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Charles Spenser Chaplin in the movie "Dictator" who said, "people let's unite and the devil will go away".

Awareness is God's gift to mankind.


IMPORTANT! Undesputable Proof The Lie To Control


China's 'Social Credit System' in Australia? Arriving Soon.

TOTT News Smart cities are being developed across Australia as part of the Agenda 2030 plan, and the mechanisms in which they are being constructed reveal a deeper plot linked to China’s dystopian ‘social credit’ surveillance. From airports to public transport, workplaces and open spaces, a sophisticated network of monitoring capabilities is being constructed, with plans to introduce neuro-surveillance and ‘open data’ in the future. In the following interview snippet, Ethan Nash from TOTT News appeared on Ramola D Reports with Ramola to discuss Australia's move towards a Chinese-inspired system. FULL DISCUSSION:​ On the full episode, the two expand on these topics, including advanced technologies being employed, freedom and tyranny, the Five Eyes Alliance, similarities in North America and more. LEARN MORE:


Social Credit: China's Digital Dystopia In The Making .“If people keep their promises they can go anywhere in the world, and if people break their promises they won’t be able to move an inch”, says Cong Jie of credit system Alipay. Facial recognition, security cameras and mobile apps are permitting monitoring of citizens’ every move, using their actions to calculate a ‘score’ based on their perceived merits. Criminal, academic and medical records, even what you buy at the supermarket, are all taken into account. Purchasing alcohol reduces your score, whilst buying nappies increases it. Fan Dandan believes it’s the natural progression of the Party’s policies. “I think it’s always been there”, she says. “Now it’s just in a more efficient format.” Yet injustices appear prevalent. Investigative journalist Liu Hu has found himself labelled ‘dishonest’ and his rights restricted for no apparent legitimate reason. It began after he exposed a corrupt politician. “There are a lot of people who are on the blacklist wrongly”, he says, “but they can’t get off it". Reports of racial profiling and unfounded detainment abound, raising serious questions about the motivations behind this new age of totalitarianism. For more information, visit



know the media lie all the time but sky news pretend to care about our liberties...and then they lie while we try to defend it. They're as bad as the rest...

Also our huge marketing campaign is nearly ready

This was my message on their FB page today. Feel free to copy of you like.

'Retract your lie that said there were only 'hundreds' at the freedom rally on the weekend. It also wasn't an anti-vax event was a FREEDOM rally and you know it. Retract your lie! You pretend to care about our liberty and then lie when we try to defend it...retract it!'

Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) was founded by Monica Smit in response to the Victorian government’s catastrophic handling of the COVID pandemic.


Morrison made mention of foreign troops. They are using state of disaster as a n excuse . This is part of reset, to deal with the protests and all no. Compliant people!

- [ ] More of their illegal, immoral , toxic globalist abuse of all human beings.

Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020



Originating houseHouse of RepresentativesStatusActParliament no46


Amends the: Defence Act 1903 to: streamline the process for calling out members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Reserves, including for the purposes of responding to natural disasters or emergencies; and provide ADF members, other Defence personnel and members of foreign forces with immunity from criminal or civil liability in certain cases while performing duties to support civil emergency and disaster preparedness, recovery and response; Defence Reserve Service (Protection) Act 2001 to ensure that Reserve members who are subject to a Reserve Call Out Order will continue to receive the existing protections; and Australian Defence Force Cover Act 2015, Australian Defence Force Superannuation Act 2015 and Military Superannuation and Benefits Act 1991 to ensure that Reserve members rendering continuous full-time service will receive the same entitlement to superannuation and related benefits regardless of whether it was voluntary or not.



Teresa van Lieshout invited a list of speakers to present evidence Friday 26th Feb, Somerville, Victoria.

A protest at Greg Hunts office yesterday in Somerville. Organised by

Teresa van Lieshout

with many guest speakers including

Jacquie Dundee

, Jeff O'Toole,

Peter Little


Matt Lawson

. Apologies to Matt as the speeches lasted way longer than I expected and my batteries ran our just before you spoke. It's over two hours, so only for the patient.


Jeff O'Toole . February 28 at 2:09 PM ·

A Brilliant Event Exposing Corruption on a Mass Scale, Located at Greg Hunts Office there were Powerful Speeches that send a clear message of freedom, the people will not tolerate tyranny and Federal Lockdown Politicians who want to force vax. (Share and Circulate Widely)

Finally W.H.O. cheated the world, Corona is not a virus but a bacterial infection and patient cure only in one day. See the video and make it viral send to many as possible...

When you just think it can't any crazier

Are we being biologically changed and tweeked enough just to be labled as a patten through the use of vaccines?

The Bar Code For Life


WARNING - Predicted 10 years ago

Post, by Baron David Ward. We are in the second year of the world Lock Down with this Fake Corona/Covid Pandemic. How is the 10 second Memory?? All this has happened before. It is happening now and it will happen again if we the people do not put a stop to it. I watched these two video’s in Sept2009/Feb2010 during the previous world Pandemic Fake Bird Flue Swine flue Pandemic which came to an abrupt silence because of this heroic Lady Jane Burgermeister. Pay close attention to what Bill Ryan from project Avilon/Camelot is saying because he precognitively predicted and also used the words Lock Down in the Feb 2010 Interview with Jane Burgermeister That the world Cabal World Order would do this again and he was right 10 years later. Pay very close attention to these two video’s. I have been looking to re-find these two video’s all last year. There is only 15,000 People in these two groups. The same 15,000 people are in many other FB Groups and it is imperative that these two video’s go viral at this time.


Pfizer's Abusive Vaccine Deals Reveals Corporate Takeover Of World


Facebook doesn’t want you to view this, but we ALL need to see it and share it everywhere.



REVEALED! HOW The Health Passport WILL WORK / Hugo Talks #lockdown


EXCLUSIVE: Covid-cops caught on bodycam picking on innocent grandmother

This video is hard to watch, but everyone needs to see what happened to a supermarket worker from the covid-cop's perspective in his never published before police bodycam.


Meet the Toronto nurse who REFUSED a COVID test and quarantine

Andrew Chapados speaks to Jess Faraone, a nurse who was returning to Canada at Toronto's Pearson International Airport and refused a COVID test and quarantine upon her arrival back to the country following a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa. FULL REPORT from Andrew Chapados:


Sen. Paul Hammers Dr. Fauci

Sen. Paul Hammers Dr. Fauci on ‘Theater’ of Requiring Covid-Immune Americans to Keep Wearing Masks


Thank you, Following share from Barry


Has your Doctor contacted you, and if so I wonder why. They probably want to test you (that is Dangerous) they want to give you a vaccination (very Dangerous).

If you have not seen the attached before, and if Richard Rothschild had the patent in 2015, surely these giant Pharma Companies which the world is throwing money at by the Billions, had to get his permission?!?!?!?!. It can now alter your D&A from a swab, fine tuned by Bill Gates & Wife etc.

Netherlands has the most corrupt Royal Family, Great Britain second, so an easy place to establish this. Join Richard Rothschild's Friends, and annoy him.

Tools to aid GP's

Download • 271KB

_3-Atomic Bombshell_ Rothschilds Patente
Download • 622KB

Download PDF • 1.11MB


URGENT WARNING FOR HUMANITY Everybody must see this critical documentary about the COVID-19 vaccine. Download the video, so you can upload it everywhere: Facebook, Youtube, Bitchute, etc.

The shocking truth about Covid19 Discover how superrich criminals have planned the pandemic, FULL REPORT: The Plan To Control The Whole World GLOBAL COVID FRAUD! Evidence that all the data is 100% false EXPOSING GLOBAL COVID FRAUD



THE GREATEST DECEPTION REVEALED! IMPORTANT TO SAVE HUMANITY FROM THE BRINK OF DISTRUCTION Todays URGENT information -links provided. I am posting all this great information to save you time and to be able to be informed and validate the real truth not the propagander mashed out to the mass audiences, on main stream media that is covering up thefacts. Along with YOUR lying deceptive Governments.

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