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Are the possibilities of lifetime consequences from these vaccines worth whatever short-term gain is being used to pressure you? Keeping your job? Getting on a plane? Especially when it is so easy to treat right from the start?

First watch:


Dr. Ardis : Here is another from him. This is one of the most informative videos about experimental shots that I've seen. Very well explained by #DrBryanArdis and well worth your time. *

Dr. Bryan Ardis Talks the 2021 Patriot Network Summit in Dugspur, Virginia on July 31, 2021 about his research into what is going on. Thanks for all your hard work Bryan

Check Bryan out at: THE DR. ARDIS SHOW


Stew Peters interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis exposing Fauci. Premeditated murder with multiple cocktails. *

See this one Docs Rick Bright & Zelenko in a must see 30 min video

The Vax Injuried heed your help to have their voice heard





Big Pharma has a 100 year history of corruption. 
 1970 - Dr. Kass proves vaccines played no role in the 90% drop in deaths from the top infectious diseases in England and Wales- that drop happened BEFORE the vaccines were developed. 
  1977 - The McKinlays prove vaccines played no role in the 90% drop in deaths from the top infectious diseases in the U.S.- that drop happened BEFORE the vaccines were developed.  
  2000 - CDC and John Hopkins admit vaccines played no more than a 1% - 3% role in the reduction of deaths from the top infectious diseases.  
  2012 - CDC admits clean water played a major role in the decrease of deaths from the top infectious diseases.  Big Pharma took credit for that which it did not do...  
  1976 - CDC, FDA, NIH convince the president and nation to take 46 million Swine Flu vaccines by spreading massive fear, though only 1 had died and 5 had caught the virus over an 8 month period. The vaccines caused 25 deaths and left hundreds disabled. 
   2009 - Big Pharma makes secret deals with politicians in many European countries - if the WHO declares a level 6 pandemic, the countries agree to spend billions of euros on vaccines. 
    The WHO changes the definition of "pandemic" - removing the requirements of massive deaths in multiple countries and no one in the world having natural immunity.  
    The WHO then declared the N1H1 virus a level 6 pandemic, even though the death rate was only 0.017%. That forced all those European countries to pay massive money to Big Pharma - and leading to terrible problems of narcolepsy from too many vaccine recipients, including children.  
    Oct 2020 - WHO changed the definition of herd immunity - removing natural recovery from the disease as part of creating herd immunity - now pushing just vaccines.

You can only protect yourself with full knowledge: (continued) This link contains HUNDREDS of links to scientific studies, top doctors and scientists around the world, the law surrounding the emergency use of medical EXPERIMENTAL products (and the right to refuse), and above all, the horrific, lying, corruptive 100-year history of Big Pharma.


FOIs [Freedom of Information] reveal that health/science institutions around the world have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever

CDC admits the PCR test cannot diagnose Covid-19
The RT-PCR test was authorized for use in the U.S. under the Emergency Use Authorization by the FDA as an experimental test. It has not been proven to be safe or effective per FDA standards

more info
Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic 


More imforation

Cease and desist papers served on Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten by Dr. Reiner Füllmich (attorney)üllmichDownload

Reiner Fuellmich: Lawsuit to Prove PCR is Fake CV19 Diagnosis Portuguese court rules PCR test as unreliable Lawyers to sue WHO for ‘misleading world over COVID-19 outbreak’ Ecuador Court Rules State of Emergency Unconstitutional Lockdown Lawsuits Update By Top International Lawyer


Attorney Thomas Renz dropped a bombshell about a Whistleblower that has come forward alledging that the death rates that she has been monitoring on government websites are much much higher than what Vaers and the Media are telling people. In sworn testimony this Whistleblower is saying the accurate covid shot death number is 45,000 people .

Watch and Share this important speech by Attorney Thomas Renz ( at Clay Clark's #ReAwaken America Tour stop in Anaheim California.

Share this important speech by Attorney Thomas Renz

If you would like to see the lawsuit and the Whistleblower's Declaration please go to . It's on the front page.




Download PDF • 872KB


Download PDF • 565KB

excerpt - read and weep

It is my professional estimate that VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database, while extremely useful, is under-reported by a conservative factor of at least 5. On July 9, 2021, there were 9,048 deaths reported in VAERS. I verified these numbers by collating all of the data from VAERS myself, not relying on a third party to report them. In tandem, I queried data from CMS medical claims with regard to vaccines and patient deaths, and have assessed that the deaths occurring within 3 days of vaccination are higher than those reported in VAERS by a factor of at least 5. This would indicate the true number of vaccine-related deaths was at least 45,000. Put in perspective, the swine flu vaccine was taken off the market which only resulted in 53 deaths. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on July 13, 2021. /s Jane Doe Jane Doe


Pressured to get a Vaccine? Send a Cease and Desist!

PCR tests, masks and vaccines were authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The EUA is only used for EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS. 60 pages of evidence exposing the fraud of testing, masks and to force vaccines.

It is not necessary to hire an attorney to write or send a Cease and Desist letter. The grounds to do so are based on the Nuremburg Code and the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). The EUA was used to allow the use of unapproved vaccines, PCR tests and cloth masks by the public, but at the same time, it requires the public be informed of the risks, the option to accept or refuse, consequences and to be informed of alternatives that are available and their risks benefits and risks.

The Nuremburg Code is the result of Nuremburg Trials after WW II. Article 6 of the Nuremburg Code is a direct response to the horrific and deadly experiments carried out by Nazi doctors on Jewish prisoners in concentration camps. It states anyone participating in any medical experimentation (trial / study) must be allowed to give voluntary consent after being fully informed of the nature, duration and purpose of the experiment, the effects the experiment may have on his health and person and inconveniences and hazards to be reasonable expected. Anything approved for use under the EUA is an experiment as the products (vaccines, PCR tests, masks) have not be fully, rigorously tested and all outcomes reported and peer-reviewed and approved by the FDA..


December 2020, the CDC admitted they cannot diagnose Covid-19 with the RT-PCR tests. They tend to bury the truth deep in their documents:

•Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms. •The performance of this test has not been established for monitoring treatment of 2019-nCoV infection. •The performance of this test has not been established for screening of blood or blood products for the presence of 2019-nCoV. •This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens. ( – page 40)

read more information and download documents @ article link

Cease and Desist Letter Information


Bio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid

In this explosive interview with Senior Editor Alex Newman of The New American magazine, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Dr. Lee Merrit explains her belief that America is currently facing what appears to be biological warfare. Whether the Communist Chinese released the COVID19 virus on purpose or by accident is impossible to know, but the implications are enormous. When it comes to the new vaccines, Dr. Merrit, a former military doctor who studied biological warfare, goes through previous animal studies on the technology and paints a dire picture. However, even though modern medical schools do not often teach it, there are ways to treat viral infections that are time-tested and effective, she concludes.

🇺🇸 The New American:


An interview with, Francis Boyle —

whose background includes an undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago, a juris doctor (lawyer) degree from Harvard and a Ph.D. in political science — shares his theory of the origin of this novel coronavirus. • Francis Boyle, who for decades has advocated against the development and use of bioweapons, suspects COVID-19 is a weaponized pathogen that escaped from Wuhan City’s Biosafety Level 4 facility, which was specifically set up to research coronaviruses and SARS • According to Boyle, the COVID-19 virus is a chimera. It includes SARS, an already weaponized coronavirus, along with HIV genetic material and possibly flu virus. It also has gain of function properties that allow it to spread a greater distance than normal • The incubation period for COVID-19 infection is still unknown, but estimates range from 14 days to 30 days • The U.S. government spent $100 billion on biological warfare programs since September 11, 2011, up until October 2015 • While there have so far only been a limited number of reported cases of COVID-19 infection in the U.S., the U.S. military has designated several detention sites around the country to quarantine Americans, should the situation take a turn for the worse Read more

Francis A. Boyle

FRANCIS A. BOYLE is a leading American expert in international law. He was responsible for drafting the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, the American implementing legislation for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. He served on the Board of Directors of Amnesty International (1988-1992), and represented Bosnia-Herzegovina at the World Court. He served as legal adviser to the Palestinian Delegation to the Middle East peace negotiations from 1991 to 1993. In 2007, he delivered the Bertrand Russell Peace Lectures. Professor Boyle teaches international law at the University of Illinois, Champaign and is author of, inter alia, The Future of International Law and American Foreign Policy, Foundations of World Order, The Criminality of Nuclear Deterrence, Palestine, Palestinians and International Law, Destroying World Order, Biowarfare & Terrorism, Tackling America’s Toughest Questions, The Tamil Genocide by Sri Lanka and The Palestinian Right of Return Under International Law. He holds a Doctor of Law Magna Cum Laude as well as a Ph.D. in Political Science, both from Harvard University.

Bioweapons policy expert Dr. Francis Boyle has also warned of forthcoming DARPA vaccine experiments, noting that it is a long-standing practice of the secretive agency:

see the many video and interviews listed here hover over each one for it to play

#Coronavirus is man-made, not from nature: Dr Francis Boyle - bioweapons advisor. **SHARE THIS

Truth Sentinel with Scott - Interview - Dr Francis Boyle - bioweapons advisor. COVID-19 is man-made despite what Chinese are saying. 코로나19 하루 231명 추가확진, 총 833명…8번째 사망자 발생 A bat coronavirus was created in 2015.. Sounds suspiciously like the current virus. One of the contributors was from Wuhan. I'm sure it ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases

see here



"You put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body"



republished below in full unedited for informational, educational & research purposes:

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a COVID vaccine that will work on all variants and has developed an implantable microchip that it says will continuously monitor the human body for signs of the virus.

Retired Colonel Matt Hepburn, an army infectious disease physician heading up DARPA’s response to the pandemic, appeared on 60 Minutes to demonstrate the technology.

Holding up a vial of green tissue-like gel, which contains the chip, Hepburn proclaimed “You put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body, and that signal means you are going to have symptoms tomorrow.”

“It’s like a ‘check engine light,” Hepburn added, noting that those with the chip “would get the signal, then self-administer a blood draw and test themselves on site.”

“We can have that information in three to five minutes,” Hepburn continued, adding “As you truncate that time, as you diagnose and treat, what you do is you stop the infection in its tracks.”

Watch:Bill Whitaker reports on some of the innovations being developed to try to prevent the next pandemic. See the story Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Hepburn also declared that DARPA has developed a filter to remove the virus from the blood via a dialysis machine and that the FDA has approved it, and it has already been used on 300 patients.

read more@link


All the Covid Fauci is hiding… the Covid Fauci isnbsphiding.pdf

Throughout the entire Covid-19 ‘pandemic’, there have been three consistent messages from Dr. Fauci and our national health agencies:

  • Only new medications and treatment can help

  • Once vaccines are available, the entire world must be vaccinated (even if the recipient already had and recovered from Covid).

  • Everyone must stay separated from friends and family the Covid Fauci isnbsphiding
Download PDF • 100KB


SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: What Really Happened in Wuhan

This Sky News Australia special investigation into the origins of COVID-19 reveals what really happened in Wuhan in the early days of the pandemic. Award-winning journalist Sharri Markson spent more than a year investigating the potential leak of the virus from a top-secret laboratory in Wuhan. Ms Markson uncovered evidence of a widespread cover-up and unpacks the new theory that “patient zero” worked in the Wuhan lab.

Sky News Australia anchor and Investigations Writer at The Australian, Sharri has been at the forefront of investigating the origins of COVID-19 since early in 2020 when the virus spread globally. Since that time, the precise genesis of COVID-19 has been hotly contested, with scientists, government officials, the World Health Organization, and the Chinese authorities releasing conflicting reports. In a coup for Australian television, Sharri secures the first sit-down interview for an Australian broadcast media outlet with Donald Trump since he was elected president in 2016. Sharri also speaks with a range of Chinese whistle-blowers, scientists, and high-ranking intelligence officials to bring us closer to discovering the truth of what happened in Wuhan. These include John Ratcliffe, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence from 2020 to 2021, and former head of British intelligence service, Mi6, Sir Richard Dearlove

refer sky news Australia


The Great Reset Is Accelerating Into Global Tyranny


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