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Convoy to Canberra 2022 - Freedom from Corruption - AXIS OF EVIL- HOLD The Line -12th Feb. & Beyond

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

The Pilgrim has arrived enmass, from every state and country town, the Australian people are awakening, arriving to the axis of evil by any kind of transport possible in numbers never seen in this country before.

The hard cold truth and facts are no longer an evil we can ignore, Our very lives depend on all of the people uniting and calling the corrupt to show their faces and get out of our Parliament and lives.

The people have suffered for too long and we will not stop until every criminal has been stood down and charged.

How dare they think that we will walk to the slaughter houses, they have waiting, with out a courageous fight for humanity.

Convoy to Canberra - March to Parliament

Real Rukshan

I did my best to livestream in Canberra today, but as many of you know the network coverage was congested and it was near impossible for anyone to do anything. For a developed nation such as Australia this is a piss poor effort from our largest mobile carriers and government in the nations capital. This is just a small highlight of the people at the march from the hours of footage I continued to film on my cameras! Thank you to all the people that stopped to have a chat and share their stories with me!

The New World Order wants to take over the role of God so we
must pray in
Acknowledgement of our God Almighty
and ask for a divine blessing, the people must agree to unite in the Federal Commonwealth as our forefathers once did
Humbly relying on the Blessing of Almighty God!
in an unsectarian acknowledgement

With Our creators blessing. we have steadily arrived at the centre of Evil, to expose their corruption to turn their evil plans upside down and expose them to all those who are still sadly sleeping walking in ignorance or fear.

You criminals in office, have awakened a giant and the freight train of Australians will leave no stone unturned until you leave our Great Southern land. naked , shamed and facing the full force of Justice for all of us who have suffered unspeakable crimes of sickness and cruelty at the hands of criminals,

GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE - YOU ARE ALL AGENTS OF EVIL - Pedophiles, murderers, treasonous

scum of the earth - BEGONE from our lives and future - You will not have our children you will not have our loved ones You will not Win for we have arrived without fear of our enemy but with Justice and salvation. The people have united and you will pay for your abominations.

It's Our Duty to stand against these crimes being unleashed against humanity!

The Epic numbers of freedom loving people peacefully descended on the

Australian capitol Canberra

The number of vehicles that arrived according to the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and relayed to Riccardo Bosi, was

1.4 million. Times that as an average of two per vehicle 2.8 million loving souls and more as they continually arrived throughout the days and nights via planes and vehicles from all corners of this great Country. There was a call for 1million people and we weren't let down, when duty calls the Aussies came. We are in a third world war ( a war versus globalists against we the people) and a third generation of ANZACS stood for their country, Every one came in love and peace, the camaraderie amongst the people was of love and respect for each other and an acknowledgement that we had a huge event ahead of us.

The Great Australian Revolution Won't Be Televised by msm -

thank you to all the independant media streamers for their visual content

Still brings tears to my eyes. The most amazing coming together of a united people all under the same magic spell of unity, love and respect for each other. We came we marched we spoke.We continue, nothing will stop us!

Drone Footage of Canberra's HISTORIC Crowd

support Melbourne RAW

💯 “We’re not gonna take it” 🔥 Drone Footage Parliament House Canberra, Australia

Joel Jammal




Video by Natalie Childs


Convoy To Canberra 2022

This was an EPIC event and so aptly named. Where the majority of Freedom Fighters pulled up camp at EPIC Showground, an awe inspiring congregation of true blue Aussies.hundreds of thousands manifesting their love and friendship for each other to prepare for the great coming rally of a peaceful and united people to showcase their authority against tyranny. See this following compilation by Katie Chakra

2022 Convoy to Canberra -Australia Katie Chakra ··

Hi guys, I made this movie to show the beautiful people so full of LOVE at the protests, and encourage more people to come and join our quest for FREEDOM I hope you like it PM me for a copy. Please share with people who are still afraid to protest ( hope it's OK to post here. )

GIANT Rally For Freedom Against Australia's Regime Of Terror & Forced Drugging In Canberra

Tim Truth

Incredible scenes as Aussies unite outside Parliament House in Canberra Part 3

Feb 10th 2022 - High Court Canberra shows where they stand on Children's Jab mandates

The Men From Mt Isa


The camp said they are a Court recognized Refugee camp in Canberra ACT. Answering the questions and our local community. This is Australia is it the Australia we want?

Scott Russell


24HRS In Canberra looks at my first trip to the first freedom camp in Canberra on the 03.02.22-04.02.22 to report on the Convoy to Canberra. Full livestreams are available via Facebook.

This says it all and the hounding of normal Aussies has not stopped. Thanks Rukshan

After Marching in Canberra, a WELL DESERVED Break

support Melbourne Ground

@ link

Do not become complacent people, this isn't over by a long shot!

EMERGENCY: Doctor Exposes WHO Blueprint For Global Healthcare Control

BREAKING: Doctor Peter Breggin exposes WHO Blueprint For Global Healthcare Control. While some restrictions are being pulled back right now, documents show plans are in the works to create a New World HEALTH order. He warns what this would mean for our civil liberties and the future of our health. Dr. Breggin is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and has been approved as a medical expert in over 100 legal cases in state and federal courts on issues relating to adverse drug effects, drug approval, the pharmaceutical industry, and the FDA. He is the author of two dozen medical, scientific, and best-selling popular books, (including COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey) as well as dozens of scientific articles


For those holding the line in Canberra, stay up to date with Information @


Brian Shaw speaks to

RiverR Table


February 2022

The people are not leaving Canberra, the crowds keep putting on the pressure the politicians are still in hiding. I had to return home as money ran out and I also fell ill, on the mend and will return by the first weekend of March. Debra

Turning Point Australia

· Independant Press

Joe Jammel

Give this a share everyone

An Australian Senior Doctor, goes to Canberra to send a message to the Prime Minister,

and gets locked up in solitary confinement for sixteen days, offered parole on the grounds that he stops protesting

Dr Paix Is released and is taken on an Epic victory lap of Epic camp.

Sixteen days of solitary confinement for speaking out for the children

Michael, Cafe Lockdown speaks reality

As the narrative crumbles

PROOF: U.S. Lasers Burn Australians Alive, NSA Sonic Wave Assassins, Embalmed Death Conspiracy

The Stew Peters Show

By Stew Peters Show February 18, 2022

I never once fell for the COVID lie, from the beginning I said, it was bull shit!

Family and friends I am so sorry that you fell hook line and sinker. I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

You were lied to on a grand scale and so we all suffered for your lack of questioning the narrative pumped out by the crooked politicians, health officials and main stream media

When you repeat a lie often enough , people believe it as the truth for lack of knowledge and questioning.

The smart people of this country are fighting for truth and freedom, now wake yourselves up and join us in Canberra as we rally to expose the truth and stop the criminals from poisoning the countries children. Join us as we make history in restoring our country back to the people.

End of restrictions exposes senseless Covid ‘scare-mongering’

The hysterical headlines have receded and all the catastrophic predictions were wrong. The results could not be any clearer.

Joe Hildebrand

More from Australia NSW and Victoria’s Covid cases dropQld reports 5795 cases, nine deathsBacklash over Leigh Sales’ post

OPINION Where are they now? The hysterical headlines have receded. Hospitalisations and intensive care numbers are less than half of what they were, having never reached predicted thresholds. QR check-ins are being abolished because nobody has been monitoring them for months. Mass testing of healthy children is set to follow because it is so obviously pointless a third of parents aren’t even doing it. Of course this last measure was put in place because of predictions that reopening schools would cause an explosion in cases and put teachers and children at risk. It never happened. And now we have formal confirmation from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that not only did so-called “Covid deaths” account for just one per cent of fatalities during the pandemic, but 92 per cent of that one per cent were people with pre-existing health problems ranging from pneumonia to heart disease. All the scare-mongering was wrong, all the catastrophic predictions were wrong, all the fear and fury at lifting of restrictions was wrong, wrong, wrong. NSW briefly eased restrictions, Victoria didn’t. Both states had the same result and are now easing restrictions again in lockstep with one another. It literally could not be clearer. So where are they now?

Where are all the doomsaying experts, online warriors and outraged finger-pointers who struck fear into the heart of ordinary Australians and tried to paint level-headed policy-makers as bloody-handed monsters?

They’re certainly much quieter than usual, especially after their deity (Victorian Premier) Dan Andrews announced he would be easing restrictions in the exact same way as Covid bogeyman (and NSW Premier) Dominic Perrottet.

Sadly for them the disaster never came. Surely they could have at least the grace to publicly admit they were wrong? Or at least that they’re disappointed?

But they won’t. This is the same political class that endlessly demands apologies from others for even the mildest transgression and yet when they get caught out, provably wrong — and wrong for so long — on the greatest single issue facing the world over the past two years there is an eternal silence.

read full article here


A CANADIANS Pilots message to Canadians -

Archbishop Viganò's IMPORTANT MESSAGE To Canadian Truckers

Carlo Maria Viganò is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. Archbishop Viganò has spoken out against The Great Reset and the Globalist Agenda 2030 publicly many times. He now gives his full support to the Canadian truckers and the worldwide Freedom movement. ▹ Special Thanks to Eaglevision Production for allowing us to use their video footage. Learn more about Eaglevision 👉🏽 👉🏽

A warning to young Australians

Roland Chrystal - former police officer

A new level of police pressure this hour in Ottawa as heavily armed officers push protestors back to Wellington and Metcalfe St. We’re live at the heart of the “freedom convoys” stronghold in the capital. Pepper spray was deployed.


Jason Miles senate candidate for GAP

Vaccinated people in NSW are 2.2x more like to catch the virus than unvaccinated according to Government data. But that’s not the main problem.

Worldwide Data suggests Fully Vaccinated Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians, & Germans are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

Official Government data from around the world now suggests that all double and triple vaccinated people are developing some new

Interview with retired Barrister Jullian Gillespie

Judicial review update with Julian Gillespie (deleted from Facebook)



Morgan C Jonas

Quote from the Liberal Party website: "We believe In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples; and we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives; and maximises individual and private sector initiative" This has to be the biggest load of b/s on the internet. I'll break it down. 1) "freedoms of all peoples" - The Liberal party, including Scott Morrison, Gladys Berejiklian and Dominic Perrottet have trampled all over Australians basic rights by enforcing and/or standing by idle whilst millions of Australians were subjected to inhumane and coercive lockdowns and mandates. 2) "Lean government" The government is now involved in every area of our lives. There's 2,500,000 government workers in this country, layers upon layers of useless bureaucracies and unspeakable amounts wasteful government spending. 3) "Maximises individual and private sector initiative" - Australia has among the most abundant resources in the world yet has among the highest energy prices. Our fuel excise plus GST is crippling. Our industries are overregulated, overseen by bureaucracies that are overpaid and have no clue. Our farmers are strangled by pseudo-environmental policies that deprive them of water. We're over taxed. Disastrous trade deals have destroyed, and continue to destroy Australian industries. Instead of incentivising innovation the government incentives property investment. Instead of investing in the industries of tomorrow the government sells our precious assets to foreign corporations. Liberal, Labor, Nationals and the Greens have destroyed Australia. It's time to sack them all.




Her Majesty the Queen Eliz.2

Windsor Castle,

Windsor, Berkshire,

SL4 1NJ United Kingdom

Your Majesty,

The Petition of Right [1627] 1627 CHAPTER 1 3 of David John Walter.

David Walter Petition of Right
Download PDF • 1.61MB


Jason Miles. Senate Candidate. Great Australian Party ·

The Whitlam, Raid on the Commonwealth, 1973. 1973 witnessed the raid on the Commonwealth, both government and parliament, whereby the authority of the Australian people, in effect for application of national law and government for 73 years, was raided by the Whitlam Government and unceremoniously dismantled by stealth, where it granted unto themselves our power that they were not entitled to. That exercise of stolen and unchecked power, in contravention of our Commonwealth, extends to this day. This lawlessness is now more apparent for which silence by the current administration and the courts admits complicity. May the people of this Commonwealth hold those in federal office, and those of the States, to account going forward from here. Together United we are strong!.


Malcolm Roberts exposed!!

Lissa Verton

Please share far and wide !!!they are running Australia as a republic without the permission of a referendum of the people. Malcolm Roberts admits it!!! here is a supporting document that has all legal references That shows you how it's supposed to be run and what they have done

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution


Local Council Constitutional Recognition


This document is in 5 parts. Each designed to build your understanding of our political, legal and constitutional structure and where you

fit in. The reader may be tempted to over look some of these sections, but without understanding each of them, the understanding of our

Constitution structure of law will not be clear.

Section 1 is a brief History of the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution – the People’s rules.

Section 2 explains to the reader, the difference between the private natural living man or woman and their legal entities, their legal


Section 3 explains to the reader what a contract is.

Section 4 details the history of our Constitutional structure of law, the elements of that and where and how the People, the Queen, the

Parliament and the Judiciary are to operate. It details the way our laws are supposed to operate.

Section 5 details the structure of law the Australian government and the states now operate under, since 1972, as well as the details of

what and who Local Government are constitutionally.

At all times, the reader must remember, the People are not the landmass. The People are the Commonwealth of Australia, the landmass is

Australia. The Commonwealth, which is the People, resides and trades ON Australia. Hence it is the People, at all times, who hold the


This document is focused solely on the legal English structure involving the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and the government

in place at the present.It will not discuss the Aboriginal issue of land ownership; it is not meant however, to dismiss their grievances.

The editor would suggest each reader get a copy of the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution1and a copy of all the

referendum decisions2which signify any change to the Constitution since 1900. The Constitution is a brief document written in lay-man’s

English. Every home should have a copy and have read it because it contains the contract details that protect our civil and political rights

and ownership rights (equity).


Download PDF • 1.06MB


Great Australian Party was live.

Our Constitution is not a codified constitution contained within a single document. It is based on the Common Law established by very special statutes, which in some cases predate our Australian ancestry in the 700 year-old British Parliament and in all cases remain above it in respect of prerogative acts or acts of those in power.


Commentary on Malcolm Roberts revelation that we are a republic. Authorised by Ian Nelson for the Great Australian Party, 65 Cardinal Cct, Caboolture, 4510

This is the video where Malcom Roberts admits it!!

The power must be given back to the people instead of being controlled by an unlawful corporation.

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1901

versus The Australian Constitution.

The Australia Act. ~

The 1901 Lawful Constitution V The Australia Act, 3rd of March 1986 which is fraudulent, as there was no referendum or vote by We the People.

That is what has been failing us all along. The only way forward is restoring The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1901, for if this had not been pushed aside by The Australia Act, we wouldn't be in this situation.


McDougall Grant A reminder to you is the 1999 referendum to become a Republic FAILED, it would of made Australia a Sovereign Independent Nation, again it FAILED to Carry and Australia remains a Self Governing colony under a Constitutional Monarchy


Cheryl King shared a live video.

· ·

Malcolm Roberts revelation that we are a republic It was hard to understand so I wrote down what he said 9.20 into GAPS post Malcolm Roberts Commentary Malcolm Roberts revelation that we are a republic. What He said Let me answer those questions. I have a Barrister in my office who used to teach Constitution Law in Universities in Queans land. This stuff This Stuff about the international common law court is bullshit. Go and Google it. Go and find out the (Offices?) of it, there aren’t any. Who Appointed them who appointed the people who went to Yarralumla Government House as sheriffs they appointed themselves. They Fabricated this the international court of common law they fabricated (questions?) essentially That is why I do not include Gap in the top 6 You can vote for whoever you want but I do not trust GAP at all. And I won’t be trusting them I have had personal experience with them the number one thing for me as with Pauline is integrity GAP doesn’t have it. There conning people and the constitution is still valid still real. The queen is [could not answer] were basically I interviewed professor David Flint last Saturday on my show on TNT radio . Live. He confirmed that the constitution is real it is solid were effectively a REPUBLIC with the president in the form of a queen that is appointed by our PARLIAMENT. The Royal Seal was not removed. The royal seal the seal was recently changed was due to the fact that the provisions in terms of the identification of various forms.


Professor David Flint last Saturday on my show (CK) on TNT radio . Live. He confirmed that the constitution is real it is solid were effectively a REPUBLIC with the president in the form of a queen that is appointed by our PARLIAMENT. The Royal Seal was not removed. The royal seal the seal was recently changed was due to the fact that the provisions in terms of the identification of various forms.

How Australia Voted in 1999

We voted NO! but Hawke had it already in place Treason

Republic Question

The question on the republic put to electors at the 1999 referendum was whether they approved of:

A proposed law: To alter the Constitution to establish the Commonwealth of Australia as a republic with the Queen and Governor-General being replaced by a President appointed by a two-thirds majority of the members of the Commonwealth Parliament.

Preamble question

Electors were also asked to vote on a second question at the 1999 referendum which asked whether they approved of:

A proposed law: To alter the Constitution to insert a preamble.

see more on the 1999 Republic debate,3104

It proposed that the Queen and Governor-General be replaced by a President who would exercise the same powers, and be appointed and dismissed in a similar manner to the Governor-General.


Copy of Letter from Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs

Copy of Letter From Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs

By TrueBlue Observer

Explanatory Statement

I am a former member of the High Court and I wish to take this unusual method of informing you about a matter that is going to deeply affect us all. Unfortunately, a document such as this is too easily “lost” in the bureaucratic jungle in which we operate.

A group of Australian Citizens have taken it upon themselves to test the validity of our current political and judicial system. Like you, I have lived my entire legal career with the assumption that the basis for our legal and political system, state and federal, was written in stone. This group has undertaken to present this paper when they test the legal system.

The group is articulate, well educated and counts some of our best legal minds amongst its members. One of Australia’s best known barristers is one of the group’s leading lights. It is far better informed with regard to international law than most members of the judiciary or for that matter, the legal academe. It has better international contacts than I would have thought possible.

After spending some time with the group leader, I was able to elicit its primary intentions. It is the introduction of a totally democratic system of government devoid of party politics operated by the will of the people incorporating a system of debit taxation which should go a long way to eliminating the current unemployment problem and also addressing other pressing social issues. An A.B.S. financial model supports the proposal.

The group has so far concentrated on matters relating to taxation, state and federal, minor industrial and motor traffic while undertaking not to present a criminal defence using their current presentation. I challenged the leader of this group to present any evidence he had with regard to the above defence so I could use my legal expertise to play the part of the devil’s advocate. It should be brought to your attention that the group has access to documentation that we members of the judiciary have little knowledge. I refer to the British Parliamentary Papers for the Colony of Australia for the years 1860 through to 1922.

These are photocopies of all documents, correspondence etc., between the states and later the Commonwealth of Australia, the British Crown and the British Government. They are very revealing documents and indicate the degree of chicanery in which the politicians of all shades were involved and as I can now see, at the expense of the legal academe and the judiciary. I present for your perusal the details of the group’s presentation along with my comment on each major item. The group relies solely upon historical fact and rejects political rhetoric and legal opinion unless based upon historical fact.

“The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) is an act of the parliament of the United Kingdom. It did not contain any substance of sovereignty and was a colonial act centralising self-government of the six Australian Colonies. Australia remained a colony of the United Kingdom.”

1a. Although the late Lionel Murphy attempted to show that there was  an element of sovereignty in this act he failed. The international  definition of sovereignty has been espoused at length and the above act  although important in the development of Australia, did not have the  authority of sovereignty. The historical evidence that Australia  remained a British Colony post 1901 is overwhelming.
2. “Australia made an international declaration of its intention to  become a sovereign nation when Prime Minister Hughes and his deputy; Sir  Joseph Cook signed the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919. On its  cognizance of signing this treaty, Australia was granted a “Cclass  League of Nations mandate over former German territories in the Pacific.  In effect, Papua New Guinea became a colony of Australia achieving its  own independence on 16 September 1975. The League of Nations became part  of International Law on 10 January 1920 with Article X of the Covenant  of League of Nations guaranteeing the sovereignty of each member,
2A. The Significance of Australia joining the League of Nations as a  foundation member has never been addressed in Australia before.  Strangely, only one book has ever examined the question of Australian  independence. Written by W. J. Hudson and M. P. Sharp in 1988  “Australian Independence” printed by Melbourne University Press. As both  were members of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at the time  of authorship and had access to the, British Parliamentary Papers, I  find it most interesting they have avoided any mention of these papers  in their book. Their conclusion that Australia became an independent  nation via. the Statute of Westminster in 1931 flies in the face of  contradictory evidence within the above-mentioned papers and readily  available historical fact.
Prime Minister Hughes’ address to the Commonwealth Parliament on 10  September 1919, “Australia has now entered into a family of nations on a  footing of equality. Australia has been born in a blood sacrifice”  demonstrates the politicians of the day were only too well aware of the  change of status from a colony to that of sovereign nation while  attempting to remain within the Empire. Prime Minister Bruce made this  reply to the British Government in 1922 after a request for troops  against Kernel Ataturk in the Chanak crisis. Bruce’s reply is contained  in the British Parliamentary Papers: “We have to try to ensure there  shall be an Empire foreign policy which if we are to be in any way  responsible for it, must be one to which we agree and have assented. If  we are to take any responsibility for the Empire’s foreign policy, there  must be a better system, so that we may be consulted and have a better  opportunity to express the views of the people of this country. We  cannot blindly submit to any policy which may involve us in war.” This  is a far cry from the declaration of war against Germany made on behalf  of the British Colony of Australia by George V of the United Kingdom in  1914.
I have re-produced Bruce’s reply in full as I believe this reply  contains clear historical evidence of a Prime Minister who was well  aware of the change of status from a. colony to a sovereign nation.
The later Statute of Westminster 1931 was an acknowledgment of that status.
3. “Paragraph 4 of the Statue of Westminster Act 1931 contravenes  Article X of the Covenant of the League of Nations. Paragraph 1 of the  Australia Act 1986 contravenes Article 2 paragraphs 1 and 4 of the  Charter of the United Nations.
3A Paragraph 4 of the Statute of Westminster reads “No Act of  Parliament of the United. Kingdom passed after the commencement of this  Act shall extend, or be deemed to extend, to a Dominion as part of the  law of that Dominion, unless it is expressly declared in that Act that  Dominion, has requested, and consented to the enactment thereof.”  Paragraph 1 of the Australia Act is very similar: “No Act of the  Parliament of the United Kingdom passed after the commencement of this  Act shall extend, or be deemed to extend, to the Commonwealth, to a  State or Territory as part of the law of the Commonwealth, of the State  or of the Territory.
I passed this one to the Federal Attorney General and asked him what  was the source of this quite incredible authority that sought to  overturn the authority legislated within the Covenant of the League of  Nations in Article X and the Charter of the United Nations in Article 2  paragraphs 1 and 4.
He is unable to provide any documentation to support these clauses,  Article X of the Covenant of the League of Nations states: “The members  of the League undertake to respect and preserve against external  aggression the territorial integrity and existing political independence  of all Members of the League. In case of any such aggression or in case  of any threat or danger of such aggression, the Council shall advise  upon the means by which this obligation shall be fulfilled.
It is appropriate that I now introduce a statement by Sir Geoffrey  Butler KBE, MA and Fellow, Librarian and Lecturer in International Law  and Diplomacy of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge author ofA Handbook  to-the League of Nations” used as a reference to the League by  virtually all nations at that time. He refers to Article 1 of the  Covenant of the League of Nations.
“It is arguable that this article is the Covenant’s most significant  single measure. By it the British Dominions, namely New Zealand,  Australia, South Africa, and Canada, have their independent nationhood  established for the first time. There may be friction over small matters  in giving effect to this internationally acknowledged fact but the  Dominions will always look to the League of Nations Covenant as their  Declaration of Independence.
Article 2 paragraph 1 of the United Nation’s Charter states “The  Organisation is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all  its Members.” Article 2 paragraph 4 of the Charter states ‘All members  shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of  force against the territorial integrity or political independence of  any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purposes of the  United Nations.
In view of the above, the historical evidence for Australian  Independence by 10 January 1920 when the League of Nations became part  of International Law is overwhelming. When this evidence is reinforced  with the contents of the Charter of the United Nations, the continued  usage of any legislation that owes its very legitimacy to the parliament  of an acknowledged foreign power cannot be supported by either legal  opinion or indeed historical evidence.
Following discussions with members of the British Government relating  to the Letters Patent or the Governor General and State Governors I  find that these documents no longer have any authority.
Indeed, the Queen of the United, Kingdom is excluded from any  position of power in Australia by the United Nations Charter and is  excluded under UK law from the issue of a Letters Patent to other than a  British Subject. A Letters Patent must refer to an action to be taken  with regard to British Citizens.

Quote used in Dick Yardley’s Book

Following discussions with members of the British Government relating to the Letters Patent for the Governor General and State Governors I find that these documents no longer have any authority.

Indeed, the Queen of the United, Kingdom is excluded from any position of power in Australia by the United Nations Charter and is excluded under UK law from the issue of a Letters Patent to other than a British Subject. A Letters Patent must refer to an action to be taken with regard to British Citizens.

The Immigration Act. 1972 UK defines Australian Citizen as aliens.

The Governor General’s Letters Patent is a comedy of errors. We are greeted in the name of the Queen of Australia who suddenly becomes the Queen of the United Kingdom in the next paragraph of the Letters Patent. This Queen the gives instructions to the Governor General with reference to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK. Here we have a clear breach of Article 2 paragraph 1 of the United Nation Charter. Under both UK and international law, the Queen is a British Citizen.

State Governors are in a worse position as their authority comes from the late Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Regardless of the validity of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 UK, if the authority of Governor General and the State Governors is invalid then so is the entire political and legal system of government.

When advised that the War Crimes Commission was taking an interest, I called them in Geneva. Under the 1947 Geneva Convention, they are empowered to look into eases here in Australia where it is alleged the law of a foreign country was enforced against a citizen of a member state of the United Nations. As they perceive that only the judiciary can actually enforce the law, the judiciary becomes their target. The group has already placed cases before them which they are currently investigating. If found guilty, the penalties are horrific and include the death penalty!

I could go on with more relevant information however I think now is the time for a summary. The group leader, a QC, states the obvious when he asked me how could a colony now acknowledged by all world nations to be a sovereign Nation retain exactly the same legal and political system it enjoyed as a colony without any change whatsoever to the basis for law.

This point alone requires an answer.

The High Court has already answered with regard to the position held by treaties signed by the Commonwealth Government in the Teoh case of 1994. “Ordinary people have the right to expect government officials to consider Australia’s international obligations even if those obligations are not reflected in specific Acts of Parliament: the rights recognised in international treaties are an implied limit on executive processes.”

Article 36 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice is the correct reference for you to refuse to hear a matter when an international treaty is cited as a defence.

My advice is to adjourn any case “sine die” that that challenges the authority of the Letters Patent. Under no circumstances hear a case that challenges the validity of a State or the Federal Constitution. It is the politicians who are using us as pawns without them having to face the music. These matters are of concern to politicians, let them sort out these problems and accept any inherent risks themselves!

original source:


The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution v Local Council - Compiled / edited by Sue Maynes - 33 pages - Feb 2013 –



This document is in 5 parts. Each designed to build your understanding of our political, legal and constitutional structure and where you

fit in. The reader may be tempted to overlook these some sections, but without understanding each of them, the understanding of our

Constitution structure of law will not be clear.

Section 1 is a brief History of the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution – the People’s rules.

Section 2 explains to the reader, the difference between the private natural living man or woman and their legal entities, their legal


Section 3 explains to the reader what a contract is.

Section 4 details the history of our Constitutional structure of law, the elements of that and where and how the People, the Queen, the

Parliament and the Judiciary are to operate. It details the way our laws are supposed to operate.

Section 5 details the structure of law the Australian government and the states now operate under, since 1972, as well as the details of

what and who Local Government are constitutionally.

At all times, the reader must remember, the People are not the landmass. The People are the Commonwealth of Australia, the landmass is

Australia. The Commonwealth, which is the People, resides and trades ON Australia. Hence it is the People, at all times, who hold the


This document is focused solely on the legal English structure involving the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and the government

in place at the present.It will not discuss the Aboriginal issue of land ownership; it is not meant however, to dismiss their grievances.

The editor would suggest each reader get a copy of the original Commonwealth of Australia Constitution1and a copy of all the

referendum decisions2which signify any change to the Constitution since 1900. The Constitution is a brief document written in lay-man’s

English. Every home should have a copy and have read it because it contains the contract details that protect our civil and political rights

and ownership rights (equity).

A.HISTORY – England

read more HERE:


Message to the people - Mr Wayne Glew

Wayne and Yuliana Glew - there point of view

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#StandUp #For #Your #Country #Before #You #Looseit This is from my Husband Wayne Glew

The reason Velvet Revolution system has not been completed is too many people are interested in promoting themselves instead of executing the warrants according to law. Serving documents on people requesting demands does zero. We've been trying to talk to them for years and they have ignored us. The time for talking has finished. Instead of belly aching about others, every single one of you there in Canberra and in every State in this country has the duty to execute these warrants and lock up the offenders. Giving them peace of paper might make you warm and fuzzy, but does nothing to stop them doing what they doing. They are PEDOPHILES and TRAITORS. As are every POLITICIANS in this country. We have work hard for a lot of years, to stop the criminals. The only reason that VR (VELVET REVOLUTION) could fail is you people, believing that a peace of paper will fix your problems, when all it does is prove, you're too weak to do anything. Stand up and be counted.

All POLITICIANS are #TRAITORS #PEDOPHILES AND #MURDERERS You have the right to arrest them without a warrant, so do so instead of handing out peaces of paper to them.

If you arrest the State POLITICIANS The Federal Parliament #Crumbles Time to wake up and get behind your constitution



Commonwelath of Australia

Calls OUT Craig Kelly

ATTN: Wayne Glew is Arrested with No Lawfully Signed Documentation


McDougall Grant

we are Not a Nation... We are a self-government colony under a Constitutional Monarchy...

Read Clause 8 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

8. Application of Colonial Boundaries Act.

After the passing of this Act the Colonial Boundaries Act, 1895, shall not apply to any colony which becomes a State of the Commonwealth; but the Commonwealth shall be taken to be a self‑governing colony for the purposes of that Act.

Incredible scenes as Aussies unite outside Parliament House in Canberra Part 3


Many people have complained of some adverse side affects whilst attending the Convoy to Canberra rallies .

Convoy to Canberra-adverse effects reporting page


Message Alert! from Alex Jones



Grand Jury | Day 1 (English)


One of the most important events currently unfolding on our planet today. The Grand Jury in the Court of Public Opinion. A must-see video for all freedom-loving people of the world. Please spread this link.


Serious fraud ponzi Clive Palmer facebook link to story

Peter Eyre. I authored an article some years ago with my co defendant Gordon Bowden which led to our current high court case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London which we have now won.....its rather long but I know many people I am associated with will understand its complexity and see that our leaders and politicians are "Rotten to the core" will note some names in their who are still free and carrying on "Business as usual here in Australia" despite the fact that Leaders and Politicians - AFP - ATSIC - Serious Fraud Office have all been advised and do absolutely nothing....It should also be noted that the top oil, gas and mining companies in the world are also carrying out this major fraud or have been with London based Rio Tinto being in there right at the big do you want to get?......for those wanting to know the truth read on....for others it may be too much so just watch your favorite soapies and bury your head in the sand!! will note that the ABC 4 Corners documentary that highlighted the level of corruption internationally and here in Australia has been taken down but we have a copy that is being used in our current court case Expose Australia 30 June 2014 at 01:40 · · Clive Palmer is a poor little rich boy compared to the big boys on the world stage such as the house of Rothschilds Banking Cartel and affiliates who he is connected to. His CIA rants are nothing new and if he was sincerely with the people, then he would be against the banking interests that have financially enslaved this country long ago. You would see a level of transparency regarding false flag operations, globalisation, world government and the Rothschilds banking cartel. Do we see any of that? Negative. Are we sick of political deception and the illusion of choice yet? Wake up little lambs for our time of slaughter is vast approaching unless we can wake up and stand our ground. Not support our own demise. The information is there. The knowledge is for the taking, and that is exactly what is required to formulate positive change. Unless you’re happy with arguing over Labor or Liberal every three years ensuring the banking cartels achieve total control of your lives. Let’s get to the facts regarding Clive Palmer because I am sick of my fellow Australians going around in circles looking for a saviour to pull us out of this downward spiral.

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Liberal, The Greens, The NLP, and Marshmallow man, Clive Palmer. Here are some of their basic aims 1. To establish a One World Government/New World Order with a unified church and monetary system under their direction 2. To bring about the utter destruction of all national identity and national pride, which was a primary consideration if the concept of a One World Government was to work. 3. To engineer and bring about the destruction of religion, and more especially, the Christian Religion, with the one exception, that of their own creation and beliefs. 4. To establish the ability to control of each and every person through means of mind control and what Zbignew Brzezinski called techonotronics, which would create human-like robots and a system of terror. 5. To bring about the end to all industrialization and those industries that may remain will be exported to third world countries or countries where there is an abundance of slave labour. Unemployment will esculate leaving our respective populations without jobs or homes making them subservient to the state. The spin off from this would be chronic depression leading to alcoholism and, drug addiction which then leads to a break down in society and a hike in deaths from such addiction etc……the final outcome being the elimination of the “excess population” process we know of today as Eugenics and or population control. 6. To bring about depopulation of large cities according to the trial run carried out by the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. It is interesting to note that Pol Pot’s genocidal plans were drawn up in the US by one of the Club of Rome’s research foundations, and overseen by Thomas Enders, a high-ranking State Department official. It is also interesting that the committee is currently seeking to reinstate the Pol Pot butchers in Cambodia. 7. To suppress all scientific development except for those deemed beneficial by the Illuminati. Especially targeted is nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Particularly hated are the fusion experiments currently being scorned and ridiculed by the Illuminati and its jackals of the press. Development of the fusion torch would blow the Illuminati’s conception of “limited natural resources” right out of the window. A fusion torch, properly used, could create unlimited and as yet untapped natural resources, even from the most ordinary substances. Fusion torch uses are legion, and would benefit mankind in a manner which, as yet, is not even remotely comprehended by the public. 8. To cause, by means of limited wars in the advanced countries, by means of starvation and diseases in the Third World countries, death of three billion by the year 2050, people they call “useless eaters”. The Committee of 300 (Illuminati) commissioned Cyrus Vance to write a paper on this subject of how to bring about such genocide. The paper was produced under the title “Global 2000 Report” and was accepted and approved for action by former President James Earl Carter, and Edwin Muskie, then Secretary of States, for and on behalf of the US Government. Under the terms of the Global 2000 Report, the population of the US is to be reduced by 100 milliion by 2050. 9. To weaken the moral fiber of all nations and to demoralize workers in the labour class by creating mass unemployment. As jobs dwindle due to the post industrial zero growth policies introduced by the Club of Rome, the report envisages demoralized and discouraged workers resorting to alcohol and drugs. The youth of the land will be encouraged by means of rock music and drugs to rebel against the status quo, thus undermining and eventually destroying the family unit. In this regard, the Committee commissioned Tavistock Institute to prepare a blueprint as to how this could be achieved. Tavistock directed Stanford Research to undertake the work under the direction of Professor Willis Harman. This work later became known as the “Aquarian Conspiracy”. 10. To keep people everywhere from deciding their own destinies by means of one created crisis after another and then “managing” such crises. This will confuse and demoralize the population to the extent where faced with too many choices, apathy on a massive scale will result. In the case of the US, an agency for Crisis Management is already in place. It is called the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), whose existence was first disclosed in 1980. 11. To introduce new cults and continue to boost those already functioning which include rock music gangsters such as the Rolling Stones (a gangster group much favored by European Black Nobility), and all of the Tavistock-created rock groups which began with the Beatles.. 12. To continue to build up the cult of Christian Fundamentalism begun by the British East India Company’s, which will be misused to strengthen the Zionist State of Israel by identifying with the Jews through the myth of “God’s chosen people”, and by donating very substantial amounts of money to what they mistakenly believe is a religious cause in the furtherance of Christianity. 13. To press for the spread of religious cults and to carry out mind control experiments. 14. To export “religious liberation” ideas around the world so as to undermine all existing religions, but more especially the Christian religion and in doing so reviving Communism in many places in Latin America and such places Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Angola and South Africa etc. 14. To cause a total collapse of the world’s economies and create total political chaos. 15. To take control of all foreign and domestic policies in many countries. 16. To give the fullest support to their own controlled institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank of International Settlements, the World Court and, as far as possible, make local institutions less effective, by gradually phasing them out or bringing them under the control of the UN. 17. To penetrate and subvert all governments, and work from within them to destroy the sovereign integrity of the nations represented by them. 18. To organize a world-wide terrorist apparatus and to negotiate with terrorists whenever terrorist activities take place…….needless to say that Al Queda is an invented terrorist group by the New World Order as a tool to keep the war on terrorism alive when in actual fact it does not exist. By pushing this imaginary war of terrorism has the required effect of spreading fear into the populations of the world and at the same time allow them to alter the law in order to enforce their own “Police State Controls” in each and every nation. 19. To take control of education throughout the world with the intent and purpose of utterly and completely destroying it and at the same time making it impossible for the ordinary middle/working class youth to enter University. 20. Mass executions of people who resist and they are compiling that list and adding to it as we speak. Many of these goals, that were first initiated back in 1969, have since been achieved or are well on their way to being achieved. Of special interest in the Committee of 300 program which is the core of their economic policy. This policy clearly defines that man’s progress is tied to the earth’s natural ability to support a given number of people, beyond which point earth’s limited resources would rapidly be depleted. Once these natural resources have been consumed, it will be impossible to replace them. The New World Order has taken over the role of God and insists that it is necessary to limit populations within the boundaries of decreasing natural resources. It goes without saying that the elite will not allow themselves to be threatened by a burgeoning population of “useless eaters,” hence culling must be practiced as per the UN Agenda 21 by whatever means are available i.e vaccinations programs, CBW weapons that spread disease or attack a certain type of gene etc. The so called “culling” is well underway (as per Global 2000 Report/Agenda 21) by means of allowing WMD’s being used in the battlefield which do not identify international borders and thus contaminate not only the war zone but also the world’s environment. This immediately increases many forms of cancer and eventually attacks the very DNA of life etc. So how do they manage to carry out this fraud?

Rather simple really. It’s all about starting up a virtual or shell company, creating a “Boiler Room” to operate from, finding a few fraudulent Non-Executive Directors, throw in the odd leader or politician (or if they are a little shy help fund their re-election campaign) and then find a fraudulent bank CEO to help it flow offshore and job done!! There is also a link between the banks, the commercial sector, politicians and the drug cartel especially in such places as Afghanistan where NATO forces are only there to protect western interests as well as to protect the opium crops in the southern provinces with record profits from exporting this drug. How they establish non-existent companies, non-existent mines, non-existent oil finds or ore bodies and finally rip off their investors, governments and their citizens by avoiding taxes? Before continuing you must all watch this wonderful Australian documentary that explains how the oil, gas and mining industries rip off their investors, and tax payers with the odd assassination here and there!! (The nuts and bolts of the story below). One spring evening in 2005, Brett Kebble, a young mining magnate who had lived a life in the fast lane, drove off to a dinner appointment in the suburbs of Johannesburg. On the way he stopped and opened his window, inexplicably in the crime-ridden city, and was shot seven times at close range. Brett Kebble’s killing ignited a political and business scandal. It soon emerged that Kebble had been scamming investors for years. He had specialised in luring people into doomed ventures – like a clapped-out gold mine deep in the Sumatran jungle. He had even brought a venerable South African mining house to its knees. What also emerged were stunning allegations that Kebble had been involved in paying bribes of up to US$1 million to South Africa’s police chief and Interpol boss Jackie Selebi. Four Corners unravels the amazing story of the Kebble empire’s rise and fall – and the key role of an Australian businessman.. Alan Bond got his talons into Bell Resources and how he collapsed a very successful West Australian company after he took over control from Robert Holmes à Court. I was working in the industry at the time and as far as the eye could see was the name Bell Resources. It became the backbone of the mining industry, especially in Western Australia. Holmes à Court initially disposed of some Perth properties before accepting a joint takeover by Bond Corporation and the State Government Insurance Commission (SGIC), in which both parties took a 19.9% stake in Bell Group. Holmes a Court retained 6% of Bell Group and received $340 million from the sale. Bond Corp was subsequently forced to bid for other shares in Bell with the result that it ended up with a majority shareholding of 68% of Bell Group. Bond Corp then proceeded to strip $500 million from Bell Resources in an effort to prop up its own debts. The asset stripping included transferring cash from Bell Resources for its own purposes (thus breaching the company code and ultimately sending its chairman Alan Bond to jail). One must also be critical of the State Premier, Brian Burke who shared the same bed as Alan Bond and managed to pull in the government run SGIC in this failed Joint Venture and who in-turn ripped off the Australian tax payers. His time in jail was a major issue for many people, especially those that lost their investment and the many thousands of people that lost their job in the collapsed Bell Resources – A Major oil, gas and mining transport and logistical supporting company. Many of those victims have since died due to the stress of losing their income, homes and self-respect. That my friends is “Indirect Murder.” I found this snippet put everything into true perspective: The one-time corporate high-flyer Alan Bond was handed a ‘Get out of jail early’ card today when the High Court ruled he should be released after just four years of his jail term, rather than the seven years he might have expected. The High Court’s decision reinstated the original jail term Alan Bond received after he pleaded guilty to Australia’s biggest corporate fraud. In more recent times Alan Bond and his son Craig Bond were at it again and yet nobody does anything about it, why? Because, believe it or not they benefit from the proceeds of crime!!! Alan bond and son Craig are still in the limelight with their well protected assets and yet the share holders of the original Bond Corporation are still owing vast sums of money………..take a look at what is being talked about in The West Australian: Mr. Bond has a network of family trusts that were set up in the mid 1970′s and this amounts too a substantial sum of money that creditors would dearly love to get their hands on. Craig Bond who is linked to many fraudulent deals, just like his father Alan is desperately trying to use the proceeds from the sale of a luxury home near Buckingham Palace in London to repay debts claimed by family trust companies……….a sort of asset stripping/insider trading deal. It was Alan and son Craig who tried to build up a successful international business empire in London but little did potential investors understand that it was a case of business as usual as these two continued in their fraudulent ways in an African diamond venture worth in the region of $500 million. However the diamond venture was unable to raise the money to develop the alleged “massive resources” in Lesotho resulting in the company being sold out……………one of the many ways they pump and dump such virtual companies. The value of the Bond Trust of companies is no hidden fact and when one combines their Cottesloe home in Perth and their Belgravia home in London etc we are looking at a significant amount of money. It is so wrong that these two crooks continue to live the high life when their past investors lost so much money. Some of whom lost everything and never recovered. The scams they operate are so easy to set up and close down and each time they do so they are adding to the billions of dollars that leave the shores of Australia (and associated tax evasion) which in-turn add to the ever increasing national debt. The Directors, Politicians and Banks etc never actually lose their money. It is simply siphoned off to their own offshore tax havens and after they close down their fake entities they set up yet another oil, gas or mining venture and do it all over again. It is world leaders and politicians who directly benefit from these fraudster who pump donations into their election trail or their party funds. They decide who is to be involved in their fake company, find some isolated location to create their virtual company, create a perfect video/PowerPoint presentation with fake statistics and data and then go around the world selling the project to their potential victims (the investors). They tag their investors along for a period of up to 5 years and during this time start to introduce the bad news before closing the company down Then it’s simply a case of starting up another bogus company with slight variations of their own names (as Directors), a different address and different oil, gas or mining location. The more isolated the location the better. Their operations bases (Boiler Rooms) frequently house many virtual or fake companies and within these boiler rooms there are hired staff with many mobile phones each of which can represent a non-existent oil or mining venture. An investigation into one such boiler room in the Jewish quarter of Golders Green London. That dilapidated building housed over three hundred fake/virtual companies. Sometimes the company is not related to the oil, gas and mining industry as Gordon Bowden and I soon found out. Take one such address at the above location (788-790 Finchley Road) which housed two British registered companies who were supposed to have contracts with the US Department of Defense to supply Jet A1 fuel for coalition forces in Afghanistan. The contract was open ended and ongoing but the companies were fake companies and although they received millions of dollars for such a contract did not actually deliver any fuel. Clive Palmer and all the con artists in a row ANTONY SAGE – CLIVE PALMER – PETER LANDAU – SIR SAMUEL ESSON JONAH - FRANK TIMIS (INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM + RANGE RESOURCES) THE COMMON BOILER ROOM 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH The never ending repeat stories of: ABC 4 CORNERS (BAD COMPANY) Please note that the above address (an old colonial style building) eventually closed down (for obvious reasons) and a new office complex now stands in its place. The question remains will Parliament Place and the adjacent Havelock Street in West Perth continue to house the many boiler rooms that existed before. The answer is yes. They are still at it and the leaders and government do nothing about it because they fraudulently benefit from the scams. In a nutshell leaders and politicians receive donations that are clearly the proceeds of crime. Heading: ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” 2008 and What happened next ? 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE, PERTH. For the Record Publications: The Age “PERTH OFFICE LINKED TO THE TALE OF GOLD AND GUNS” “ALL THE LITTLE BIRDIES HAVE DESERTED THE NEST” So, what happened to the covert “Smoke & Mirrors” network of “EXPLORATION”? Companies all doing business with each other with Common Directors and common secretaries who fled 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE, PERTH with Palmers heavy footprints everywhere. Shortly after ABC 4 CORNERS confronted JOHN STRATTON in his Range Rover in relation to the murder of Mining Magnate Brett Kebble : ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” JOHN STRATTON and the Conspiring group of Directors involved in the mega $million asset stripping and money laundering of the Shares and Cash assets of JCI Ltd, DRD GOLD, RAND RESOURCES and other spider web of interlocked Subsidiaries and J/V Partners who purchased the massive worthless asset the “RAWAS MINE” well that and 21 other Financial irregular “EXPLORATION” Mining Company Scams. One of those Common Director Companies at 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE. PERTH who did a “Runner” included; RANGE RESOURCES LIMITED At the helm, Ghana’s fraudster “Sir” SAMUEL ESSON JONAH and PETER LANDAU. One of PETER LANDAU’S close partners and Co directors in many Director only cash shell “EXPLORATION” Mining and Oil and Gas Companies that “Did a runner” from 34 PARLIAMENT PLACE, non-other than ANTONY WILLIAM PAUL SAGE who, On the 20/12/ 2012 was raided by the Federal Police, ASIC and other Government agencies who raided the residences of PERTH GLORY and his Mining “EXPLORATION” business properties. Pity they never co-ordinated their raids to his UK “EXPLORATION” Oil and Gas and MINING Companies addresses which would have netted Clive Palmer and all the above mentioned. Since then, the “SILENCE” of “Consent”. As JOHN STRATTON quoted in ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY”… “THIS IS A HUGELY POLITICALLY DRIVEN EVENT.” Let me explain the SILENCE regarding the Raids on the ASSETS of TONY SAGE in 3 words “MASSIVE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION.” When you dismantle and research, as many of my close friends have for over 10 years, the mass multitude of “FAILED” financial disaster Director only Cash Shell “EXPLORATION” corporations, you learn you could get away with doing the same thing. That is if you have no morals or ethics. JOHN STRATTON and his reported close association to half a dozen WESTERN INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES, not to mention his involvement as co-director with “Sir” SAM JONAH, PETER LANDAU, TONY SAGE, Clive Palmer and Head shed STEPHEN ROLAND DATTELS and their close network of Common Directors control, there seems to be a repetitive historical sequence of financial Disaster collapses, worthless asset acquisitions, share devaluation, Cash Burn and eventual collapse with the only victims being, the little Private Investors. As stated by Barry Sergeant (Moneyweb) ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” “WHERE ARE THE REGULATORS?” “WHERE ARE THE AUDITORS?” “WHERE ARE THE LAWYERS?” “WHERE ARE THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS?” Remember the Corruption Convicted Head of INTERPOL Jackie Selebi? Something else to research. Have you noticed that every time Clive Palmer is asked simple questions about his business, he gets angry, refuses to answer, and changes the subject. What has he got to hide? In December 2012, Clive Palmer was appointed joint secretary-general of the World Leadership Alliance that advised the Brisbane G20 Summit and counts former US presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter among its members. Their objective as stated on their website under the ‘Programs’ is “to provide innovative and pragmatic analysis on the accelerations of trends and realignments brought about by the international systemic crisis and contribute to their consideration within the G20 agenda through targeted exchanges of views with experienced leaders, policymakers, Sherpa’s and academia focused, particularly, on the reform of the global governance architecture.” If the information above doesn’t get you to open your eyes at Palmer’s shady history and deceptive party policies (which sucks in people that only look at party policy), then nothing will. You have taken the bait hook, line and sinker while Palmer and his goons take you for the same ride politicians have taken you over and over and over again. When are we going to learn? Support Clive Palmer and you support globalisation, a one world government, the destruction of our sovereignty, our families, and this great southern land which will not be so great for you after they achieve their objectives. Acknowledgements: Gordon Bowden Peter Eyre…/governments-bank-…/…/pandoras-box-open…/…/perth-office-link-to-the-tale-of…/all-the-little-birdies-have-dese… The Khazarian Conspiracy (1:05:12) The Money Masters (2:09:21) Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You

The Hidden Truth Behind The News

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Canadian, Australia and World Peodophilia (republished) Paedophia is everywhere from High Politics – Children’s Care Homes, Care Workers – Educational Institutes, Police, Health Services, Judiciary etc it is almost everywhere s and must be stopped.

This is an extremely long article so only if you are interested in looking at this from a worldly perspective should you continue….its factual and well researched….at the same time it paints a horrible picture of what our planet has become. Other shorter articles are list below this one if you find the time. Archive for June 2013

Governments-Bank-Corporate sector fraudulently create deficits and then impose austerity measures-Part 2 (Final)

Governments-Bank-Corporate sector fraudulently create deficits and then impose austerity measures-Part 2 (Final)

Fraud from an Australian perspective

These senior politicians and all State Premiers were/are aware of massive fraud and corruption that is ongoing within Australia as are all the authorities that are supposed to investigate and stop such fraud i.e. Federal Police and ASIC etc.

What are they doing about it? – Absolutely nothing!!

Why you may ask? – Because they or their parties benefit from such proceeds of crime!!

There is no deficit in the real sense because they have allowed this fraud and corruption to continue for decades and in doing so billions if not trillions of dollars were/are siphoned out of the Australian economy along with the associated massive tax evasion………this same fraud continues to this day in almost all countries with the US, UK, EU, Canada, South Africa and Australia leading the pack………how do we know this to be fact?……because we have the forensic evidence to prove it!!

Next time they hit you with a rise in taxes, the carbon tax scam, medicare levy or cut back on public sector funding such as hospitals, essential care for the aged or critical care for children with cancer etc etc remember its all bullshit and they know it.

This is how the New World Order operates and how they get their funds and our governments are all part of that cabal!!

How do we fix the problem? – Remove the New World Order and its financial infrastructure (which believe it or not is currently underway), recover the vast sums of money and gold they have stolen and give it back to the people!!!!!!!

It is time for the Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, Government and all those responsible for fighting massive fraud and corruption to get their head out the sand and recover the billions if not trillions of dollars siphoned out of the country (not forgetting the massive tax evasion).

Why is it that the ordinary people of Australia and all the other countries around the world have to listen to all the lies and deceit regarding their respective countries deficit?

Why do they have to pay the ultimate price in paying more stealth taxes and suffer cutbacks in the public sector services for something they are not responsible for?

Their is no reason for such deficits if our leaders, government and those authorities responsible for fraud and corruption did their job correctly!!

It is time for we the public to insist our government round up these fraudulent Politicians, Corporate Sector CEO’s, Bank CEO’s and all the many Directors of “Virtual/Fake” oil,gas and mining companies and recover that deficit that they have allowed to happen over decades and at the same time clean out all those that are connected to the New World Order……..there is no place for such scum in politics!!!


Some of them are even so bold as to run for the highest position in the country and we let them get away with it

Could we see a quick departure to some far away place?


International Fraud and Corruption is on a vast scale and much of this money ends up in the New World Order Bank They have virtual/fake companies all over the globe that operate from “Boiler Rooms” “G’Day Bloke, Just popped in to see your stockpiles of useless crap…….do your investors know about this” ? It is now time for me to hand over the fraud investigations to my friend Gordon Bowden who hopefully will throw more light on international fraud and the connections to Australian fraudsters not forgetting our illustrious Clive Palmer who hopes to run for PM!!!…….maybe after Gordon’s final report he may do a runner!! Start of Gordon’s final email: Now that you’ve published this, I will FOR THE RECORD, show you what I have been holding back and WHY? You can publish this as a follow up. THE FACTS ARE: 4 years ago, following my research into and beyond the 2008 ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” expose. As you well know, I sent multiple e-mails to the UK, Australian Fiduciary and Police Authorities to investigate the dealings of the PONZI SCAM, Money Laundering Fraud and Director “Insider Trading Ring” set up by the Common network of Scam Artists including the LONRHO Directors David Anthony Lenigas & Co who, as part of a corporate espionage scam involved in the complicit Company DRD GOLD’s “Dump” of a loss making “Sunset Mine” PREMIER MINES, VATUKOULA GOLD MINES. Sold on by DRD GOLD in a massive “Smoke and Mirrors” Scam, reportedly sold for US$1.00 plus US$15million in Liabilities to WESTECH GOLD LTD headed by ex DRD Employee, Brian Wesson who had worked at the Premier FIJI Mine for DRD, his brother and wife Amelia Wesson. VATUKOULA GOLD MINES. The deal was a massive scam in order for DRD Gold Directors to placate the Shareholders of DRD and do a “Cut and Run” who’s share price was being badly affected with the consecutive losses of their Premier Mine in FIJI, 1/3 of the operational costs of the mine was taken up from preventing it from flooding. The whole deal was suspect from the start as the WESSONS had no Recorded Capital or historical trading history, this was picked up by local auditors acting for the Fiji Government who couldn’t untangle the massive web of interconnections to the Money funding. Here lies the threads to RIVER DIAMONDS UK LIMITED, DAVID ANTHONY LENIGAS and his LONRHO Mates he co directed TEMPLAR MINERALS LTD. Dealing with the WESSONS, Up popped Canadian Financier WALTER BERUKOFF (Billionaire, MY ARSE). Just a TSX-VENTURE Stock exchange listed CABAL player into the interconnected part of the SCAM. So, where does ABC 4 CORNERS “BAD COMPANY” Quote of ex BRITISH Military Intelligence operative JOHN STRATTON come in: “THIS IS A HUGELY POLITICALLY DRIVEN EVENT” Following my repeated e-mails to the Authorities and the Directors of VGM, LONRHO and JUBILEE PLATINUM regarding VGM being a PONZI SCAM, Director IAN COLIN ORR – EWING has resigned with immediate effect, well, he would wouldn’t he, because he is also better known as CONSERVATIVE PARTY, LORD IAN COLIN ORR -EWING. and It gets better. You told me to investigate any association of CLIVE PALMER to this same International Organised Crime and Money Laundering Cabal.Well, I already had it 4 years ago, in my TSX-V Library and it is recorded here. When Brian, Amelia scored US$ Millions in their US$1.00 bought Vatukoula sale to his conspiring mates running RIVER DIAMONDS Ltd, they disappeared straight into another TSX-V “EXPLORATION” PONZI SCAM with a load of other con artists set up as: WOULFE MINING CORP. The easy route to CLIVE PALMER is through the WESSONS Co Directors at WOULFE MINING CORP and they include: DAMIEN RAYNOLDS who’s PONZI SCAM Companies include: WARATAH COAL INC (Delisted on the TSX-V) So, the proof, I’ve included the TSX-V Corporate and Director Documents as attachments. The evidence is irrefutable and explains clearly how these VIP’s interlock with senior Corrupt Politicians, inducted as Non Exec Directors to give the Companies Credibility and Respectability.
Dear ! Oh Dear ! Oh Dear !


What are our PUBLIC PROTECTION AUTHORITIES Told to do, including the FEDERAL POLICE and ASIC




Quote: ex BRITISH Military Intelligence Operative JOHN STRATTON.


Of Course, as always, I request you print this and, I challenge any POLITICIAN or Director to explain to me, the FORENSIC EVIDENCE that implicates them ALL in: Criminal Corporate Espionage, fraud, theft, Cash and Share Asset Stripping, Money Laundering, Criminal Director “Insider Trading” and International Organised Crime.




Gordon did send a slight addition to the above email as follows:


You could add, to avoid miss-read of FACT, The DRD Mine in FIJI was actually EMPEROR MINE a subsidiary of DRD GOLD. I have been scripting the link between (Convicted Fraudster and ASSET STRIPPER) LORD CONRAD MOFFAT BLACK

And ANGLESEY MINING that is, LORD CRICKHOWELL Scam and the main Director to the PONZI SCAMS JOHN F KEARNEY who is also associated to VATUKOULA GOLD MINES in FIJI. FYI LORD CONRAD MOFFAT BLACK was on the stearing committee of the BILDERBERG GROUP. EASY isn’t it. they are the, as you rightly state. THE NEW WORLD ORDER but, like I’ve shown, easily uncovered. They should have started a new internet site: TAKING THE PISS OUT OF THE PEOPLE DOT COM.


Note the reference to the Bilderberg Group… much more evidence do you need to understand this is one of many ways the New World Order rips off each and every country by massive fraud and corruption…………Why doesn’t the government or police stop it?…….it's too firmly embedded in politics now to change it………its part of everyday life and we have to pay the price of their scams!!!


There could be some Gold, Silver, Oil or Coal down here so lets all get together and create a virtual company and rip off a few more suckers…….the Government won’t dare stop us as we provide them with vital party funds!!


Gordon also sent the following attachment that form part of the forensic evidence he holds on many virtual companies around the world:

see the full story here

next graphs and more

Important - see this article you will read more on Clive Palmer and his shady dealings

Governments-Bank-Corporate sector fraudulently create deficits and then impose austerity measures

Who is the real Craig Kelly - does he have a forked tongue?

LiUnfortunately Australia, New Zealand and most other countries are run by the Zionist controlled New World Order who are hell bent in the total control of your lives…….they wish to destroy the family unit so that you look up to your government as if they were your mother and father.

Here are some of their basic aimssted Company

Current Past


Good Cop, Bad Cop

They were the glamour force... supercops smashing drug rackets, tracking terrorists and making Australians feel safe. Grateful politicians showered them with praise and hefty budget increases. Officers of the Australian Federal Police and their canny chief Mick Keelty could do no wrong. Or so it seemed. The once-lionised AFP is now ridiculed for apparent bungling, excessive secrecy and cosying up to political masters. The collapse of the terrorism case against Dr Mohammed Haneef – now the subject of an inquiry by a retired judge – has been a humiliation for the AFP, with speculation erupting about Mr Keelty’s future. But the Haneef affair may be just a symptom of deep cultural problems that beset the AFP. Four Corners charts its rise from inauspicious beginnings 29 years ago to its golden era under the Howard Government, when the AFP rightly won plaudits after the Bali bombings, to its recent plummet from grace, and asks: what went wrong?

see also here

S1979E02 Child Prostitution

  • November 10, 1979

  • ABC (AU)

A report by Maryanne Smith on the grim plight of child prostitutes in Australia. Her report opens up a brutal world that has never been seen by the vast majority of middle class Australians. In 1980, Maryanne Smith was awarded the first Logie in a new category, Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report


Are You One Of The "Chosen Ones"? | MAX IGAN 2022



WTF: Evidence Of Inmates Being Gassed In Australian Concentration Camps

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