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A message to Mankind! Share to the world

First Good News

***WHISTLEBLOWER*** The system is crumbling part 2 Here’s more evidence It’s going to be rough for a while But it paves the way for even more back peddling

FAIR Business Australia was live.


We are leading up to another Federal election, it's more important than ever to educate ourselves on who are our alternatives to the big 4 parties, who are our freedom candidates in our own electorates

How YOU can save YOUR country

FAIR Business Australia Find all my upcoming events and locations here


An extremely important message to All Australians! Share to all your family and friends

Please share this information

We are at a point that if all Australians do not understand that we are being taken over by the United Nations and the seriousness of this treachery and treason by the political parties, our future freedoms will be lost. This is an extract of the attached pdf file please share exponentially.

The Australian public must be informed especially as we are nearing a changing of the guard with the next federal election. My belief is that it will be managed as a Labour win,

But if we the people learn our true power we can put a stop to this deprivation of our sovereignty and the corrupt political parties who have been planning and implementing to entrap every single Australian into the hands of the United Nations and a despotic rule of tyranny via Foreign Control of Australia

please read on -


When you read it, draw your own conclusions. Your future, and the future of this great land, might depend on it. David Mitchell, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D. Graduate Diploma of International Law. Diploma of Human Rights. Barrister and Solicitor. 8/9/1988 A.C.T. .................................................................................................................................................. A guidebook for Australians who want to protect their human rights and liberties. by Alan Gourley “... many who think themselves infinitely superior to the aberrations of Nazism and sincerely hate all its manifestations, work at the same time for ideals whose realization would lead straight to the abhorred tyranny.” F.A. Hayek (Professor of Economic Science) The Road to Serfdom, 1944. Copyright C Alan Gourley 1987 ISBN 0 9588651 2 4 0


AUSTRALIANS SPEAKING TO AUSTRALIANS When one reads the recognized constitutional experts of the past, such as for instance

Dr.Evatt, what we find is a great confusion of opinion about details of meaning. People like

Dr.Evatt considered this a disaster; he wanted a legally precise and defined constitution (is there such a thing?). Others consider the strength of Common Law is that it is flexible, even though this very flexibility may create confusion. However, despite this diversity of views, there is one point at which all acknowledged past authorities appear to agree; under our system ... the people are the authority. Whenever a constitutional crisis occurs and the Crown dissolves a parliament, it is always in order to return parliament to the authority of the electorate. Parliament has only one legal duty, to serve the will of the people; the Crown has only one legal duty in its sworn commitment to ensure the parliament acts by the WILL of the people and WITHIN THE LAW. 62/83 So in the end it does not matter what the politicians say, or what a King or Queen may say, or what the Courts and lawyers may say, CONSTITUTIONALLY, it is the people who are THE ONLY authority RIGHTFULLY able to make a final decision on all matters of constitution and government. BE REASSURED, THAT UNDER COMMON LAW, NO MATTER WHAT ‘AUTHORITIES’ MAY SAY, IT IS THE ELECTORATE THAT IS THE LEGAL AND FINAL AUTHORITY OF GOVERNMENT, TO GRANT THE POWERS OF GOVERNMENT AND TO GRANT AUTHORITY TO GOVERNMENT TO USE THE POWERS GRANTED. It is well that we should make these things known within our community for we are, if ignorant, subject to grave and individual danger. We (who have been active in this matter) are neither rash nor ideological fanatics, we are not gambling our lives for some petty political end. The Common Law system, established on the will of the people, is your only legal protection. If the overthrow of the Common Law system is completed then the lives of all Australians will be in the hands of despots free to rule by despotic law.

The world has never, in national history, ever fully achieved ‘government of the people by the people’. Perhaps, early this century, we came close to that ideal in Australia (as also in the U.S.A. and England) but failed because of lack of understanding and political will. The power-hungry were allowed to consolidate their control of the school-room, the church, the mass media and the political party system. In true democracy there must be a public ability to:

1. exercise authority over individual political decisions; 2. control the money supply; 3. manage national affairs free of foreign instruction. It was never clearly explained that we had achieved (by virtue of our Constitutional heritage) the three imperatives of democracy. No one ever told us of our need to protect this heritage. No political party ever campaigned for some mechanism whereby we might keep our servants honest. The most effective way so far developed of keeping our servants honest, is the Swiss system of Citizen Initiated Referendum but even this may not be enough without Citizen Chosen Representatives in parliament.

The strange thing is that in order to create a technological society the power hungry had to give us a sound education beneath that overlay of ideological deceit. This has resulted in the opening of a narrow time- slot during which we may, so long as we still have the will and the courage to act, see the deception and escape.

Our future is our own responsibility. God gave us an option but it is we who have to take it up.

You may judge the tree by the fruit it bears. 63/83 As you now must surely see, the hour is late. Late indeed for those who would save family, nation, or soul. The treason we talk of is one treason and the struggle is one struggle. The battle is for truth against lies; the battle is for justice against injustice; the battle is for good against evil. Intelligence was given us to use.

What Can be Done? If this book can strike a spark you can be a detonator. If the detonator fizzes rather than explodes, then the great force contained in the community population will not ignite. It is up to us. Enough people are already reading this information to create a mighty explosion if they have the will to set in motion the chain reaction. We need to start an explosive reaction that will see sufficient of this information produced and distributed before the results of treason consolidate into a new, United Nations dictated, Australian Constitution. We have to gain enough community enlightenment to charge the political parties with treason. The legal profession will not support us unless we have community support; lawyers will not put their heads on the block for a seeming lost cause even though their heads will come off if our cause is finally lost. How can you spread this information? Do not go only to friends and those who already agree with you. Try your butcher, your baker, your chemist. As you buy your shoes it is not too difficult to ask, Are you concerned about the political situation? If he/she says No! all you need do is look surprised and try someone else; but if they give any positive response you can say, Well, the first thing you can do is to read this book, you can tell me what you think of it next time I’m in. If, after reading, people respond negatively ask them to give you evidence to support their position but try not to get into an argument that will only set up an emotional blockage. You can send a copy to your local newspaper (but don’t expect too much). You can send it to any politician in whom you have some faith (are there any?), your favourite media personality or sports star. Business managers, clubs, committee members, etc. Some go from door to door or even hand them out in the street using the same approach as with your storekeeper. Our Sword DEMOCRACY and TREASON in AUSTRALIA is our Sword – our political weapon. Although the armour of generations of miseducation and dissipation is thick, we have to keep hacking away. More people are awakening and the more that do awake the more restless grow those still asleep. We have to get basic information to as many responsible people as possible, even repeating on political, business and media people who have been given less convincing material. We must each become our own political campaign to get a voice in parliament.


This is an amazing book! Some readers claim it frightening, others say it rests on theories of

'dark conspiracies', but all find astonishing revelations about Australia's recent political
Although many thousands of copies have been sold, and the book is now in its second
edition, no response has been made to the author's invitation to challenge its truth.
How many members (from all parties) are in Federal Parliament contrary to the express
provisions of the Constitution? How many Australians understand their system of
government? How many politicians fail to represent their constituents? How many electors
know the protection provided for by the constitution? How many know the value of their
heritage? To what extent do treaties with other countries impact on the rights of Australians?
Treaties like the Economic and Social Covenant and the Civil and Political Covenant.
Conventions eliminating all forms of discrimination on the grounds of race and sex, and
agreements prohibiting compulsory work for unemployment benefits (forced labour) already
exist. A Declaration relating to the freedom of religion is under consideration for preparation
as a Convention and a Declaration relating to local government is in process. How many
Australians understand the extent to which these treaties bring Australia under international
supervision and control?
The Australia Act purports finally to establish Australia's total independence and, thus, to
place U.K. citizens on the same footing as any other 'foreigner'. If section 44 of the
Constitution and the Australia Act are enforced many politicians will be forced out of
This hook is a key to understanding the contemporary political history of Australia. It should
be studied carefully by every Australian.
When you read it, draw your own conclusions. Your future, and the future of this great land,
might depend on it.
David Mitchell, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., Ph.D.
Graduate Diploma of International Law.
Diploma of Human Rights.
Barrister and Solicitor.
8/9/1988 A.C.T.


ONCE UPON A TIME a rather innocent young woman complained to her doctor of sickness

in the mornings.

The doctor mentioned a growth that a small operation could remove. Had the young woman

known what the growth was, she and her husband would rather have killed the doctor than

their unborn child. More unfortunate, after the abortion she was unable to conceive again.

Now that may sound rather like the beginning of a Grimm's Fairytale, but sadly, although the

story of Democracy and Treason in Australia, is grim, it is no fairytale. The political parties

entice us to an abortion of the 'embryo democratic' and if the planned abortion is allowed to

proceed it will be no less a disaster to our future as a people or as a nation.

We live in a Democracy! A free country! Such comments are commonly made with a wry

smile - sarcasm is commonplace. There must be very few Australians today who really

believe that the common definition of Democracy (supreme power of government vested in

the people) applies to Australia.

In fact the government of Australia is little more democratic than the government of the

USSR. Our main advantage is that the bureaucracy is not yet military and if enough

Australians knew the situation we would still have the power to change. To begin that

change let us first replace the common definition of what constitutes a democracy with

something more specific.

The three imperatives of democracy are:

1. public authority over political decisions;

2. national control the money supply;

3. national affairs free of external instruction.

Our present Constitution does provide for these but we, the people, are not told. Has ANY

political party EVER campaigned for ANY of them?

NEVER! They have suppressed the first to sell us out on the second and third. What can we


Just as the great Judge Sir Edward Coke stood up to King James I and said, You may not

rule this country by proclamations out of your head ... you only have the power which the law

gives you ... so we Australians have to stand up to the political parties.

We have to say to them, "You are not authorized to exercise the power of life or death over

us, you are not authorized to change the nature of our culture so as to suit your own

ambitions. The Australian Constitution does not allow political parties a mandate to rule, nor

are the Courts entitled to interpret the Constitution so as to make us subservient to overseas

agents at your demand."

We have to say to them, "Such actions are in contempt of our people and heritage and are

either acts of treason or of certifiable stupidity."

We can influence our future! We do not need sell our souls to foreign despots. This nation is

ours and contains everything we need for prosperity. But freedom and prosperity must be

earned; these blessings are not given to us by others!

How can we regain our self-respect?

We have to face up to our past mistake of expecting others to look after us at their expense.

Human nature is not like that.

A factual knowledge of human nature is essential to any sorting out of the massive

misinformation thrust on us today, it is difficult to make any realistic assessment of our

situation without that base. My own investigations of human and worldly nature began in

childhood so I am not easily surprised by events and attitudes, but some public attitudes are


One such disconcerting attitude is the unhealthy apathy toward the evidence of world

conspiracy by people who know that conspiracy is, and always has been, almost as common

to the human as the common cold.

As Abraham Lincoln said:

When we see a lot of framed timbers, different portions of which we know have been gotten

out at different times and places by different workmen, and when we see these timbers

joined together and see that they exactly make the frame of a house ... we find it impossible

not to believe that they all understood one another from the beginning, and all worked upon

a common plan . . .

A second puzzle is that people so easily accept disbelief when it comes to facing up to

dangers generated by those with a fanatical greed for PERSONAL POWER. Here is a

helpful quote from The Hidden Hand by A. Ralph Epperson:

Those who seek power will be corrupted by it. They will be willing to intentionally cause

depressions, revolutions and wars in order to further their desire for more power. :b This

corrupting nature of the very pursuit of power explains why the moral mind of the individual

who neither desires power over others nor understands the desire for such power, cannot

fathom why power-seekers would want to create human misery through wars, depressions

and revolutions. [E.A.]

In other words, the conspirators are successful because the moral citizen cannot accept the

conclusion that other individuals would actually wish to create incredibly destructive acts

against their fellow citizens.

A third cause of frustration is a common attachment to either capitalism or communism that

prevents many people from accepting what should be patiently obvious, that these

ideologies work as a nut-cracker toward the goal of destroying our present culture and

setting up enslavement on behalf of a world-wide Super Mafia type of organization.

So I hope that the reader, if only from a sense of self-preservation, will make an effort to take

an open mind to information in this book.

Among ideas implanted by brainwashers is the idea that we should fill the mind with pleasant

thoughts and be happy, but would it not be better to be torn limb from limb than to go

through life with no soul to feel the distress of another soul - no eyes to see injustice - no ear

to hear the cry of distress - no will to make things right.

Let us pity the wise monkeys (so acclaimed) who see no evil, hear no evil - who live in

dreams; their God, whoever they may imagine God to be, will, in the end, not know them.

Will say, "I never knew you." for 'in reality' they deny themselves the feelings of life and

evade life's responsibilities.

In short, when we truly know life, then we truly know that we have an obligation to it and that

the ultimate success of our own life depends on our success in performing this duty.

That is the nature of life. If we know life then the cause of the so-called 'public apathy' is not

so difficult to find. It is that a great proportion of Australians are already confused in their

ability to read effectively and understand their world. They blindly follow blindly chosen


We have been indoctrinated by educators to the belief that we are no more than animals

caught up in a life without future or purpose, as a result we tend to seek that which is futile

and self-destructive.

We have a growing list of young suicides and mass media has to be careful when reporting

not to trigger a follow-the-leader (lemming-like) self destruction. But of course the

power-seeking mass media only exercises this self-restraint to a minimum because mass

media is a vampire living off the death and destruction it so eagerly reports.

The obvious suicides are only the 'tip of the iceberg'; the majority of distressed minds prefer

to destroy themselves by means of drugs and reckless living. Quite plainly it is the

fundamental nature of humanity that is under attack, an attack so merciless and devoid of

compassion that we may think those who plan it must be alien to our planet. However, our

enemies are simply people who have been made incomprehensible by generations hooked

on the drug of personal power-seeking.

So before getting down to the serious work let us recall a well established fact that was long

ago put into words by Disraeli, Governments do not govern, but merely control the

machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.

The question we have to decide is who will own the hidden hand tomorrow; will it be the

hand of the electorate using the heritage of our present Constitution, or the hand of the

power fanatics who must continually progress to greater and greater atrocities to satisfy their

uncontrollable lusts?

Download and read please share!

Download PDF • 463KB

learn more from

Andi Ryan 's listed links · 1:17 The beginning of Governmental Corruption


Living Crown De Jure You already have your Sovereignty through your birth certificate however only the living Crown can exercise prerogative and statutory powers not rights????? The Global Bankers and Militarized Global Governments is operating through Ngai Tahu and have incorporated everyone's creator ancestral ties from: "In the beginning" They have claimed everything in the "Name" Claim to be the "New Crown Owner"



It’s here and you don’t even know it !

One million homes are at risk of flooding by 2030, new modelling claims - so is your home in one of the 30 high-risk areas?

  • Modelling reveals one million homes in 30 LGAs are at risk of flooding by 2030

  • Riverine flooding is expected to cause $170b in property value loss by 2050

  • High-risk areas include Brisbane, Gold Coast, Horsham and NSW's Central Coast

  • In Brisbane council more than 211,000 properties are exposed to flooding

By Miriah Davis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 13:35 AEST, 17 March 2022 | Updated: 18:12 AEST, 17 March 2022


Tilly Cat was live

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk offers the state's purpose-built quarantine facility to house northern NSW flood victims

The Queensland Premier has offered the purpose-built Wellcamp quarantine facility to flood affected residents in northern NSW.

Ms Palaszczuk defended the camp, saying it will safeguard against whatever comes in the future
.au-Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk offers the states purpose-built qu

7.30 30 March at 20:22 ·

Lismore floods

Tonight there are active evacuation orders for large parts of northern NSW and the mid-north coast. Northern Rivers residents are facing their second major flood in a month, only weeks after record-breaking floods swept the region. Elias Clure reports from Lismore.

The mess that is Morrison just gets worse.

I’m a Liberal MP and I cannot vote for the re-election of a Scott Morrison government Catherine Cusack

The prime minister has ruined the party of Robert Menzies, trashing its values and forfeiting the integrity and values of Australia with his scheming

  • News report: Liberal MP Catherine Cusack accuses PM of ‘ruthless bullying’ and scheming at the expense of flood victims

Connie said the prime minister has “lost his moral compass”. Coincidently I used those exact same words in my email to Liberal state director Chris Stone two weeks ago, saying I could no longer stomach these self-serving behaviours and I do not recognise the party I joined.

Read here @Link

Scott Morrison’s brazen attempt to fund flood  victims in a Nationals seat and exclude flood victims in a Labor seat  that I happen to live in was just too much. I cannot deny we are all  overwrought here, witnessing so much suffering. My bullshit tolerance  levels are at zero. So to see the self-serving ruthless bullying that  has increased inside the Liberal party spill over into public policy and  the poorest most vulnerable Australians who lost everything in the  floods are the targets of this outrageous abuse of morality and power is  simply intolerable. Particularly for anyone who actually understands or  cares about why the Liberal party was formed in the first place and the  values we are entrusted to uphold.

I  spoke out expecting it would make no difference – but a Newton’s Cradle  effect took hold when others across politics backed the need for  fairness to flood victims. It became so embarrassing that the assistance was extended to all northern rivers victims.  Of course I was surprised and happy but it seems now we are paying a  second price with the prime minister refusing to engage NSW government  on additional measures that are so needed for victims of this incredible  disaster. It’s so bad I am moved to endorse Connie’s character  assessment of the PM. “It’s my way or the highway.” For flood victims.  Un-bloody-believable.

Catherine Cusack is a NSW Liberal MLC who announced two weeks ago  she would resign from parliament over her anger about relief funding for  flood victims

Newcastle break wall 2/4/22

Dusty Images

27 Aprn5gil amorteda 16:23f ·

Big swell at Newcastle this morning. Been awhile since I’ve been able to get out behind the camera

Huge waves pounding the coastline near Caves Beach NSW taken 3/4/22.

KIDD Imagery is in Pinny Beach.

l39 Apprmil162 ratl 0e7u9:0d8 ·

The huge waves pounding into our coastline was not short of breathtaking & frightening to watch. To give some scale the cliffs here are around 50 metres high, & the breaking wave towers aboove the top of the cliff face The coastal erosion from this event will be devasting for coastal areas

Geoffrey Cantor

173 subscribers

Can anyone put me in touch with Luke Eastlake from Woodburn. Luke is in my film of the flood recovery. My name is Geoff Cantor. If you find Luke Give him my number .......... All of the people I met in the flood areas are the most powerful and real people to be amongst. Here is the link to my film which has been shared around Australia and internationally.

Weathering The Storm to Create The New & Awakening The Child with Alfa Vedic

Great Interview with

Tom Barnett

This was published 11 years ago Thai rain making comes to Qld By Ron Corben August 8, 2010 — 7.06pm A rain-making method developed by Thai king Bhumipol Adulyadej is set to aid Queensland in battles with drought after an agreement between the state government and the Thai royal household. The Queensland government's access to the rain-making technology, developed by King Bhumipol over the past 30 years, came a year after the state approached the royal household last year. As a result, Queensland is set to be the first major region outside Thailand where the rain-making technology will be put into full effect. In the past, Australia had joined other nations requesting information exchange and technology on the technique. But Soothiporn Jitmittraparp, secretary general of the National Research Council of Thailand, said similarities in topography in Thailand and Queensland would be beneficial to the success of the project. "The climate and geology of Queensland drought area is very similar to some parts of Thailand. So we're quite sure this technology can be used effectively in Queensland," Soothiporn told AAP. The technique largely relies on cloud seeding generally undertaken using chemicals that promote the formation of water droplets within the cloud formations. The chemical cloud seeding in turn creates clouds with differing temperatures at different altitudes. There are several stages in the process, with sodium chloride used in the final stage to trigger rain. "If that kind of cloud is set up in a very good condition, then the cloud will condense into water and the rain will begin falling," Soothiporn said. In Thailand, the cloud-seeding method has been applied in the largely drought-affected north-east of the country as well as boosting water volume in dams and reservoirs and aiding reforestation programs. Mr Soothiporn said the agreement is also set to boost bilateral cooperation between Thailand and Australia in areas of meteorology and weather programs. Talks between the state government and the Thai royal household began in 2009 but an agreement was reached only in June. It allows for exchange of scientists to study the rain-making methods. The technique was recognised in 2005 and covered by patents in 30 European countries. Reports said Queensland Premier Anna Bligh had recently forwarded a letter to King Bhumipol, now 83, acknowledging the assistance for access to the techniques. Queensland initially made the request for assistance when the state was more than 35 per cent drought affected in 2009. But heavy rains across the region over the first half of this year has left less than two per cent of coverage still affected. Sydney Morning Herald By Ron Corben August 8, 2010 — 7.06pm

Queensland rain making program

A January 2008 Courier Mail article reports:

“Showers have fallen after the first two flights of Queensland’s cloud seeding trial.

“Paul Brady, managing director of MIPD, the company doing the seeding, said

yesterday that the project would be a success

Download PDF • 23KB



Graham Hood is a former Qantas pilot Capt. Shane Murdock, who was one the airlines longest serving workers. For many years Graham has also offered people pastoral care & advice to help people with other challenges that life presents. This is his page to stay up to date.

Graham Hood

AVIATION IS THE NEW BATTLE GROUND ON MANDATES. In episode 2 in Aviation Week I chate with veteran Captain Shane Murdock. Not to be missed. Please support the Aussie Freedom Flyer fund raiser below. If we win in the aviation sector we win for the country. Stayoutathetrees and God bless us all. Hoody

WE MUST VOTE ALL THESE LIFE LONG POLITICIANS OUT…GOOGLE TOPHER FIELD & his video on the voting system using marbles

Preferential Voting with Marbles! How to stick it to the Major Parties this election!

Turning Point Australia 30 March at 16:56 ·

⚠️ Hell hath no fury 🔥 the truth about Scott Morrison 🤯 🔸 Follow & Donate to TPAUS here - #TheBudget #ScottMorrison #Auspol

Hell hath no fury the truth about Scott Morrison Follow & Donate to TPAUS here - #TheBudget #ScottMorrison #Auspol

NEWS: Even more evidence - Scott Morrison is a total liar, unfit to be Prime Minister.

No Cashless Debit Card Australia Today at 13:08 ·

📌That time @abc730 gave Kerryn a national voice, they cut her story in half and decided not to fact check Faye Wiffin's comments at all ( all centrelink recipients are taxpayers thank you!) They also chose not to reveal that Faye, a member of the "community reference group" or CRG in Hinkler *appointed by and paid by the DSS* was also member of Keith Pitt's re-election team.

PM flood fallout

The fallout from the flood crisis has reached high political office.

PRIME7 News North Coast

More Senators Accuse Prime Minister Of Bullying

Jacqui Lambie has become the latest senator to accuse Scott Morrison of bullying. Outgoing Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells and Pauline Hanson have both made accusations against the Prime Minister. Liberal MP, Katie Allen, joins us

Scott Morrison: "Two-Year-Old on a Temper Tantrum" | Q+A

Jacqui Lambie backs the claims outgoing Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells made about the PM's alleged poor character.

Turning Point Australia 3 April at 13:24 ·

Senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells was right! 😅 Scott Morrison used the Labor party to knock off his political internal opponent, Michael Towke. This is Sam Dastyari on Kyle and Jackie O ~ 28th August 2018 🎙 See less

Scott Morrison used the Labor party to knock off his political internal opponent, Michael Towke. This is Sam Dastyari on Kyle and Jackie O ~ 28th August 2018 Note: In 2016, Mr Dastyari (man speaking) was forced to resign as manager of opposition business after it emerged he had asked a Chinese donor to pay a travel bill.


Prime Minister Denies Racism In Preselection Battle

The Prime Minister has denied allegations he used an opponent’s Lebanese heritage to undermine him in a state preselection battle, 15 years ago. As Coalition MP’s line up to defend the PM, the man at the centre of it all has broken his silence. The Saturday Paper Chief Political Correspondent, Karen Middleton broke the story, and joins us. #TheProject

Scott Morrison claims he intervened in NSW pre-selection to protect 'great women' | 7.30

Prime Minister Scott Morrison tells 7.30 he made the decision to intervene in some pre-selections in New South Wales because he is "very serious about having great women" in his ranks.

Wants to protect women, but won’t implement the recommendations of the Jenkins Report

Read about the investigation that the Liberals tried to keep secret...

.The friendlyjordies team have been provided with documentation that detail investigations into alleged sexual acts within Parliament House and specifically within the APH Prayer Room.

The friendlyjordies team have been provided with a version of the final report with elements redacted. You can view the full document here:

Download PDF • 3.41MB

read the full story @link

Senator Louise Pratt

Morrison and Cash gift 6 Liberal mates lucrative taxpayer funded jobs on the AAT paying up to $496,000 a year on the eve of election.

The End of Freedom, Attorney General steps in

There are two young political protestors who have been fighting the good cause for all of humanity. Kane and Ilaina have been on the frontline for more than two years, trying to bring awareness to others that our political system is not here for us. Just recently, they were arrested on Parliament lawns in Canberra and accused of trespass. They have been politically protesting against the so called “democracy" we live under, abiding by the rules laid out....

They were not on the lawns to camp, but to protest. They have been targeted by having their vehicle taken, their possessions also taken and trumped-up charges placed upon them.

They both just recently faced court against these charges.


Discernable 3 April at 09:09 ·

'Northern Territory Mandates Are Invalid': Law Lecturer Geoffrey James

Retired lawyer of 42 years Geoff James believes the Northern Territory vaccination mandates are invalid at law (ultra vires) and has published an essay explaining why. This argument is distinct from others we have heard because rather than make a moral judgement, Geoff makes the claim that they are simply and technically not law. His legal argument is being used by class actions in the Northern Territory to fight mandates. In this interview he steps us through the broad position of law in Western democracies and how executive rule by fiat authority is on the rise but in no way legitimate. Watch the full interview fast and ad-free at:

KLAUS SCHWAB ON WEF PLAN TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD - The Elites Will Have All Of The Benefits of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Listing All of The World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders From The Class of 1993 - The First Class Approx 200 Participants Which Included 12 Prime Minister's, 3 Presidents, A Chancellor And A Prince

Stay prepared!

Glenn Beck Explains What Happens AFTER the Great Reset | @Stu Does America

Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are, “The Names and Faces”

Dr. David Martin Exposes the Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity
 Red Pill Expo, November 19, 2021
 If you thought the last Dr David Martin talk was exciting, this one,  which he gave at the Red Pill Expo is positively electrifying.
 He says that this is “final” speech but that we will be hearing from  him, only it will be a new version: No more Mr Nice Guy. We get to see a  bit of that in this presentation. He is angry.
 David has put the names and faces of all of the major players in the  theater of the COVID War onto one slide, which he says is important,  because “We energize the forces of darkness when we anonymize them and  when we see their faces on a screen, we realize that they’re merely  individuals that have lost the social contract with humanity.”
The purpose of this talk is to de-mystify the “they” of the COVID War.
 “How many of you are familiar with the company, Anser? I love having  this moment. Do you know they are the single largest contractor in the  entire COVID terrorism campaign?…
 “The companies on the right, that you think are the ones running this  show [Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Ridgeback, Gilead  Sciences], are in fact a front [for the companies on the left, Anser,  Fors-Marsh, Palantir, Publicis Sapient].
 “And you know what a front organization is? They’re the ones that are  supposed to take the flack and take the heat. The ones on the left are  the ones that actually got the money. Operation Warp Speed went to  Anser.
 “You didn’t know that, because you were told by the media that it went  to Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and all that kind of stuff.  That’s not true. The prime contract of Operation Warp Speed went through  Anser, a company none of you had heard of!
 “And you didn’t hear about them because the contract was signed by ATI, a  company based in South Carolina, a company whose history has been  government defense contracts for the purposes of propaganda! I wish I  made that up. The prime contractor selected to run Operation Warp Speed  was a propaganda expert for the US Department of Defense…
 “Anser is the way for the Federal Government never to be liable for the  criminal conspiracy they know they ran. They are now one of the top ten  Federal Contractors in history, below Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon and all  those guys.
“Those names you know. You don’t know Anser, the single company that, by  COVID rose – the highest-ranked rise in the history of federal  contracting; the highest single-year rise, ever was Anser – and none of  you know who they are!…
 “Anser Corporation, they’re the ones running Operation Warp Speed and  they’ve been set up to shield these manufacturers from ever taking the  financial liability for their willful misconduct. And one day,  everybody’s gonna go, ‘Let’s sue Pfizer! Let’s go sue everybody else!  And the only problem is when we go to sue them, they say, ‘Hey! It  wasn’t us!’ And they’re right and all of us were asleep. And I’m talking  to a woke crowd, here and all of you were asleep.
 “Don’t tell me you’re awake if you’re still sleeping, because if you didn’t know who Anser is, you’re still asleep!
 “It gets worse. Fors-Marsh, anybody know Fors-Marsh?…They’re the......

it gets worse,

read more @link

The names and faces of the people who are, in fact killing humanity. And that’s ALL of them. Now, here’s the bad news: There’s a lot of people on that slide, aren’t there? Here’s the better news…I’ll actually give you all this slide, because why not? Lets make sure that we don’t ever forget the names and the faces of the people who decided to kill us…”

Here is a list of all the people in that slide:

· Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries

· Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees WEF

· Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action

· Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Canada

· Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the IMF

· Queen Rania of Jordan

· David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Carlyle Group

· Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, WEF

· Marc Benioff, Chair and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce

· Thomas Buberl, CEO, AXA

· Laurence Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock

· Orit Gadiesh, Chairman, Bain & Company

· Fabiola Gianotti, Director General, CERN

· L. Rafael Reif, President of MIT

· Mark Schneider, CEO, Nestlé

· Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Defense Minister, Singapore

· Robert Mercer, Renaissance Fund

· Larry Page, Google

· Al Gore, Environmentalist

· Angel Gurría, Secretary General OECD

· Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information Communication Technology, Rwanda

· Yo-Yo Ma, Cellist

· Luis Alberto Moreno, WEF

· Jim Hagemann Snabe, Chairman of Siemens and of Maersk

· Feike Sijbesma, Philco

· Zhu Min, Deputy Managing Director, IMF

· Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook/Meta

· Bill Gates, Microsoft

· Herman Gref, CEO, Sberbank

· André Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman Hoffman-La Roche

· Christine Lagarde, President, European Central Bank

· Peter Maurer, President, Red Cross

· Patrice Motsepe, Chairman, African Rainbow Minerals

· Julie Sweet, CEO, Accenture

· Heizo Takenaka, Economist

· Dustin Moskovitz, Open Philanthropy

David continues, “I want you to have some looks on there. Some are kind of interesting, like cellist Yo-Yo Ma. Did you hear me say that? Cellist, Yo-Yo Ma.

“How about the head of the Wellcome Trust? Not surprising, there, right? How about Princess Rania of Jordan? Ooh, that’s weird.

“How about the woman who happens to be sitting at the helm of the leadership of the government of Canada but conveniently out of sight but running 100% of the money for the government of Canada.

“How about all of these interesting people like, Jim Hagemann Snabe, how about Zhu Min, Chairman of the National Institute of Financial Research in China?

“And what makes these individuals interesting is that when you look at them, you find out something very important. Almost none of them have sought public visibility. Isn’t that funny? Which makes me pick on one of them. The guy I have here, at the bottom corner. And I have to give him credit. He has done so much to stay out of sight.

“I’ve got 12 minutes left. I’ve got to spend a couple of minutes on the guy who’s paid every search engine optimization to keep his name out of search engines and I’m doing it so that is costs him sh!tloads to keep all of you silent.


“So let’s get really clear on Dustin Moskovitz. Shall we, Dustin Moskovitz?…You little piece of sh!t! Let’s talk about him for a minute. The Co-Founder of Facebook that you’ve never heard of…also the guy who founded Open Philanthropy, who was the actual check-writer for Event201. You were told that it was the World Economic Forum. You were told it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You were told it was Johns Hopkins University. But the actual check that cleared for the program was signed by none other than Dustin Moskovitz…

“Now, I’m picking on him for a good reason. He’s a felon, he’s a criminal. He is one of the most sociopathic, psychopathic, crazy people walking the planet and he’s paid to keep his name in private. So guess what? Don’t let him! The reason why I want to give you this slide is because I want every one of them named. I want them all publicly named.

“Because it’s time that we start going through the reality of saying, ‘We the People are not going to let mass-murderers get away anonymously mass-murdering people. We are not going to allow that to happen! Not on our watch! And that’s why you have this slide…

“But let’s go back to Dustin. Isn’t it interesting that Dustin conveniently decided to shroud this entire public health crisis in a self-serving, self-interested investment objective? He owns Sherlock biosciences. Sherlock Bioscienceshappens to be the company that owns the CRISPR technology that is the joint venture between the United States and China on gene editing the human genome…

“Dustin Moskovitz knew that if he actually tried to take this technology into the public, nobody would be willing to do it, particularly, given the fact that it’s a JV [joint venture] between him and the government of China. That’s the reason why we’d have a problem with it. Because it feels like eugenics. You know why it feels like eugenics? Because it iseugenics, that’s why it feels like it! That’s why it feels like Cold Spring Harbor Labs…

“The only way we could get gene editing technology approved was with an Emergency Use Authorization. Not surprisingly, once everybody was distracted on vaccines and everybody was distracted on RTPCR and everybody was distracted on everything else, Sherlock Biosciences slipped their Emergency Use Authorization application into the FDA – and got it. In other words, using the cover of COVID, which all of us are pretending to talk about, the editing of the human genome was approved and not one of us said a thing.

“Now, if you were going to edit the human genome, do you think you’d need a good cover story to actually hide what you’re really doing? You’d probably find the guy who has the biggest financial interest in doing it and make sure, that while everyone is looking over at coronavirus and COVID and trying to figure out these Lab Leak Hypothesis – there’s no Lab Leak Hypothesis, because there’s no lab leak!

“So stop taking about lab leaks! there is no lab leak. This is the willful weaponization of a spike protein, that’s what it is. It’s an act of war, it’s not a leak. We need to start calling it what it is. It’s an act of war. It’s an act of war against humanity.

“We stop pretending to take their bait and follow their stupid rabbit trails and follow stupid rabbit trails into stupid rabbit holes and wonder why there’s a bunch of pee and piss and poo that smells like rabbit warrens. Well, it smells like it because that’s what you find at the end of a rabbit trail.

“We need to be focused on the point and people like Dustin Moskovitz and this slide is going to be shared with everyone in this room, because it is incumbent on you. Now you know. Now you must act. Because when we talk about the ‘they’, we empower the ‘they’.

“But when we talk about the names of people, we humanize the sociopathic behavior. We humanize the fact that there are individuals and organizations that are willfully murdering the humanity that we know and love and we cannot let that hapen on our watch. It is incumbent on all us to get those words out.”

Watch the full presentation below:


The next slide shows the countries of the US, Canada, UK, Germany, South Africa, China and Australia and the logos of the following corporations: BlackRock, AXA, HSBC, International Monetary Fund, United Healthcare, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

David says, “The most important part of this slide is what I put in the Atlantic Ocean, because the real nation-state isn’t a nation-state. Listen!…The Treaty of Westphalia, the stupid idea of drawing lines on maps and calling them countries has long been dead.

“The real control is that,” (points to the slide), “what I call the ‘Atlantic Coalition of Doom.’ The Atlantic Coalition of Doom: BlackRock, AXA, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, ICBC and you guessed it, United Healthcare…

“United Healthcare is a corrupt organization. It is a corrupt organization. It must be called what it is. It is actually the most manipulative corporate structures known to humanity, because what it does is it matches life insurance and insurance products with the delivery of healthcare, so they can so what? Manage your health? Oh-ho-ho no! Bet against the timing of your death.

“That’s the internal arbitrage. It is the wet dream of the Lloyd’s of London syndicate. They would have loved to have had this opportunity. But guess what? They didn’t. United Healthcare did. They put two things together, which means they get to manage your life so they can time your death, so they can profit on both.” David Martin Who They Are The Names and Faces
Download PDF • 228KB


Mr Gillespie highlights the corrupt and unscientific actions by the Australian Govt and State governments in dealing with the SO-CALLED pandemic of Covid-19. He outlines how they went against the best scientific advice on lockdowns mask-wearing quarantining etc. Very enlightening video.



  1. 15 June 1995 – Unnamed 32 year old Detective from Annandale Police Station who jumped to his death from a 7th floor building. – Peter James McGRATH – 15 June 1995

  2. 12 April 1997 – -Policeman Clinton Moller found hanged at Parklea Gaol on 12 April 1997 -was a sentence for contempt-was told he was being transferred to Gaol but, according to his lawyer Ken Madden, the decision to Ms transfer to Berrima was designed to place pressure on Moller.

  3. 10 July 1995 – Businessman Ray Jenkins gassed himself in his car.

  4. 23 September 1996 – Detective Wayne Johnson shot himself and his wife. Johnson earlier named at the Royal Commission – 23 September 1996.

  5. 4 December 1996 – Mr Danny Caines found gassed in his car at Forster.

  6. 17 October 1997 – John Ross, shot himself at the Sebel Townhouse. Named in Royal Commission as having made corrupt payments to Police.

  7. 4 November 1996 – Justice David Yeldham himself in his car.

  8. 29 March 1996 – Rob TAIT. Acting Patrol Commander Bob Tait, Narrabri, shot himself after being accused by the Royal Commission.

  9. 18 April, 1996 – Brian Tobin, gassed himself in his car hours after being interviewed by Royal Commission investigators.

  10. 8 May 1996 – Peter Foretic, gasses himself in his car the day before being due to give evidence at the Royal Commission.

  11. 17 September 2002 – Mr ” R “, plunged a knife into his heart surrounded by clippings of his appearance at the Wood Royal Commission in 1996.

It should be noted that there was a recent suicide of a former Police officer by the name of Hazell who killed himself allegedly surrounded by news articles of the 1996 Royal Commission, in which he had been summonsed as a witness at the time. It shows the long lasting and continued effects of the Royal Commission on those involved.


Dear Mrs Bishop, I am a Mend of Dr Richard Basham, having met him ago in my capacity as a Detective in the NSW Police Homicide Squad he me in a particularly vicious Vietnamese murder enquiry that 1 was at the time. Dr Basham recently mentioned to me the activities of your and it occurred to both of us that I may be able to provide you with valuable concerning illegal activities of the Wood Royal Commission and its the large number of suicides that occurred as a result of that and the resultant inaction and total disinterest of the NSW Government into allegations. It is my belief that the activities of the Royal Commission contributed to the current state of criminal unrest in New South Wales. I am providing this information to you, not for personal or but to have it placed on the public record so that those who have done hide behind the facade that was the Royal Commission into the NSW Police. It is an attempt to have recognised the illegal tactics used by such In the following paragraphs I will attempt to briefly outline my information. If the matter is of interest to you and the committee I can supply further clippings as well as summaries of evidence, transcripts etc. My contact can be found at the end of this submission.


see pdf for full story or go to link



Altogether, 12 people enmeshed in the Wood royal commission took their own lives. Scores of others were so profoundly affected by proceedings that their supporters and families believe it shortened their lives.

Holding judgement judgement
Download PDF • 85KB

June 9, 2007

It took up 451 hearing days, heard from 902 public witnesses and cost an estimated $64 million. Malcolm Brown reports on the Wood royal commission, 10 years on.
It began on June 15, 1995, when an unnamed Annandale detective jumped to his death from the seventh floor of a building, apparently through fear of the Wood royal commission. The detective’s suicide was followed by those of Ray Jenkins, a dog trainer (July 10), and Inspector Robert Tait, the acting patrol commander at Narrabri (March 29, 1996). Nineteen days later a former Wollongong alderman, Brian Tobin, gassed himself.
On May 8 the same year, Peter Foretic gassed himself the day after giving evidence about paedophilia. On September 23, Detective Senior Constable Wayne Johnson shot himself and his estranged wife after being adversely named in the royal commission. On November 4, David Yeldham, a retired judge about to face the royal commission on questions of sexual impropriety, killed himself. A month later Danny Caines, a plumber and police confidant, committed suicide at Forster, on the North Coast.
Altogether, 12 people enmeshed in the Wood royal commission took their own lives. Scores of others were so profoundly affected by proceedings that their supporters and families believe it shortened their lives. A former detective, Greg Jensen, suffered a recurrence of the stomach cancer that ultimately ended his life, while another former detective, Ray McDougall, who faced the threat that commission investigators might expose his extramarital affair if he did not co-operate, succumbed to motor neurone disease.
There is no doubt that the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service, headed by the Supreme Court judge James Wood, purged the force of a rollcall of rotters. A total of 284 police officers were adversely named, 46 briefs of evidence were sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions and by 2001 nine officers had pleaded guilty to corruption offences and three not guilty. Seven police officers received jail sentences, including the former Gosford drug squad chief Wayne Eade and a former chief of detectives, Graham “Chook” Fowler.
Several high-profile police ended their careers in disgrace, including Ray Donaldson, an assistant commissioner, whose contract was not renewed, and Bob Lysaught, the commissioner’s chief of staff, whose contract was torn up. Charges against 14 officers were dismissed because of irregularities in search warrants and their execution.
That left the question of what to do with police who were on the nose but who could not be brought to account by normal means. The solution was the creation of section 181B of the Police Service Act, under which the police commissioner could dismiss an officer on the basis of what had come out of the royal commission. Section 181D allowed the police commissioner to serve an officer with a notice indicating that he “does not have confidence in the police officer’s suitability to continue as a police officer”. The officer could show cause as to why he should be retained, and if dismissed could appeal to the Industrial Relations Tribunal.
In the wake of the two legislative changes, 380 officers were targeted for dismissal or internal investigation. By March 1998, 19 police officers had been dismissed under section 181B and three under 181D. Another had been dismissed under a separate provision of the act, 14 had resigned, four had been medically discharged and 15 had been given performance warning notices. Others were under consideration, and as the Police Integrity Commission – a legacy of the royal commission which became a permanent watchdog – has demonstrated, even officers who had been corrupt many years before were not necessarily in the clear.The former independent MP John Hatton, who was instrumental in setting up the royal commission, said he thought the Police Integrity Commission was the royal commission’s “greatest achievement”. The Child Protection Enforcement Agency, which launched a purge of sex offenders, is another positive legacy of the royal commission.But 10 years on, was the exercise worth it?
To some there were considerable benefits. Some appalling malpractice – known as “process” or “noble cause” corruption – prompted Wood to wonder at one point about the quality of a lot of police evidence he had accepted over the years.
Despite this, many officers still believe the royal commission was too puritanical. They claim the investigators, not able to grapple with the really big issues, jumped on anything they could: “They had to have runs on the board,” says Michael McGann, who as a policeman in 1984 participated in the so-called Kareela Cat Burglar case, in which police used mace on an unco-operative thief and sex offender. To some critics this treatment did no serious harm and only required a word of caution. But under the spotlight of the royal commission 12 years later, it ended the careers of high-flying police such as John Garvey, Brian Harding and Steve York.
A decade later, Harding works in corporate security but insists that the real sting was that the investigators had fabricated evidence. When that finally came out, he says, the group received a confidential settlement, but it did little to redress the feelings of outrage.
Another former policeman, Dr Michael Kennedy, says the commission was a political response to the police commissioner, Tony Lauer, bringing about the downfall of the then police minister, Ted Pickering.
The attorney-general, ministry and judiciary took little responsibility for the state of the force, Kennedy says, while the responsibility of the police rank-and-file grew to “the size of a Pacific driftnet”. “I don’t think the royal commission contributed anything to the reform process except to provide a template for double standards,” he says.
“Chook Fowler put $200 into his pocket from Louis Bayeh. Chook was a lazy, good-for-nothing drunk. But he was put into the same category as Ray Williams and HIH.”McGann says that against the string of petty corrupt activities uncovered, “you have to look at what the government did and did not do with gambling and vice, over the decades. There have been direct links to Parliament for 50 or 60 years. That is hypocrisy.”The critics’ view is that the royal commission has left a demoralised police force, tarnished and rudderless, with limited operational effectiveness and the problem of corruption unsolved. Seven police officers have taken their lives since 2001, including two this year.
“It highlights the fact that the structure no longer takes in the needs of the NSW police force,” says Mike Gallacher, the Opposition police spokesman, and a former internal affairs police officer.
Gallacher believes, as does the NSW Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney, that the tentacles of corruption no longer spread to embrace entire squads or larger units. But it does not prevent low-level incidents of corruption and there are continuing nests of corruption.
In its most recent report, the Police Integrity Commission said it had undertaken 21 major investigations in 2005-06. These dealt with extortion, theft, unauthorised disclosure of confidential government information and perverting the course of justice, police brutality and the handling of $250,000 stolen from automatic teller machines. The then police integrity commissioner, Terry Griffin, said there had been 51 investigations in the 12 months, compared with 44 in 2004-05, and the 1141 written complaints represented a 15 per cent increase.
Moroney says all these reports are disappointing, but one of the significant statistics was the number of police who were reporting on other police. “You go back a decade and the number of informants who were police was 5 to 10 per cent,” he says. “In the Ombudsman’s last report, that figure was 49 per cent.”
The mechanism for dealing with internal complaints has been expedited: “I have not been afraid to use a section 181D notice,” Moroney says.
He believes there is a different mentality in the force. A video of the royal commission had been shown at a recent reunion dinner of the old criminal investigation branch. “It is part of our history. But the interesting thing is that when Chookie came onto the screen, everyone booed. That was a signal to the Fowlers and the Eades that those found to have acted corruptly would not be accepted.”
However, Moroney accepts that corruption is not a thing of the past. “In the contemporary period, there are huge monies to be made from the illicit drug environment. You are talking in some cases of millions of dollars. It is the greatest menace in society today. And the greatest menace to officers is drug money. That is why rotation of officers out of specialist squads on a regular basis is important.”Taking over as commissioner five years ago, he had brought a low-key “Uncle Ken” influence, sorely needed, and had had to balance the principles of police accountability against the public demand for law and order, and the task has been awkward.A senior counsel told the Herald this week that the focus on integrity, scrutiny of professional standards and attacks by defence lawyers meant that talented police prepared to do the dirty work were deterred. “In the old days the best and the brightest went into plain-clothes,” he said. “But when the police perceive that when they have to go the extra yard [to get convictions], they are crucified – ‘Why should I go to plain-clothes when I can just get some uniform job with a 12-hour shift, and a second job?”‘
Clive Small, a former assistant commissioner who set up crime agencies and established the child protection unit, says that after so many detectives were disgraced in the royal commission, the police force sought to take the spotlight off detectives and put more of the onus of responsibility for crime control onto local area commands. Crime agencies had a continual battle to keep up to strength. Regionalising responsibility for crime control reflected a lack of understanding. “A lot of crime spreads through the metropolitan area, across the state and across the nation,” he says.
Kennedy, now a university lecturer, says the “business model” approach is incompatible with good police work. “We cannot expect police to behave like they are in the private sector, where competence is measured in terms of productivity,” he says.
Kennedy attended the recent CIB reunion dinner and sat at a table with former drug squad detectives who remained friends of Wayne Eade. He takes issue with Moroney‘s claim that people at the dinner made catcalls when Fowler came on screen. “No one supported Chook,” he says. “But the animosity of the crowd was directed straight at Justice Wood and his commission.”
Clive Small, who was also at the dinner, says: “I think it is really a matter of interpretation who they were booing. There were things the royal commission did not take care about. There was a lot of collateral damage. And the implementation [of its recommendations] has been pretty ordinary.”
JOHN HATTON well remembers the audience on May 11, 1994, when he made his speech calling for a royal commission into the NSW Police Service. MPs were listening, of course, but it was a gallery above him, packed with the “top brass of the police force – the commissioner himself, the deputy commissioner, superintendents – they were an intimidating force on the Parliament”.
“They thought they could stare down the Labor Party support for my motion,” Hatton, now retired, says. “It was probably the best indicator of the way in which the police force thought they could control the agenda.”
Hatton won the day, ..... read more at source link Australian Police

The Thin Blue Line – Australian Police This website has now become a Memorial site to the lives of Police who have served within any of the jurisdictions of Australia policing and who have now passed away. This is also extended to those people who work directly with our Police – such as members of the Public Service sector. R.I.P





The Three Holodomor Genocides

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It cannot be understated. Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant of this reality is proof that the global media itself is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), Nobel-Prize-winning novelist, historian and victim of Jewish Bolshevism (Marxism).

The violent seizure of Russia by Jewish Bolsheviks in 1917 represented the ultimate terrorist act in the Jewish agenda since the assassination of Tsar Alexander II by Jewish terrorist Vera Figner. Yet typically as with the Jewish propaganda that incited the so called ‘pogrom’ the rest of Europe was not to know the real terror visited upon their Eastern brethren by the alien parasite now in control of their land. This leech implemented a psychology that was meant to instigate resistance from indigenous Europeans thus providing a ‘plausible excuse’ for the Jewish Bolshevik authorities to use force against the native population. The Tambov massacre had all the characteristics of a dry run in which the Bolshevik Red Army first exercised all its dreadful force against the civilian population revealing that Lenin had discovered a powerful weapon against the ethnic European people which is evidenced by the mass murders known as the Holodomor “From the end of June 1921 until apparently the fall (autumn) of 1921” chemical weapons developed and weaponized by Jewish chemist Fritz Haber during WWI were used, by direct order of the Communist Party (Bolsheviks) and Red Army leadership. Order No. 171, dated 11th June 1921 and signed by Vladimir Ovseenko shows clearly the sorts of methods used to “pacify” Tambov Province. It stipulated:

  1. Shoot on sight any citizens who refuse to give their names.

  2. District and Regional Political Commissions are hereby authorized to pronounce sentence on any village where arms are being hidden, and to arrest hostages and shoot them if the whereabouts of the arms are not revealed.

  3. Wherever arms are found, execute immediately the eldest son in the family.

  4. Any family that has harboured a bandit is to be arrested and deported from the province, their possessions are to be seized, and the eldest son is to be executed immediately.

  5. Any families sheltering other families who have harboured bandits are to be punished in the same manner, and their eldest son is to be shot.

  6. In the event that bandit families have fled, their possessions are to be redistributed among peasants who are loyal to the Soviet (Bolshevik) regime, and their houses are to be burned or demolished.

  7. These orders are to be carried out rigorously and without mercy

In village after village the women and elderly were savagely beaten, the women raped then along with the children removed to concentration camps. A prelude to the Gulag

Nazino, The Jewish Gulag.

conditions in these camps was intolerable: typhus and cholera were endemic, and the half-naked prisoners lacked even basic requirements. A conservative estimate states that at least 50,000 were interned with the mortality rate in the camps at least 20 percent a month. Ovseenko also signed an order, dated 12th June 1921, concerning the resistance fighters stipulating that:

“The forests where the bandits are hiding are to be cleared by the use of poison gas. This must be carefully calculated, so that the layer of gas penetrates the forests and kills everyone hiding there.”

On the 19th October Lenin wrote to Felix Dzerzhinsky saying “It is vital that this movement (Tambov) be crushed as swiftly as possible in the most exemplary fashion: we must be more energetic than this.” Thus hunger became the most powerful weapon imaginable as areas of high grain seizure suffered most horrifically due to their resistance. A horrific cycle of crucifixions, scalpings and other “bestial tortures” ensued. Shootings by the Jewish Cheka where common place, even children caught eating confiscated grain were shot as ‘traitors’ to the Bolshevik state, and there were those Cheka who cut open their victim’s stomach, pulled out a length of small intestine, nailed it to a telegraph pole, and with a whip forced the victim to run circles around the pole until the whole intestine became unravelled. To emphasis Trotsky’s utter distain for the ethnic European people in 1921 messengers who represented the starving farmers asked him for help he said “You are starving? This is not famine yet! When your women start eating their children then you may come and say we are starving”

That same year Walter Duranty, an Anglo-American journalist who served as the Moscow Bureau Chief of The New York Times, moved to Lenin’s Soviet construct directly coinciding with the beginning of the first Holodomor and forced famine in Russia. The fact that he was the only reporter allowed to move around Russia unaccompanied is in itself damming. In 1932 Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for a series of reports made to the leading Jewish newspaper The New York Times about the so called ‘Soviet Union’. Flagrant lies, there was sharp criticism and calls to The New York Times, who had submitted Duranty’s work for the prize to revoke his Pulitzer. Indeed Duranty denounced reports of famine in The New York Times on 31st March 1933, and, in particular, he attacked Gareth Jones, a British journalist who had witnessed the horror in Ukraine and issued a widely published press release about it two days earlier in Berlin. Journalist Malcolm Muggeridge has stated many times that he believed the Bolsheviks had some kind of hold over Duranty whilst Journalist Joseph Alsop claimed that Duranty was a great KGB agent and lying like a trooper.” His marriage following the first Holodomor to Jane Cheron, a Jewess that he himself characterised with “the nose and mouth suggested more than a trace of Semitic blood” further signifies Duranty’s Jewish fixation.

Lenin even outlined the need for famine by stating “destroying the peasant economy and driving the peasant from the country to the town, the famine creates a proletariat…” At which point he exposed the real purpose for instigating the Jewish Bolshevik famine. “It is precisely now and only now, when in the starving regions people are eating human flesh, and hundreds if not thousands of corpses are littering the roads, that we can (and therefore must) carry out the confiscation of church valuables with the most savage and merciless energy, not stopping (short of) crushing any resistance.” He continued, ”The greater the number of representatives of the reactionary clergy and reactionary bourgeoisie we succeed in executing for this reason, the better”. Violent torture and confiscation of food proved such an effective method of crushing Tambov that the cycle was repeated in the Ukraine in areas resisting occupation by Jewish Bolshevism. It is a matter of record that international relief organizations were forbidden to operate in Ukraine until January 1922 confirming that the Jewish Bolshevik authorities had no wish to alleviate the suffering they had inflicted until they were quite sure that the population had been ‘pacified’. Meanwhile, the Russian populace was in the grip of an equally destructive Bolshevik engineered famine and it is estimated that across both famines as many as 5 million ethnic Europeans were murdered.

By November 1929 Matvei Berman the son of a Jewish brickyard owner had developed the Gulag system of concentration camps that defined Lenin’s “most cruel revolutionary terror” and in 1930 become deputy chief. Berman became head of the Gulag on June 9th, 1932 taking over from Lazar Kogan, the son of a wealthy Jewish merchant and high ranking Cheka, NKVD functionary who had been chief from 1930 and became deputy chief from 1932-1936. Berman remained until August 17th, 1937 and in 1935 by his own count he was in charge of over 740,000 prisoners in the Gulag concentration camp system. Yet it is Naftaly Frenkel, a Jewish businessman and member of the Cheka who is best known for his role in the organisation of work in the Gulag starting with the concentration camps of the Solovetsky Islands, recognised as one of the earliest sites of the Gulag. Frenkel personally invented the notorious you-eat-as-you-work system, also known as the nourishment scale. Like the larger scale Holodomor genocides-murder by starvation this destroyed weaker prisoners in weeks and induced a phenomenal death toll greatly supporting Lenin’s “bloody war of extermination”. Nikita Khrushchev also played a very significant role in the Holodomor genocide of 1932-33 in which as many as 10 million ethnic Europeans were murdered. On the basis of performances in that Bolshevik engineered famine in 1934 he was promoted to a full member of the Communist Party of the Soviet construct. What proceeds is part of a witness statement made at the extensive hearing on the role and responsibility of Nikita S. Khrushchev in Stalin’s inhuman and barbarous persecution of the Ukrainian people held by the House Committee on Un-American Activities On September 9th-11th, 1959, 16 days prior to Khrushchev’s capped 12 day visit to America. “To those members of the Ukrainian resistance movement who were caught, as well as their families, the NKVD and KGB applied the following measures of terror:

With hot irons they tortured those prisoners who were caught.

They cut into the skin and tore the skin off from the living body.

They also nailed people on the cross.

They cut off the sexual organs, and breasts of women.

They cut out eyes, broke bones in legs and arms and extracted nails.

These methods of terror were applied not only to prisoners in interrogation rooms and cells, but also in public places, forcing people to get together to witness these atrocities…At the same time a degree of bacteriological warfare was started. They poisoned medical capsules with certain injections of typhus. In certain areas sicknesses or illnesses were spread, and in order to cope with them there was a need for certain medical supplies and help. So they poisoned medical capsules or medicines which were supposed to be used to cure a patient. In that way, instead of curing him they inflicted certain other diseases which became very widely spread after the injections. Also, water for public use was poisoned. Cigarettes and chocolates were tampered with in this manner. After consuming them, people became sick.” Following this the witness a Mr Mykola Lebed confirmed that “These methods were applied [by Communists] in order to terrorize the population of Ukraine and depress its will to resist the regime” and were directed by Khrushchev as he was regional leader of the Ukraine at the time. It is also interesting to note that in his book, Dan, a Man Without Youth, Romanian escapee Dan Roman recounts the common knowledge of the Romanian prisons where he was brutalized that Nikita Kruschev (a distinctly Ukrainian sounding name) was born Solomon Perlmutter. This would explain why the distinctly non-Ukrainian looking “Kruschev” was so willing to oversee the death of millions of his so-called “countrymen.” Khrushchev was the short bald dictator with the large rubbery lips who, while pounding his shoe on the podium at the United Nations (UN), shouted “we will bury you.” There is no doubt that in order to become a full member of the Central Committee, Khrushchev had to prove to the Jewish Bolshevik regime that he was worthy of this promotion. This he did in executing the policy of forced famine in the Ukraine.

Nevertheless, on January 13th, 2010, Kiev Appellate Court posthumously found the Jewish Cheka guard Lazar Kaganovich alone guilty of genocide against Ukrainians for his participation in the 1932-33 Holodomor and even “though Kaganovich was pronounced guilty as a criminal, the case was ended immediately following sentence without fanfare or any significant media attention indicating either Jewish appeasement or more likely Jewish interference”. Furthermore, there was the usual failure to mention the 1921-22 or 1946-47 genocides even though Kaganovich was a full member of the 13th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th Orgburo or organizational Bureau, the department responsible for all assignments within the apparatus of the Communist Party meaning that he was in office from April 3rd 1922 – March 18th 1946.

Clearly Khrushchev’s role in the second Holodomor was concealed for he had a further nefarious task to perform for the Jewish Bolshevik agenda. In 1959 the ‘terrible Swedish Jew’ president Dwight D. Eisenhower invited him to America. No president of America had ever asked a Bolshevik premier to visit the United States before and curiously it was journalist Alistair Cooke that presents some insight-“Not a tour of America to see what America is about but a free campaign tour provided by the state department, an incomparable advertisement at the American expense of the glories of communism and the coming violent decline of the western world.” At the height of American fears of Communism, originating not with her internal security (FBI) but prompted by revelations of Joe McCarthy Bolshevik insurgents did indeed threaten. A luncheon at the Hollywood Café de Paris was arranged and while Bing Crosby, Ward Bond, Adolphe Menjou and Ronald Reagan turned down their invitations as a protest against Khrushchev some particularly Jewish stars were urged by comrades to stay home because of their political affiliations. Many had been investigated by the House committee for un-American activities and were therefore considered too radical to dine with a communist dictator. Indeed with patriots rejecting the Bolshevik Khrushchev out of hand it had all the hallmarks of a Comintern assembly openly displayed on American soil.

That same year 1959 Ukrainian Nationalist, Jew wise and staunch anti-Bolshevik Stepan Bandera was assassinated in Munich by the KGB. A CIA agent stated that Bandera is by nature a political intransigent…opposed to all political organizations in the emigration which favour a representative form of government in the Ukraine, as opposed to a mono-party, OUN/Bandera regime” This sheds light on Bandera’s liquidation. Post WWII OUN(B) groups had been infiltrated or crushed by Jewish Bolsheviks working to condemn Bandera and true Nationalism. Equally according to the ‘West’ the only acceptable form of government was representative democracy easily corrupted or controlled by those same Jewish Bolsheviks. In this atmosphere Bandera would clearly have been well aware of the threat of assassination if not from the Bolshevik KGB an agent from anyone of the so called ‘democratic’ governments opposing a form of government free from Jewish Bolshevik corruption and control. Indeed the violent Jewish Bolshevik seizure of Russia and subsequent European lands and this alien ideology’s murderous genocides went largely or perhaps deliberately unnoticed by such an easily controlled form of government (democracy).

Meanwhile, the cycle in the 1932-33 and 1946-47 followed the Russian and Ukrainian forced famines of the early 1920’s. Areas of resistance corresponded with high grain seizure and the greatest suffering categorically proved a Bolshevik punishment regime. By 1946 Jewish Bolshevik grain seizure had coursed rampant starvation throughout the population of Vinnytsya region in central Ukraine. Reports state that in 1932 375, 923 tons of grain were confiscated from Vinnytsya region following which the region’s population starved. In 1946 Vinnytsya region had reduced to half the size yet the same if not more grain was seized proving without a doubt the Bolshevik authorities’ intention to again induce famine in the region. The situation in Kyiv region was just as catastrophic. By October 1947 grain seizures had reached murderous levels causing the deaths by starvation of hundreds of thousands of the European farming population. Thus the correspondence of areas of resistance to the Bolshevik regime with high grain seizure and great suffering is empirical evidence of the deliberate creation for Europeans of conditions that were incompatible with life. Indeed the concept of ‘genocide‘ meaning the destruction of one distinct genome by another conceived by the Jewish lawyer Raphael Lemkin and for which the convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of genocide adopted on 9th December 1948 would apply. While the Jewish tribe conceived the notion solely to engender to the ‘holocaust construct’ article III of the Convention categorically states that acts of genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide attempt to commit genocide and complicity in genocide are punishable under the convention. Nevertheless, as yet the victims of the Holodomor Genocides are yet to see justice and the atrocities committed against over 60 million ethnic Europeans go unpunished. “Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. THE BLOODTHIRSTY JEWISH TERRORISTS HAVE MURDERED SIXTY SIX MILLION in Russia from 1918 to 1957.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Patriot. However, most unspeakable must surely be the sickening knowledge that as Jewry accused and hung innocent German soldiers during the Nuremberg Trials the Jewish Bolsheviks were committing the atrocities of the 1946-7 Holodomor. It was Lenin who said “tell a lie big enough and often enough it becomes the truth”. Perhaps that is why an ‘iron curtain’ lies across the Jewish tribe while the European race is condemned for Jewish crimes.

Over the last three decades, Ukrainians in Canada and Ukraine have honoured the many millions of Europeans murdered in the Holodomor Genocides yet it is vital to note that the tribe that instigated these horrific crimes are now taking a leading role in the campaign to recognise the offence. Indeed the November 2015 commemoration in Canada began with the annual lecture given by Jewish Yale University professor Timothy Snyder, the author of books, including Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin. This in its self should raise alarm bells particularly when attention is drawn to the fact that their operation confines the crime to 1932-33. There are multiple reasons for this: by taking a leading role the Jew can be less graphic in the portrayal of the story- that the title of the annual lecture is reduced to merely ‘Ukrainian Famine’ highlights this; the effect of the crime is dampened by comparisons with the Jewish ‘Holocaust construct’ and with this crush the most disturbing element the Jewish annihilation of Europeans. Overall this is a Jewish damage limitation exercise and therefor it is necessary to restrict the narrative to conceal the Jewish nature and origin of the Holodomor Genocides. Given the obvious fact that Communism is a Jewish ideology invented by Karl Marx and economically manifested by the Jewish Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin it is only logical that the Jewish tribe would wish to conceal their crimes behind the façade of a supposed gentile Stalin (Lenin’s ethnic identity was not confirmed until 1991) thus confining the Holodomor Genocides to 1932-33. Consequently, seminar leaders are there to restrict and confine questioning and this site advises those that attend these meetings that they have a duty and obligation to expose the wider truth.

The Katyn Forest Massacre committed by the Soviets years later

and blamed on the Germans was another US cover up



EUROPA: The Last Battle (Documentary)

The documentary starts after ‘ The Last Battle’ one.

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