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Updated: Apr 23, 2021


The truth, Christine saved our Postal services and made them profitable, the PM was given the nod from above to deal with her! How dare she cost the banks to keep outer towns alive!!! Please sign the Change.Org petition to get her her job back. The more pressure we bring to bear

Get behind Christine Holgate - help get to 10,000 signers!

Robert Barwick



APR 11, 2021 —

On Tuesday 13 April Christine Holgate will speak publicly for the first time, at a hearing of the Senate inquiry into her removal. For a reminder of what's at stake, watch this short clip of Christine Holgate in 2018 announcing the banking deal with CBA that saved community post offices, jobs, and the regional communities that rely on post offices for banking services. Without this deal Australia Post would have scrapped banking services - Christine Holgate's emotion is relief for those 1,550 communities without bank branches that would have been cut off from banking entirely. Yet this was the deal she was ambushed for two years later, because petty politicians saw they could score political points by attacking her for awarding watches to executives, while downplaying or ignoring the brilliant work for which Christine Holgate rewarded them. Get behind Christine Holgate as she prepares to testify - help get the petition to 10,000 signers by signing, and sharing everywhere.

“Watch-gate” The Political Agenda To Try To Destroy Australia Post

Robbie Barwick from the Citizens Party and I discuss the recent report on the Australia Post affair, and reveal the concerning cross-currents.

The Australia Post Plot Thickens...

Christine Holgate's emotion over banking deal that saved Australia Post

The October 2018 press conference announcing the Bank@Post deal with CBA.

Christine Holgate breaks her silence on Australia Post ousting | 7.30

Next Tuesday, the former chief executive of Australia Post, Christine Holgate, will appear before a Senate inquiry. She will face questions about her explosive claims she was forced out of her job over four Cartier watches. As chief political correspondent, Laura Tingle, reports, it is an episode which once again raises questions about standards of accountability in Canberra.


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says Christine Holgate was never released from her contract with Australia Post and therefore is still the CEO of the company. A Senate inquiry is today looking into the Cartier watch scandal and Christine Holgate’s exit from Australia Post. Ms Hanson questioned Ms Holgate about the events leading up to her decision to resign in 2020 and pointed out the contractual obligations both parties were required to perform for her to be legally stood down had never taken place. “By you handing over a letter of resignation does not mean that you are released from your contract. It has to be agreed upon by the board and signed by both parties.” “You are still the CEO of Australia Post by law under your contract”. Ms Holgate noted she had not signed a deed of release and claimed she had been “unlawfully stood down”.

Senate Estimates - Australia Post

03 march 2020

Malcolm Roberts

Australia Post Office Licensees are the backbone of our rural communities. They offer far more than is required by them as a Post Office Licensee (LPO's) and go above and beyond to support their customers. The changing business model has led to many rural post offices being paid only a few dollars an hour and taking second jobs to support their families. This needs to stop. Senate Estimates gives those LPO's a voice where I can ask their questions to the head of AusPost that will hopefully lead to a solution. I had time to ask three questions today which licensees helped me to develop. Further question will be put on notice and Australia Post will have 6 weeks to respond. 1. Corporate Post Offices are poaching businesses from its own licensees without compensation. 2. The governments 'Community Service Obligations' does not cover the costs to meet the workload and ask for an increase in this grossly inadequate payment. 3. Why would Australia Post send an investigator to respond to a request to help with a mental health issues. As a Licensed Post Office, are you satisfied with the responses from Australia Post? I would like your feedback in the comments below or I would be happy for you to email me at If you would like to email the Group Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director directly here is here address Happy for you to cc me into the email.


The Libs want to run the postal service into the ground so they have an excuse to sell it off


What really is going on here. The former CEO did a fantastic job turning Aust Post around after the previous CEO almost destroyed Aust Post. The real agenda is to grind Aust post into the ground then making an excuse to sell it off the for pennies in the dollar. This lady turned losses into profits by negotiating with the banks to pay $250 million in fees for services they never paid before.


Maybe the government should release the report from Boston Consulting Group, which is purporting to privatise Aus Post. And you are right they wanted it ground into the ground to sell it off cheaply to their globalist mates and she turned it back into a profitable business. And the CEO before Holgate also worked for BCG

Holgate rescued business for AusPost, its licencees and the Australian taxpayer to the tune of many millions of dollars.She did ‘her job’ too well. She out manoeuvred the big banks and served the taxpayers. Christine Holgate has done nothing wrong. She is being moved out of the way on a pretext so that Australia Post can be ground down and sold to foreign interests. If that's what you want, global hedge funds and Chinese companies controlling Australian assets,

Morrison and Albanese are against Post Office banking and are attempting to privatize the Post Office? Always remember what George Carlin said about bipartisanship: “Bipartisan usually means that a larger-than-usual deception is being carried out.”


The successful career of Ceo Chistine Holgate

Blackmores CEO Christine Holgate | Meet The CEO #31

Christine Holgate is a real inspiration for conducting ethical, responsive, and profitable businesses.

One of the leading faces of corporate Australia, Holgate has led Blackmores through unprecedented growth. She has transformed a local company into a $2.5 billion global organisation. Blackmores' stock price has quintupled since 2014 and the company is on course to post another record profit. Holgate's push for Asian expansion is a major force driving the company's success. Her resilient leadership style, forthrightness, and straight-shooting approach to challenges has made her a standout CEO. In 2015, she was named CEO of the Year by The CEO Magazine.

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