an unvaxxed driver.

Which can mean only one thing: TPTB will, in all likelihood, stage some sort of a horrific false flag terror attack in Ottawa or in some other major Canadian city in order to falsely blame the peaceful FREEDOM protesters.

Ricardo Bossi \~ message

A call to all Australian veterans to stand once again to defend your country from the Deep State enemy within.

Not with arms, but with the diggers guts and determination to defend Australia, take back from the duopoly governments your nation, your rights, and your freedom they have stolen for their agenda of NWO genocide.



Freedom Media WA

Emperor of W A, Premier Mark McGowan's Court System Denies Judical Process for Independent Journalist

Live Stream update of Independent Journalist charged with Trespass at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Center (Lend Lease Managed) when school children were being bused in to the shopping center for jabs when there was serious issues regarding consent within the Student Vaccination Consent Form




December 6, 2021

International Criminal Court

Office of the Prosecutor


Post Office Box 19519

2500 CM The Hague

The Netherlands

Subject of complaint:

-Violations of the Nuremberg Code

- Violation of Article 6 of the Rome Statute

- Violation of Article 7 of the Rome Statute

- Violation of Article 8 of the Rome

- Violation of Article 8 bis3 of the Rome Statute

Based on the extensive claims and enclosed documentation, we charge those responsible for

numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes

of aggression in the United Kingdom, but not limited to individuals in these countries.

icc-complaint-7 (1)
Download PDF • 2.47MB


A Challenge to the Legality of Australia’s COVID-19 Measures

Tony Ryan delivered his legal challenge in Australia on the 22nd October 2021 to representatives of the Chief Medical Officer.



The Human Rights Pledge For All Politicians and Public Servants



Does everyone know the meaning of the word MANDATE? The MANDATOR is the govt The MANDATORY is the person who receives it Its up to each individual to either receive or reject the MANDATE. STOP RECEIVING IT PUTTING ON A MASK SHOWS THAT YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE MANDATE which is a voluntary action. Our govts are corporations and corporations CANNOT make laws or issue fines. GROW YOUR BRAIN AND STOP THE MADNESS



Border blockaders settle in as tensions with police rise at Coutts, AB crossing

Thousands of Canadian rally in Ottawa as 'Freedom Convoy' protest goes into its third day

Canada, Corruption, Traitor Pedophile Justin (Castro) Trudeau, Freeland and More.


A heartfelt message to CanadianTruckers from an 11 year old.


Canada on edge: Justin Trudeau abandons Ottawa home amid protest against vaccine mandates

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family have left their home in the country's capital and shifted to a secret location after a large-scale protest opposing COVID vaccine mandates converged on Parliament Hill. What started as a protest dubbed as 'Freedom Convoy' against a vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers has grown into a large demonstration against the Trudeau government's coronavirus regulations. Thousands of truckers and other protesters converged in the Capital city on Saturday to call for an end to COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions. Watch full video.

Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 In Ottawa, Canada


The vaccine is a bioweapon. Time to Wake up, people!

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Bombshell leak: Countries that buy Pfizer’s vaccine undertake to break the law

Free West Media (

Bombshell leak: Countries that buy Pfizer's vaccine undertake to break the law

In history's largest medical experiment with 'vaccines' that have not been approved for use in


RED ALERT: A Major False Flag Terrorist Attack Warning for Canada!

Submitted by The Intel Analyst

State of the Nation


Bombshell leak: Countries that buy Pfizer's vaccine undertake to break the law

In history's largest medical experiment with 'vaccines' that have not been approved for use in


The Queensland Government stole our democracy

This video, we are posting again has been on our files since 2015, a must view by all Australians.

Not restricted to Queensland, this agenda-driven dictatorship applies to all of Australia. The video explains the mechanics of how Australian duopoly governments are not accountable to the people relying on political party faithful sheeple voters to remain in power and untouchable.

see this important video presentation @ Cairns news


Subject: Illegal lockdown not valid law

BRILLIANT post by a n Australian barrister>>> COPY/SEND EVERYWHERE>>> * Know this. Lockdown Orders have zero legal standing. Why did Daniel Andrews desperately want the Omibus detention powers? He had the existing fines mechanism to enforce Directions orders which are the basis of the lockdown. So why the need for new powers? *
This answer is because people are waking up.
Everyone should go and read page 106 of The Public Health and Wellbeing Act Division 1 Section 111. It sates: the spread of an infectious disease should be prevented or minimised with the MINIMUM RESTRICTIONS on the RIGHTS of any person.
Has that been happening? No. Why?
The clause doesn't say; the restrictions on the rights of any person will be minimum to contain the spread of an infectious diseases. If the clause's construction read this way, it would attempt to give the Chief Health Officer arbitery power to decided what's minimum to get his job done as he sees fit, and with no consideration or reference to what the person, whose rights being restricted, thinks. This is not how the law works or what they clause says.
The legal drafting and clause construction is very clear. It says; the Chief Health Officer can do his job to stop the spread of an infectious disease, BUT a person's rights restrictions must be minimal. He has a qualifier and restraint. He doesn't decide what's minimum. So who does decides what's minimum?
If person, whose rights are being restricted, has no say in the matter, there would have been no need to include the clause in the legislation. The Parliament sought to preserve and protect civil liberties. It's a check on unfettered powers. That is the purpose of the clause, otherwise, why have it in the legislation if the Chief Health Officer has unrestrained powers? It's a reminder and constraint on the Chief Health Officer.
The Westminster system constrains, separates, checks and contains power, through a mechanism known as the Separation of Powers. This means that legislature (who makes laws), the Executive (Premier and Ministry) who execute law, and the Judiciary who interpret laws, remain separate. This is a check on power so it's not concerntrated as we seem to have in Victoria at the present.
The default 'Mentis' (mind) of Parliament, in a liberal democracy, is to preserve freedoms. Particularily the freedom of movement and association which the High Court has protected over and over and now Daniel Andrews thinks he can extinguish.
The person who decides what's a minimum restraint on a person's rights is the person who has the rights. If that person has no say on what's a restraint, the person would be deemed to have no rights, so why mention them? In this event, the person at best, has privileges which can be limited or extinguished. Like a driving licence.
True rights can only be suspended or limited by the right's holder. These are known as inalienable rights. God given which cannot be extinguished by the State, the Chief Health Officer or Daniel Andrews. Division 1 Section 111 was drafted in acknowledgement of this liberal democratic principle. The Section is even referred to as the Principle of the Act, against which all Directions Orders must be measured. Case closed.
What I have just set out is legal argument by a Barrister might make before a Magistrate, who is usually ill equipped to handle such arguments. Now you understand why the last thing Daniel Andrews wants is fines to be challenged in Court. Push the problem into the future. Maybe, even forgive fines so they never see a court room
Victorians don't know or understand the law and Andrews feels omnipotent whilst Victorians are oblivious and kept in the dark.
The average police member in the street is even less well equipped to handle these matter, so don't try to enlighten them or argue whilst being issued with an illegal and worthless fine. They have no idea. They're just following orders. In any event, fines are only allegations and not findings of fact or guilt.
Fines become an admission of guilt when you pay them. That's why the fines can be challenged.
Daniel Andrews' decrees from the podium have zero standing and will never stand up in court when the BS fines are challenged. They're all a big bluff. The lockdown is a bluff.
It's no wonder the Magistrates Court has adjourned all Covid challenged fines well into 2021.
If one illegal fine gets before a court, Andrews will buckle like he did with the Curfew when it was uncovered as a fraud. The Directions Order will be found to be as illegal as the Curfew. The day before the Curfew was challenged in the Supreme Court, is was quickly ended by Andrews. The 5klm restraint is equally illegal as an excessive restraint on the rights of Victorians. I remind you. If Victorians have no rights, as Andrews asserts, then why mention them in the Act?
While Andrews can't be removed as Premier, he is subject to the Westminster system Separation of Powers, which means the Parliament or Courts can clip his wings and stop his tyranny. As he has the numbers and Parliament and it's not sitting, it's useless to try a no confidence motion against Andrews, so we're left with the Judiciary and the Courts. Spread this across social media.
Being awake and informed will set you free. With the legal illusion of fines swept away, so is lockdown. We decide when the lockdown ends, not Daniel Andrews. The police will run out of ink in the their pens writing fines if we don't co-operate. It was for this reason Daniel Andrews wanted detention powers in his Omibus Bill. He feared someone would write a post like this, and wake up Victoria.


Quick & Garran annotated Constitution

1000s have been bought by Aussies!

full explaination of our Constitution, and how it is based on the UK & USA constitutions.

To order Quick & Garran annotated Constitution Send money order: $150 + $20 (delivery) = $170 Wayne Glew 24 Hagan road, Glenfield Geraldton WA 6532.

Jason Miles. Senate Candidate. Great Australian Party

Make sure you’re enrolled to vote, because this coming federal election will be the most important election in the history of the Commonwealth. It’s time to vote the bastards out. Authorised by Ian Nelson for the Great Australian Party, 65 Cardinal Cct, Caboolture, 4510

Just to confirm, this is media propaganda. We served the Governor-General last week, that’s it, there was nothing else planned. It must be election time, time to smear the opposition, but with revelations today that media are donating thousands to the two major political parties, why are we not surprised they will go to extreme lengths to discredit other parties? In other news, the police also raided Clive Palmers UAP ‘meet and greet’ function in SA today. We’re guessing media involvement there too. The major parties and media are in bed with each other to destroy any opposition.


This is the moment Former Senator Rod Culleton served the Governor General in Canberra, today! Full video: To find out what this is all about, go to: Authorised by Ian Nelson for the Great Australian Party, 65 Cardinal Cct, Caboolture, 4510

On the 25th January 2022, Rod Culleton of The Great Australian Party served the Governor General of Australia with a formal notice in writing by the Australian people which included himself and other Australian Senators that he is required to remove the existing Federal Government and all the State Premiers from Office.

The legal document was accepted by the Governor General and is enforceable at Law.

He has until the 31st January to act.


The Governor General has the power and authority to remove the existing government and install a caretaker Government. as in Australian History, with the Whitlam Government

The 1975 Australian constitutional crisis, also known simply as the Dismissal, culminated on 11 November 1975 with the dismissal from office of the Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), by Governor-GeneralSir John Kerr, who then commissioned the Leader of the Opposition, Malcolm Fraser of the Liberal Party, as caretaker Prime Minister. It has been described as the greatest political and constitutional crisis in Australian history.

Notice of prohibition to the acting Governor-General Deno • Dec 27, 2021


A picture says a thousand words

Who is the former Australian Prime Minister and judges who are paedophiles? Still no answer, just ignorance from politicians. Former Senator Bill Heffernan claimed in Parliament on October 19 2015 that he had a police document listing 28 prominent people, that includes a former Prime Minister and current judges, that are suspected of being paedophiles. This will not go away until it is dealt with in full in an open and public manner.… See more


Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature

Download PDF • 1.43MB

The horrifying vaccine damage testimonies of Australia’s silenced nurses

LINK to Article by Kathy Gyngall
.uk-The horrifying vaccine damage testimonies of Australias silenced n




2022 Official Convoy to Canberra

Veronika Nadj Stanic ·

2022 Convoy to Canberra, the capital of Australia, People arriving from all around Australia. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, ou oi oi!!!! I've arrived from Melbourne.

022 Official Convoy to Canberra | 2022 Convoy to Canberra, the capital of Australia,

Live events Canberra Convoy

Live 8 - 2.10pm Day 2 - 1 Feb - protest at National Press Club - 2022 Official Convoy to Canberra Live 7 - Day 2 - 1 Feb - protest at National Press Club - 2022 Official Convoy to Canberra Live 6 - Day 2 - 1 Feb - protest outside National Press Club where Scomo is speaking for 2022 Official Convoy to Canberra with Michael Gray Griffith from Cafe Locked Out in great form !!! Live 5 at National Press Club where Scomo is speaking Live 4 with Graham Hood at War Memorial Live 3 with Graham Hood at Australian War Memorial Live 2 - Day 2 - 10.48 am - 1 Feb - at Australian War Memorial Live 1 - Day 2 - 1 Feb - my discussion of the day’s events for the 2022 Official Convoy to Canberra “Live 14 - 10.33 pm - Mon 31 Jan - MY 13 lives today for the 2022 Official Convoy to Canberra- awesome special experience indeed !!! Well done to Kanga Guru and team ! COME AND JOIN US ALL in Canberra - this will keep building daily !! Cini Walker what about bringing the family and of course Chase!!! (This live 14 link is Live 1 - 7.35 am - Mon 31 Jan - at the Dog on the Tuckerbox at Gundagai with heaps of interviews with the convoy truck drivers and lots of beautiful people coming from all parts of Victoria !! Also Michael Gray Griffith and Billy Illfreshar driving the Reignite Democracy Australia truck CONVOY TO CANBERRA - 31 Jan 2022 !! Check it out and download Zello app and find Convoy to Canberra Live 2 - 9.55am - Convoy to Canberra (huge) on highway just before Yass Live 3 - 10.44 am - Convoy to Canberra (huge) just leaving Yass Service Centre Live 4 - highway jammed just out of Yass on way to Canberra !!! Live 5 - Mon 31 Jan - arriving in Canberra behind the truck driven by Michael Gray Griffith and Billy Illfreshar #chasetruth Live 6 - Mon 31 Jan - walking to Parliament House for the speeches for Convoy to Canberra Live 7 - Mon 31 Jan - Parliament House speeches for Convoy to Canberra Live 8 - Mon 31 Jan - more Parliament House speeches for Convoy to Canberra (Sorry about the phones overcooking in the heat / changing them over plus covering up with cap - but doesn’t last long Live 9 - 31 Dec - Sorry about sound in this great speech of Graham Hood at Convoy to Canberra Live 10 - Mon 31 Jan - on steps of Parliament House nice and warm and friendly with our protective police !! Live 11 - Mon 31 Jan - on steps of Parliament House no 2 with all the action!! Live 12 - Mon 31 Jan - on steps of Parliament House no 3 with all the action!! Live 13 - Mon 31 Jan - on steps of Parliament House no 4 with all the action plus the REQUEST TO MOVE ON followed by an intense thunderstorm and rain - great day everyone- very special !! #chasetruth HOW THE MAINSTREAM LIED ABOUT THE NUMBER OF PROTESTORS - I estimate 2000 to 3000 today not 200!!!


SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan

reporter Sharri Markson



Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of February 2, 2022


uthor : Judy Byington

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