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The Great Reset NESARA -GESARA

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Re sharing this posted message. You will also find more on my posts on Nesara/Gesara and on my website page... History Of World Banking Discharge of debt -NESARA

When President Trump wins this election and fully restores our lawful government, (the Republic), most of Congress will be arrested and/or forced to retire. Additionally, most Governors and Mayors will also be arrested and sent to Guantanamo Bay for selling out our states and cities to Communist China. The current judicial system, a very wicked institution, will also be dismantled and/or reformed. All lawyers and judges (administrators) will be retrained in Constitutional Law, if they intend to continue to "practice." Now that the Queen is dead and no longer in power, they must truly work for #wethepeople.

The entire system must be revamped, because the real Constitution for the United States, Republic, will be reinstated. Currently, we are not operating under the lawful constitution and neither are we operating under constitutional law. Currently, we are operating under admiralty law and under the United States, Inc (corporation), which had usurped or taken over our Republic. Their constitution is the Constitution OF the United States, Inc. Our lawful Constitution is the Constitution FOR the United States, Republic. All of this will be rectified, within the next few years. The Socialists/Communists, formerly known as the Democratic Party, does not want any of this to happen. They had been overtaken by very evil forces. Unfortunately, there are evil people in both parties. All evil entities will be judged.

Furthermore, Hollywood will completely cease to exist, because it is nothing but a creation of the CIA, formed to control the minds of the people. Their actors, athletes, media moguls, musicians, personalities, news reporters and entertainers were PEDOPHILES and adrenochrome harvesters, meaning that they had SEX with, raped, murdered, tortured, sacrificed, and drank the blood of children. #SaveOurBabies.

Under the Trump administration, millions of children have been rescued from pedophilia rings and from Deep Underground Military Bases (D.U.M.B.S.) where these children were bred, raped and tortured. #SaveOurChildren.

This is why the "Deepstate," entities, including FBI, CIA, Hollywood, et al have fought vehemently against President Trump. They didn't want their secret to be exposed. Child sex trafficking is the crime of the elite. Children were their currency. These wicked perpetrators know that their time has come to an end. They too, will be arrested. Most are on house arrest, right now. Others are already at Guantanamo Bay. Donald Trump was recruited to take them down; to totally dismantle the deepstate. He is leading the world in the deepstate take-down. Unbeknownst to most people, 209 countries had secretly agreed. They also agreed to world peace and to return to the gold-standard. The masses did not understand this, because they had been victims of mind-control and manipulation of the media and MK Ultra hypnotic tactics.

Soon after the elections, mass arrests and public confessions will be televised so that the masses can witness just how wicked these people had been. Following, will come the announcement that we have returned to the gold standard. Under a gold standard, Fiat currency, or money backed by nothing, will cease to exist. Instead, we will use gold and silver as money, which is lawful money, under our Constitution. Some well-trusted economists assert that we will have a choice between three forms of "money;" gold and silver, asset-backed cryptocurrencies, and our new rainbow dollars, which are backed by gold and silver. All three are constitutional, because all are backed by gold.

A gold standard increases our buying power, such that a house that is now $100,000 under this current monetary system, would cost significantly lower under a gold standard; some say as low as $10,000. Additionally, a gold standard transfers power from governments and banks, and puts it into the hands of people. This announcement will include the NESARA announcement.

NESARA is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. The Global rendition is the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act. We soon will experience NESARA and a Global Currency Reset, which is not to be confused with the NWO's "Great Reset." A Global Currency Reset (GCR) makes gold the standard currency of the world, whereas a great reset was the NWO's idea of a One World Government. The latter has been cancelled and will not be permitted.

Under NESARA-GESARA, we will have a debt jubilee. This means that the entire globe, including governments and individuals all over the globe, will experience a COMPLETE DISCHARGE of DEBTS. All bank, credit card, mortgage, student loan and automobile debts will be totally "forgiven" or zeroed out This is to compensate humanity for being under the control of a nefarious system that had employed evil, unlawful practices.

Furthermore, under NESARA-GESARA, there will be trillions of dollars of global humanitarian funds released to help heal humanity and the planet, as well as a release of suppressed technologies. Also, millions of asset-backed dollars will be distributed to each and every person on Earth, in order to compensate us for the suffering that we had endured under the control and enslavement of Draconian entities.

You can find more information on NESARA-GESARA here:,

Be encouraged! The planet is being liberated!

We are ascending to 5D consciousness, also known as the "Golden Era." All of Mama Gaia's children will ascend with her, to a beautiful new reality, where we will enjoy planetary peace love, joy, prosperity and abundance.

The Creator and our Galactic Family are here, helping us. We can help speed up this reality, by raising our vibrations. Ase'! Rejoice!

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