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Humanitarian Crises Of Australia and the Great Scumo gone M.I.A as Floods Devastate The Nation

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

"You are in control of your own free will, your destiny and yourself."

“No man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely believes that he is FREE.”


Warriors Rise

Listen to the Canadian Trucker at the 45min mark.

Jones town Lemonade Tripping Trip ~

mentioned in Video Clip- Life insurer refuses to cover vaccine death

An insurance company has been backed up in court after refusing to pay out a life insurance policy after the insured died from the vaccine.

It is important to understand legal precedent.

Although vaccination is recognized as the cause of death by doctors and the insurance company, it has refused to pay out. The reason is because the side effects of the Corona jabs are known and published. They argue that the deceased took part in an experiment at his own risk. Covid-19 in itself is not classed as a “critical illness”.

According to the company, an experimental vaccination resulting in death is like suicide

The insurance company justified the refusal of payment to the family by stating that the use of experimental medication or treatments, including Corona injections, is expressly excluded from the insurance contract. The family’s subsequent lawsuit against the insurance company has been unsuccessful.

Read More:Scandalous verdict: taking a fatal risk is legally suicide

While this is all playing out there are hundreds of other medical professionals noticing the same things.

Official data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate – The Expose


This is a War against the Australian people and humanity, we must unite and help each other to pull through all this Crises of mass destruction perpetrated against we The People

'We are under foreign law" and have been occupied by a foreign Enitity, sold down the river to the United Nations globalists agenda's.

In 2007 Klaus Explained That The WEF Is A Foundation That Since 1971 Brings Together The Key Decision Makers From All Walks Of Life To Address The Challenges Of The Global Agenda "Davos Is More Than Just An Annual Meeting, It Is 2000 Members, People From Politics And Business" And Who Are Those People? Who Are The Stakeholders? He Says "We Have Business, Politics, Governments, NGO's, Trade Unions, Media, Very Important Scientists And Experts, Academia, Religious Leaders And Social Entrepreneur's - Another Very Important Constituency Are Our Young Global Leaders - We Have A Very Severe Selection Process" They have been planning this war against humanity for years.

Checkmate To Humanity

Your Choice Fight for salvation of Mankind OR Slavery

Man Made Biblical Flood For The Land Of Oz

Rain ,Hale Or Shine ~ They can and have Manipulated the weather - see how it's done

Here’s how we can engineer artificial rain to tackle extreme heat. …

Tasmania floods after cloud seeding debacle.

Hydro Tasmania asked to explain cloud seeding in catchment day before flooding

Tasmania's government-owned energy company has been asked to explain why it conducted cloud seeding over the Derwent River catchment the day before flooding began this week.

Cloud seeding is a technique used to increase rain to bolster dams and involves the addition of a substance to suitable clouds to encourage the growth of ice crystals or raindrops.

Premier Will Hodgman said he was told Hydro Tasmania authorised cloud seeding on Sunday morning in the Upper Derwent catchment, even though heavy falls were forecast.

Mr Hodgman told 936 ABC Hobart Hydro's decision was difficult to fathom at face value but Energy Minister Matthew Groom was seeking answers.

Hydro Tasmania has confirmed it flew a cloud seeding flight the day huge storms approached the country's east coast.

Documents show the flight took place on Sunday morning while there were flood warnings in place in the north.

article excerpt

9 June 2016 Hydro Tasmania Cloud seeding statement



Yet again it will take the generosity of Aussies to help the victims of this horrendous Flooding of so many townships, and help those left destitute to regain their faith in life and a future for themselves.With the support of Aussies either through physical help on the ground and monetary donations we can overcome adversity , Love, acts of kindness and support will make us a better and more resilient people who will rebuild on the rock of mateship, support and prayer.

An amazing offer by this Vanderlust company

An amazing and generous offer by this Campervan company Vanderlust to help those left destitute from the floods. This is a beautiful act of kindness, helping those in need. It's people like these who restore faith in humanity . True spirit of Great Aussies standing together in times of adversity. Namaste'

share this in case anyone needs or knows someone that needs accommodation!

This is the Vanderlust Australia facebook channel link

Unit 4, 44-46 Ourimbah Rd , Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia, New South Wales

0401 018 520

How you can make donations

Despite what a victim consciousness will think, the best support is your prayer and intention. After that, if you can't come and lend your actual hands and want to send money, I've opened up my community solutions account for this purpose. There are several funds going and people are doing their best. Currently most places have more supply than demand. This is not the first or last time the community will need to provide its own relief. A fund that keeps a pool is necessary. I will keep this as a relief pool to go out as necessary over the coming hours and months. So far best funds have been spent on private pilots and chopper. Lots of stories to share from this. Also another fund I already shared on my platforms that is providing supplies and relief. A private account like this is best as we don't lose a percentage to a third party and of course the usual charities and go fund mes are to be avoided. Account name BreathOfLife Foundation Bsb 032 573 Account 387 018 I've kicked it off with 150 in it and all transactions will be recorded and available for public record. The people most affected are very touched by all the support I can tell you that. It's also amazing how people come together in a real situation rather than dividing over fake situation like we have over the last couple of years. Thank you and whatever you feel is the right way for you to support do that and don't feel 'guilty' about not being able to do or give more, that actually doesn't help and can make things worse. This whole time is about getting to know thyself. Tom Barnett

Lismore: Video of the Devastation from the Flooding **Video contains strong language** Credit: Toby Cox (Facebook)

Anger is growing after some areas were left abandoned by authorities

The streets of Lismore are a hive of activity as people continue with the clean up effort across town.


Parts of Ballina have contaminated drinking water, the ADF are on their way to help and the pile of wreckage is growing


Queensland flood disaster leaves trail of destruction across the South East | 7NEWS

David Oneegs has a message concerning the Flooded Northern areas of NSW and what his concerns are.

What the hell is going on is this a PR stunt for the Government and ADF?

always do your research, be careful what you hear and See

shared FB post

This  video has been going viral over the last 24hr. It depicts approximately  14 soldiers conducting a PR op while cleaning up some trash out of a  trailer. There are two sides to this story.
1st  side (The bloke filming): The bloke posted this video to his story on  Instagram. He has about 94,000 followers and is a renowned surfer. In  the video, he’s basically making a smart arse remark about the PR op and  not helping the members of the community. HOWEVER, members on the  ground recalled this bloke driving up on them and seeing surf boards  attached to the roof of his car and dressed as if he’d just come back  from a surf. Apart from this little PR stunt, the lads and Ladettes are  working their arses off and this bloke gobs off to them for not working  while he’s off surfing. Since he received backlash for the video, he has  since taken it down and denied it was him filming, stating that it was  sent to him. 
2nd  side (The Defence PR team): Videos are circulating of ADF members  rocking up to do a photo op in front of someone’s destroyed home and  then just dissapearing without helping (we’ll post it in the comments).  Whilst this didn’t occur in the video posted, it has occurred in other  locations. This is what’s causing anger amongst the communities while  having an obvious adverse affect to Defence reputation. However, most  importantly it’s making the diggers who are doing the hard work look bad  by putting them in these situations, when in fact they should be given  high fives with EKO’s and a Great Northern. Time and place.

The main stream media are in bed with The Politicians and Bureaucrats

Cafe Locked Out

your.mate.benny @sunriseon7 told me they would let me tell Australia what we need. Said they only cared about getting the word out. They asked me about rescues and then cut me for more important news. @triplemsydney did the same thing yesterday. I filmed the last question they were meant to ask me. Please share this because the media does not care what is going on up here. This is what’s going on from the ground. This is the real news. Im not overreacting. I’ve had a career in emergency services and been around big events. This is incompetence at the highest level. People power it is Please share far and wide. Had to edit about 5 mins where I broke down in tears. We need so much more but this is a start.

I’m heading to Lismore now to give out some hugs and do what I can. We the people have this.

Tami Jane independant news

Mainstream media only wants to show hero stories and politicians in shiny shoes and suits in the flood regions and turn their cameras off when locals start talking about what they really need. What is going on? Locals trying to survive for days, while police and ADF seen at the Mardi Gras. Let’s chat about getting more help to our people.


Byron Shire ICLEI (Agenda 21) why northern rivers was targeted

Dale Holmes

Telegram New Instagram account @daleholmes89

Byron Shire Council homepage/Council/ 		Media centre 	/ 		Media releases 	/Council backs targets set out by UN Climate Conference (COP26)

Council backs targets set out by UN Climate Conference (COP26)
Published on 27 October 2021
Byron Shire Council is on track  to achieve net zero emissions for Council operations by 2025, aligned  with the goals set out by the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow  (31 October to 12 November).
“Despite the recent challenges faced by  our community – bushfires, floods and COVID-19, combatting climate  change remains a top priority for Byron Shire Council and we are proud  to be part of the global effort to take action,” Council’s  Sustainability Team Leader, Julia Curry said.
“The ‘Think Global, Act Locally’ philosophy has never been more important,” she said.
“Byron Shire Council is a member of  international organisations ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability)  and the Global Covenant of Mayors (GCoM) and we closely follow and  align to the goals of the UN Climate Conferences held annually.
“In addition to striving for our net  zero emissions goal for Council Operations by 2025, our work with  community group, Zero Emissions Byron (ZEB), is ongoing as we move  towards the ultimate goal of net zero community emissions,” Ms Curry  said.
read more here@link 

They're telling people not to rebuild

you'll own nothing and be happy really ! Klaus Scwaub

Mark Andrew AndrewSo let's look at what's happening here with these floods! Have you wondering why GOVCo would use cloud seeding and Geoengineering to flood us out,and not send ADF and resources to help? Have you heard of "The Great Reset", WEF,the fourth industrial revolution, sustainable development and smart city's or the catch phrase you will own nothing and be happy? Look up WEF interactive maps. Ok so the concept being pushed by the WEF involes the same agenda as being pushed by the UN requirements are no private property or bussiness owners. The building of sustainable smart city's Universal income social credit system and digital currency and eliminate private transport. Let's get back to flood and also fires in rural areas. The idea is to push people out of rural areas into smart city's a contract to build has already been awarded to a company call Clara. So back to the floods and fires the idea is to tie this onto the climate change narrative and tell people look what you have done to the environment living in the bush and driving cars you can't rebuild there you will need to move into our new smart cities while we fly around in our jets. People really join the dot before we lose everything.

and check John Deutsch weather report from Feb 23 onwards that will give you an idea what's happening.


Important info new v1rus planned for May

Ay Go Sha

Things you need to know about the testing centres...

News: HIV Hidden In The Jab & Is Now Classified As VAIDS.

HIV Tests As An Omission To Their Crimes Against Humanity. 02152022

Transient increase in plasma HIV RNA after COVID-19 vaccination with mRNA-1272

Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection

*1 December 2021 Federal government announces that it will spend nearly $40 million ($50m) on HIV so more Australians can access HIV treatment.

*New HIV super-strain is found in the Netherlands: Highly infectious variant makes people ill twice as quickly – 4 February 2022

Researchers Warn Some Covid-19 Vaccines Could Increase Risk Of HIV Infection (

WHO whistle-blower, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, is also a witness in the Grand Jury being chaired by Reiner Fuellmich. You can hear her testimonies “Perpetual pandemic. Perpetual fear” and “Grand Jury – Day 2 Part 6 – Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger and Dr. Sylvia Berendt Testimony”.


Flood crisis live coverage:

NSW and Queensland Mass Flooding

Ballina communications down as river bursts banks, NSW death toll rises

residents urged to evacuate as river levels rise as part of a "one-in-a-1000 year" flooding event.

South-East Queensland and northern New South Wales have been declared a catastraphe.


PM has covid-19 stays home in Sydney.


Keep up to date with Local and State SES evacuation Orders

Remember to download the SES QR code. If you are trapped by the floods try and stay as high as you can until help arrives


Fijian brothers… workers in a local abattoir … who helped the SES team to evacuate 60 residents from an aged care home in Lismore, physically carrying out residents to safety, through the floods…

and not forgetting the pets.

Stay safe everyone! Thoughts are with residents of the flood affected areas

The situation on the eastern seaboard of Australia is diabolical, as communities are hit hard with the storms and flooding, may you all pray for our fellow brothers and sisters to stay safe and through this, all Australians put out a hand of loving help to assist all those affected from this destruction of their Homes and livelihoods.

comments from FB page.Convoy Roller Girl

"The situation in Qld is changing daily. Roads are open now but I don’t know for how long with this next set of storms forecast for this weekend into next week. Gympie got absolutely smashed and any help would be greatly appreciated. Please add me to the group so I can assist with ideas of drop off points as the situation changes. Thanks for everything you are doing. It’s friggen amazing x"

"Coraki needs help as does Casino 2 small towns dwarfed by lismore coverage but both oding it rough with record flood levels"

"Also Ballina, Coraki and Wardell. It feels like everywhere has gone under. Bring positive energy to combat the grief and despair. Also gum boots and gloves to help clear out the mess. Be prepared it looks like a war zone in many areas. We need food, water and fuel. Baby formula, and baby bottles, nappies, blankets, camp stoves, (no electricity in many areas) Many people have not had a hot meal in days. Evacuation centres are running out of food. Thank you so much for doing this, so many places are not receiving help"

"Also needing animal crates, leads, collars, bowls, raised beds, pet mattresses, pet toys, kitty litter, food / cat & dog in sealed containers. towels, sheets, heat pads, etc to help both the pets and wildlife. This also includes a DESPERATE NEED FOR FUEL and Jerry cans to get around"

"I’m in lennox head near Ballina

Went up to Lismore yesterday there’s months worth of work to be done up there.

It’s crazy"

LISMORE township destroyed.!!! Not really because Australians will rally together. to restore her community....

It’s going to take a huge effort from everyone!

Brisbane and Gold Coast call out for volunteers

Attention. NORTHEN RIVERS, NSW REAL NEWS about the TRAGEDY happening in our shores folks!!

It's UP TO US TO GET THE WORD OUT. Please head to Bobby McGee page and copy paste her text and share with every influencer, politician, media outlet, community board. WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA and we support each other in times of need #NorthenRiversSOS #BundjalungCountry

What a massive day and thank you to those that donated to help these people. Today I helped Roy and Nanette, both in their 80’s and on their own as all their family is flooded in. We had a team of 5 and smashed it out ripping up carpets, shovelling mud out of their home and throwing out all their furniture. It was absolutely heartbreaking. But they were over the moon with help and wouldn’t stop bloody hugging me We will be back tomorrow to help finish off. So far today the donations went towards slabs of bottled water (as they are out in Mullum), shovels, cleaning equipment, endless loads of washing at the laundromat and their dinner. We also managed to get them some new beds, linen and towels which were donated. There are 1000’s people of people left stranded like this and they can’t even organise their insurance as they’ve been without phone/internet since Sunday. So if you can donate, please do as there is so much work to do and this is going to take awhile til everyone is sorted. Every dollar helps


Following by Sarah N

some images of local roads and bridges that have been completely washed away. They are key access points for our hinterland communities of Upper Main Arm and Upper Left Bank Road. Many were already cut off 4 days before the weather event so are potentially low on supplies. Most don’t have power or phone signal. Emergency services have been contacted but I thought it’s good to share so people understand.

Finally able to kick back after having a shower at a friends as we have no water. Bonus is I can access the internet! I met Mullumbimby in a very different this week and it touched my heart in immeasurable ways. It’s the strangest of feelings after 4 or 5 full on days. Today saw council staff back in on the ground, so many volunteers cleaning, systems in place to manage the various and many needs; people have stepped up in unbelievable ways. The people I was concerned about in the hills seem to be being attended to and I know the agencies are all communicating with each other and those in the know. Feeling surplus to need, at about 3pm I stepped back I went home to take stock of my own situation. I’m a bit burnt out, lots to process; so many stories and people realized I actually needed to clean out my own wet, now mouldy, garage of damp, dank stuff. I need to write down what I witnessed before it escapes me. Precious moments of extraordinary humanity, bravery and care. The confrontation of climate change and the new world we have to navigate. The systems that don’t work when they should and what arises in the vacuum. Yesterday I needed to go to Byron because I had to access phone reception, get cash out because the whole town is cash only, no phone lines, limited food and petrol etc. I felt like I’d walked out of a war zone into another planet. Everyone was wandering about, shopping, sitting at the pub, playing at the pool. It was another world. I realised how filthy and stinky I was, bit shaken, running on adrenaline and not enough sleep, but good and proud of our community for stepping up. If you can donate to the Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre, they have been providing support to so many on the smell of an oily rag. It’s far from over - it’s really just the beginning. It’s going to be a long journey for so very many but we’ll be okay. Thanks for all your support and assistance

For Mullum locals in need of assistance - Flood assistance notice: There’s food, clothes, bedding and a place to sleep if anyone needs it. Food is at the Mullumbimby District Neighbourhood Centre, Clothes and Bedding at the Mullumbimby Civic Hall and a room to sleep at the Mullumbimby E-Services Club. There are two support workers here from the Department of Community and Justice who can help you lodge applications for the financial assistance grants and help try and find some temporary accommodation. Please let people who are in need know. There are enough donations here for now.

by Sarah N, Northern NSW Region

Coraki resident says more assistance is needed in flood recovery

Coraki resident Isaac Stahl says the northern NSW town needs more resources to assist in its recovery from the flooding disaster

Listen to the interview and What Isaac has to say. video @ ABC News


WARNING! If you go to any of these flood areas take your tent or what ever you have as there is no accommodation. also food and essential needs.If you are able take extra food, medical supplies , basic needs for the victims and food for their animals. Best to contact the local communities and ask what their needs are before leaving.

Graham Hood with, Mel from Coraki.

Mel is a local Coraki resident, she explains what is happening in the local community how much of a struggle is going on and the desperation for help by the government for real resources on the ground to be put in place.,

It was easy for them to have the army go out for Covid V8x, this is a desperate and emergency situation, obviously the government is either incompetent or have another agenda.The government can’t help its own people but is willing to send millions overseas.

News reports continue on the ground from the flood affected areas

Satori Film · Following

4 March at 23:43 ·

Wow,  absolutely in shock about how severe the floods were. There are people  still cut off from the rest of us. Some, we visited today.  *DAY AFTER EDIT* In the video below I mention the military planning to  come evacuate and bring in supplies, I didn't see them and I saw a post  today saying they canceled (anybody know facts and/or their reason?).  After we left from where we dropped off all supplies we saw some police  officers entering the scene, they were about one hour behind us. They  had guns in their holsters and empty hands. Only back at Lilium Cafe I  saw one police offers carrying two buckets with supplies up the slippery  walk-around-the-landslide-section. This is just my eye witness report,  all I am interested as a film maker is to capture the love &  connection I witnessed.  INTRODUCTION: 4th of March: From 9.30am a big group of volunteers hiked up into  Wilsons Creek Valley into all different directions to drop off fuel,  food and household supplies. Our sub-group went all the way to Wanganui  and back down to town. I couldn't help myself but capture some stories  and impressions of our hike even though all I had was my phone.  We love the resilience of the community in this area! <3  Buckle up, friends, natural disasters are only going to get worse if   and the only people we seem to be able to rely on are our resilient  neighbours & friends, and gosh they're an awesome bunch 🤘  PS.: If you are local and would like to help with this situation, make  sure to check in at the civic hall in Mullumbimby first. There is a huge  amount of people ready to help, supplies and people in need but it  needs to be done efficiently. Everyone at the centre is doing a  fantastic job coordinating the chaos. You guys rock!  Don't just drive anywhere by yourself as traffic is a massive hold up  for workers rebuilding the roads and needs to be kept to an absolute  minimum

Many residents of flood-hit towns ‘don’t have homes to go back to

‘Flood Army’ member Luke Duncan says many residents of flood-affected towns like Coraki in northern New South Wales “don’t have homes to go back to” as the fallout from the recent flooding events in the region continues to unfold. “They’ve been sleeping with tarps coming off the sides of their vehicles … they’re lucky to have rice (to eat) if they have the water to boil it that they can spare,” he told Sky News Australia. “It’s been a lot of whatever they can scavenge for food really.”

Sky News Australia


If you wish to make a donation

This page has the bank details (BSB/Account No) for direct deposit to the MNDC:

Donate to the Mullumbimby & District Neighbourhood Centre

Mullumbimby & District Neighbourhood Centre Inc.

Commonwealth Bank

BSB: 062 578

A/C: 1034 1206 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Some handy measures and thoughts


Flood crisis live coverage:

BoM forecast, "we're not past the danger period yet".

An "army of yellow" SES volunteers are preparing to help with recovery operations right across the NSW North Coast.

More thunderstorms 'not good news' for eastern NSW

see live updates channel nine

Cleaning begins at St Carthage's Cathedral on Leycester Street in Lismore after severe flooding hit the town. (Elise Derwin)


There have been distressing scenes as Queensland and New South Wales are ravaged by catastrophic floods, with hundreds of rescues amid life-threatening situations.

Lives have been lost, tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and many thousands of homes and buildings have been severely damaged.

Here is how Australians watching the crisis unfold can contribute to the mammoth recovery effort that lies ahead, whether that be through donating money, items or labour.

The Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Society have set up appeals to gather donations to go towards flood recovery efforts in New South Wales and Queensland.

St Vincent de Paul Society, more commonly known as Vinnies, has established two separate appeals for recovery efforts in each state.

A reminder that The people have not forgotten that the funds donated for the Fires are still mostly not distributed to the people affected.

Donations to Vinnies' NSW Flood Appeal can be made here.

Donations to Vinnies' Queensland Flood Appeal can be made here.

The Salvation Army is taking donations for both states here, with the funds to be distributed to where they are most needed.

The organisation is hoping to raise $9 million for the cause and has vowed to donate a further $1 million itself.

see more @9NEWS


Bridge over troubled waters

The most extensive research on Geoengineering and Weather Modification experiments worldwide, with articles, maps, and timelines to fully expose the hidden world of Weather Control.

Geoengineering Will Kill People

SRM geoengineering: how to deal with the losers? Ken Caldeira’s Geoengineering Group

David Keith admits geoengineering SRM will kill many tens of thousands of people


ClimateViewer News

Double catastrophe: Intermittent stratospheric geoengineering induced by societal collapse

A global catastrophe scenario involving climate change, geoengineering, and a separate catastrophe (like major volcanic eruptions or world war).

Who’s Pushing Geoengineering?

Geoengineering SRM Sponsors & Authors

Another Finger In The Pie

Bill Gates-Funded Geoengineering Chemical Cloud on MSM


The Desperation on the northern Rivers situation

Convoy Roller Girl

Hey everyone, currently putting together a list of locations in northern NSW and south QLD that are collecting donations for us to be to share around for more awareness and also to know where we can drop off also. I feel that it’s currently priority to help out our fellow brothers and sisters who have been devastatingly affected by these floods, a group of us would like to get there as soon as we can to offer our assistance with the clean up and donations. I’ll create a group chat for now for those who would like to join us so we can organise and communicate between each other. If you are aware of any current drop off locations for donations please comment below. Hope everyone is staying safe, love and support to you all

Flood Watch for NSW Coastal Rivers from the Manning to the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley

Sydney's north-west have been warned of potential flooding from the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers

Flood warnings link

New South Wales Warnings Summary

see current warnings

How Sydney Will Be Targeted By Man Made Weather

Dan RichardsWeather Anomalies Australia

I feel like its a good time to share, In case anyone didn't know: 10 years after scientists create storm clouds in labs they stepped it up and tested them on people and countries.... in 1967. So how are we still finding people who deny the weaponization of geo-engineering still after more than 50 years?

Queensland insurers say 2022 flood disaster is worse than 2011

Almost 68,000 flood claims have been lodged, now valued at more than $1 billion. Insurers say this disaster is worse than 2011, and expect thousands more will need help.

Local are at breaking point, A disgusting act Looters strike South East Queensland homes hit by 2022 flood disaster

Thousands of Queenslanders join Brisbane's Mud Army 2.0 to help with flood disaster clean-up

The Brisbane City Council has put the call out for volunteers to join the Mud Army 2.0, and 5100 people have already signed up. All those helping hands will be needed to clean up from Queensland's flood disaster.

How high did the water get at Gympie QLD? High enough to wash a quad bike into powerlines.

Higgins Storm Chasing

Its safe to say that over the past 6 days, SEQLD & NENSW have seen unfathomable rainfall accumulations, with peak totals across the region equalling places like Darwin's annual average. Its been an exceptionally long time since totals like these have even been remotely hinted at, let alone actually observed. 
So this post is for the history books...
* Mount Glorious, QLD 1790mm
* Pomona, QLD 1562mm
* Doon Doon, NSW 1519mm
* Uki, NSW 1346mm
* Upper Springbrook, QLD 1334mm
* Upper Burringbar, NSW 1297mm
* Huonbrook, NSW 1297mm
* Goonengerry, NSW 1283mm
* Dunoon, NSW 1268mm
* Kunghur, NSW 1170mm
* Various suburbs across the Northern suburbs of Brisbane (most notably Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, Murrumba Downs, Lawnton, Clontarf, Eventon Hills, Aspley, Strathpine) 1150-1350mm
* Couchy Creek, NSW 1088mm
* Cooran, QLD 1083mm
* Various suburbs be across the Redcliffe Peninsula and into Caboolture and Deception Bay 1000-1100mm
In total: 48 locations recorded 1000mm or more, with Bray Park in Brisbane's North recording 999mm as well. 
Its been 22 years (2000) since a location in Australia recorded 700mm in a day (Bellenden Ker, NQLD 708mm on February 28 2000). In this event, 3 individual locations recorded more than 700mm in a day (remembering that data is from 9am to 9am, so many more would have done it from midnight to midnight in some instances). 
* Dunoon 775mm 9am Monday to 9am Tuesday - this also ranks as the 11th wettest day ALL-TIME for Australia based off available archived data.
* Mount Glorious 709mm 9am Saturday to 9am Sunday.
* Goonengerry 706mm 9am Monday to 9am Tuesday.
* Mount Glorious 1170mm (Saturday 9am to Monday 9am)
* Pomona 966mm (Friday 9am to Sunday 9am)
* Doon Doon 872mm (9am Sunday to 9am Tuesday)
* It needs to be noted too that large parts of North Brisbane saw 600-800mm in a 36-48hr period during Sunday into Monday afternoon due to repetitive emergency warned storms). 
6 of the top 10 wettest rainfall totals in NSW history for a single day, occurred on Monday (9am Monday to 9am Tuesday)
* Dunoon 775mm (Second overall)
* Goonengerry 706mm (Fourth overall)
* Doon Doon 698mm (Fifth overall)
* Huonbrook 662mm (Sixth overall)
* Repentance 592mm (Eighth overall)
* Uki 575mm (Ninth overall)
- Further heavy falls at The Channon, Palmers Road, Ewing Bridge Corndale, Nimbin, Upper Barringbar may have also pushed into the top 20 overall. 
Numerous daily records were shattered but the two main ones were Gatton 307mm (never recorded more than 200mm in a day at the UQ site, and this 307mm followed 100-200mm across the Lockyer Valley in the few hours up until 9am) and Lismore with 467mm and this included the rain gauge being rendered offline for several hours, so the overall total may have easily exceeded 550-600mm given the other totals nearby. 
This rainfall is simply unfathomable for these areas of the country. Yes the Tropics have seen these falls over the same period of time, and some areas have seen double... but these areas aren't the tropics. Most areas saw around 80% of their annual rainfall fall in a 3-4 day period, with peak totals exceeding yearly accumulations by quite a margin.
NOTE: Data is supplied by the Bureau of Meteorology official gauges - localised rainfall totals from private weather stations and home weather stations may exceed these totals.

Weather Modification in Queensland, Australia 2011

This presentation was given during the 18th Conference on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification in 2011 by Sarah Tessendorf. She's discussing the influence of hygroscopic flare seeding on droplet spectra in southeast Queensland.

NSW The Entrance Channel.

117tS8u72u6fo0h870t · The Entrance ·

Started late morning and still going. Trying to widen The Entrance channel as a precaution to improve water flow before predicted extreme ocean conditions tomorrow. If weather allows I'll take a few aerial shots tomorrow. LoVe The Entrance Tuggerah Lakes 360 Central Coast Australia #ABCCentralCoast #abcmyphoto #LoveCentralCoast Central Coast Council Central Coast Community Page

Call to Action ADF

An Open letter~

To His Excellency, General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), and:

Her Excellency Mrs Linda Hurley, and: the Honourable Scott Morrison,

This is a call to action ADF assets and resources, to assist civilians in danger within Northern New South Wales.

It has been bought to my attention, that many civilians, endangered by flood waters in Northern New South Wales, are being left in harms way, where Australian Defence Force Personnel are able to assist with rescue equipped Choppers and Boats.

Whilst there a reports of a few rescues being done, there is a NECESSITY to send more ADF teams with rescue training, Helicopters and othe required equipment.

Why is it, the ADF can be deployed at an hours notice, to assist with foreign disasters and rescue... yet when Australian National Civilians require assistance, there is little to no response?

Do we want to see a repeat of the lack of response by ADF, at Grantham Queensland during the December 2010 to January 2011 inland Tsunami and floods, where ADF personnel were ready and waiting on the tarmac, for permission to go and rescue civilians, but were order to stand still for at least half a day or more?

I think not!

Time to action a sufficient response, is now.

With regards

Martin St.John

Commonwealth Public Official,

duly appointed, sworn and notarised.



Newcastle NSW. Woolstores fire



Chris Kenny calls out 'deceptive and dishonest' left-media on vaccine message

Senator Alex Antic

4 March at 19:20 ·

Sky News - Kenny Report

24 hours after SA Health finally disclose to us that they had no medical evidence to support vaccine mandates some of the mandates are being dropped! Police are finally free of this disgraceful direction. More to come. I won’t rest until they are all consigned to the dustbin of history. Watch as I discuss the floundering mandate agenda with Chris Kenny on Sky News Australia

see video interview here facebook link

or here


Weapons of Mass Coercion

The Hidden Use of Energy Weapons, HAARP,

and Chemtrails for Political Control

Byron Belitsos

Download PDF • 631KB


Download PDF • 4.22MB


What was a conspiracy theory is unfortunately reality

Stations for the EMF Frequencies, Port Headland, Moree, Marburg, Newcastle.

Weather modification, geoengineering and chemtrails ALL a conspiracy theory ??? I’ll just leave these links here for you... Rain making control Act ; Australian Companies manipulating the weather ;

TRILLIONS for Global Weather Modification GeoEngeneering Chemtrails Aerosol Crimes!

Breaking News

Secret Nasa Document Says All Humans Must Be Killed Now


I shared this information on my website a few years ago



Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars document

Download PDF • 778KB

Iron Mountain Video This is an actual NASA document retrieved from NASA's website created July 2001 (PRE-9-11) that outlines how War HAS BEEN DECLARED AGAINST HUMANITY! Bare in mind the videos which clearly show NASA's Name ON MORGELLONS Samples!

The video that started it all - written about in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and the subject of an episode of DATELINE NBC. This is a 2:40-hour documentary investigating the little-known IRON MOUNTAIN REPORT, leaked to the press in 1967. Purports to be a top-secret government plan to bring in the New World Order and the ultimate plans for American citizens. Declared a hoax, it was later verified by a top Pentagon official as real. The agenda is being carried out right under the noses of the American people. UFOs play a major role in the Iron Mountain NWO. It is all about people control via deception and manipulation. Deep into eugenics, birth control and hideous plans for a tyrannical slave state. It is all coming true after OKC and 9-11 with the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and the military police operating in America. Airports first, railroads, then highways and finally a complete LOCKDOWN under the pretense of national security. A MUST SEE video.

source Iron Mountain - Blueprint for Tyranny

By WarriorOfGod Stewart Best is spot on with everything he studies and produces. Its amazing how much information he can put out in his documentaries. I have learned more from him than anyone else. He studies everything from salvation doctrine to UFO's. His websites are and

Best's Intel Update For 2-28-2022 - This & That But Mostly Something Else...

Future Warfare


More on Geo Engineering

Australia gives Murdoch $10m for Chemtrails haarp geo engineering qld floods nwo


Turnbulls, $10 million grant given to a company to fund an investigation into an untried Russian

technology that aims to trigger rainfall in the atmosphere a local company has been criticised by

water experts.



• KERRY O'BRIEN: Few MPs would have worked harder to defend their seats at this election

than Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull, whose blue ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth is

under siege not just from Labor but a range of environmental activists mostly coalescing around

the Greens. But in the second week of the campaign, Mr Turnbull found the time to announce

that the Government, already in caretaker mode, would bankroll to the tune of $10 million the

investigation of an untried Russian technology that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere,

even when there are no clouds. It's a decision that raised the eyebrows of water experts around

the country. Mr Turnbull's office says there's no breach of caretaker protocol because the

project was actually approved before the election was announced. It's described as "rainfall

enhancement technology" and is said to electro-charge the atmosphere to milk unseen moisture

from the skies.

Greg Hoy reports.

Download PDF • 48KB

Malcolm Turnbull’s rap sheet. $10 million fraud & theft, branch stacking & his slush fund

The fraud and theft

Matt Handbury was one of the donors to Mr Turnbull’s Wentworth Forum.

Before the 2007 election and two weeks after the election was called Malcolm Turnbull announced that the government would spend $11 million funding a trial of rainfall technology. The company in question was Australian Rain Corporation which was then part owned by Matt Handbury.

It says on Mr Turnbull’s Wikipedia profile “During the 2007 election campaign, Turnbull announced that the then Government would contribute $10 million to the investigation of an untried Russian technology that aims to trigger rainfall from the atmosphere, even when there are no clouds. Literature suggests that the technology is based on bogus science. The Australian Rain Corporation presented research documents written in Russian, explained by a Russian researcher who spoke to local experts in Russian.” MUST READ (Click here to read the full article)

Turnbull's rain adventure: $11m spent on pseudoscience

by Mike B             
The Australia Rain Technology is/was ran by a Nephew of Murdoch. Given money by Turnbull when he was PM. It is a system that was tested in Omar which uses an antenna to statically charge particles which then float up into the atmosphere, bind to moisture which becomes heavy, then rains back down. On 21/8/2018 when the 5000km x 2000km cloudless square rectangle appeared over Australia (see for this date), Peter Dutton challenged Turnbull for the Liberal leadership only just missing out to Morrison. The Australian Rain Tech company cannot manipulate cloud formation, just create rain using particles.

Bernard King, TV chef aka Malcolm Turnbull climate change conman

do your own research

From discussing "supplying children" for charity to his law practice with Neville Wran aka singer and actor Tom Burlinson "the man from Snowy river" as in the Snowy hydro project, Malcolm Turnbull has continued to push the climate change lie.

Links also to the Netherlands royals, the Clintons and the Podestas.

Same hands, same ears and the link to falsely claimed natural disasters, such as the 1974 Queensland flood and the 1989 Newcastle earthquake to perpetuate the deadly standover racket called "climate change".

For parents in particular, please check and please share, thank you.

HA.A.R.P. in Australia

H.A,A.R,P -Australia After Olga

The most extensive research on Geoengineering and Weather Modification experiments worldwide, with articles, maps, and timelines to fully expose the hidden world of Weather Control

Geoengineering and Weather Modification facts BH

In this presentation, I will present evidence of direct man made weather modification and

geoengineering on a massive scale. In the last 30 years, global elites have been

manufacturing the perfect storm to control the weather, mostly through the use of the

world’s military installations. They now have tremendous capabilities, and anyone who wants

to research the subject simply needs to do some digging and look into the patents that are

listed for weather modification, and there are thousands.

In this presentation I will try to be brief, but the main part is

Geoengineering and Weather Modification facts BH
Download PDF • 10.51MB


Aussies Please See Below… Microwave pulses (rings appearing now near Brewarrina and South) to create or boost storm cells.

This is being done in a remote location so we wouldn’t notice it happening…credit goes to a special scientist friend of ours.


BREAKING NEWS: Tasmania suffer state wide internet and phone outages.

Reports are emerging that the two main cables to Tasmania have been cut. More to come........

Talida J...s

There was a very loud bang in Burnie and we lost power for around a minute. Then the net and some phone services were down most of the day. My suspicion is either a major accident or the fact that the cables don’t get maintained properly (been an issue talked about for a while now) paired with the storms, winds, severe weather we are currently experiencing.

Pauline Hanson's Please Explain

MEDIA RELEASE | Skills Shortage More Urgent After Flood Disaster
Rebuilding after the devastating floods in Queensland and New South Wales will be hampered by the critical shortage of skilled tradespeople in Australia.
Tradespeople made up at least a third of the skilled worker shortage in Queensland, highlighting the need for more apprenticeships for young Australians.
Not everyone wants to go to university. Apprenticeships offer a rewarding career path for Australians who aren’t academically inclined. They don’t need to complete high school – they could be in the workforce right now learning a trade and gaining the skills Australia desperately needs.
 Our policy is to boost numbers of home-grown tradespeople by expanding the national apprenticeship scheme in which apprentices receive a 75% wage subsidy in their first year, 50% in the second year and 25% in the third. First and foremost, we support permanent and secure jobs for Australians.
I've put out multiple media releases in the last few days but the media rarely if ever report on or use them. 
The media cannot be trusted to report the vast majority of the positive things I or One Nation do, I'll always try and get them up on my social media platforms so those who are interested can stay informed.
As the election gets closer please make sure you are following my social media pages and the One Nation website because the media cannot be relied upon to give you the full story.


For the poor Australians who's homes are floating away or will be uninhabitable -

I guess the government will implement their smart city grid unless your going to quarantine camps

The first stage in New South Wales involves up to three new CLARA Smart Cities in between Sydney and Canberra connected by a world-class High-Speed Rail.

Australian Bushfires: A Smart City Conspiracy?



Interview with Journalist, Daniel Bordman, a Canadian. Cafe Locked out

Michael interviews Daniel, an independent journalist in Canada on the rise of Authoritarianism in Canada and the concerning parallels between Australia and Canada. "I was just your average kid who thought math was fun and politics interesting. I started to do stand up comedy when I was 20 and quickly realized that there were massive problems in Western society pertaining to free speech and civil liberties. After a comedian, Mike Ward, was fined $42,000 by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunals (poorly named I know) I decided to leave comedy and enter into the world of news and politics." ~Daniel

Technical Paper: Bill C-36, Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act

This paper provides an overview of the Supreme Court of Canada’s findings in its December 20, 2013 Bedford decision and explains the basis for the Government’s legislative response: Bill C-36, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act, which received Royal Assent on November 6, 2014 (S.C. 2014, c.25).

WHO, supported by Health Minister Greg Hunt wants to trash whats left of our Commonwealth Constitution

by Alison Ryan

Published February 20, 2022

The WHO wants countries to sign a new COVID-19 treaty in about two months time.

This treaty would have the “WHO Constitution” take precedence over a country’s constitution during natural disasters or pandemics.

This would allow them to make their “guidelines” mandatory to the public of all countries who sign.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the second highest donor to the WHO, after the US government.

We know how this would end.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger worked for the WHO for twenty years. She says that every country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO, saying that their people DO NOT accept a signature of their Minister of Health. In our case Greg Hunt.

read more@ CairnsNews



Cafe Locked Out

Christian Mack Reclaim the Line. The Pfizer Data Dump & the freedom Movement

A NSW's soldier of the Australian Freedom Movement, Mack comes on to talk about the future of our struggle and his reactions to the remarkable Data dump by Pfizer, and more.

Report Prepared by:

Worldwide Safety




Download PDF • 1.01MB



liberals Pork Barrelling

Controversial car parks in Josh Frydenberg electorate have been dumped after public pressure. Andrew Probyn reports.

Car parks funded through scheme that favoured Liberal seats scrapped


WA Labor Premier McGowan being managed by Jesuits


Lets look at some current examples of Jesuit involvement in political crimes. Several months before Mark McGowan became Premier of Western Australia, two persons were at a restaurant in Perth. McGowan and another man were dining at a adjoining table.

One of these knew McGowan and went to his table. The other man, an Italian was introduced to him as the man who was going to make him Premier. After some polite conversation, it transpired that this man was McGowan’s media and policy adviser.

This person eventually gave out his business card.

On it were two addresses. One in Perth and one in Rome. After looking at it one of these men commented that address was actually in Vatican city. McGowan’s Italian advisor agreed.

On being asked by one person what function did he carry out there he answered that he was a journalist and also a member of the Order of Jesuits.

McGowan became Premier and shortly after the Catholic church had a huge payout to make to the victims of their paedophile priests.

McGowan unlawfully sold off West Australia’s titles office in 2019 for hundreds of millions and used this money to pay for the Catholic Church’s settlement to its child abuse victims. Public money to pay the private debt.

Liberal Party members and many citizens went to their party heads who just all happened to be masons. They were told to drop it. Nothing was done. No connection eh Joe?

About 3 months after McGowan’s election, he called a meeting of all CEO’s from shire councils.

It was held at a northern suburb venue. No press allowed. All CEO’s were lodge men. They were warned to secrecy about the meeting agenda.

They were told that they must support the implementation of the infamous Agenda 21 of the UN as the State Government demanded. They all agreed. Except one has spilled the beans.

This Agenda 21 is included in the Popes Paris Accords on “climate action”. Another depopulation scam especially targeted at Protestant countries of the West. No connection eh Joe?

Corporate fascism has been the business model for the Vatican ever since it put Mussolini and Hitler into power. Nothing changed.

Again after the last WA election, the remaining two

read more here@

lindesymonds 				| 				 				January 28, 2022 at 9:13 am
All the NWOrderlies promote Noahide Law.  And it has been / is  being legislated in all Western nations. This will be the code for the  world soviet and its real new world order which will be built by the  Communist East subsequent to the destruction of the West:  ordo ab chao.
Noahide Law is being covertly introduced into the Australian  Parliament for discussion.  This is Big Agenda and completely obscure to  most Australians because , as a nation, we tend to be religiously  indifferent except when it comes to a general hostility to the Catholic  Church. This has always intrigued me since it was the Protestant  Succession and its ownership by the Jews of the The Corporation of the  City of London that transported the Irish, English, Scottish people who  did not surrender in the War of the Succession 1688 – 1746  to the penal  colonies of the Empire of the Clty. 
The Take Away Here is: Noahide Law is before the Australian Parliament.
Catholics recognize several anti-papacies in the history of the  Church.  We don’t believe that the hierarchy has been network of paedos /  sodoms and a crime syndicate  for two millennia, but since the Book of  Jude the Church has to contend with infiltration, capture, subversion by  the organised forces of Anti-Christ.  And the high offices have indeed  been subjects of contention and debate – this has gone back and forth.   And there have been historically recognized anti-papacies before the  capture of the hierarchy by the Revolution  at the Vatican Council II.  I  am sure we will continue to ‘chew the fat’ in the  historical debates  pro and contra:: ‘it was ever thus’.  
As Australians be very clear that on our timeline – since the Vatican  II Council, the Catholic Church has been on a path of reconciliation  with the Synagogue.  And the foundations of this course were laid in the  document: Nostra Aetate.  The hierarchy of the Catholic Church was  captured by ecclesiastical Masonry of the Fourth ComIntern at the  Vatican II Council. The Church is an order and through the subversion of  that order (from the top), the organisation/s of the Church have been  instrumentalised for the Revolution and its NWO. At the centre of the  Revolutionary effort within the Church is an Agenda to change the faith  of the Church, the faith of what it always and everywhere  has taught  (the universal magisterium). The Agenda is to re-configure the faith to  the Talmud.  This type of change must come ‘from the top’ , from the  highest offices. And they have been busy, busy, busy with the Revolution  in the Church. 
In exactly the same way as the government of the Commonwealth of  Australia has been captured and all branches of government  instrumentalised.  The Australians naturally want our country back.  We  want to see the state returned to its 1901 foundation in Westminster.  But the legitimate sovereignty of this nation was seized by smart Masons  in the know and its people pledged to the NEIO that was afoot through  the activities of the Communist Deep State in the ZOG West nations and  of course in ZOG East.
In the 21st century, the Papal Commission for Religious Relations  with the Jews and the Chief Rabbinate of ‘Israel’ made an agreement.   They are accepting the Talmudic and Freemasonic ‘Noahide Laws’.    Article 1 of the Noahide forbids the worship of Jesus Christ – a Noahide  crime which attracts the death penalty.
This is why in his photo ops, Acting Pope (2IC) Francis covers the cross and bows to the Jews. 
The Jesuit Pontifical Gregorian University at Rome promotes (through  study) the “consideration of the Noahide Laws as a means of  reconciliation between Christianity and Judaism.  The level of  acceptance here  is worthy of the title: JudeoXtian.
The Noahide Law is to be the universal code for the real new world  order.  It is Talmudic, Freemasonic and against the teaching of what the  Catholic Church has always and everywhere taught in the universal,  constant magisterium , namely official documents . Whether you believe  them to be fabrications or PR or not, they are historical documents,  published and quoted for decades.  And they oppose the Synagogue,  Freemasonry and the Communist Revolution.

Alison 				| 				 				January 28, 2022 at 4:25 pm
Author Edward Hendrie has written a book “Tracking the Beast from  the Synagogue to the Vatican. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great”  showing evidence that leads to the ineluctable conclusion that the RCC  was established by crypto-Jews as a false “Christrian” front for a  Judaic/Babylonian religion as documented in his book. In effect, the RCC  is a Jewish church for Gentiles. 
Since ICLCJ has so espoused a ‘cleansing’ in Canada and  internationally of crimes against humanity, committed by churches  including RCC, it is not consistent that Kevin Annett would then espouse  rebuilding on any Judaic base; The Talmud’s Noahide laws are Seven  commandments which, according to Jewish tradition, are incumbent upon  all of humankind.
 The Talmud is the oral law of the Jews. Don’t we know that politicians  in Australia are pro-Israel promoting its propaganda? Christians  organisations and churches also promote Zionism so beware and be  discerning. There is a new covenant set in place now after the  resurrection of Jesus and the grace of God is revealed and preached  forth in the gospel of salvation unto all people throughout the world.  It is the saving gospel what saves and changes a man/woman from the  inside out.

crisscross767 				| 				 				January 29, 2022 at 8:38 am
@ Alison
3. When the time comes finally to destroy the papal court the finger  of an invisible hand will point the nations towards this court. When,  however, the nations fling themselves upon it, we shall come forward in  the guise of its defenders as if to save excessive bloodshed. By this  diversion we shall penetrate to its very bowels and be sure we shall  never come out again until we have gnawed through the entire strength of  this place.
5. But, IN THE MEANTIME, while we are re-educating youth in new  traditional religions and afterwards in ours, WE SHALL NOT OVERTLY LAY A  FINGER ON EXISTING CHURCHES, BUT WE SHALL FIGHT AGAINST THEM BY  CRITICISM CALCULATED TO PRODUCE SCHISM ….
Pope Francis is a secret Jew (crypto-Jew): More Catholics are REJECTING Catholicism 
One of my readers wrote these fascinating comments. This is excellent  stuff. I am delighted to see Catholics even calling Pope Francis a  heretic – which he is. I actually did a video wherein I explained  reasons why I believe he is a crypto Jew. His best friend, by the way,  was a Jewish Rabbi and he’s said things like: Inside each Christian is a  JEW waiting to get out. Vatican2 is a total shambles. It even removes  the blame from the Jews for killing Christ. The whole thing is such a  Jewish scam. Also, the Catholic Church is totally anti-white and has  hundreds of millions of black supporters. That church no longer belongs  to whites. Jan]
My reader wrote:
I am convinced that the man who claims to be Pope Francis is a jew.  He is neither a Christian or Catholic. More and more Catholics are  rejecting the jew subverted Vatican and going to sedevacantist Catholic  churches or not going to church at all. Even most of the Latin Mass  Churches claim that even though Jorge Bergoglio (“Pope Francis”) is a  heretic, he is still the Pope. That leaves most Catholics with no church  to attend.
“Pope” Francis included in List of Most Important American Jews 2013
Pope Francis saw a Jewish psychoanalyst to ‘clarify some things’
POPE Francis has revealed that when he was 42 he had sessions weekly  with a psychoanalyst to “clarify some things.” 42 in Kabbalah is the  number of God.
AP and staff writers 
News Corp Australia NetworkSeptember 2, 20171:51am
9. Only the king and the three who stood sponsor for him will know what is coming.
10. In the person of the king who with unbending will is master of  himself and of humanity all will discern as it were fate with its  mysterious ways. None will know what the king wishes to attain by his  dispositions, and therefore none will dare to stand across an unknown  path.
11. It is understood that the brain reservoir of the king must  correspond in capacity to the plan of government it has to contain. It  is for this reason that he will ascend the throne not otherwise than  after examination of his mind by the aforesaid learned elders.



Augusto Zimmermann

I am delighted to announce the publication of: DECONSTRUCTING SCOMO - CRITICAL REFLECTIONS ON AUSTRALIA’S 30TH PRIME MINISTER By Rocco Loiacono PhD (UWA) & Augusto Zimmermann PhD (Monash) Preface by James Allan – Garrick Professor of Law, University of Queensland. In this book, the authors highlight the Prime Minister’s abject failure to stand up for conservative values; namely, his abandonment of the principles of smaller government, economic reform, free speech and individual liberty. This book is a must read as Australians head to the polls in 2022. “The authors have made a strong case worth reading. In these non-normal times I think our Prime Minister has been judged and found wanting. So do the authors of this book.” – Professor James Allan - Garrick Professor of Law, University of Queensland ROCCO LOIACONO Rocco is a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University Law School. Rocco contributes regularly on matters concerning politics, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law in The Spectator Australia, Quadrant Online, The Epoch Times and The Australian, as well as in The Western Australian Jurist. AUGUSTO ZIMMERMANN Augusto is a Professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education in Perth, Western Australia. He is also Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney Campus), the Founder and President of the Western Australian Legal Theory Association, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Western Australian Jurist, an Elected Fellow at the International Academy for the Study of the Jurisprudence of the Family, and a former Law Reform Commissioner with the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia (2012-2017). He is the author/co-author/editor/co-editor of numerous academic articles and books on fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. To order your copy, click at


The Caledonian Hotel in the Hunter Valley of Singleton, NSW hangs out the Red Duster and becomes the Freedom Pub of Australia – defying the mandates, breaking the CoVID Caste System and copping the fines.



Q And A On Australian TV About The Russia/Ukraine Situation A young man of Russian heritage is heckled by everyone while asking his question, then ejected from the show by the host! @JustDudeChannel

Ukrainian Woman Interviewed on French News Station reveals on the ground information not aligning with French interviewers puppet masters spin-doctoring script

INSPIRED channel

Kristin & Jean Nolan, the founders of the Inspired Channel

This is an excerpt of Max Igan's most recent report on the current events in Ukraine & what's behind all of this. ▹ Watch the full report here 👉🏽

NEW Max Igan Interview 11/21 | Rising Consciousness, 2 Paths For Humanity & What To Prepare For

When Revolution Rises Give Them War







The Corporation

byMark Achbar

"...that the business corporation organizational model is legally a person, it has become a dominant economic, political and social force around the globe. This film takes an in-depth psychological examination of the organization model through various case studies. What the study illustrates is that in its behaviour, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience. Furthermore, we see the profound threat this psychopath has for our world and our future, but also how the people with courage, intelligence and determination can do to stop it." ( Link:



⚡️Why Did Putin Leave Ukrainian Internet up? 82nd Airborne Soldier Answer...

Brendon O'Connell III

Johnny The Paratrooper, eight years 82nd Airborne answers why Russia left up Ukrainian telecommunications.



27 Feb 2022


US embassy just REMOVED all their Ukraine BIOWEAPON LAB DOCUMENTS from the website… Here they are…

These labs are co-run by Fauci’s EcoHealth Alliance and rumor is Russia’s entire military operation right now is unofficially to either secure and/or destroy these labs and gather evidence.

go here for all archived files


Great Reads

Population control: The next conspiracy theory to become a reality?


Opposition jailed for treason:

Three media outlets shut down:

Corruption is widespread in Ukrainian society. In 2012 Ernst & Young put Ukraine among the three most-corrupt nations of the world—alongside Colombia and Brazil. In 2015 The Guardian called Ukraine "the most corrupt nation in Europe". According to a poll conducted by Ernst & Young in 2017, experts considered Ukraine to be the ninth-most corrupt nation in the world.

Russia China BRICS - NATO - NWO

How and why the U.S. Government Perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine

Incontrovertible proofs will be presented here not only that it was a coup, but that this coup was organized by the U.S. Government —

LOL!This dude is too scared to be even near his own officials but he's talking about nuclear world war...

“The secret of the Perestroika Deception is the permanent Revolution” Anatoliy Golitsyn The Perestroika Deception 1992


Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem – Ep. 782 – You’re The Terrorist

Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie speak on the parallels between the covid passports and the Chinese social credit system, the lockdowns in Australia and the feasibility of that happening in this country. Dave then reacts to Tulsi Gabbard and her recent warmongering on the news, and finally we look at Joy Reid’s recent piece about missing white girl syndrome.

listen to mp3 @ link

Many Viral TikTok Videos of Ukraine War Are Fake

There are actual videos of the war, but everyone needs to be skeptical and ask for sources.


U.S., Britain, Australia sign AUKUS information-sharing ...

KYODO NEWS - Nov 22, 2021 - 21:37 | World, All. Australia on Monday signed an agreement with the United States and Britain formalizing access to classified nuclear submarine information under their so-called AUKUS security partnership. The Exchange of Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information Agreement is the first embodiment of the three-way ...

The US, UK and Australia are setting up a trilateral security partnership aimed at confronting China, which will include helping Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines.

The initiative, called Aukus, was announced jointly by US president Joe Biden and prime ministers Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison

The project will make Australia only the seventh country in the world to have submarines propelled by nuclear reactors.


Exclusive: Interview from behind bars with Pastor Artur Pawlowski


Reiner Fullmiich

#covid #nuremberg #tribunal

Grand Jury - Opening Statements (Day 1 - Full)

Feb/05/2022 Day 1: Opening Statements Contents:

00:10 Introduction by Viviane Fischer (Attorney at Law; Germany)

01:50 Opening Statement by Ana Garner (Attorney at Law; USA)

06:40 Opening Statement by Dr. Rui da Fonseca e Castro (Judge; Portugal)

Grand Jury - Historical Background (Day 2 - Part 1/2)