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"The principles of truth, justice, freedom, honesty and integrity are fundamental to all people; they are not the exclusive property of the United States or the American people,” says Johnson. “Freedom is a universal right, and today, more people in more places on our planet are finding their freedoms under attack by corporate-government partnerships.“Every human is entitled to live his or her life free from outside control, whether by governments in the name of maintaining order, or corporations on behalf of greater profits. Neither justifies encroachments on the natural right to live free.”


“for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness...” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 KJV)


"In the digital information world,we are God, and it is our job to capture and cage the Devil. So far, we normal humans are turning the tide on the psychopaths.There is only one conspiracy against love, and if we reject fear and stay unified, it can be defeated. Permanently."

Martin Geddes



Why I Am Optimistic about the Future AUTHOR Martin GEDDES

Martin Geddes explains why you, too,might wish to adopt a more positive attitude toward what is coming and also dream of an approaching golden age that could be a great surprise to many who today face suffering. He also takes a look at the rise of “pathocracy,”which is the societal adoption of psychopaths’ institutionalized beliefs. wherein psychopaths can hold positions of great power over others. The obvious cases include politicians, military leaders and CEOs, but it also manifests in other professions, like surgeons and ministers of religion. My sense is we are now at a place of “peak pathocracy.”.

Martin says,Those at the very top are fully “in the know” and have true intentionality,in this case for the purpose of evil.Those below are fed a false story about the purpose of their activities, and ideally are co-opted to believe that the intentions of those above themare good. After all, the greatest trick the Devil pulls is to tell us he doesn’t exist. Evil must always present itself as good:normal people are hardwired to reject it.

I don’t watch TV, as its hypnotic demand to control my attention is repulsive.I never read newspapers; the only factually reliable thing they publish is the page number.And I became disgusted with the movies years ago, which too often invited me to celebrate cruelty and violence. People in fear are easier to control,and the mass media thrives on engineering fear. For the best possible fear, divide society into two artificial groups who are taught to hate each other and never question why the psychopaths are in charge. Psychopaths want the rest of society to be afraid and divided, ready to be conquered. Forget “Tory vs Labour,” “Jews vs Goyim,” “Hutu vs Tutsi,” “R vs D,” or any other false divide of humanity into competing tribes.It is “psychopaths vs the rest,” every time. Fix that, and you’ve a hope of lasting peace. Ponerology for the win!

Martin, continues

My strong belief is that the internet is powerfully amplifying personal experience and severely attenuating the projection of psychopathic belief systems.This reverses the process that the printing press and mass media initiated. That is a very big deal indeed and my core cause for optimism.

While we may pass through a time of trauma, there is hope of a golden age at the far side, once we’ve fixed the wreckage left by pathocracy.

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Open Your Mind to Change v1-2 FINAL
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The Black Awakening By Russ Dizdar

THE BLACK AWAKENING: rise of the satanic super soldier and the coming chaos million s of victims of satanic ritual abuse, mind control Super Soldiers for end time Chaos The Chaos before the new order--

B.A, is about the radical evil that has programmed assassins, shooters and the coming Chaos and Anarchy.. Some called it MPD now DID and feel it is a mental disorder... but its not, it is a plotted and planned augmentation and agenda with over 100 million victims worldwide. It has everything to do with the end of days. Satanic Ritual Abuse MK Ultra Monarch Mind Control PSI warfare a master race Prophecy Bohemian Grove, the end game Armageddon a global luciferian agenda the Nazi connection 'chosen ones' super soldiers How and Why they are creating programmed shooter/chaos makers Biblical Prophecy ....

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