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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

THE BUGLE IS CALLING _ MEN and WOMEN take your Positions. NOW!!!!!

Calling the People to Stand and Unite. Please scroll down and - sign documents

also Watch the Millions Rise for Australia video, very important REAL Information from some brave Australians who are employed in frontline jobs, as well as a gentleman who's family dared to question the medical fraternity. -

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.”

(Albert Camus, 1947)

The global elite have been using powerful tools of control for centuries,through

Fear – Secrecy – Polarization

By these actions

Fear - terrorists want to kill us – JOB losses – Political war mongering - Racism

Secrecy -

When Governments call it national security how often have hidden agendas been exposed by insiders, yet we are asked to ignore peoples right to privacy and keep watch on our neighbours, and on those who question government. Fear can cause us to loose faith in ourselves and communities, we no longer love or respect our neighbour or communities instead we live in constant fear,suspicion and polarity.

Divide and Conquer -

A tactic that has been used by the Elite of the world for centuries.

By having the nations people focusing on “the enemy,” they are diverting our attention from the real causes of the problems. Using the controlled main stream media, the politicians, media and corporations are masters at keeping our attention focused on issues which divide us.Therefore over time the shift of power and control goes unnoticed by the majority as the powers to be, increase their position of authority.

Fear,secrecy and polarization becomes well entrenched over time so that the people find they no longer have the freedoms and control that was once unquestioningly their sovereignty of a nations people and right of self determination.

Fanos Panayides

Message to Australians - Wake UP!


Lawyer Serene Teffaha Drops explosive truth bombs! Must watch! "there are laws & regulations in place imposed on the nation, yet those that are making the laws don't seem to be accountable to those laws. It's an outrage! You can't go around suspecting healthy people of having Con-19! Healthy people are being detained. Healthy people are being asked to test for Con-19. Every RT CPR test out there, it's known that if you are tested positive, it doesn't mean you are infectious. But every single person who is tested positive is being told they are infected. TGA even says you have to do a code of diagnosis! Not go by a RT CPR test. Everyone is a suspect Con-19! This is encouraging the empowerment of the police, ASIO & our govt to keep choking our rights, so they can enter properties, homes, it's so disproportionate! When we are told this is a deadly virus this is a lie. Last year influenza death was 3,000. The year before that influenza was 2,000. Look it up. It's called Australian Influenza Flu Statics. You CAN'T ignore a lie! Corrupted by their own words. Doctors, nurses, ALL lawyers YOU must all stand up!!! Doctors who are too scared to be deregistered. Nurses who are too scared to not follow orders, even when deaths are faked." There is blood on your hands. You NEED to step up & contact Serene Teffaha! United Collective Millions rise up Australia Shared for United Collective Millions rise up Australia. Join them lest take our country back from the corporate impostors. watch video below - MILLIONS RISE FOR AUSTRALIA Interview see video below


MEDIA – Used as a propaganda tool to divert our attention to consumerism, violence, movies that portray greed superficial attractions, empty sex, loose moralities,

Consider that television, radio, and movies constantly brain wash the masses.

Instead of developing ones intelligence and spending quality time with family and in the communities or questioning the Politicians actions, we limit our views and perceptions of reality. We have let our education system dumb us down, destroy critical thinking and brain wash generations so much, they end up with very little knowledge of the countries real history and even less of the countries constitutional foundations that the forefathers gifted for the right to sovereignty and freedom from tyranny.

In this time of Covid lockdowns, how many are using the time to learn their Commonwealth of Australia Constitution and realise how many of your rights have been eroded, research the real truth behind all the bio security health directives. Look into 5G and other advanced technologies.

Or do we just trust the governments, corporations and elitists to look after your best interests. Have you not noticed we are on the path to a One World Tyrannical Government – Big brother has evolved – it’s time for the people to stand united and stop the war against humanity.

FREEDOM - LOVE - UNITY - POWER – belongs to the People not the 1% Globalists

Meanwhile the Corporate Elite and Politicians work in secrecy to gain power over populations as we succumb to fear, and polarization, and when we lose touch with our

sense of purpose in life, elements of the global elite are able to exert ever more control

over our lives and world. People too busy making ends meet, or too engrossed in their own desires, have let the tentacles of government become a behemoth of never ending rules of enslavement.


Interviewer - UNITED COLLECTIVE Zev Freeman -


Troy Thorton -Matt Lawson - Pete Evans - Serene Teffaha

Special Guests - Anonymous Testimonies

Two Nurses and A gentleman with a 10 year Military background



LYRICS: I won’t just survive Oh, you will see me thrive Can’t write my story I’m beyond the archetype I won’t just conform No matter how you shake my core ‘Cause my roots they run deep, oh Oh, ye of so little faith Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it Victory is in my veins I know it, I know it And I will not negotiate I’ll fight it, I’ll fight it I will transform When, when the fire’s at my feet again And the vultures all start circling They’re whispering, "You’re out of time” But still I rise This is no mistake, no accident When you think the final nail is in Think again Don’t be surprised I will still rise I must stay conscious Through the madness and chaos So I call on my angels They say Oh, ye of so little faith Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it Victory is in your veins You know it, you know it And you will not negotiate Just fight it, just fight it And be transformed ‘Cause when, when the fire’s at my feet again And the vultures all start circling They’re whispering, "You’re out of time” But still I rise This is no mistake, no accident When you think the final nail is in Think again Don’t be surprised I will still rise Don’t doubt it, don’t doubt it Oh, oh, oh, oh You know it, you know it Still rise Just fight it, just fight it Don’t be surprised I will still rise Music video by Katy Perry performing Rise. (C) 2016 Capitol Records

Katy Perry - Rise (Official)


VIC. Premier Daniel Andrews

One mans's Directives - One man's Mercy


video same above


Who's enjoying Andrews brand of communism?

The Brave Men and Women keeping Victorian's safe from killer germs,

out and about sanitising the streets of Melbourne every day?

mean while real Jobs are lost and people are confined to their homes.


Welcome to the 2020 Orwellian nightmare, brought to you by all the obedient sheeple

Melbourne, Australia. once-free people turned into prisoners Stage 4 lockdown, every movement is tracked through Police and Military patrols ,helicopters, drones and cameras. What is the VIC. Government doing under the cover of darkness? people are saying the roll out of 5G (don't bother asking the people). So it seems Victoria are the test city for smart cities agenda 21/ 2030. Which Aussie State next? Your cities too. This is why the population who are awake have been warning you for so long. Now it's here. The sheesple think this is about a virus and are waiting for a vaccine. The PANDEMIC when it becomes a PLANDEMIC control in all forms. people take your Blinkers Off!!!!


Weapons of Control


(do not share natural news on facebook..will get you censored)

MANDATORYquarantine camps” were just rolled out in New Zealand, a globalist testing ground for the mass extermination of

(Natural News) After outlawing firearms possession by citizens, New Zealand’s government is now exploiting its power monopoly to roll out mandatory quarantine camps for people who might be infected with COVID-19. And some people will never be allowed to leave those camps, the NZ Prime Minister insists.

“Quarantine camps” are actually death camps in the making

Six months ago, nobody living in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand could have imagined mandatory, authoritarian quarantine camps where prisoners aren’t allowed to leave unless they submit to mandatory testing via fake (rigged) COVID-19 testing kits that produce nearly all false positives.

Yet today, this has become reality in New Zealand, just as we long warned would happen

If humanity does not rise up soon, billions will be exterminated

SO What do these Governments have in Store for Humanity?

  • Permanent - Lock downs,

  • Door-to-door vaccine compliance programs

  • Engineered FOOD COLLAPSE - cashless society

  • FEMA Camps - Extermination of Human Populations.

“Contact tracing” is nothing more than a digital armband tagging and tracking system to make sure they hunt down and exterminate as many people as possible

Right now, they are gearing up to kidnap children from their homes and place them in isolation camps, separating families and threatening parents who refuse to comply

Ardern is the former head of the International Union of Socialist Youth

YOU MUST be fully informed and prepared . is a great place to start to decentralise and to begin to form communities of like-minded individuals who are in same area that we are.


Melbourne, Australia. The people, every movement you make is being tracked through helicopters, drones and cameras. Melbourne the test city for smart cities agenda 21 /2030 .



This digital protest is sooo satisfying! Remember, Use Hashtags, and don’t violate guidelines!

7:15PM: Dan Andrews


7:25PM: Scott Morrison


7:35PM: Jenny Mikakos


7:45PM: Raff Ciccone



7:55PM: Karen Andrews


8:05PM: Nine News


8:15PM: 7 News




8:35PM: Dailymail


8:45PM: Dan Andrews



Dan Andrews


Send Message


Freedom of Movement in Victoria being hindered


Watch "Pompeo warns of 'disconnect' over Victoria's Belt and Road deal" on YouTube

Warning if this  continues our country is truly lost to communist china and we will have lost an invaluable allie, leaving the Australian  people in the most precarious position for our safety and and Future. Rolling out contact tracing is nothing to what draconian laws we will have to live with under a dictatorship  of One Belt One Road.

Many amazing Australians, are very concerned with what the government is rolling out across the Australian nation,The planned roll out of the Operation Lockstep , Agenda 21 and implementation of World Health Covid 19 agenda are of high concern. Good patriotic aussies are

giving you a way to fight back and tell the Government they cannot ruin our country and lock us down with Draconian rules. We have an amazing Commonwealth Of Australia Constitution, but by stealth these Political Parties have changed many Acts to bring in their own policies over the years without consulting every Australian and denying us referendums. TREASON and


Australians calling the people to Stand and Unite

There are people working tirelessly to bring attention to the truth of this ongoing Corruption for centuries and now the /plandemic. Wether protesting or just going about exercising their rights,

from the Bill Gates vaccine narrative etc.

The government directives of lockdowns,masking, social distancing,border controls and loss of thousands of small businesses and jobs. We all have a right to be informed of Government decisions that affect our society as a whole. After all we elect and pay these politicians to be our statesmen and stateswomen to look after the financial and business affairs of the Australian people. As a Sovereign Nation we are the power they are our employees.

The growing concern amongst many in our communities is the draconian way these directives are being pushed upon the people as if they are laws when clearly a lot of them are not and can only ask that the person accept to wear a mask, and other directives, voluntarily, unless you give consent they have no authority.

As an example the Australian government immunization handbook states vaccines must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation, so the question regarding “No Jab No pay” is in fact coercion at the highest level. We have now seen the draconian measures and bullying on our streets, when police use physical force upon women and young people instead of politely asking them to wear a mask they are tackled or near strangled then fined for something that is not a law but a protocol advised by the Bio health security act.

It is time that the people researched, and used critical thinking skills to form an educated opinion instead of just blindly believing whatever the government or main stream media tell them they must do.

If we remain silent they can and ASSUME your consent.

Thankfully we have many Aussies uniting together sharing informative resources and creating processes to mobilise us as a nation helping us to understand Australian laws and civil liberties. Exposing corruption in our Political and Judicial arenas and encouraging everyone to participate in standing up for your rights and petitioning the Government to answer to the many they have broken.


Australians have been filled 'with fear and alarmism': Alan Jones

Hysteria surrounding this FLU will be registered by historians as a clear example of panic and misjudgement. Fear is a powerful tool in the hands of the alarmists.

AI Global Surveillance

Melbourne authorities are using CCTV cameras with facial recognition capabilities across the CBD, while western Australia has already begun their surveillance trial.

Both locations have activated the biometric technologies without formally notifying the public of proposals. Big brother is watching, CCTV cameras, Drones. police body cams. don't get caught picking your nose. Queensland and Victoria are just two states that are committed to the use of drones for policing purposes. Then there's the Australian Governments (COAG) agreeing to share biometric data, such as drivers licence details and passport photos, between government agencies.

Once fully rolled out the system will be linked nationally so where are the safe guards for your privacy lol!

China is a major driver of AI surveillance worldwide., with technology linked to Chinese companies—particularly Huawei. Victorias, Premier Dan Andrews signs up to China’s Belt and Road Initiative, never asked the Victorian people but thats okay Gov. Knows best.

Concerns would be the possible exploiting AI surveillance in more limited ways to reinforce repression. Yet all political contexts run the risk of unlawfully exploiting AI surveillance technology to obtain certain political objectives. Already, this technology has raised alarm about its use to monitor public spaces and protests, to track and profile.

Daniel Andrews didn’t give voters a say when he decided to sign Victoria up to China’s Belt and Road . When government keep secrets you have to be very concerned about their motives.A deal that's is supposed to be mutually beneficial, yet Beijing maintains the right to seize the asset it builds, if the country can't honor its infrastructure loans.


Freedoms are lost if left uncontested

Time people of Australia stood for your freedom,

Is This what you want for your future and the future of your children. they are preparing you right now. contact tracing. distancing, Temperature checks, lock downs....Next Vaccinations ,cashless society, Mark Of the beast your total enslavement.




Solihin Millin, a Victorian grandfather is calling for people to take action.


This morning I integrated our three Weapons of Truth.

Our three pronged Trisula of Truth.

1. Serene Teffaha - Law relating to Bio-security act and forced medical measures & procedures

2. Australian Constitutional Law

3. Our single page document - Notice of Claim to Protest.

1. and 2. will definitely stand in Court.

3. and so will 3.  It must work since so far I have not been arrested or fined after blatantly protesting on Sunday August 9 at Parliament House - Melbourne, with this document in my right hand.

I am informing all Chief Officers  (eg. of Coles, Woolies, Bunnings, Aldi, IGA, Officeworks, etc.) of these weapons and advising them to allow their staff and customers to assume normal life.  If these Chief Officers don't allow normal life to resume, they stand to receive substantial fines and substantial litigation against them and subsequently substantial judgements against them.

I would recommend you consider doing something similar.

Here is the integrated Speech 'Your Rights' I put together this morning.

It is also on Youtube at

By the grace of SugarMountain I will be allowed back on Facebook at 4pm and will start posting this and other support items for our endangered species, fellow Victorians.

No Fear – Your Rights - The Modern Australian Warrior’s Weapons of Truth Fellow Australians, ladies and gentlemen, THE VICTORIAN AND AUSTRALIAN LOCKDOWNS ARE OVER COME OUT OF YOUR HOMES VICTORIANS



Take off your masks, breathe Almighty God’s own fresh air. Travel wherever you wish whenever you wish. The Victorian and all other State Governments

 are corruptly and illegally imprisoning you.

These draconian over-reactions are way outside

 of and against the requirements of the

 Australian Commonwealth Bio-Security Act.

2015 and Commonwealth Constitution.

Your employers cannot legally enforce any of these fictions on you.

Watch our Angelic Lawyer Serene Teffaha explain your legal rights you have

Serene has studied the Australian Bio-Security Act in detail. The Victorian Government and all other State Governments are failing to uphold this Act.

You are free. Enjoy your freedom.

You cannot under Australian Law be illegally detained or imprisoned,

In my opinion the State Governments are 
criminals of extortion, forcing you to pay extortion money to them and threatening to arrest you in an illegal attempt to illegally control you for their own ends.

This illegal attempt to force this Evil upon Australia through ‘Bio-Security’ will collapse in Court.

The Federal and State Governments of Australia are the modern day Australian Mafia.




Their blatant negation of the Australian Constitution Is totally illegal, in particular: Section 51 (xxiiiA)  the provision of maternity allowances, widows' pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances; Section 92. Australian Constitution. Trade within the Commonwealth to be free On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free. Section 109 of the Australian Constitution which provides that: 'when a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, Section 116. Australian Constitution - Commonwealth not to legislate in respect religion. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth. So when we Protest, we can be certain that we are on the side of Natural Justice and our Australian Constitutional Rights. Our chosen protest demeanour should be based on our Human Values of Truth, Unconditional Love, Virtue (Help Ever, Hurt Never), Peace and Non-Violence. Thus we will treat our Police personnel with all respect due to them.  If they wish to arbitrarily fine or arrest us we will not resist in any way.  These matters will be resolved in Court.

We intend to be quite transparent as to who we are.  While under common law we have the right to withhold all information from the Police unless we are charged with committing a crime, I recommend you to voluntarily provide identification together with the following document.

If someone approaches you and threatens to fine or or inhibit your free passage or arrest you, please say:

‘If you do, you may be criminally indicted with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment’

Read the document below, to anyone who claims authority to fine or arrest you.

This document uncovers shocking crimes by the Australian Federal and State Governments and Police, and any Police or other officer will think twice after becoming familiar with this document, before proceeding to fine or arrest you.

If they do, we will go to the Magistrates Court with you. We believe you will be released and not fined. 

And in addition, you will have done a great service to Australia in enabling Court Proceedings to bring these Crimes to Justice. NOTICE OF CLAIM OF RIGHT FREEDOM TO PEACEFULLY DEMONSTRATE QUESTIONS OF FACTS: To any and all Victorian Police Officers, Security Guard, Army, Council or Health Personal, and to any purported claimed authority. THE ALLEGATION: This current supposed Covid19 Pandemic is a Biochemical Arm of a Military Coup currently operating in Australia to take every Australian into an International Agenda to form a One World Government. a) I have the right to peacefully demonstrate. b) Are you going to arrest or fine me? If you arrest or arbitrarily fine me, you enable me the right to place you in the Witness Box in the Melbourne Magistrates Court and I can tell you what my first few questions may be: 1. Have you a valid Constitutional Grant of Power after the illegal removal of the Crown? 2. Why didn’t Mr. Robert Hulls, the former Attorney General of Victoria stand trial on Criminal Charges he was charged with? 3. Why have the Victorian Police not proceeded with this arrest? 4. Why did Geoffrey Nettle not go to trial but was actually promoted into the High Court of Australia? 5. Why is there no Hansard Legislative record of the 3rd Reading or Vote Count on the Victorian Local Government Act 1989? This matter now requires a 78B Notice pursuant to the Judiciary Act of 1903 Section 78B Under the Crimes Act 1958 Section 9A, I may also charge you for an offence with maximum Penalty of Life Imprisonment. Section 78B of the Act requires Australian courts to ensure that the parties give notice to the Attorneys-Generals of the Commonwealth and each state before proceeding with any case involving: "MATTERS ARISING UNDER THE CONSTITUTION." The Commonwealth and state governments may then intervene in the case under this section 78B. The Victorian Electoral Commissioner Warwick Gatley used to be the Electoral Commissioner of Western Australia, and was a Commander of an Australian Warship HMAS Torrens that went into Timor and he is under Diplomatic Immunity because he works for and is under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Check 1903 Judiciary Act Section 78b for 78b Notice and section 88 Regulation.

The Attorney-General of the State of Victoria, raised an objection that section 88 of the Judiciary Act 1903 was beyond the powers of the Commonwealth Parliament.[3]

Section 78B of the Act requires Australian courts to ensure that the parties give notice to the attorneys-general of the Commonwealth and each state before proceeding with any case involving a "matter arising under the Constitution." The Commonwealth and state governments may then intervene in the case under section .

This document is available on the website

If you are able please donate so we can continue this vital work of regaining control of our health and well being and as true Australians, of our Great Southern Land, Australia.

Please spread this message far and wide.

Thank you.

Sol :)



Expenses incurred in complying with human bio security control orders

The Commonwealth is liable to pay for reasonable expenses incurred by an individual in complying with a bio security measure included in a human bio security control order


EVENT 201 Plandemic exercise - videos here:



- These videos will help clarify a lot. All copyrights © belong to their respective owners. Images and videos owned by other copyright © holders are used here under the guidelines of Fair Use provisions of United States Copyright law. These images and videos used are here only for the education and information for the public's knowledge not intended to generate income for this site. FAIR USE STATEMENT This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This material is being made available within this transformative or derivative work for the purpose of education, information, research, archiving, commentary and criticism, is being distributed without profit, and is believed to be "fair use" in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. For more information go to:


Lawyer Serene Teffaha explains the Law re: Bio-security act - forced medical measures & procedures

Draconian measures undertaken by Australian govco are unlawful. Website:

Serene Teffaha explains the Law re: Bio-security act - forced medical measures & procedures

Health Australia Party

Incredible news from Serene Teffaha! "Hello Everyone, we are proud to announce that the Victorian Government has removed the influenza vaccine mandate in the aged care sector. We should all be proud for our collective efforts in that regard. My team and I have put a video together in relation to this issue. Please click the attached link. We will be writing to all other States and Territories to follow suit. The Aged Care Quality Improvement Unit from Department of Health and Human Services

Victoria writes: 'Influenza vaccinations in RACF With the issue of Care Facilities Direction (No 8) from 11:59pm on 22July 2020, Victoria’s Chief Health Officer removed the restriction on persons entering, or remaining on, the premises of a care facility where the person could not demonstrate that they have an up to date vaccination against influenza, if such a vaccination is available to the person. Accordingly, employees who had not been vaccinated against influenza and who were required to work in other areas, or take leave, may now return to duty in care facilities. However, residential aged care facilities are encouraged to continue to recommend that staff and visitors have a flu vax given the vulnerability of residents in the event of infection. While a requirement to have an up-to-date vaccination is no longer a requirement of the Victorian Direction, staff and volunteers of aged care facilities are still required to be offered the vaccination program in accordance with Commonwealth requirements.'

Indeed the Biosecurity Act is clear when Government can make a vaccination a requirement under sections 60 and 61 as well as the Public Health and Mental Wellbeing Act under section 117. You need to have an infectious disease risk identified and personal orders issued to you with appropriate review rights articulated clearly.

No one can require you to take a vaccine under the law especially when you are healthy and there are no infectious disease risks identified through signs and symptoms and you have been issued the appropriate orders from authorised personnel."

To follow Serene's work, please visit her Facebook page (Serene Teffaha) or visit her website Well done to everyone involved. This is what people power looks like!

Information courtesy of Friends of Truth

Australian lawyer, Serene Teffaha has led the way for Victorians to free themselves.

Despite the brainwashing of mainstream media and the threats of Premier Dan Andrews and his police business the facts, and law, are on the side of any freedom loving Victorian.

Anyone who believes they are free to move around as they please, to not wear a mask and to continue on with their lives as normal is 100% correct under the eyes of federal law.

According to Ms Teffaha, federal law overrides state law and no ‘State of Emergency’ situation changes that.

The Bio Security Act 2015, which is federal law, clearly states a list of obligations the government must fill in order to impose any restrictions on the good people of Victoria.

The primary obligation the Victorian government has NOT filled is they have NOT issued each person with one essential thing: a ‘human biosecurity control order’.

According to federal law in Victoria we must each be issued our own ‘human biosecurity control order’ before we are expected to obey any orders.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t had mine delivered yet. No human biosecurity control order has been slipped under my door. Certainly no personally addressed human biosecurity control order sent to me in the mail either.

For any orders to have validity not only must we receive a personal human biosecurity control order it must specify:

1) The grounds under which the order is imposed

2) The listed disease in relation to which the order is imposed

3) Any signs or symptoms of the listed human disease we are, individually, meant to be exhibiting

4) A unique identifier for the order

5) A list of each biosecurity measure with which the individual must comply, and an explanation of why…

And more.

If we are not issued with the correct human biosecurity control order then we don’t have to do anything the government says.

Any fines or action taken against us by the police would be deemed unlawful in a federal court.

Happy Freedom Day, Victoria


Serene also added this info to clarify the post above, in case you missed it:

Thank you for your post but I would like to clarify a few points: 1- The Federal law does NOT make the state laws inoperative. But State laws must act concurrently with the Federal legislature. 2- Some of the states and territories have done the right thing and made laws like the federal legislature to issue public health orders on individuals for the purposes of imposing on them Bio security measures such as detention, isolation, vaccination and testing. However the States and Territories are failing to apply their own laws. 3- Any individualised Bio security measure must be based on you having a direct public health risk by having the illness or being exposed by physical contact and close proximity to someone with that illness and/or symptoms. 4- This means that you can’t impose Bio security measures on healthy individuals. You can’t be treated as sick or suspected as sick then asked to prove your health. This is unacceptable and unlawful. 5- governments may set standards in business closures and curfews only when they can prove there is a real risk.

I hope this clarifies.



Hello Concerned Australians You may be one of many that completed a Co-Join application to support Brian Shaw’s pursuit in obtaining a Grand Jury Trial.

Australians would then realise the many crimes that those we elected to Govern us both State and Federally have all criminally acted unlawfully and without referendums! Brian Shaw has charged them with Treason and Misprision of Treason. If you have not signed Co-Join application (File 03) that is attached, it would help us for you to do so, and if you have completed it already, please obtain details of anybody else interested and email or post back to us.

We only require one form per individual over 18 years.

Your input and assistance is needed.

We need as many Australians as possible to complete the Co-Join Grand Jury

Application as per the attachment dated 27th February 2006 and officially signed for by

the Court Of Appeal 26th February 2006, and is still an active legal document.

For those of you who are new, we would like you for the first time, to Co-Join us and

help all Australians, and to be informed of the danger we are all facing.

Download and sign thank you.

03CoJoin Form-compressed0820
Download PDF • 102KB

This allows us to keep you informed of many matters before the Court, and a major one a HIGH COURT WRIT received by our Seven High Court Judges July 2019, which took them 6 months to collectively say they could not go further with this WRIT.

The contents of this major work is available FREE from us as a compressed pdf file 410KB which is small, you will then know why the Judges in our Highest Court could go further. Brian has spent half his life for our FREEDOM, tireless work in putting back into place our Commonwealth Constitution (Cth) 1901, our Monarch Queen Elizabeth II her heirs and successors that clever men and women gave to us in 1901 and these criminals have taken from you. We began these mail outs just two months ago, and believe with Australian’s helping, have a much larger amount. We are now at a few thousand and with your help, family and friends this could easily get to: From an original 5000 x 10 people = 50,000 x 10 = 500.000 x 10 = A CHAIN EMAIL AMOUNT OF FIVE MILLION.

This would frighten our Judicial, Legal, Political & Government individuals and to take notice of YOU for the first time in 50 years. Please, 10 Only Forms Per Person Nationwide, A United Australia, and Tell Everybody it’s the  Best Place On Earth. Additionally a file entitled Ex Dutch Banker is not recommended to be seen by those under 18 years, unless you agree for them to see the link or read unedited transcript.

Another document entitled The Treason Conspiracy asks you questions on p 8 & 9. We have a simple choice to make:

1. Freedom ( Restoration of our Commonwealth Constitution 1901) or 2. Confined Imprisonment, next (Fema Camps)  Take Care   WWW = We Will Win.   My friend & I have Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren* (*I started earlier)  WHAT A LEGACY TO LEAVE THEM AND THE YET UNBORN!


Barry Preston**Mobile # 0411 081 480 **Leave message - all calls returned Twitter @barrypreston98

Please download and read these important documents and information that exposes the Treason and Misprision of Treason against the Australian People by rogue political parties, we have been robbed.

Download • 158KB

The Following are Paragraph Headings ‘taken from High Court Writ that

Brian Shaw sent into The High Court of Australia and was received and

acknowledged during July 2019, as per Page 2 of Challenge to Daniel Andrews.

Download PDF • 42KB

Criminal Charge for Common Law grand Jury

02James Edelman0820-compressed
Download PDF • 244KB

Also visit Brian Shaw’s Websites, as follows:


"Australia became an independent member of the League of Nations and the International Labour Organisation in 1919."

personality' to enter into international relations “.

('Trick or Treaty? Power to Make and Implement Treaties, ISBN 0 642 24418 9 or see

Differing legal opinion cites the establishment of Australia as an independent sovereign nation over a wide range of dates.

1901 1919 1926 1929 1939 1945 1986 1917-1939-1986:

Which ever date is chosen does not alter the consequences of the breach of Sovereignty

However contrary to much of domestic Australian legal opinion, Australia became an independent sovereign nation following Mr. William Morris Hughes, Prime Minister and Commonwealth Attorney-General, together with Sir Joseph Cook, signing the multi-lateral Treaty of Peace at Versailles, France in June 1919. This included the Covenant of the League of Nations, along with many other important documents in International Law. Particular attention should be paid to clauses I, X, XVIII, and XX of the Covenant.

However, the Australian people may not alter, in any way, Clauses 1 to 8 of the Imperial Act. Since the Australian people have only ever had the right to change sections 1 to 128 of clause 9 of that Act, it follows that covering clauses 1 to 8 remain law in Australia.

This means that British colonial law still operates in Australia and that Australia is a self governing colony of the United Kingdom as stated in that Act (see clause 8). However, the High Court of Australia has recently ruled that the United Kingdom is a foreign power, and that the UK Parliament cannot have any effect on the Governments of Australia (Sue v Hill HCA 30 of 1999 .

On July 14, 1996, investigators working in the archives of the League of Nations, held in Geneva by the Swiss Government, found the original copy of the League of Nations Covenant. Interspersed among the text is a commentary in italics by Sir Geoffrey Butler, KBE

the Covenant has never been widely understood by the people of Australia, whose future was irrevocably altered by the Treaty of Versailles of June 28, 1919.

By it, the British Dominions, namely New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada have their independent nationhood established for the first time

the Dominions will always look to the League of Nations Covenant as their Declaration of Independence.

The law of one nation may not be used to govern over another nation.

From that moment, the laws of their former colonial master become ultra vires.

From October 1st 1919 'An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia' became ultra vires, with regard to Australia. Its continued use by political parties to claim the power to establish a parliament to govern over the Commonwealth of Australia, that is, the Australian people, (see Quick & Garran "The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth" 1901 at page 366) constitutes an offence against international law. It represents political interference by the United Kingdom and a denial of Australian citizens' inalienable right to self-determination.

From October 1st, 1919 the British Monarch became irrelevant to Australia. From October 1st 1919 Australia became a republic. From October 1st, 1919 it has been necessary to create a political and judicial system capable of bridging the legal void created when sovereignty changed from the Parliament of the United Kingdom to the people of Australia. That necessity still exists.

By using UK law to claim power, parliamentarians and others become agents of a foreign power.

By relying on this current Act of domestic law of the Parliament of the United Kingdom the Australian Parliament is definable as an extension of the Parliament of the UK. The Governor-General, State and Territory Governors, individual parliamentarians, Senators and all others involved in government, including members of the judiciary, are definable as agents of the UK. That is, agents of a power foreign to the Nation State, the Commonwealth of Australia. This scenario manifests right down to the policeman on the beat!

Every Member and Senator has committed an Act of treason by swearing and subscribing to an oath to serve the government of a power foreign to Australia.

Since the Bill of Rights of 1688, the Act of Settlement of 1701, and the Act of Union 1706, the Monarch has been appointed, first by the English Parliament and then, by the UK Parliament. The Queen is a ‘Statutory Monarch’. As such she has no powers separate from the UK Parliament.

Even if it could be established that the Constitution has valid application, any law made under the Constitution cannot be given valid Royal assent by a Governor-General or Governor appointed by and representing a purely titular “Queen of Australia" (see the Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 (Cth)

Further, taking into account the full content of the Act, even if it were possible to alter the Constitution so that it recognised the “Queen of Australia”, a referendum under S128 relating to the adoption of such an Office would be necessary. Such a referendum has never been conducted!

Attempts to "patch up the Constitutional mess" continued the concealment of the truth from the Australian people

The concealment continues with 2 more documents. The first being "The Letters Patent Relating to her Office of Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia" which was gazetted on the 24th August 1984 after being signed 3 days earlier at Balmoral in the United Kingdom.

The next document(s) created to continue the concealment was the passage of the Australia Acts (see web address for Australia Acts (Cth) & (UK)) through both the UK and the Australian Parliaments, in 1985, to commence in 1986. Contrary to international law, both of these Acts attempted to infringe sovereignty of another nation, were not registered as required under the Charter of the United Nations to have extra-territorial effect, and consequently, can not be relied on in any international forum. Notwithstanding the international status of the Australia Act 1986 (Cth), the preamble and several clauses clearly indicate that British colonial law was continuing in the sovereign independent Australia, and that from the commencement of this Act, all such colonial law, as well as the UK government, will have no effect. If this was not the case, than there would not be any need to have an Australia Act, let alone 2 of them.


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