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You Must Put Faith First and Follow The path Of Truth. or Your Free To Go But You Can Never Leave

who do you trust?

"when society seeks to punish individuals - Freedom is the first thing they take away"


Ukraine Updates ~ see videos down below


Only Aussie style brand of humour in the face of realism

Trailer: The Three Former Doctors. A Café Locked Out Special.

In Colac a Doctor started offering anyone who turned up, medical exemptions. Within days his isolated surgery became besieged by desperate people. And then the police came. Why did he do it? Now that Doctor is ready to talk, but instead of us interviewing him alone, we decided to bring two other Doctors who had challenged the system, along. The Three Former Doctors. A Café Locked Out Special. Live streamed here tonight at 8pm.

Then moving to Rumble.

Riccardo Bosi - recent Important speech in Canberra

Riccardo Bosi on whats in the V8x

The wicked Dr Chant’s signed off document

DearChief ExecutiveOur ref: H19/54139-1

Testing for HIV in Emergency Departments

It is important that all patients who present to Emergency Departments (ED) with afever of

unknown originor undiagnosed viral illness are tested for HIV, irrespective of the presence of

HIV risk factors.

Making HIV testing simpler

ED clinicians have identified barriers to testing for HIV, including concerns about how to

manage HIV results and now outdated requirements to obtain written informed consent for


These barriers to HIV testing in patients where it is clinically indicated have been removed


. special consent is required before ordering HIV testing.

. ED staff can rely on the HIV Support Program to co-ordinate patient follow up.

Sexual health services follow up all positive HIV test results

Download PDF • 322KB

sharing this information if you are going to Canberra and looking for Campgrounds and accommodation:

Disclaimer: These are a list of campgrounds and accommodation that we know of that can help people find somewhere to stay until we have the official camp going.

•  Queanbeyan Riverside Caravan Park – 41 Morisset Street, Queanbeyan NSW 2620 (19 mins drive)
•  Southside Village Caravan Park Canberra – 250 Canberra Avenue (car Canberra Avenue & Monaro Highway) Symonston ACT 2609 (13 mins drive)
•  Alivio Tourist Park – 20 Kunzea Street, Canberra 2602 (12 mins)
•  Mystery Bay Campground – 190 Mystery Bay Road, Mystery Bay NSW 2546 (3hrs 3mins Drive)
•  Cooma Showground – Boundary Street, Cooma 2630 (1hr 26 mins drive)
•  Yass Showground – 27 Grand Junction Road, Yass NSW 2582 (51 minutes)
•  Joe o’connor Park (Free designated area for self-contained Caravans and RVSif you have everything you need on board your welcome to stay”)12 Laidlaw Street, Yass NSW 2582 (56 mins drive)
•  Wee Jasper Reserves – 5 Nottingham Road,  Wee Jasper NSW 2582 (1hr 24 mins drive) 
•  Shoalhaven River Crossing - Warri Reserve Campground (200 campers max) - Warri Bridge, Lambert NSW 2622 (59 mins drive)
•  Nimmitabel Campground – LOT 2 Boyd Street Nimmitabel NSW 2631 (1hr 44 mins dive)
•  Honeysuckle Creek Camp – 244 Apollo Road, Tennent ACT 2620 (51 mins drive)
•  Bungendore Showground – 71 Mathews Lane, NSW 2621 (37 mins drive)
•  Braidwood Showground – Kings Highway, Braidwood NSW 2622 (1hr 15 mins drive) 
•  Murrumbateman Showground – Barton Highway. Murrumbateman NSW 2582 (33 mins drive)
•  Woods Reserve – Corin Road, Paddys River ACT 2620 (42 mins drive)
•The Jugiong Showground Memorial Park (Free) - Old Hume Highway, Jugiong NSW 2726


Truckers Convoy with Hundreds of Truckers Has Left California for Washington,DC #california#washington#canada#freedom

You are Winning. Urgent Message. #TruckersProtest #VaccineMandates #freedomconvoy #canadiantruckers

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" With your support as Patrons, the Federal-Postal-Court will be able to put these people in Prison. As you can see your help has a great deal of Power and Effectiveness, never underestimate your ability to further the cause.

The Following Secrets Will Change Your World Forever: Mark-kishon: Christopher.

Mark Christopher

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Click Here to fill out this Form for Canadian People, which at the end will give you access to this Training via Zoom Link. Training on Thursday 24th February 2022, 1PM UK Time: Click Here to fill out this Form for the People of Rest of the World, which at the end will give you access to this Training via Zoom Link. Training on Thursday 24th February 2022, 9PM UK Time: [" With your support as Patrons, the Federal-Postal-Court will be able to put these people in Prison. As you can see your help has a great deal of Power and Effectiveness, never underestimate your ability to further the cause. [" Use this Link to send your support via BTC Wallet Transfer: 1MThZpvXNkKCjVDBV5QPEXLvQfiH8RxRvr "] [" For more details & resources visit: "]

Life changing message:

Take back your Credit. Mortgages & Debts has ended. It's never too late. Why is it hidden from you?

Modern Money Mechanics

Zeitgeist on Modern Money Mechanics

Zeitgeist 2 - Addendum (Full Movie)


GREAT RESET? Black- White- Asian- Hispanic WE IN TROUBLE! WARNING ⚠️



In other words, this is financial fraud of immense proportions where "money" is counterfeited, then given to us as lawful money which we are asked to pay our debt with... on top of which we are also charged interest, adding every minute to the national debt, and wealth into the pockets of wealthy bankers and families... all through constructive fraud.(1) "The Federal Reserve Bank,"by H.S. Kenan, published by The Noontide Press(2) National Committee to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act, P.O. Box 156, Westmont, IL 60559(3) "The New World Order, Saving America,"P.O. Box 1205, Middleburg, FL 32050-1205(4) "The Most Secret Science,"Betsy Ross Press, P.O. Box 986, Ft. Collins, CO 80522 (Book) States attempt to abolish the FED.(5) $16 trillion in government and private debt, much of which the FED printed and collected interest on(6) "En Route to Global Occupation" by Gary H. Kah(7) "Repeal the Federal Reserve Banks" by Rev. Casimir Frank Gierut.On May 23, 1933, Congressman, Louis T. McFadden, brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank system, The Comptroller of the Currency and the Secretary of United States Treasury for numerous criminal acts, including but not limited to, conspiracy, fraud, unlawful conversion, and treason. The petition for Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee and has yet to be acted on.Excerpt of speech:

Assets from Ed Falcone, an American citizen,

These parties are not going to steal assets from Ed Falcone, an American citizen, and get away with it. A catalogue of evidence has been collated encompassing RICO, Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, Money Laundering, Theft, misuse of Agency powers and the systematic failure and collusion of the FBI and other Government Agencies to investigate and arrest the parties involved with the theft of Mr. Falcone’s settlement funds. Mr. Falcone has been interviewing high level Criminal Attorneys to add to his legal team, who will be filing personal criminal charges against Bush(s), Mitt Romney, Michael Herzog, Paul Guenette , Joseph Ackermann, Alan Greenspan and others. In conjunction with anticipated Congressional hearings, criminal charges will also be filed against all of Bush Sr’s Team who changed and modified bank records to help cover up Falcone’s stolen funds. The scale, dynamic and Global economic implications of this sordid affair are of such significance it is now being tracked by multiple Enforcement Agencies, media sources and key Intel Agencies. _____________ Here is more. The story that I released to you on Monday is getting more attention. I can summarize the drama for you this way. Tropos, an American company. The elders who reside in Taiwan had accumulated great private wealth over the past several decades and collectively they decided that this money, denominated in USA dollars(, 700 billion dollars), was to have the Chinese people as the beneficial owners. Also there was great progress in starting the unification of Taiwan with Mainland China. The elders decided to send the money through a trustee, Mr Hryniak to Tropos at the account at Wachovia. Many large sums of money of this sort must travel through an ACAT which is an electronic transfer of funds. The BIS, as central bank to all central banks provides the Clearing Payment and Settlement Systems that assists in the clearing of the funds as the sole Transfer Trustee. In this case, it seems that the USA Federal Reserve kept the funds for themselves and called upon its ally, the BIS to state that the BIS function is not clearing but only of supervision. There have been many lawyers on both sides of the border that have seen and verified that the ACAT was true and real. The BIS and the Federal Reserve have had their lawyers call the Tropos lawyers but the Fed and BIS lawyers refuse to put in print what they discussed on the phone. You will see in one of the correspondence, a file number has been instituted by the American authorities. The November 2nd letter to the BIS official, Corunna, is very interesting. The letter to Obama in June 2010 describes in detail, the ACAT from Taiwan to NY and how the proceeds have been kept for their own use instead of the beneficiary's. The above letters were widely distributed to members of the G20 during their last meeting. Originally, Mainland China at various times accused Taiwan and the trustee with malfeasance

President Obama President Obama V.P. Joseph Biden Tim Geithner George Bush, Sr.George Bush, Jr.Alan Greenspan Mitt Romney Paul Guennette associate Of Bush, Sr.)Michael Herzog Bill Hillary Clinton Vatican Bank Bank Santender Vatican Bank Vatican Bank Vatican Bank Vatican Bank Vatican Bank Vatican Bank Vatican Bank Vatican Ban kVatican Ba*

One Billion One Billion100 Million700 Million700 Million200 Million500 Million400 Million700 Million500 Million400 Million


January 1,7011

VIA FEDERAL EXPRESS Justice John G. Roberts Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court of the United States One First Street N.E.Washington, D.C. 20543Dear Justice Roberts:I decided after deliberating o share with you ih. type of theft and corruption that's going on with the senior officials of our government. This type of theft has been allowed to occur by holding back the settlement money to people like myself. President Obama does rave he final decision on releasing these funds, but has held back because e has been ordered o by George Bush, Sr. As you will see President Obarna has also financially benefited or cooperating. I am forwarding this to Congress or full investigation and request hat they subpoena records of the Vatican Bank, of the senior officials of our government. I attach the chart which only demonstrates some of our government officials that have benefited n the conspiracy f blocking my funds.I have narnes of other government officials that have received llegal payments that are deposited at the Vatican Bank but are not related directly to my case. In total it is billions of dollars. I hope you make the right decision.

Original Title: Falcone-3

Uploaded by TheWhiteHats Date uploaded on Feb 14, 2011


February'8, 011VtA FEDERAL EXPRESS Justice John G. Roberts Chief Justice f the Unite a Smtes Supreme court of the United States One First Street .E.Washington, ,C. 20543 Dear justice Roberts:By now without any action taken by the Supreme court in regard to Obama's llegal passport, it is clear to me what your decision is. He will stay in office or the balance of his term unless the resistance builds when you would hen determine f it was necessary to have a formal hearing, This may solve your immediate problem br world-wide embarrassment, but it does not solve your problem or the on-going corruption that will continue to take place due to your indecision.Currently George Bush, Sr. and Jr. are still delaying and controlling he decision in government entitlements of individuals and countries. Every day that they are able to delay the release f these financial settlements, harms them and their associates billions of dollars real estate' these financial settlements are not normally our responsibility and typically not part of your governing decisions. but making the decision in his illegal passport, and the ramifications associated with it is your responsibility. As Supreme court Judges do not understand how you can close our eyes on this.I am delivering the letters sent you and complete files of the corruption of Congress and the Senate. This will also be exposed to the public and will personally pursue it until justice is served.Since my last letter to you of the status of senior Governmenl Officials slush fund bank accounts, they have all changed banks or reduced the amount n the accounts, thcr than the Clintons that stayed the same. I do have the current account information and will be sharing it with the appropriate authorities.For your information ,I have enclosed the latest White Hats Report,I only wish that each of you vould an-v ut your role as a Supreme court Justice or the good of our Country.



Edward Falcone

Pureheart SWIFTS

Uploaded by canauzzie Date uploadedon Dec 12, 2013

Description:S.W.I.F.T. copies of the fraud involving banks, the FED and Pureheart Investments


Page 2 of 4

operations involving British and mainland European banks merits thorough research and clinical analysis with particular emphasis on his cross CIA and other US Agency Bank Program funding links and the extent of his relationships with Bush Sr and other US Political associations. A sophisticated operating web was designed and activated by parties cross linked with FRB NY, fully understanding the capability and blind spots of the Global Bank Transfer and Bank investment systems. A $15 Trillion dollar total fund was activated, split into 3 x $5 Trillion dollar transfers routed on the instructions of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, (FRB NY) operating with its own clandestine agenda. By phased investigations we have been able to identify and expose the links and transgressions, revealing in turn fundamental questions of probity and potential exposure. Suffice it to say, our own authorities, having ascertained the latter Gold au holdings being used to underwrite the issuance of the transfers declared it as bogus based upon Gold amounts later published, or on bank denials post events. Yet transfer after transfer continued successfully repeating. No one repeats a failed venture. They transferred on records we hold 3 times and a further 2 sideways transfers which Bernanke himself, Chairman of the actual US Federal Reserve appeared for the first time in the network when he personally flew in to meet with HSBC and enforce side issue transfers to a declared Homelands Security Agency operation? 3 different Banks transfers are on record as taking place as evidenced. With respect, if the first had failed, it would hardly have been repeated, again, then again. The only banking operation large enough to perpetrate this would be FRB NY. Its use by Pureheart needs to be determined, but it all transpired at the time President Obama faced a $15 Trillion dollar shortfall in the US budget, which miraculously was resolved without due explanation. Marlon McCall has openly attested that the company he alleges to be the attorney for Pureheart Investments SA. operating an account as LWR/ GOT, Pureheart sa, is a subsidiary of the US Homeland Security Agency, as is indicated by their use of interbank transfers using United Nations Homeland codes on SWIFT transfers. McCall introduced Wilfredo Saurin into the equation. Saurin appears extensively on many global Diligence warning lists with a high level of notoriety, including also on the official US Federal Reserve Scam warning site itself. McCall attests that Saurin is operated and managed as an Agent for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and is Agency protected accordingly. If so it would explain a lot. Saurin approached the true Bank of Indonesia special BI / US Treasury FRB NY sub account holder, Yohannes Riyadi in Jakarta some 2 years or so ago. We have evidenced the account holder, supported by

a BI reference from the now Indonesian Deputy President, and a copy of Riyadi’s

highly confidential US Treasury Federal Reserve Bank of New York contract set up to Bank Program trade using the Pentagon managed Grey Screens

against Riyadi’s inherited Custodial stewardship

of 700mts of gold left in Trust by his Presidential grandfather. These are old Chinese dynasty assets. Even from the moment Mr Riyadi signed over custodial use of his assets, the $500M dollar cross transfer to the account FRB NY set up for him to be paid on signature via a Singapore bank, failed to arrive. Numerous signatories to the contract are evidenced. Riyadi has amassed a vast paper value asset running now into substantial $ Trillions on the US Treasury FRB Treasury Cheque Grey Screen controlled accounts. This is primarily a Ponzi money


Page 1 of 4

Strategic Overview

Examples of US Agency use of the London and EU Banking Markets for Wealth Creation, without Congressional Oversight or Supervision. CREATED AND DISTRIBUTED 20/2/2012

The purpose of this overview is to highlight the scale and depth of use of EU Markets by US Agencies and Political entities, bypassing Congress, avoiding or evading Taxes. They are exposed breaching contractual agreements with trusting Principal Funders, then Laundering profits or proceeds earned though a labyrinth of Trusts, Foundations and Fiduciary fronts. Governments simply do not understand the latitude Banks apply to cross trade in Off Balance sheet, Grey Screen or Black Screen trading. Ponzi money is accrued in vast amounts, all bypassing Revenue collection, and all spent. Derivatives issued and cross traded now exceed in excess of $600 Trillion dollars with no possible Insurer of last resort. Warren Buffet has declared them to be the ultimate Financial Weapon of mass destruction. Neither Governments, nor Banking regulators, understand any of it to an adequate level to contain and eliminate the risks. The loss to each Sovereign nations Revenue Commissioners, including HMG, is considerable. The lack of oversight risks the perpetration of sophisticated crimes, as has been evidenced already. Just a few cases will be exampled. The cases merit a thorough review to determine thereafter the real extent and scale of the problems. The lack of US Congressional oversight allows identified US Agencies to fund secret Black Operations activities, with all the leading ethical, moral or criminal implications hidden. Major funds are being accrued in London without transparency or withholding taxes visible as settled, or even intent to do so as demonstrated by the total circumvention of Revenue declarations. The scale of UK and EU Revenue avoidance witnessed to date is extensive. As is the identified level of personal wealth generated by certain identified by complicit US Political entities, operating in complicity with Lead EU Bankers of notoriety. The scale of Capital recovery once investigated can accrue a very substantial contribution for our own Exchequers account. One classic case alone, the Edward Falcone Trading Programs orchestrated by Josef Ackermann of Deutsch Bank, can recover so much tax visibly evaded, as would resolve our total Defence over run budgets. In addition to exposing Agency linked parties being operated inside UK jurisdiction enabling our own Intelligence Agencies to monitor use of funds and transgressions. The reputation and integrity of the London Capital Markets necessitates protection and close supervision. The cases identified as examples alone, will allow skilled and competent investigating analysts to follow the money trail and recover substantial capital as Proceeds of Crime or Tax Evasion. There are sensitive Political connotations, but history is littered with exposed cases and hindsight regret, all perfectly avoidable. Significant transgressions are evidenced within our Capital Markets, with high risk connotations for the UK if not examined and sanitised. Mr Falcone has offered to provide access to all his files and to fully cooperate with any UK and EU investigating officers. Media exposure is a constant risk. Our own Agencies need to understand the extent of financial market penetration. Especially so having identified now named account holders at Banks such as Barclays, who then route funds onwards to the CIA, or Bush /Romney etc as has happened with the Falcone trading profits. The extent of cross market penetration by US Agencies and certain compromised Bankers such as Josef Ackermann of Deutsch Bank merits independent investigation. Especially so his network of


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$1 Trillion having been accrued in profits, giving a combined UK and EU Withholding Tax recovery target of over $200B with potentially $300B being attainable. This entraps many named, senior US Political entities and is now becoming ever more public via growing internet exposure. END REPORT



Read or Read, Lead or be Led! (please share)


Jonathan Wright & myself in conversation

I would rather be & seek to be a man of the world than a SLAVE to my "country"!

PLEASE focus love/light & good intention on Abydos & the Temple of Seti.

My unplugged profile,

PAY attention & stop BUYING into it! (please listen/share & visit my channel)



Democrats Poll Numbers Are Down, Time to End Covid

Always Right Never Left Radio Steve Bardi's Always Right Never Left Radio


I had a dream of forced vaccines!

206,580 views 14 Aug 2009

Girl has a premonition dream


Checkmate To Humanity


How To Avoid The Mark Of The Beast by Brother Alexis Bugnolo


The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual

mask wearing is part of the initiation ritual.

The Characteristics of an Initiation Ritual

Have you played all along into the hands of deceptions or Held to Your Own truth, that we are not slaves but Our Creators love,

Who do you trust Governments and Bureaucrats dancing with the devil, OR Our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ.


2009 H1N1 was the rehearsal for the COVID-19 scam

Jane Bürgermeister: David and Goliath

By NightBreed

Bill Ryan - Project Avalon 2009 David and Goliath is an appropriate title for this video. Because Jane Bürgermeister, as a committed Christian, possesses an almost unreasonable amount of courage in her single-handed stand - against what many perceive as being a giant that few people are equipped to fight. Jane is a young woman living in Vienna who, while working as a medical editor, was horrified to learn in early 2009 of the fiasco in which a Baxter International research facility in Orth-Donau, Austria, sent a quantity of human H3N2 viral material to 18 European laboratories. Such a supply of experimental material would have been totally normal - except that in this instance the H3N2 had been somehow contaminated with live H5N1... the far more lethal Avian Flu. As a medical editor, Jane immediately realized the importance of what had happened - and what had nearly happened - and raised the alarm. But no-one in the Austrian media was interested. She then took matters into her own hands and filed legal charges against those who she considered the perpetrators to be. Very soon after, Jane was dismissed from her job without explanation. Undeterred, she sought support on the internet and continued her campaign. In the months since then she has attracted committed followers - and critics - all over the world. She is not alone in suspecting that there exists a literally diabolical plan which is nothing less than the genocide of potentially hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Project Camelot can understand how she has inspired many others to wake up and take action: it's a little harder to understand some of her critics. When we learned that a number of serious accusations had been leveled against her, the obvious thing to do was to seek her out and talk to her on camera - one of the things that Project Camelot is equipped to do best. So, this we have done. The result speaks for itself. We bring you the real Jane Bürgermeister: feisty, determined, passionate, articulate, and authentic.

Cult of the Medics season 1 episode 4

Not for faint hearted - ADULTS ONLY

​Chapter Four delves into these subjects: The nature/origins of evil. The dark history of human sacrifice, human experimentation, bizarre cult rituals. Mind control/crowd control. The one vs the many. The psychic war on consciousness. The warrior path

David Whitehead


Red Pill Black Gurl

😴⏰💊🤔🐰🕳 - Only "Sociopaths" Reject the New Normal! 🐃 Do you have any questions or concerns about the COVID-19 containment measures?

🐃 Do you hesitate to don your mask, practice proper social distancing, or (eventually) roll up your sleeve for the experimental mRNA vaccine?

🐃 Then you're a sociopath who needs to be dealt with, according to a team of researchers from Brazil.

At about 16:00 minutes, Corbett finally gets to the crux of the video: "The long and disturbing history for this type of psychological intervention for political dissent, because, make no mistake, what is happening right now is the politicization of certain behaviors, and if you are a political dissident, you are now a 'psychologically challenged' individual. This is called 'the pathologization of dissent.' They are trying to take political dissent and make it into a psychological disorder."

The Soviet Union pathologized political dissent and committed those "diagnosed" with the "disorder" to psychiatric hospitals. China offers numerous more recent examples to the same with their "re-education" internment camps.

Join James as he explores this latest attempt to pathologize political dissent, the horrific history of the weaponization of psychology for political purposes, and what this tells us about the coming biosecurity paradigm. WATCH EPISODE:


🐑 Sociopathic Ttraits Linked to Non-Compliance with Mask Guidelines and other COVID-19 Containment Measures:

🐑 Compliance With Containment Measures to the COVID-19 Pandemic Over Time: Do Antisocial Traits Matter?:

🐑 The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks:

🐑 New Report: Aiding Torture:

🐑 Weaponized Psychology:

🐑 The Anti-Authoritarian Mind with Dr. Bruce Levine:

🐑 ‘Morality Pills’ May Be the US’s Best Shot At Ending the Coronavirus Pandemic, According to One Ethicist:

🐑 From Bioethics to Eugenics:

🐑 The Development and Initial Tests for the Psychometric Properties of the COVID-19 Phobia Scale (C19P-S):

The CIA Needs a Few Good Shrinks - #PropagandaWatch


‘Disturbing’: Australian journalist speaks out about Beijing Olympics

Sky News report ~

The Australian’s North Asia Correspondent Will Glasgow says Beijing’s Winter Olympics, which has just drawn to a close, was “disturbing”. Mr Glasgow, who was based in China until 2020, said he went into the Games “different from a lot of reporters” also covering the events. “I was going in as someone who understands the system a lot more and has my eyes a lot more open to it,” Mr Glasgow told Sky News Australia. “I found the whole thing very depressing.”


Tragic - Pfizer Vaxx Permanently Disables 6 Year Old Leaving Him On 24_7 Ventilator

Ask Dr. Jane - Excess Deaths, Fibrous Blood Clots, And The Aids Question



and more titles



Robbing the Australian Voters

'I can tell the truth now': Victorian Labor Party 'effectively stole' 2014 election

Sky News Australia

EXCLUSIVE: Former Labor Minister Adem Somyurek claims the Victorian Labor Party "effectively stole" the 2014 state election. In an exclusive interview with Sky News Australia – Mr Somyurek revealed the "systematic corruption" behind how Labor conducted its 2014 election rort. "We collectively, systematically stole, they say $400,000 – I reckon it was probably more than that and you’ve got to call it for what it is. We effectively stole the 2014 state election." Mr Somyurek said as he was no longer part of "Andrews' team" he could speak freely. "I can tell the truth now."

How money* flows to the Coalition

Mouse over rectangles and lines to see total amount donated/received

Drag rectangles to re-position paths

*This chart shows all money flows, and includes financial transactions as well as donations

Interactive link


More IMACOGINDEWHEELOFLIFE blogs with interesting content




Oh! What A Wicked Web They Weave - Australia What kinds Of Evil Have Been Hidden


The Great Reset’ and Vaccine Rollout



Maybe it’s time we start to rethink our actions. Maybe we need TO QUESTION EVERYTHING

A Planned Shock Testing Against the 99% Powered by Government - Bankers - Media - Corporations


Those who dont know their CONSTITUTION do not know their rights LOCKDOWN AUSTRALIA a SAFETY HAZARD


Brave, Committed Young Woman Exposes Pedophiles Down Under

Dr. Reina Michaelson is stalked, threatened, and harassed when she uncovers and fights an occult pedophile ring in Australia

more here


List of Australian VIP Pedos


The Pandora Papers: How the world of offshore finance is still flourishing | Four Corners

In a major international investigation, Four Corners reveals the secrets of the Pandora Papers. Subscribe: For months, more than 600 journalists from around the world, including the ABC, the Washington Post and the BBC, have been working with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on this top-secret investigation. One of the biggest data leaks in history, the papers reveal how the wealthy and powerful are continuing to use offshore tax havens to hide their ownership of assets and stash their cash - despite attempts to rein the industry in.


Here is a List of SCOMO's Achievements that come to mind ...

He has SOLD millions and millions of acres of Australian Land to the Chinese... He has GIVEN AWAY millions and millions of Dollars to foreign countries... He has SPENT millions and millions of Dollars on trips Overseas... He has SPENT $250,000 on refurbishing his PM Plane and calling it Shark 1... He has SPENT $200,000 learning how to be empathetic to the farmers who are losing their lifes work, walking off their land or shooting themselves... You cannot learn EMPATHY - you either have it or you don't ... He has done NOTHING about stopping IMMIGRATION - in fact the Gold Coast and WA have been marked for more immigration... He has let the Abortion Bill (the MURDER OF FULL TERM BABIES) sale through without Condemnation and he is a Christian and should be shouting NO from the rooftops... He has instigated and passed the NO CASH BILL which carries a jail term which will see ordinary people jailed for having cash.. He has done NOTHING about securing Australia's Water Security... He has done NOTHING about helping our farmers... He has done NOTHING about removing us from the Paris Climate Agreement... He gave himself a PAYRISE - not yet earned... This was achieved from his election in April 2019-October 2019... ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE AGENDA 21 ...ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE TREASONOUS AND SHOULD EVOKE CRITICISM OF THE HIGHEST DEGREE AND ALL SHOULD CARRY A HANGING SENTENCE. Since Then NOTHING HAS CHANGED - all of the above are still relevant. Since October - Prior to COVID he let the country burn to the Ground while took a Holiday to Hawaii - (I believe the fires were deliberately lit) and he escaped the 'heat' - the miserable bastard ... A Leader does not abandon ship - he stays to the bitter end. To me this showed the colour of his heart and it was as black and bitter as the coal and ash that was left after the fires raged ... SINCE COVID - SCOMO has UNLawfully Legislated Draconian LOCKDOWN Laws ... AND STOLE YOUR FREEDOM ... and mine too ...Just in case you don't understand the meaning of 'Draconian' ... (of laws or their application) excessively harsh and severe. He LOCKED Up Healthy People - Closed Business's small and large put 1 million people on Welfare and plunged the country into a Depression ... that's the short version... Don't forget - HE WANTS TO TAKE YOUR CASH OFF YOU TOO... Instead of putting Money into Jobs and building Australia's Bradfield Water Scheme and re-inventing our Manufacturing that the LIMA Agreement destroyed - he looks to India to fill the Chinese Void... I cannot see one good thing that this man has done for this country. He is NOT FIT to be TRUMPS bootlace ...article source from facebook

Why can't the People of Australia see this .

Scomo's Political Trainwreck


50 million doses of 'vaccines' recalled after they gave people AIDS!

Bitchute Channel


50 million doses of 'vaccines' recalled after they gave people AIDS!

Part 2:

Well, kind of, they tested 'false positives' for AIDS... THEY GOT 'VAIDS' - VACCINE INDUCED AIDS... Stop taking these fucking shots you fucking retards. They are BIOMETRIC BIOWEAPONS. Clearly.

Viewer Comment: They put HIV Glycoprotein 120 in ALL the vaccines. Luc Montagnier (may he rest in peace) told us a year ago. The patents show it to be true. It has been delivered to the unfortunate who have taken the shots and now it's too late to fix it. God help us all.

How did the University of Queensland/CSL vaccine fail due to ‘false positive’ HIV tests? A vaccine expert explains



How could a COVID vaccine lead to a positive HIV test?

The UQ/CSL vaccine uses “molecular clamp” technology to stop the coronavirus spike protein from “wobbling about”. This more stable presentation is more likely to lead to a protective immune response.

The molecular clamp in UQ’s vaccine contains part of an HIV protein, a string of 80 amino acids. By itself, this is harmless and cannot cause an HIV infection or AIDS.

But there was always a theoretical possibility that once injected as part of the vaccine formulation, people’s immune systems would recognise it as “foreign” and raise antibodies against it. Until now, the research team thought the chance of that happening was low. And in its ASX statement CSL said people in the 216-person trial were fully informed of this possibility.

However, from what we’ve heard today, it’s clear that people’s immune systems did recognise the HIV protein fragment in the molecular clamp.

Had we rolled out this vaccine on a wider scale, we would have seen many more “false positive” HIV tests. This would have meant unnecessary anxiety while people sought further clarification about their HIV status.

It would also have undermined the public’s confidence in the COVID vaccination program. You have to have the public on board. So by acting early to clearly communicate concerns, the researchers have acted appropriately. And this should reinforce the public’s confidence in Australia’s COVID vaccination program, due to start from March 2021.

No Cashless Debit Card Australia iS7796u5ht27touhnsc0rd65c ·

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Trailer: The Three Former Doctors. A Café Locked Out Special.

In Colac a Doctor started offering anyone who turned up, medical exemptions. Within days his isolated surgery became besieged by desperate people. And then the police came. Why did he do it? Now that Doctor is ready to talk, but instead of us interviewing him alone, we decided to bring two other Doctors who had challenged the system, along. The Three Former Doctors. A Café Locked Out Special. Live streamed here tonight at 8pm. Then moving to Rumble. Rumble link



Proclamation - Governor-General absent from Australia 27 January 2022


Whistleblower claims ‘yet another Labor scandal’

July 08, 2020 - 7:13PM


International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Adopted and opened for signature, ratification and accession by General Assembly resolution 2200A (XXI) of 16 December 1966 entry into force 23 March 1976, in accordance with Article 49



Monopoly - Who Owns The World? A Documentary by Tim Gielen

Globalist Archive: see video @link

“This is simply one of the top 5 most important videos ever produced and seen.” “This is the shot that needs to be heard around the Globe!”

“Should be required viewing by all humans on earth.” “What a brilliant documentary.” “This is a brilliant piece of work.”

“THIS!!!!! Thank you!!!!!”


Freedom exists Outside society

by Jon Rappoport

(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

Sanity: “Freedom  exists within the individual. It doesn’t exist anywhere else. Freedom  means choice. An individual either takes it or surrenders it.”

Mind control: “We all live inside the government. The first fact of existence is, we live inside SOMETHING.”

That is a lie.

As the worldwide  freedom protests against COVID restrictions expand, I’m reminding people  of a few basic truths---after decades of press and government  brainwashing.

Freedom, of course, is a natural fact, beyond the need for government permission.

It exists outside the TERRITORY of government.

No, we don’t live inside the government.

The truth is even more extreme. Freedom exists outside of society.

Society is not an entity that encircles and surrounds freedom.

Society is an organization. Freedom isn’t organized.

Heinous slogans like,  “We’re all in this together,” are meant to redefine society, and give  the impression that we naturally exist INSIDE it.

We don’t.

“We’re all in this  together” is a tribal maxim. Even there, it’s a con, because the tribal  leaders use it to enforce loyalty and submission.

When you know that, you know a great deal about freedom protests and government pushback.

The government is  saying, “You ALREADY EXIST within OUR territory. To protect you and keep  you safe, we’re restricting you. Naturally, you’ll comply. If you  don’t, you’re a criminal. If you persist in your non-compliance, you’re a  terrorist. You’re an insurrectionist.”

That’s a fantasy  cooked up by the government. Ultimately, on the physical level, it’s  enforced by government personnel with weapons. That’s how it becomes  real.

The major everyday  strategy the government uses is the proposition, “Everybody lives and  works and thinks inside society, and society is regulated by the  government. Society is the primary fact every person is born with.”

That’s a lie.

Every person is born with the knowledge that he is here and alive---an individual. THAT is primary.

Regardless of what he needs and requires to survive, those needs do not define him. They come second, not first.

Of course, some  potato head will take this as an “anti-family” statement. It isn’t. But  the love within a family has no meaning unless it’s understood that each  family member is an individual.

A person can live in  freedom without limit---but the basic law of an open society is: he is  responsible (for his actions), and he can’t lessen the freedom of  another. Granted. However, that legal restriction doesn’t define what  freedom is. It modifies it. It comes second, not first.

Mind control puts everything backwards. What comes first is placed second, and vice versa.

The individual, who  is free, exists outside society and government, and always has. He  enters society, but he doesn’t start out inside it. He enters and exits.

Once that is clear, everything changes.

This is more than the issue of who physically owns space…

This is, who THINKS of space as open and who thinks of space as closed.

The space of government and the space of society are not the space of freedom.


But the criminal violates the basic law of society by diminishing the freedom of others.

When the rest of the population is so cowed and brainwashed that it doesn’t even know what the criminal knows, we’re cooked.

The crazed government  of Canada is in a panic because the people are waking up to the fact  that freedom exists outside the government, and the truckers have  suddenly become a potent force that performs instant surgery on mind  control and lops it off.

Space: the final frontier. And it’s open, not closed. It’s not inside the government or society. It’s outside.

A reasonable society is a society where real debate can take place.

An open society is  asymmetrical and unresolved. It isn’t perfect. It doesn’t strive for  perfection, and it doesn’t strive for unity. Unity is a con.

When an individual  ENTERS the space of an unfree society, he declares the ability to act  without limit, with responsibility, on the sole condition that he  doesn’t diminish the freedom of another. The individual fights for that  right.

But freedom itself is  not enclosed within society or government. That is a fiction promoted  by those men who would own government and society and force unity on all  of us. The unity of compliance.

Freedom, in its  essence, is non-material. It exists within the individual. It is  choice. The individual either exercises it or surrenders it.


(The link to this article posted on my blog is here.)

by Jon Rappoport


WOW!! The United States is getting Hammered right NOW!

Gina Maria Colvin Hill

This is documenting the Lightning Strikes in the world.


FULL SPEECH: Former President Donald Trump speaks at 'Save America' rally in Conroe, Texas


1 Feb 2022


Ukraine Update 2/24/22

Ukraine update with Joan Rundblad. She and her family have been in Ukraine and Afghanistan for years. She’ll also be translating in Russian


where's ALL the invasion and bombs etc reported by MSM!? 🤷‍♂️

The US government offered to evacuate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky from Kyiv — but he declined.

“The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride,” Zelensky said, The Associated Press reported, citing a senior American intelligence official with direct knowledge of the conversation.

Zelensky, 44, instead chose to remain in Ukraine’s capital as Russian forces brought the fight to the city streets, where gunfire and explosions were heard overnight Friday into Saturday.

The besieged president said his family had been evacuated to safety.

see more of the aftermath of shelling by Russia

What's Happening In Ukraine? - Questions For Corbett

Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order

The International Rules-Based Order (IRBO) is under threat and global power is shifting. As East and West rekindle old enmities we are led to believe that this struggle will determine the future of international relations and the direction of nation states. However, the global transformation is not led by national governments but by a global network of stakeholders and global technocracy is their goal.

In this article, we will explore the true nature of the international rules-based order (IRBO) and examine the forces that shape it. We will consider if the narratives we are commonly fed stack up.

The Test for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum by Jon Rappoport February 21, 2022

Knowing my regular readers can handle more than one major point in an article, I start with this: Justin Trudeau is not serving the interests of Canadians; he is loyal to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the brand of Globalism it represents.

Meaning: global governance; the submerging of nations in a scheme of external top-down control; the expansion of poverty; wall to wall surveillance; a currency reset; and other totalitarian transformations.

If you watch these two brief videos (here and here), you’ll see Klaus Schwab confirm, in Trudeau’s presence, the prime minister’s loyalty to the WEF, as well as the penetration of Trudeau’s cabinet with WEF agents.

Schwab, the head of WEF, also mentions a new dawn of entrepreneurs who lead corporations dedicated to social responsibility.

And THAT is a test for Schwab. Because he certainly backs major pharmaceutical companies. Do those businesses display social responsibility?

I’m not talking about their pricing of drugs or their equitable distribution of drugs. I’m talking about killing and maiming people with the drugs. Many people.

And so I return to citations I’ve published a number of times. By the way, virtually no one takes these devastating references and runs with them.

I can only conclude journalists and doctors who otherwise criticize medical policies don’t want to admit the medical cartel has a very long track record of destroying populations.

These journalists and doctors only want to cherry pick their targets. In fact, they support the overall performance of the medical system. Why? You would have to ask them.

Here, I’m testing Klaus Schwab. Does he really think he can get away with his talk about “social responsibility” and his simultaneous support of Pharma?

Buckle up—

ONE: Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998: “Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients.”




11 NOV 2016



FOR THE ATTENTION OF: US Special Operations Forces and the Militia [people] of The United-

States of America

SUBJECT: The Operational Attempt to stop the Illegal takeover and surrender of the 50 Sovereign

Nation States of North America, known as The United States of America



Download PDF • 1.47MB




B - 2020 🍀

Mark Passio Natural Law Seminar PT.1. - NATURAL LAW; THE REAL LAW OF ATTRACTION - | On October 19th, 2013 Mark Passio presented his seminar “Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction & How To Apply It In Your Life” at the Yale Omni, organized by Arthur Capozzi & Christopher Capozzi, and produced for distribution by 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 TRUTH VERSUS HUMAN PERCEPTION "The TRUTH is OBJECTIVE, meaning that it is NOT based on the perception of human beings (which is capable of wavering). Truth is simply that which is. It is that which as occurred in the past and that which is occurring in the present. This is what the human ego does not like to hear." SOLIPSISM (crept in new age doctrines) From the latin adjective 'solus' "alone", and the latin pronoun 'ipse' "self". The ideology that only one's own mind is sure to exist. Solipsists contend that knowledge of anything ouside one's own mind is unsure. Hence there is no objective truth, and nothing about the external world and it's workings can actually be known. NATURAL LAW ** working definition ** Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as the governing dynamics of Consciousness. CONSCIOUSNESS The ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place, both within oneself and in the realm in which the self exists and operates. 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Credits to Cognitive Delight for breaking down the 9 hour seminar into 9 parts: ➡️ Mark Passio website: ➡️ MARK PASSIO NATURAL LAW SEMINAR: ☑️ Pt1: ☑️ Pt2: ☑️ Pt3: ☑️ Pt4: ☑️ Pt5: ☑️ Pt6: ☑️ Pt7: ☑️ Pt8: ☑️ Pt9: 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 More from Mark Passio: MARK PASSIO: KNOWLEDGE, RESPONSIBILITY, MORAL COMPASS AND THE POWER OF PSYCHE ('OCCULT' KNOWLEDGE): ➡️ MARK PASSIO - ORDER FOLLOWERS ARE THE PROBLEM; NOT THE ORDER GIVERS. ➡️


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Tragedy and Hope

Tragedy and Hope 101 (Book) by Joseph Plummer - interactive map

2018 Richard Grove_Brain 6.x_History Blueprint Model 2018-05-31


Another article too hot to handle; even vaccine critics won’t run with it

by Jon Rappoport

(To read about Jon's mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

A few days ago, I  republished my proof that the medical cartel has been routinely killing  millions of people, with its treatments, for at least the past 20 years.

And when I say proof, I’m talking about clear mainstream research.

Virtually no one has  taken those research citations and run with them, despite the fact that  I’ve highlighted them for years. I’ve highlighted them in articles and  interviews.

What’s the problem?

Apparently, even many  “alternative” journalists and doctors are keeping a piece of their  souls in the official prison of fake medicine and fake science. On  purpose.

They want to hedge their bets. They want to go halfway, but not all the way.

They want to admit some things, but not other things.

So today, I’m posting  another one of my “too hot to handle” pieces. I’ve published this  article at least four times. Even doctors who oppose the COVID vaccines  won’t pick up on it.


It’s too REAL, because it proves the RNA injections were DESIGNED to fail, to be useless, from the get-go.

That’s right.

And if you expose THAT, you burn the whole house down.

The vaccine establishment collapses.

No one will believe anything the establishment says about vaccines. Nor should they.

And many journalists and doctors of all stripes want to “protect the public” from THE TRUTH.

I don’t want to bury the truth. I’m not settling for half.

Buckle up---

I wrote and posted  this piece while the clinical trials of the COVID vaccine were in  progress. It reveals how and why those trials were constructed and  designed to fail. They did fail.

The vaccine makers  DESIGNED a series of clinical trials that, even on their own terms (“the  virus is real, fear the virus”) were destined to be a complete flop.


Peter Doshi,  associate editor of the medical journal BMJ, and Eric Topol, Scripps  Research professor of molecular medicine, have written a devastating NY  Times opinion piece about the ongoing COVID vaccine clinical trials.

They expose the fatal flaw in the large Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Moderna trials.

September 22, 2020, the Times: “These Coronavirus Trials Don’t Answer the One Question We Need to Know”:

“If you were to  approve a coronavirus vaccine, would you approve one that you only knew  protected people only from the most mild form of Covid-19, or one that  would prevent its serious complications?”

“The answer is obvious. You would want to protect against the worst cases.”

“But that’s not how  the companies testing three of the leading coronavirus vaccine  candidates, Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca, whose U.S. trial is on  hold, are approaching the problem.”

“According to the  protocols for their studies, which they released late last week, a  vaccine could meet the companies’ benchmark for success if it lowered  the risk of mild Covid-19, but was never shown to reduce moderate or  severe forms of the disease, or the risk of hospitalization, admissions  to the intensive care unit or death.”


The Times: “To say a  vaccine works should mean that most people no longer run the risk of  getting seriously sick. That’s not what these trials will determine.”


This means these clinical trials are dead in the water.

And I could stop this article right here and walk away. Done. Finished. Nothing more need be said.

And you the reader  could walk away. OK, done. The clinical trials of the vaccine were never  intended to prevent serious illness of any kind. Never intended to  prevent hospitalizations or deaths. End of story.

Goodbye. Forget the vaccine. Why would anyone want to take it?

But if you want to  know WHY the clinical trials were designed this way, and HOW the con was  played, and why it was actually necessary to design the clinical trials  to be useless, read on.

The whole vaccine house is ALREADY burned down, but I’m going to say a lot more. I’m going to burn the ashes.

First of all, make  sure you understand the clinical trials of the RNA vaccines were only  designed to show effectiveness in preventing “mild cases of COVID,”  which nobody should care about, because mild cases (cough, fever,  chills) naturally run their course and cause no harm. THERE IS NO NEED  FOR A VACCINE THAT PREVENTS MILD CASES.

Now let’s go deeper. Read the next section from the Times piece, and then I’ll make comments.

“The Moderna and  AstraZeneca studies will involve about 30,000 participants each;  Pfizer’s will have 44,000. Half the participants will receive two doses  of vaccines separated by three or four weeks, and the other half will  receive saltwater placebo shots. The final determination of efficacy  will occur after 150 to 160 participants develop Covid-19…”

Now pay close  attention. Here’s how it works. The vaccine companies are looking for a  total of 150 mild COVID cases to occur, combined, in the two groups---  those receiving the placebo and those receiving the vaccine. How would  that happen? The researchers believe “the coronavirus is spreading  everywhere” and it will pounce on some of the volunteers during the  clinical trial.

Let’s say that,  during the trial, 100 people receiving the placebo develop mild COVID-19  (cough, chills, fever), and only 50 people receiving the vaccine  develop mild COVID.

The vaccine companies  would say, “We just proved the vaccine is 50% effective in preventing  COVID, and that’s all we need to do, in order to win emergency  authorization from the FDA. Release the vaccine. Inject the world.”

The outcomes for ONLY 150 people equal “let’s shoot up seven billion people.”

That’s staggering.

But it gets even  worse. The magic number of 150 COVID cases? How is a COVID case  defined? The authors of the Times piece have the answer:

“In the Moderna and  Pfizer trials, even a mild case of Covid-19 — for instance, a cough plus  a positive lab test — would qualify and muddy the results. AstraZeneca  is slightly more stringent but would still count mild symptoms like a  cough plus fever as a case.”

But wait. The NY  Times itself recently published an article stating that up to 90% of US  COVID cases could very well be false positives---in other words, not  cases at all. Why? Because the diagnostic PCR test, as it is performed  by labs, is too sensitive. It registers “positive for COVID” when it  shouldn’t.

So, in these vaccine  clinical trials, the whole process of determining that “150 people  developed COVID-19” is completely unreliable, useless, absurd, and  nonsensical.

On the one hand, a  positive PCR test is unreliable and means nothing. On the other hand, a  cough and fever (“mild COVID”) are nothing to worry about, and don’t  require a vaccine at all. We’re talking about 150 cases of “who  cares.” That’s what the COVID vaccine is DESIGNED to prevent.

“So, Doctor, the  magic number is 150 ‘who cares’ mild cases? That’s the number that will  decide the immediate fate of the planet?”

“Of course.”

“And these 150  people, who you say develop mild COVID-19…no one should care, because  those symptoms cure themselves, and no vaccine is needed.”


“And come to think of  it, the people receiving the vaccine in the clinical trials could  develop symptoms indistinguishable from mild COVID-19, as a result of  the effects of the vaccine.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“But you’re very confident in the success of the vaccine.”



“I have to be  confident. If we’re exposed as incompetent frauds, our bottom line will  take a huge hit. And we’ll wind up in prison.”


Now I’m going to go over the vital information again, but this time I’m going to show you how…

The vaccine companies can use the fatal flaw in their protocol design to…

Actually win approval of their COVID vaccine.

Stick with me. This is big.

Only 150 people are needed to make the major clinical trials of a COVID vaccine look like a success.

Out of 30,000  volunteers in a trial, researchers are waiting for 150 people to “come  down with COVID-19.” MILD cases. They assume this will happen because  they believe the coronavirus is everywhere, and it’ll infect some of  their volunteers.

Of course, their  definition of a mild case of COVID-19 is meaningless. Cough plus fever,  and a positive PCR test. The test spits out false positives like a  rigged slot machine, and the visible mild symptoms could result from  flu, polluted air, or too many candy bars.

Nevertheless, the  researchers are waiting for a total of 150 people to “catch a mild case  of COVID.” When that number is reached, everything stops.

Now comes the big  moment. How many of those 150 COVID cases occurred in the group that  received the vaccine, and how many in the group that received the  placebo shot of salt water?

Let’s say only 50  COVID cases occurred in the vaccine group, and 100 in the placebo  group. The researchers pop champagne corks. They say, “Look, the vaccine  is 50% effective at preventing COVID, and that’s all we need to win  emergency authorization from the FDA.”

BUT suppose 75 cases  occurred in the vaccine group and 75 in the placebo group? No good. No  good at all. No way to call the vaccine effective.

Now comes the “reshaping of the data.”


The researchers say,  “Wait. Thirty of the COVID cases in the vaccine group were REALLY just  adverse reactions to the vaccine. They weren’t cases of COVID. You see,  the vaccine can cause symptoms that are indistinguishable from mild  COVID. Cough, fever, chills. ACTUALLY, there were only 30 cases of COVID  in the vaccine group. There were 75 in the placebo group. That’s good  enough. The vaccine IS effective. We’re golden. We can get emergency  authorization from the FDA right now to shoot up everybody.”

Vaccine manufacturers HAVE KNOWN ALL ALONG that they could pull this trick.

Why leave things to chance?

Why risk a few  hundred billion dollars of profit on a random distribution of mild COVID  cases among the volunteers in their clinical trials?

The definition of a  mild COVID case is EXACTLY what the vaccine manufacturers needed. It  enabled them to hatch a plan, to make sure they didn’t fail.

They could pawn off a  MILD case of COVID as a reaction to the vaccine. They could fake that  without causing ripples. The FDA would say, “The vaccine reactions  aren’t serious. All right, no problem. We’ll approve this vaccine for  emergency use.”

However…If the  manufacturers designed their clinical trial protocol to prevent serious  cases of COVID----very serious pneumonia---then first of all, they would  be waiting to see 150 cases of really sick people to occur among the  volunteers.

That might never happen. In 100 years.

And second, if it did  happen, and the manufacturers had to pull their devious switcheroo  trick and blame the vaccine for some of these SERIOUS cases…

They would have to  tell the FDA that their vaccine was causing life-threatening pneumonia;  and the FDA, under a lot of scrutiny these days, would find it very  difficult to overlook that.

FDA: “We can’t approve this vaccine. It could cause a few million cases of dire pneumonia…”

The vaccine companies  didn’t make a titanic stupid mistake in their protocol design. In  gearing the protocol to prevent MILD COVID cases, they did what they did  on purpose. It allows them to “reshape their data” and win FDA  emergency approval for their vaccine.

These companies have  no intention of failing, starting over, and spending a year recruiting  30,000 new volunteers. They want success and money now. They want to win  the race.

And they will win, if the truth isn’t known and shared widely.

The punchline:

Every “expert,” in  August 2021, is instructed to say the vaccine is definitely protecting  people against severe illness and hospitalization. This is their  promotional message to the world.

“Yes, even if you’re  vaccinated, you could become infected with the virus, you could develop  COVID, and you could pass the virus to other people, BUT you must take  the shot. It will protect you from becoming severely ill.”

As you can see from what I’ve written above, this is a straight-out lie.

It was always a  fantastic lie, from the beginning of COVID vaccine development, because  the design of the clinical trials had nothing to do with preventing  serious illness.

---end of article---

OK, we’re back in the present now; 2022. Everything you’ve just read has been studiously ignored. Shoved to the side.

The vaccine was only  designed, at best, to prevent mild cough, fever, chills. That’s it. A  mild case of flu-like illness. Which cures itself.

That design was intentional. It allowed the vaccine makers to win approval for the injection.

If they had to wait  around for 150 volunteers in the clinical trials to develop serious  pneumonia, that could have taken years. Or forever.

The clinical trials proved nothing.

The vaccine, even in mainstream scientific terms, was worthless.

It was designed that way.

That’s a chunk of blockbuster news anybody with a half a brain should be shouting from the rooftops. Instead: SILENCE.


Again, because this blockbuster news burns the whole house down.

It takes down the whole vaccine establishment.

And there are lots of vaccine critics who DON’T WANT TO GO ALL THE WAY.


They back away. They pretend they don’t know what they DO know.

They could shoot  down, overnight, the whole basis for these COVID shots, and they would  expose the vaccine that is maiming and killing of millions upon millions  of people.

But they stay silent.

Show them this information.

Get them to tell you what their problem is.


(The link to this article posted on my blog is here -- with sources.)

(Follow me on Gab at @jonrappoport)


Commonwealth of Nations

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