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Truth is the Weapon Silence is Surrender FREEDOM DAY 5TH SEPTEMBER 2020

“Get off your knees whilst you still can!”

The tipping point of truth has arrived! We are the majority and the ones to lead us into victory for OUR Future of freedom and a just society. Evil has been uncovered in many ways, whether it is political tyranny or saving our loved ones from the evil of Pedophiles and human trafficking we are now at the crossroads of standing in honour to save the world from a One world Government

who wants nothing but control over every Human being on the planet. IF WE ALL STAND UP TOGETHER WE WILL NO LONGER BE SUPRESSED! WWG1WGA

"The dangers of encroaching tyranny and the importance of resisting tyranny."

Millions Rise Australia

Two venues for Sydney


A message from Michael Simms,

Michael Simms freedom day ·

I wanted to send out a message to you about what the media are calling ‘Internal division’ in the build up to Freedom Day this Saturday. I’ve followed different peoples content on Facebook over the past few months and have observed this ‘division’ myself, seeing one person criticise another, to then be criticised in return and so on. There was then ‘Date Debacle’ where conflicting dates were put out, eventually settling on the 5th. And then location debate where individual people kept assuring you it was at one certain location and not another. What’s since happened should tell you how nervous the establishment are about the potential size of these protests. The Police have arrested 4 people, placed a gagging order on other people, have visited numerous others, Facebook has been taking down content and deleting groups, all in an attempt to frighten and cause confusion. There will no doubt be plants at events on Saturday whose sole purpose is to cause public anarchy so that the people can be labelled as reckless anarchists by the media. Remember these are peaceful events and if you see anyone trying to cause trouble then call them out on it. Maintain social distancing, do not confront the police and allow events to be twisted by the media. The events are a celebration, it’s Freedom day after all. Celebrations are happy occasions. The Police have seemed like the enemy but they’re really not, they are ordinary people who have families and mortgages, they’re just under enormous pressure from above and without following orders they’d lose their jobs and incomes. Deep down they’re all fellow Australians and most of them will understand and sympathise why the protests have been planned. Some of them will have good mates who are doing it tough because of the lockdowns. We want the Police to join us, you’ve seen in other countries such as Ukraine where Police have taken off their riot gear and walked with protesters. I’m sure there are some police force members who quietly follow the groups and if so I’d urge you to protect the people out peacefully this weekend. We are all Australians after all where Mateship is a thing. This movement is about the people against the Cabal, NWO and Global Elites and the Victoria restrictions imposed by Dictator Dan. So on social media there have been some publicly loud voices speaking out, these voices have big personality’s and all of them are passionate about the same cause. As with any circumstance, when you have a group of big personalities filled with passion about their message then there are bound to be disagreements, but it all boils down to everyone coming from a good place and wanting the same thing. I’m not in any contact with them, nor with any of the organisers, but I’d like you to get this message out to people if you can. Whether you PM or DM people with it or post it to Facebook, but let people know this is about unity and not division. Forget any disagreements, whether politically you’re left, right, vax, anti vax, vegan, meat eater, whatever. We are all brothers and sisters on Earth and we are uniting with love and understanding for one another. So lets show the world on Saturday how we celebrate Freedom day when we march. (Socially distanced of course) If you’re going then take your banners, whistles and throw the biggest celebration that Australia has ever seen. Make it a celebration you can be proud to tell your grandkids about in years to come.


Please on Saturday, if you’re planning on attending the protests, keep them peaceful.

In London and Berlin there were huge protests on Saturday, The world is now waiting for Australia to stand up and push back tyranny. Whatever side of the political fence you sit on is not relevant, as we are all coming together as a people united for a future of freedom from tyranny.

PEACE and LOVE - WE are HISTORY in the making - be careful of groups that have been infiltrated .

Stay in groups and record everything,those in love and light will far out number any trouble makers. Our Lovely Jacquie, has a message for you.


For anyone following on facebook

Urgent Message Millions Rise Australia now in Telegram - there is a fake group Millions Rise for Australia! they stole the name and graphics not legit, Original Millions Rise Australia was hijacked by others and then taken down by facebook

Official Group of UNITED COLLECTIVE with over 120,000 members. We will not be silenced

when you join don't forget to check out the files section for invaluable information



Australians we hold the numbers and the power more and more are awaking to the TRUTH,


A MESSAGE to AUSSIE MUSLIMS, STAND UP! ❤️ and all Australians

To all my Countrymen and Women, this applies to all of us no matter what background you are from if you live here as an Australian, we must all stand together united in peace and love and stop this roll out for communism, because this is what they are doing. One World Government

dictators, We are the 99%, Lets all stand together In peace and love on the 5th September and show the world that all humanity can live together and Fight for freedom. If you can't make the two Sydney events, as posted above. Then form groups get your neighbours together and do a big walk together. lets keep the attackers/ Police and Politicians busy on Saturday the 5th September and remember to Video your actions. lets make this a viral storm that spreads across the world of a United and Generous and amazing country. please spread this blog as not all are on social media. send the message to country people as well. Get busy only two more sleeps to

Regain our freedoms and make this a better country for all. If we can do this Our country will explode with pride /not prejudice.


Lucas Nicolson - a former Green Beret - has a message


LET IT BE KNOWN AND ACKNOWLEDGED that under the Natural Law, it is the Unalienable Right of the People as sovereign men and women to covenant into self-governing bodies to enact laws and provide for the safety and liberty of their families and communities;


After we regain our Country, there are many civic minded wonderful people with truth in their heart that will be able to reset parliament for the best intentions of the people. There are many schemes that can be applied to regain jobs one of those is the Bradfield scheme. we can have our hard earned taxs put to good use,not for the benefit of the criminal bankers and politicians.

The Bradfield scheme proposes moving floodwaters from north to south

Imagine what a proposed Australian water diversion scheme, is an inland irrigation project that was designed to irrigate and drought-proof much of the westernQueensland interior, as well as large areas of South Australia. It was devised by Dr John Bradfield (1867–1943), a Queensland born civil engineer, who also designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Brisbane's Story Bridge.[1]


Covid-19 fraud-medical martial law and global gangstalking are both “hybrid war” against civilians to achieve radical depopulation & un agenda 2030 ( world order & antichrist kingdom) article


David Limbrick's case against the bill

Today I spoke strongly against the extension of the emergency powers to the Government

The lockdown restrictions and directions have caused many small businesses and sole traders to permanently close and are pushing people to the brink of bankruptcy. There are millions of Australian people struggling right now.



graphics courtesy Dezi freemanbanned


Daniel Andrews Exposed

Dangerous Andrew’s Pandemic Deceptions

This is an examination of a series of treasonable criminal events (in part only), actions and

the intentions of the present Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews. The actions of this man

are endorsed by all politicians, police and other State Premiers, as evidenced by their

previous knowledge and chosen silence to these facts, which are now deemed at Law to

be their complicit acquiescence.

Challenge to Australia

READ HERE: This is an examination of a series of treasonable criminal events (in part only), actions and

the intentions of the present Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.




CDC and WHO are both privately Owned Corporations Registered on Dunn&Bradstreet . Not Govt Health agency advocates as the public has been led to believe


This article reveals the connections, financial commitments and business agreements made between our Federal Government and the mediating organization called CEPI, and AstraZeneca. It also explores how our Government, upon ‘licensing’ a deal with AstraZeneca, is financially supporting an ‘Advanced Market Commitment’, while aggressively pursuing policies designed to deliver on its commitment to a COVID v8ccine for all Australians. Author, Stephen Reason

Download PDF • 286KB


The world here's the news in much disgust, of the arrest of pregnant mum Zoe Buhler Recorded live, police turned up and arrested a pregnant woman for incitement.

Arrested for sharing protests on Facebook! Called‘Freedom Day in Ballarat’. ‘Anyone from Ballarat please join us in our fight for freedom and human rights!’ Well, maybe they will now they’ve gotten the message.”

The fact that the event had not even happened yet, that the woman offered to delete it and cancel the event immediately, and yet still was arrested just an hour before she was due for a prenatal check up and was clearly no threat to society, illustrates so clearly that there is an agenda here in place that has nothing to do with health and public safety.

Now arresting pregnant women. how much lower Recorded live, police turned up and arrested a pregnant woman for incitement.

Young pregnant mother, arrested for mentioning the 5th September on her facebook feed.

Zoe Buhler


"I’m not a criminal person and that was very extreme. If the police had of just called me and told me to remove the post I would have done so."

Daniel Andrews


"The key point here is, now is not the time to protest about anything. Because to do so is not safe"

David Southwick


"This incident has demonstrated an unacceptable inconsistency in the enforcement of COVID-19 restrictions and Daniel Andrews must now answer why it is one set of rules for left-wing and union protesters and another set for anyone critical of his government."


from News Ltd CAIRNS NEWS

Senior doctors across Melbourne are urging politicians not to support a state of emergency extension, saying the move threatens to “destroy” the health and wellbeing of fed-up Victorians.

In a letter to Premier Daniel Andrews, seen by NCA NewsWire, 13 medical practitioners outlined their concerns about the State Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

They say it is “vital” stage four restrictions are lifted on September 13, believe “an alternative medical response” is required and highlight key data they think is being “excluded”

During question time in parliament on Tuesday afternoon Opposition Upper House leader David Davis demanded the Premier and Health Minister Jenny Mikakos meet the doctors who penned the letter.

“I ask that the Minister for Health with the Premier meet with all 13 doctors to listen to their views,” he said.

In the letter the doctors wrote: “It is our professional opinion that the stage 4 lockdown policy has caused unprecedented negative economic and social outcomes in people, which in themselves are having negative health outcomes.”

Speaking to NCA NewsWire, Box Hill Hospital urologist Dr Geoff Wells said he hoped the letter would convince the government to lift harsh stage four restrictions on September 13.

“When I see my patients and ask them how they’re coping, the number one response is the sadness at not being able to see their grandchildren for three, four or five months and the ones who live on their own are extremely isolated,” he said.

“The mood of the population has changed dramatically in the past two weeks – there seems to be one half that is getting angrier and angrier and the other half which has just lost all hope – these policies are effecting the general psyche of the community.

“We just want to have significant input into this response instead of a blanket approach that is harming the general population.”

The letter – a combined effort from urologists, psychiatrists and surgeons – sent to the Premier’s office on Monday compared coronavirus data with other serious medical conditions such as those of nursing home residents.

Well-known Royal Melbourne Hospital transplant surgeon Dr Bob Millar, Monash Hospital orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jon Bare and Nossell Institute for Global Health public health physician Nathan Grills were among the contributors.

Professors John Murtagh, Haydn Walters and Kuruvilla George, Dr Peter Denton, Dr William Edwards, Dr Andrew Taylor, Dr Michael Knight, Dr John Mathai and Dr Eamonn Mathieson also had their say.


Patriots gear up for peaceful rally as Melbourne Gestapo arrests continue - Cairns

By Tony Mobilifonitis

Fanos Panayides during an angry social media message last week.

PROMINENT Victorian freedom activist Fanos Panayides has been arrested by Dan Andrews’ Victoria Police-turned-Gestapo/Stasi/KGB as tens of thousands of patriotic, freedom-loving Victorians prepare to rally for freedom this Saturday at Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance.

Messages on social media and Telegram said police had seized Panayides’ laptop and phone, apparently with a search warrant. Media reported he was charged with “incitement” in relation to “directions” given by the chief health officer. Legal opinion suggests the directions to wear masks and quarantine are illegal as they can only be carried out under the federal Biosecurity Act. According to a News Limited report on August 25th, the End the Vic Lockdown & Celebrate Freedom event on Facebook had more than 35,000 people listed as attending, with a further 23,000 indicating interest.

The word from organisers for Saturday was to keep everything orderly and peaceful with masks and social distancing as Andrews and his cronies would likely seize upon any violence or breaking of regulations to justify continuing his draconian, destructive shutdown. Andrews won a motion in the Victorian Legislative Council by one vote (20-29) this week to continue the state of emergency for six months. The vote crossed the line with help of the Greens and former Sex Party now “Reason Party” MP Fiona Patten.



Marina says, If you still think this hoax has anything to do with your health and safety, all I can do is send you love and pray that you wake up before this arrives at your doorstep - IT’S COMING REAL SOON unless we the people put and end to the hoax before this is unleashed...SILENCE=CONSENT

Marina, is an accredited NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist, trained to use the same tools and techniques as those used by Hitler in Nazi Germany, the same ones that are being used on the masses now, which is why the game was so obvious

Another example Health Passport Ireland

Marina Jeffery

From very early on in this PLANDemic I knew without a doubt that that the mandatory mask wearing directives were one of several tests in which we the people were the human test subjects in order to see how quickly we would buy into the governments smokescreen (Pandemic) through fear mongering, mind control, brainwashing tactics and propaganda fueled by the #FakeMSMNews.


Police ARREST pregnant woman for Facebook post

AVI Yemini

#BREAKING: Victoria Police execute a warrant and ARREST pregnant woman in front of her children for a Facebook post. It's heartbreaking to watch the young mother beg for mercy. SHARE it for the world to see what is happening in Melbourne. Shame on #DictatorDan


THE DECISION FOR 6 MONTHS lockdown IS DESIGNED TO INCITE VIOLENCE ON SATURDAY. DON'T FALL FOR IT. NON-VIOLENT GATHERING PEEPS.Don't fall for their plans. keep to ours everyone join in peace and love. the world is watching and they are with us 100%

"How do these scum sleep at night? "What did you do today luv?" "Oh I handcuffed a pregnant woman in front of her family for making a facebook post."

Facebook, ship is sinking.article Paul Kirchener

The people are being censored, fact checkers used with great bias. Banned and restricted without any justification or recourse.

Jump onto Shout me, lets build this platform for the people.

Have nothing to lose, its free.

Deno Budimir

Some of you might have seen this message by Facebook come up in your feed. For your information, this is not Facebook but your govt at work. They are the ones pushing this shit on Facebook, so Facebook is now threatening to make their platform read only to Australians.

This is obviously a ploy to stop us from exposing them in front of millions of dumbed down sheep. They’re concerned we’re giving their whole game away.

News source:


Join up and try shoutme! I built it so nothing gets censored or deleted. Seriously, Facebook won’t run away from you if you try something else


After the 5th everyone why not delete fb as they are not doing us any favours

Join other platforms such as:



independant and non censored. we have a right to freedom of speech




Please join the Class Action!

Serene Teffaha, lawyer ADVOCATE ME is explaining the present class action procedures in the attached video.

Current state of the action: On 20 August 2020, state and federal governments have been served with a 25 page open letter. The final statement of claim for the class action will be filed in court within 6 weeks.

PLEASE. NOTE: The class action will seek to cease unlawful actions and much more as outlined in the open letter.

The judgement of that class action will then allow people to file claims for damage.

Please join the national class action if you care about Australia and if you wish to live in a democracy versus communism

A large number of people will send a forceful message to the governments: “THE POWER of the people is greater than the PEOPLE in POWER!”

Complaining, making noises and the attitude “Don’t worry, you’ll be right mate” is not enough anymore.

“Stand up and have your voice heard where and when it matters. Make the governments adhere to the rule of law!”

Everyone is invited to join the national class action. Serene explains that part in the attached video.

“Get off your knees whilst you still can!”

Please send this invitation to join the national class action to your groups and as many people as possible.



Please join the Class Action!

Serene Teffaha, lawyer ADVOCATE ME is explaining the present class action procedures in the attached video.

Current state of the action: On 20 August 2020, state and federal governments have been served with a 25 page open letter. The final statement of claim for the class action will be filed in court within 6 weeks.

PLEASE. NOTE: The class action will seek to cease unlawful actions and much more as outlined in the open letter.

The judgement of that class action will then allow people to file claims for damage.

Please join the national class action if you care about Australia and if you wish to live in a democracy versus communism

A large number of people will send a forceful message to the governments: “THE POWER of the people is greater than the PEOPLE in POWER!”

Complaining, making noises and the attitude “Don’t worry, you’ll be right mate” is not enough anymore.

“Stand up and have your voice heard where and when it matters. Make the governments adhere to the rule of law!”

Everyone is invited to join the national class action. Serene explains that part in the attached video.

“Get off your knees whilst you still can!”

Please send this invitation to join the national class action to your groups and as many people as possible.


Section 60 and 61 of bio security act and section 117 of health and well-being act makes all their directions invalid.

The Truth Behind 5G


This lady Lizzie Rose speaking from Noble Park in Victoria had an appointment, to ask some Important questions but was stood up by Daniel Andrews.

doesn't want to talk about the Police reports that NAME former Prime Minister Mr Paul John Keating as a paedophile, ritualistic satanic abuser and murderer.

Go check out Bill Heffermans speech dated 20th October 2015 where he mentions the suppression of paedophiles, the same evil filth that tell you and me to mandatory mask and mandatory vaccinate. They tell us what time we can leave our homes yet at the same time they destroy babies and children's lives.

Mr Paul John Keating is the Prime Minister named in the Police documents yes I know for sure. HOW Well I have seen the documents.

Do you now SEE why I stand up and speak out, because the dead and dying have no voice.

By your silence and compliance YOU are allowing and encouraging a bunch of robed evil masons who are criminals of the highest order to destroy life as you know it.

The Australian Government is corrupt and ignores it's own Police reports.

The Australian Government ignores brave child abuse victims like Rachel Vaughan and Fiona Barnett.

The Australian Government ignores images and hard evidence of children's body parts that have been found in the under ground Melbourne tunnels.

So if OUR wonderful Government ignores all of that evidence just what do you think it will take for them to listen and to act!

We the People's Voice cast out this Government of corruption


Sorry my mobile phone memory is full again so the video cuts out.

At the end of the clip I also mentioned that the shop owners on either side that I spoke with today, told me that on only 2 occasions since February 2020 and after the office renovations were completed have any members from Daniel Andrews office been seen and they seemed to ONLY ATTEND to pick up things and then left quickly soon after. After calling the office of Daniel Andrews in the lead up to today on over 20 occasions ONLY once did someone pick up the phone which led to my appointment today with either Daniel or a representative. Alas NO ONE showed NO ONE called me and NO ONE answered my calls.

I feel that even if I took the body of a half mutilated child, a child that the Freemasons had tortured and murdered and placed it on Daniel Andrews front door step he would simply unemotionally step over it and continue his programme parroted script of daily lies.

Are You Awake Yet? We are Awake I am Awake

Full Moon blessings Lizzy Rose


There's been an agenda to sexualise children, destroy the family unit and eventually normalise paedophilia that's been pushed by powerful factions in this world and many of them are involved in politics and law making.

WARNING - Absolute Viewer Discretion - Pizzagate files and more on Australia


This is a Spiritual war - The People will WIN!

A message from a gentleman of Australia Sol Millihin


Please spread far and wide

Love and peace,


Sol, this peaceful loving man has been arrested again. Shame on the Government and more shame on the police .



Mark Freeman

It’s now about collecting DNA and selling it. Not about CV. There’s no need to test asymptomatic people because according to a WHO study (I’m sure they were reluctant to admit) asymptomatic carriers are NOT infectious. The tests are not 100% accurate anyway as the inventor explained although they do capture your DNA on each test 100% of the time. You give your DNA for free, they sell it and make a profit. God knows what they will do with it.


Alan Jones - Sky News

Andrews 'must go tonight' after horrible example of 'inexcusable powers': Jones

“The only person guilty of incitement is the Premier of Victoria,” Mr Jones said. The Victorian woman was arrested in front of her children on charges of ‘incitement’ after allegedly organising an anti-lockdown protest. “This woman is a victim of the inexcusable and unlimited powers given to the Victorian police,” Mr Jones said. “The verbal and intimidatory behaviour towards a pregnant mother is a form of violence the like of which no Australian will tolerate. “Go Daniel Andrews, and go tonight. Before more damage is done.”


Sky News host Rowan Dean says this is a “national day of shame” and Victoria stands condemned in the eyes of the world after a pregnant woman was arrested for ‘incitement’ after an anti-lockdown Facebook post.



Chris Edwards - Exercising his inalienable rights on Melbourne streets and posting his message

Day 4. Rebellion has never been so easy; I walked into town and I smiled at everybody.

HA! All just COWARDLY BLUSTER! "I'll arrest you for repeat offence!" APPARENTLY NOT.



Jacquie Dundee

Fact Not Fiction

Wake up Stand Up Speak Out - Testimonials please send email with your name and state to

Evidence collection e.g - trucks and trains with toxic soil, planes coming into Melbourne - any activity occurring under veil of darkness/curfew/lockdown please send email with your name and state to - thank you people together we will get our country back!


Vaccine Non Consent Documents

Maxim of Law - He who is silent, when he ought to have spoken and was able to, is taken to agree

Those who don’t consent to the latest vaccine is something you can do!

This is what you can do if you wish to fight change to this.

Go to this link. There are three phases of letters for you to send out. Phase one now. Phase two 22/5/20.

The only way is for us to work together for our freedom of choice against this coercion!

Watch the video and follow the instructions.

All the hard work has been done. Just print off, sign and register post. Register your parcel with this site. Australian company.

Please note.

Solutions Empowerment members get access to Community Support and FREE access to the Lockdown Non Consent Document Creator as well as a huge amount of legal resources and webinars. For Non Members a minimum donation of $5 or more is required to download the documents.

'ASTRAZENECA, CEPI, & THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S COVID-19 V8CCINE PACT: Why Scott Morrison & Dan Andrews Are Each Working Toward The V8ccination Of All Australians'

I invite you guys to read and SHARE my research article. It is extremely IMPORTANT! by Stephen Reason.


watch this 4 minute presentation... I wonder how long it will take for  people to wake up??? There are dozens of similar presentation by doctors, researchers and hospitals administrators saying the same for months now!

The CDC has finally admitted that only 6%, or less than 10,000 deaths, have been directly attributed to COVID-19 since the start of this pandemic

WATCH and Read


Re sharing this ...The Covit it’s the Globalists false Flag Conspiracy theory used as a reason for the grand Reset ,the take over of our Democracy by the Fascist Communist UN Globalist New World Order Agenda 21 ,A World Government ,lead by an unelected UN technocrat ,And the Depopulation and Microchipping Agenda true Vaccination for Total Control of the world population ,And some Sleeping Brainless Zombies ,still believes in. Scamdemic ,Plandemic implanted in their Brain by the Media lies ,propaganda and manipulation !


Please sign and share takes 5 seconds then email to

Aussie patriots Roll - Enrollment form


Notice to all Police of your required duty

Here is a little update for you, Scomo and anyone else who has committed treason and crimes against Humanity will be charged! Follow Wayne Glew and Yuliana Glew to stay up to date and speak up, get off your knees Australia!


From Brian Shaw

Any police or magistrate must address this before they can hear any case against anyone.


If you find yourself in a position of fronting Judge or Magistrate make sure you have read and fully understand the content of this document

The Constitution and The Law of Treason


Daniel Andrews Exposed


Isaiah Chapter 54

14. In righteousness shalt thou be established: thou shalt be far from oppression; for thou shalt not fear: and from terror; for it shall not come near thee.

15. Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.

17. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.


Statement of Facts

23 April 2020

I,Gerard J Donohue of C/- 17 Macqueen Ave Korumburra 3950 Victoria, state the following facts knowing they are true and correct to the best of abilities, as it is from first hand knowledge, as of the date on this document.

1. For a Bill to become a properly enacted legislation before being presented to the Victorian Governor for Royal Assent, a process of parliamentry regulations must be strictley followed.

2. An example of this not being carried out correctly is the Local Government Act 1989.

3. The evidence that due process was not followed comes to light when investigation to obtain the Third Reading of Local Government Act 1989 cannot be found on the internet, Hansards or when contacting Parliament House Victoria Clerk of the Legislation Assembly Bridget Noonan, and Clerk of the Legislation Council (LC) Andrew Young on 96518670.

4. In the event, no Third Reading of the Local Government Act 1989 can be discovered by clerk of legislation council or assembly, or all other possible means, it can only be concluded that the third reading for Third Reading of Local Government Act 1989 is not in existance.

5. On calling the clerk of legislation council (LC) Andrew Young on 23 April 2020 from Mob 0477271133 Andrew then refereed to Annemarie on 96518673 legislative council procedure office whom courteously did say she would study the Hansard and email the results.

6. It was determined by the Hansard entry on page 309 on the 12 April 1989 that a motion was agreed too, to be read a third time (see below following). But neither, Parliament House Victoria Clerk of the Legislation Assembly Bridget Noonan, and/or, Clerk of the Legislation Council (LC) Andrew Young, nor Assembly or Council Procedures Office staff could discover, that the third reading has been declare, or carried pursuant to: LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL STANDING ORDERS – CHAPTER 14 at 14.20 at (2) which states,:- “if a simple majority of Members is in favour of the question, declare that the third reading has been carried and that an absolute or special majority has not been obtained as required”. No corum, or majority, or Ayes or Nays can be discovered or shown or revealed in HANSARD


On 12 April 1989 HANSARD Page 309

The Hon. M. A. LYSTER (Minister for Local Government)-

I move: That this Bill be now read a third time.

Help Gerard
Download PDF • 66KB



Gerard,now you are 70 years of age are ready to tell your grand children

1) Hope you got your permits up to date … to drive, work, go to shops, childcare, exercise, etc

2) Hope you are ready for your DNA altering vaccine (Covax-19)

3) Hope you’ve got plenty of food supplies …

4) Hope your pastor is obeying Ezek 33.6 and warning you about the sword and telling you how to prepare.

5) Hope you are ready to tell your grand children how you stood by and let your life and theirs become totally controlled by government and corporations.

6) Hope you are ready to tell your grandchildren how you were too lazy and/or scared to ask questions to find truth and knowledge, even when deep down you knew that you were being lied too.

7) Hope you are ready to tell your grand children why many people died as a result of the lock downs which caused bankruptcies, unemployment, small business closures, school and education closures, food shortages, hunger, homelessness, suicide, end of privacy, end of basic services, end of freedom to travel, etc…

8) Hope you are ready to tell your grand children what a virus actually is, how it is transmitted, how it is destroyed, how important bacteria are to our own health systems, how hand sanitisers DO NOT KILL VIRUSES, how masks make everybody sicker, how you know all this from your own research and not from listening to the ABC…

9) Hope you are ready to tell your grand children that it says in Romans 2:16 - “In the day when God shall judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ according to my gospel”. So you are not caught short

10) And finally hope you are ready to tell your grand children that truly brave and courageous people always show their faces and true identities and never, never hide behind masks. Only people who are ashamed of their own actions hide their faces behind masks…

Gerard Donohue


Dr Amy McGrath, a 91 year old historian who was on a mission to inform the Australian people of the hidden truth about Australia's sovereignty betrayal by our governments to the governance by stealth by the United Nations through UN Agenda 21, with an end to private property rights, and the nationalisation of land - go to my other collected articles on all this.

Agenda 21 and the Fabian Society

Sydney 2GB's Michael McLaren speaks with Dr. Amy McGrath, author of Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, about Agenda 21 and the influence of the Fabians on the world. [March 10, 2013]. The author is 91 and very impressive.

McGRATH, Dr Amy Gladys OAM 3.10.1921 - 21.9.2019

read here: Wolves in sheeps clothing


Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

Malcolm Roberts - One nation

UN's Agenda 21/2030 destroying Regional Communities


September the 5th make it a day to remember forever. Liberty ,Freedom,Justice, A land that stands with Godliness for all. God created us in his image we were created, God gifted us a life and the Mother Earth, we shall not be denied our heritage, our existence. WWG1WGA





AGENDA 2021 Forced Vaccination

If your thinking this vaccine might not be so bad you better watch this

Del Bigtree




ARREST DANIEL ANDREWS FOR TREASON TODAY he's taking orders from overseas unelected groups U.N WHO CCP The national emergency is declared to legally revoke human rights. ITS FRAUD



Remember you the people have got the real numbers and the real power. Remind the police who are being used and manipulated and exploited that there not above the law .



How The Elite are compromised by child trafficking

WARNING - Absolute Viewer Discretion - Pizzagate files and more on Australia


Links for educating by R T5

⬇ FREEDOM DAY! SEPTEMBER 5TH NATIONWIDE! LET'S REMIND THOSE IN GOVERNMENT THAT THEY WORK FOR US! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! ⬇ - Join 'Millions Rise Australia' on FB for more info! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 - National Class Action against Lockdown.

The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010

2010 Rockefeller "Lock Step" Document Coming To Life Right Now. Time To Wake Up.

blueprints written by key insiders who already know the game plan and the agenda, and have the power to make it happen. - Great blog with plenty of information

"This global power-grab is facilitated by a frightened citizenry who “willingly gave up some of their sovereignty – and their privacy – to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability…tolerant, and even eager, for top-down direction and oversight.”




GIVE US BACK OUR COUNTRY by Professor David Flint











As your data on facebook does not belong to you see their terms and conditions, as well the FB, Social media platform are now censoring posts exponentially it might be time to download your data and move to a more friendly platform. Such as MEWE, Parlor or whatever your research for your best social media platform application.

How to Download an Archive of your Entire Facebook Profile

downloading photos

How to Download all data

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