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Our government at all levels took our freedom! This can not be forgotten in any discussion about foreign adversaries threatening our freedom.

Now in the face of 'grave dangers' Australia must 'pull together' as a people

ALERT HUGE WARNING - POSSIBLY WHATS COMING NEXT see at the end of this blog, a huge warning of another planned event targeted against the worlds populations - remember WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.

Reminder - Jane Halton played a part in that Event 201

They took your freedom because you allowed; them to take your freedom

It is not yet time to fight (figuratively) this battle as the majority have not comprehend their loss. "Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one."Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds"Thus we may know that there are five essentials for victory:

1 He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.

2 He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.

3 He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.

4 He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.

5 He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign."Sun Tzu,

The Art of War

WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!

DO NOT GO PAST THIS!!!! GO TO LINK AND LISTEN.. DO NOT GO FURTHER UNTIL LISTENING TO THIS INFORMATION... IT IS YOUR DUTY TO STOP ALL THIS BULLSHIT! and collectively we can... by standing together as one united human family of love and self determination in the armour of GOD under our Lord Jesus Christ who died for our sins


It’s a fight for the future and we are fighting for our lives. We will win against the corrupt corporate class, it will be hard work and it will feel frustrating, however we have laws and right on our side. and an Inate belief in our love for each other and the right to life and freedoms..,



Do not forget Murder is against THE LAW

and unconscionable conduct.

A very serious event (the State of Emergency) has taken place that

allows people enormous power, which can and is being abused.

People have had their human rights taken away. This situation

demands that the State of Emergency is fully justified with statistics

that show a high death rate and that if you catch the virus you are

likely to die. Neither of these two things is true. Decisions are being

made without any reliable data and causing damage to people’s



Totalitarianism is a concept for a form of government or political system that prohibits opposition parties, restricts individual opposition to the state and its claims, and exercises an extremely high degree of control over public and private life. It is regarded as the most extreme and complete form of authoritarianism.

The Mindless Masses have watched TV since the end of World War Two, you must now have the Courage to learn the truth and stand together united in love and strength to halt this insanity..

There are many“things” to research THE CAPTURED audiences of the Tv Screens: that makes it so the mindless masses cannot escape` as they seek to do, and say, and be like What Ever the TV tells them too do

World Leaders – Masons – Others whom think they have some power over the Fate of Mankind

are in on these Lies the #COVID matrix, and it continues to be spun by these Insane People, Your mission is to learn to see through all the Media Lies and Liars of Malfeasance, then only can we save Mankind from being in a Trance too accept these {Lies Agreed Upon} from Faked TV COVID-19 [plandemic] Scam, that will lead the WORLD into WAR with all Countries...

THEY LIVE as them whom oppress you, live off of your taxes, and OCCUPY [your lands]

there aim is to control whomever survives as their slaves.

so "You will own nothing and be happy. kLAUS SCHWAB "

Only you the (Offspring) of your Enslavement can put an end to this.Insane World ….





“We’re following the scientific advice,” say western governments as they enforce these, their second nationwide lockdowns in fewer than 8 months. Well, the science has now definitely advised, but is anyone following…? At the start of the year, if you asked members of the public “should we implement face masks/lockdowns to fight a particularly nasty strain of flu?”, their answers would generally be along the lines of “of course not” and “I’ll accept the risk”. Today, however, as the calendar flips to November, the results of a highly effective brainwashing campaign are on show, and a-scared-out-of-their-wits majority (or is it a noisy scared-out-of-their-wits minority?) are now in full favor of such oppressive, economy-wrecking measures, believing them to be key to their survival despite there being ZERO scientific backing behind them. These “useful idiots” are even calling for wider and stricter measures.

Dr. Yeadon goes on to contextualize the UK’s death toll, writing that the pandemic is being presented as “the biggest public health emergency in decades, when in fact mortality in 2020 so far ranks eighth out of the last 27 years. The death rate at present is also normal for the time of year — the number of respiratory deaths is actually low for late October,” he points out.

So, not only not only is this virus less dangerous than we are being led to believe, with almost three quarters of the population at no risk of infection, we’re actually very close to achieving herd immunity.


Echoing this reality is the Great Barrington Declaration, co-authored by three professors from Oxford, Harvard and Stanford universities — dismissed as ‘emphatically false’ by UK politicians, yet signed by more then 44,000 scientists, public health experts, and clinicians so far, including Nobel Prize winner Dr Michael Levitt.

I urge you to read their declaration in full, here.

Governments are ignoring a formidable collective of respected scientific opinion and relying instead on their own deified, yet utterly incompetent advisers–advisers caught in the headlights, and too spineless to stand up for what’s right. In the words of Dr. Yeadon, “I have no confidence in Sage (the UK Gov’s advisory body) – and neither should you – and I fear that, yet again, they’re about to force further decisions that we will look back on with deep regret.”

link to article source 44,000 Scientists, Public Health Experts, and Clinicians sign a Declaration that states Lockdowns don't work - Electroverse

Dr. Roger Hodkinson on COVID: “This is the Biggest Hoax ever perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public”

Dr. Roger Hodkinson is the former Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons committee in Ottawa, he was once CEO of a large private medical laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta, and for the past 20 years has held the position as Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company based in North Carolina currently tasked with selling a COVID-19 test. He is a medical specialist in pathology, which includes virology, who trained at Cambridge University in the UK — he is perfectly positioned to speak on this topic.

Dr. Hodkinson says: “The bottom line is there is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. “[COVID-19] is nothing more than a bad flu season. This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine, and that’s a very dangerous game.”

I don't know about you 'Joe Public',, but I have been listening and following the experts from the very beginning of this mad.mad,worldwide bullshit!!!

So take your damn masks off, hug each other, mingle ,dance and do whatever it takes to Hold the Politicians , main stream media, and corporations accountable for their crimes against humanity...Send them to purgatory for their crimes..

This bullshit! just can't keep going on as lives continue to be destroyed for a planned takeover of humanity by a select few psychopaths


Inventor of the mRna technolpgy speaks: Dr Robert Malone

By the Discernable YT channel

Not an interview, but a summary and commentary of Dr Malone's thoughts around the spike protein. Also, a sober warning to those like me who are very pro-vaccine but should not ignore the evidence emerging around this particular crop of vaccines. Full 3 hour conversation with Dr Robert Malone, Brett Weinstein and Steve Kirsch:

latest news;

Italian prosecutor launches manslaughter investigation after death


Italian prosecutor seizes batch of AstraZeneca Covid-19 jabs ‘as a precaution,’ launches manslaughter investigation after death

The prosecutor of Biella, Italy has ordered the seizure of nearly 400,000 AstraZeneca vaccines and opened a manslaughter investigation following the death of a 57-year-old man hours after being inoculated.

On Monday, the prosecutor of Biella, a town in the northern Italian region of Piedmont, ordered the preventive seizure of the country’s entire ‘ABV5811’ batch of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines. Prosecutor Teresa Angela Camelio’s order affects nearly 400,000 doses of the Anglo-Swedish jab. Camelio said the decision to seize the batch was made pending the outcome of an investigation by the Judicial Authority and the Medicines Supervision Commission into the death of Sandro Tognatti, a music teacher who died on Saturday night a few hours after the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine produced by AstraZeneca. The seizure activity… for which at present there is no direct correlation with the reported cases of deaths, is carried out as a precaution in order to proceed with the appropriate clinical analyses to refute the danger of the drug. The prosecutor also opened a criminal case against unknown persons for manslaughter following Tognatti’s death.The investigation and seizure order came after the Piedmont region had earlier decided to temporarily suspend the use of the doses in lot ABV5811. Italy's national drugs regulator announced on Monday it was suspending the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the country.


La Quinta Columna continues to inform people with their investigations reaching deeper and deeper. Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano reach further every day with their conclusions about this false pandemic.

Why is the world's population being forced to inoculate itself with an experimental drug of dubious composition, or rather, one that was forbidden to analyze by law? Why, at the same time, has the installation of 5G antennas around the world not stopped, regardless of quarantines and border closures?

There are key pieces in all this, and it has been a matter of being observant enough to fit them together perfectly, and that is what La Quinta Columna has managed to do.

Ricardo and Dr. Sevillano have discovered that there is a connection between 5G technology and graphene oxide —a component that causes magnetization in people and is included in vaccines— in order to control the human mind.

Sound like something out of a science fiction movie? At first glance, yes, but it is not.

La Quinta Columna reports on graphene oxide and dangers of 5G antennas in Dirección Correcta

Among the questions asked to La Quinta Columna, Orwell City highlights three in particular for all the people reading this now, as they help to become aware of the seriousness of the situation humanity is facing since the mass vaccination campaigns began.

watch the full interview through Radio El Mirador del Gallo's Twitch and Facebook channels.

Don't miss La Quinta Columna daily streams and start following Dr. José Luis Sevillano and biostatistician Ricardo Delgado on their Telegram, Twitch, Instagram and YouTube channels. Help by spreading the word about their research.

Jorge (Dirección Correcta): They are irradiating something, that is what I could conclude without being a health professional, they are irradiating something. Is there any risk, Ricardo, for a healthy person, for example? Something that could be transmitted? Ricardo Delgado: The risk of being inoculated, of being graphene that nanomaterial, already has a cytotoxicity by itself. But in synergic interaction with these external electromagnetic fields, the famous radiofrequency antenna and certain emission frequencies is multiplied, because precisely the graphene oxide acts as a frequency multiplier, specifically microwaves. In other words, the person becomes a super conductor. It's as if one magnet interacts with another. Let's say these people are marked, as it were: a person goes to sunbathe on the beach —which in this case receives ultraviolet radiation, but they are now "ingraphened" or marked—, as if a person sunbathing would do it smeared in alcohol. Logically, it will absorb much more radiation dose. In this case, ultraviolet radiation from the sun. From the point of view of a supposed "transmission", which is what the official version would talk about —the myth of contagion—, we would be talking instead about an electromagnetic induction. Apparently there are people who, for example, especially women who breastfeed their children, have seen that after they have this magnetic property when they kiss the child's forehead, for a while it seems that this magnetization remains on the child's forehead. We have seen this in many cases. Not so many, but a good amount of them. But, apparently, this magnetization also disappears with time. I think it's a phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, just as when we have a ferrous nucleus and we pass a magnet over it for a long time, it remains magnetized for a certain period of time. However, I think that those who are inoculated —the vaccinated ones, so that we understand this better—, present this characteristic in a more lasting way in time. We suspect that this magnetization (and therefore the nanomaterial introduced), loses its capacity over time and it's likely, therefore, that they want to make people take up to three or four doses a year. Just today Dr. José Luis Sevillano showed me an infograph which showed the supposed lasting efficacy of the vaccines over time, and it's barely from three months up to six, if I'm not mistaken. That is to say, to vaccinate the entire world population with something that does not really prevent the supposed contagion of children, the elderly, adults, all kinds of groups with this type of vaccine and to do it gradually and systematically, compulsively every three or four months, is a real folly, barbaric. In addition, seeing the casuistry we are seeing of this magnetic anomaly, apart from an infinity of thrombi, clots, edema, myocarditis infarction and sudden deaths. Jorge (Dirección Correcta): Ricardo, is there any —of all the existing vaccines—, is there any one that produces more harmful effects or are they all the same? Are they all producing the same? Because you were telling me something at the beginning about AstraZeneca. You mentioned AstraZeneca, right? Ricardo Delgado: Yes, AstraZeneca. I think that —from my point of view—, I think that it has also been a kind of commercial strategy, a marketing strategy. That is to say, sacrificing a pawn so that the queen advances in some way, which could be Pfizer or any other. I believe that what they have been doing over time and —in my opinion— is adjusting the dose of the nanomaterial introduced. It can be seen that perhaps in the AstraZeneca vaccine they went a little overboard introducing it and it generated more thrombi than usual in people, but we have also had thrombi in all of them. Today, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi was talking about coagulation. One hundred percent of those vaccinated have coagulation —and that was the video that we were going to see in the live show earlier, but we didn't have time—. That is to say, there is also platelet reduction. This is one of the effects of the vaccine and, furthermore, it is one of the symptoms of cytotoxicity precisely due to reduced graphene oxide. That is why we say that we are very clear about it, we are very clear about it. The importance of this, regardless of the fact that we are clear about it with different levels of knowledge, those people who are listening to us: it's important, extremely urgent, that if you present magnetism it's not funny at all. It's very important and above all alarming because they are not aware or normally they aren't aware that this anomaly in a world where we are living and where more and more radiofrequency antennas are proliferating, this has a lethal interaction. It has a lethal interaction. Everyone remembers that during the pandemic all businesses were closed. Tourism —since Spain practically lives from this sector— was closed. That is to say, there were people who even committed suicide, the suicide rate in Spain and in other countries was multiplied by three. In France by six. However, what they never stopped doing was to put up these antennas. The antennas opperators worked until the wee hours of the morning. In other words, throughout the pandemic, the introduction of 5G technology has been followed, as if it were part of the roadmap of the 20/30 agenda: introduction of artificial intelligence, sustainable development of society —which I am increasingly afraid of "sustainable", because everything can be sustained by cutting back too—, and implementation of 5G technology. These are the three basic roadmaps of the 20/30 agenda. And that is what we are seeing: everything is moving forward and at a dizzying pace, taking advantage of the fashionable disease. And when we realize it, we are in hell. In fact, we already are.

Jorge (Dirección Correcta): There are people, for example, who put their cell phone near the place where they have been vaccinated and a code appears via Bluetooth. I do not know if that is "fake news" or something that has been proven, what are your thoughts on that issue, Dr. Sevillano?
Dr. José Luis Sevillano: We have not leaned too much on that issue because we have enough with this, right? But it would't be unusual. Keep in mind that everything that sends a signal to that out there, that thhing sends it back. It sends it back and we don't even know if maybe there is some kind of top tier technology besides graphene, just to identify you. We just don't know. Once they might have put graphene in, why aren't they going to put something else in to identify you? It's Bill Gate's dream. What's more, he has said it himself: to identify everyone, every inhabitant of the planet. That is to say, to identify you means that you need to have a code with which wherever you go they know if you are vaccinated, if not, how old you are, what you do, what you think..., and that is a dream for them. 
But it's not something that has worried us excessively. We have been concerned above all, apart from those vaccinated, about the number of people who aren't vaccinated and who are expressing this phenomenon, people who have not worn masks and who have not had PCR tests and are also magnetized or pseudo-magnetized. That has really caught our attention, because then I mean this started before. It started before. 
But this is a nightmare! That is why I say that the priority right now is to denounce. 
They'd like it very much if we were to seek all our interest in selling them graphene, graphene, etcetera. They're going to call you from all sides, crazy. Why? Because people don't care about graphene. It's a thing that most people have their trade and that's it, period. But there's one thing that doesn't slip their mind, and that's that they have to sleep with a magnetic arm because they've had it vaccinated. That's why our job is twofold. 
I'll repeat it one more time: On one side, to denounce that this is a side effect of an unexplained massive vaccination, it's not a normal effect, it's not a skin blemish. No, no. It's something that isn't biological, that is technological but not biotechnological. A very rare effect in a mass vaccination for which the authorities give no explanation. It's very serious. Everybody, immediately start denouncing it. Immediately. Immediately. I already know that they aren't going to give it importance. In fact, they laugh at you, they deny it. They call you a denier when they are the true deniers here: they deny the evidence. An evidence that is visible to millions of people and they deny it. Look how serious the matter is. 
Governments turn a blind eye, they don't show their faces. You already know who the spokespersons of the governments are: the television stations. And the televisions, instead of collaborating with the people to lead them in the right direction: "Well, look, if you have a doubt, go to the doctor. Let them declare it, let them take note to see if it's not that you have oily skin" —that is what they say to people instead, by the way, eh? That this phenomenon happens because they have oily skin—, "go to such a place to make this clear, because this has a negative impact on the vaccination campaign and it must be made clear as soon as possible". 
Well, not even the televisions send that message. Governments don't open their mouths and you realize that this is very serious. That is why, as nobody here is taking over from the authorities or the media, which are practically all sold out and in the pay of the governments, it's obviously up to us, the people from below, to reorganize and defend ourselves. 
And I said well: defend ourselves, because these people are coming for us. 
Since the moment they decided not providing any explanation as to why those arms have been magnetized, it means that they don't have good intentions. And whether there is graphene or not, that in itself is very serious.
If you also want the explanation, we have it. If you also want us to go to a debate with experts and so on, let's go. 
They have already sent us several experts of yours: professors of something or other talking to us about graphene, telling us that graphene is here and here, and we have destroyed them all when they started talking. Evidently they were lying. But since we have already studied the subject, we have quickly shut their mouths, and they are now hiding out there so as not to show their faces, of course. Everyone they send to us is liquidated. 
That is why they no longer send anyone. What they try to do now is to try to ridicule the people who denounce, to deny them assistance, to laugh at them. And that is the strategy they are using now. That is why we have to vindicate this phenomenon in the health centers, to their doctors, in the vaccination queues so that they listen to us, that we are a humanity to which a clinical trial is being applied whose strange undesirable effects are not being picked up. And that is denounceable, but not at the level that I go to a lawyer. No, no. To the vaccination queues and to the doctors to stop them from vaccinating. It's the only way to stop this.



separating private citizens into different classes based on their health records is, Dispicable unacceptable Totalitarianism"


Can you Hear it! See it ! You better believe it!

Understanding there are stages

There are Five Phases of Vaccine Compliance: Ivanka Trump

Phase 2 - Incentives (lottery tickets, free beer, free donuts, etc.). This phase traps those who are stupid enough to trade their lives for beer and donuts. There are a lot of such people, and even globalists understand that such people with low IQ have nothing to do with human civilization. Share ❗️ Share ❗️ Share ❗️

Enjoy your NSW Dining experience - Mines up for grabs, I won't be bribed by these illusionists -

Phase 3 - Private Sector Punishment - At this stage they use corporations to deny people access to services (such as air travel, cruise ships, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, etc.).This phase hopes to make life extremely uncomfortable for the unvaccinated.

(Soon you won't be able to buy or sell oopsie' isn't that the mark of the beast - Read revelations)

Number of the beast
The number of the beast is associated with the Beast of Revelation in chapter 13, verse 18 of Book of Revelation. In most manuscripts of the New Testament and in English translations of the Bible, the number of the beast is six hundred and sixty-six or 666
TheMarkoftheBeast. The second beast also enforces the power of the first through economic discrimination. No one, no matter his social class or influence, will be able to buy or sell unless he has a mark upon the forehead or hand to signify devotion to the beast. The number signifies the name of the beast (cf. 14:11; 15:2)

Have you ever wondered what kind of people are those who can justify creating and administering worldwide a vaccine that is known to have fetal tissue as part of its ingredients? A vaccine that is designed as gene therapy, that does not fit the vaccine definition, to alter the global population who neither understand what is happening to them or know the spiritual meaning of the ingredients in the vaccine?

NOW, go to this sight and read. Don't believe this shit! Then read and research...

Phase 4 - Criminal Fines or Imprisonment (Public Sector) - This phase will begin after fake media blames the unvaccinated for ongoing pandemic outbreaks that are killing people. Some jurisdictions will have laws requiring continuous vaccinations every year. Anyone who refuses to comply will be fined or imprisoned.

Phase 5 - Open Military Terror - Open War Against Unvaccinated Citizens.

Ivanka Trump (Official)


sharing from a Patriot from Victoria.

Ultimately, we all want the same thing... our basic human rights, to be healthy, happy and enjoy quality of life... so we all have the same goal in mind, even though we may sometimes disagree on how to achieve it.

•We have now been robbed of months of our lives... that's months we will never get back... we are systematically being stripped of our basic rights and freedoms... proof is emerging that we have been lied to and deceived by our elected (and non-elected) leaders...I believe it's time to exercise our right to say "No"

•I am concerned that people are being labelled conspiracy theorists, simply because they question certain government, corporate and industrial motives, or because they question the arbitrary laws that revoke our basic human rights.

•I do not consent to the Government making decisions about my health. They were elected to serve, not control me.

•I do not consent to the extreme censorship that is taking place on social media platforms toward doctors, scientists and activists, who present and uphold valid data that challenges the 'official narrative' the media would have us believe. This concerns me far more than the virus.

•I do not consent to the tracking and tracing of citizens.

•I do not consent to Government making decisions without a democratic process.

•I do not consent to Politicians, or any other individuals, who are compromised by having a lucrative 'financial interest' in the Pharmaceutical Industry, making decisions about my health and wellbeing.

•I do not consent to being told that all these decisions are for my own safety.

•I do not consent to censoring free speech under the guise of protecting me from the spread of misinformation.

•I do not consent to the closing of small businesses while multi-million dollar companies remain open.

•I do not consent to being labelled an 'anti-vaxxer', simply because I have concerns about MANDATORY, enforced vaccines or rushed procedures, without proper protocols - especially high risk ones, with limited testing that are deemed highly profitable to the most questionable of interests.

•I do not consent to the amount of division and hatred that is being encouraged between friends and families, simply for upholding opposing beliefs, or for speaking openly about what THEY believe.

•I do not consent to the idea that pharmaceuticals and vaccines are the ONLY way to prevent or heal from illness... the outright dismissal of good nutrition and natural prevention and therapies is highly questionable from my perspective.

•I do not consent to the media only covering fraudulent and misleading 'case' counts, or grossly exaggerated death counts, when the survival rate is immensely higher. Fear cripples immunity, so why aren't we talking about the excellent (99.9%) recovery rates, successful treatments and therapies?

•I do not consent to the lack of care and consideration for 'non-Covid' patients, who have been denied access to essential treatments, consultations and surgeries for Cancer, Cardio-vascular and other life threatening conditions. Their lives matter too!!!

•I don't consent to 'House Arrests' and Lock Downs... staying home doesn’t protect against domestic violence, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, starvation and suicide; all of which are costing many more lives than the virus.

Here's what I DO consent to:

•Being a free and critical thinker.

•A parent, who is protecting the future of all children.

•An individual who cares about tomorrow... someone who understands the connection between the health of our planet and our own health

•A caring person, who will never stop fighting injustice and tyranny... or questioning and condemning the lies and manipulation of the Government and the Media.

We all come into this world with nothing and we'll leave with nothing... the bit in the middle is called LIFE... life is a precious gift from our Maker... none of us know how long that gift will last, so make the most of every second, every minute and every hour of every day... live, love, take chances, not orders... be kind, be tolerant and be happy... don't waste another second waiting for things to change...


If you agree, please copy and paste like I did to your social media ,to show your support for this stand we must take, for the sake of our freedom and the freedom of future generations and for our once great country.


THE FOLLOWING from the Uk, then check out content from Australia throughout this blog post and the many others I have done FYI....



🔔🔔🔔 INVITE$/invite/@SixthSense-Truth-Search-Labs:0 🔔🔔🔔 MIRROR SOURCE: 19.06.21 MARK STEELE CHANNEL: TELEGRAM:

The Genocide Act 1969(c 12) was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It gave effect to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 9 December 1948. The Act was repealed for England and Wales and Northern Ireland on 1 September 2001.

📣NEW!! -Frontline Workers Testimonies & VAERs Reports 16th MAY 2021 - [PDF DOC] PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE!!! 📣

Google Drive blocks access to document that compiled screenshots of mainstream media reports about patients who allegedly experienced negative side effects, or died, after taking the COVID-19 vaccine: Google Drive has blocked access to a document titled “Informed Consent Matters,” which had compiled 106 pages of screenshots of reports from the mainstream media covering patients who had experienced negative side effects, or died, after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. "First time I’ve seen a cloud drive blocking a document," tweeted journalist Anna Brees. "It was a very long document re vaccination headlines from around the world." The document itself states that "It is everyone's right to review the first-hand testimonies of the COVID vaccine adverse reactions without censorship by the news media (or social media

read here

Download • 57.68MB

DON'T JUST LOOK AT THE FOLLOWING URL'S bloody do follow and be informed... SHARE ALSO

Polyethylene glycol as a cause of anaphylaxis [ingredient in COVID injections!] - PDF DOC Evidence for a Connection between COVID-19 and Exposure to Radiofrequency Radiation from Wireless Telecommunications [PDF DOC] COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease - PDF DOC 3,964 DEAD 162,610 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” BE THE RESISTANCE SPREAD THE WORD AND CONTACT YOUR LOCAL MP WITH THIS LINK AND MAKE THEM KNOW THAT WE KNOW OF THIS CRIME VAERS Covid Vax Records

Nanoparticles for nasal vaccination

Hydrogel nanoparticles and nanocomposites for nasal drug/vaccine delivery

NEW COVID SCAM FLYER - QR CODE LINK TO SPACEBUSTERS DOCUMENTARY VIDEO - PDF FOR PRINT AND SHARE! ⚜️⚜️100,000 doctors medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine - PDF DOCUMENT - PRINT AND SHARE!!!⚜️⚜️,000-doctors-medical-professionals-oppose-COVID-19-vaccine-leaflet:a

Doctors are now uniting against the pre planned and fabricated plandemic, which is quickly turning into a full genocidal push across the world. Over 100,000 doctors and various health professionals have now united against the government planned genocide, with the pharmaceutical giants ready to start the slaughter in the long term care homes via an untested vaccine that purposely skipped animal trials.

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Study this page and decide if everything you are being told is accurate.

go to this website be informed of the truth not the lies spread for fear

  1. Deaths in Australia from Cancer 29,030 [ABS 2018]

  2. Deaths in Australia from Heart Disease 17,533 [ABS 2018]

  3. Deaths in Australia from Flu 3,102 [ABS 2018]

  4. Deaths in Australia from Car Accidents 1,182 [CarAdvice 2019]

  5. Deaths in Australia from people who tested Positive for COVID 909 [Updated 8th Feb 2021] This does not confirm however that any of these people actually died as COVID as the primary cause. Source:

  6. Recovery Rate 99% [29 August 2020] Source

  7. Add 750 to 1,500 suicides due to lockdowns Source

Asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19 did NOT occur at all, study of 10 million. Link to Original Article Here Link to the Full Study Here Translation --> No symptoms = You Wont Spread COVID.

Note the wearing of masks on public transport is not in law and not a policy of private companies, but something imposed by the government, upon public transport operators.

Where is your line if you’re willing to compromise to every small step towards total tyranny?


Read the Facts Here | Peer reviewed Info Here


1. The requirement for wearing a mask is NOT based on science (as you will learn in the two links above). Nor is it legal. It is simply a RULE and NOT a law. 2. If you do get a FINE for not wearing a mask, simply op to have it go to court. All fines have been withdrawn to date. Do not pay the fine as this means you agree to the contract. 3. You DO NOT need a medical certificate stating you do not need to wear a mask, BUT having one will come in handy if challenged by authorities. 4. Employees who are medically exempt cannot be forced to wear a mask. 5. Business owners are NOT responsible for people who cannot wear masks. 6. Medically exempt conditions include Asthma, Emphysema, Epilepsy, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Vertigo, Hearing Problems, Breathing Difficulties, Allergies, and many, many more. 7. No one is required to tell you, or disclose their personal medical information to anyone. The PRIVACY ACT 1988 Protects you here. 8. Signs saying ‘No Mask No Entry" Are in breach of section 6 & 24 of the Commonwealth Discrimination Act 1992 (and other laws) and should either be removed from premises or state ‘EXCEPT THOSE WITH LAWFUL MEDICAL CONDITIONS’ or a similar disclaimer. DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT 1992 - SECT 6 DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT 1992 - SECT 24 DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT 1992 - COMPLETE 9. Harassment, intimidation, coercion, deceit, aggressiveness or bullying are NOT lawful means of imposing your personal beliefs or opinions about masks upon others. This includes from authorities. 10. Many people are already medically exempt from wearing masks including the majority of senior citizens, and children under twelve years old If you do wish to obtain a medical exemption you can visit your local GP.


In fact it is a direct BREACH of the Privacy Act 1988 for anyone to deny you service for NOT signing in.

The PRIVACY ACT 1988 - SECTION 94H Protects You from needing to Sign in.

Now go to the website for the video's on Masks and much more information to help you and your families. They have information for businesses and employees as well.

We Are Not Sheep So START Asking Questions

The ONLY Reason we Have LOCKDOWNS is becasue of a PCR Pandemic.

  1. Businesses are doing the unlawful dirty work for the government by forcing individuals to sign in.

  2. The more people that Sign in, the more people our government can then call to put pressure on someone to get a COVID test.

  3. The more COVID tests that people take, the more CASE numbers there are, even when people are not sick and probably don't have COVID because the PCR test itself cannot detect an isolated virus like COVID.

  4. As long as we have CASES, there will always be lockdowns.

  5. Because the PCR Test is ineffective at detecting COVID we will ALWAYS Have cases that are FALSE Positives.

  6. SO STOP ENFORCING THE COLLAPSE OF SMALL BUSINESSES AND THE REMOVAL OF YOUR OWN FREEDOM. Wake up to what is going on, and realise WE are doing this to ourselves for NO genuine reason other than out of ignorance.

lots more information @ sourced excerpt.

go to link and learn WHAT IS THE END GAME?


Why do we need a State of Emergency when John Ioannidis

of Stanford University – one of the ten most cited scientists

in the world has ranked the mortality rate of COVID-19

caused by SARS-COV-2 in the range of that of influenza as

early as March 2020? He demonstrated that the

worldwide panic at the end of January 2020 regarding an

alleged high mortality rate associated with SARS-Cov 2

infection was and is simply unfounded. His paper

confirms that the majority of people 65 and under survive the

Corona Virus. See:

As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has spread widely around the globe,1,2 estimates about its eventual impact in terms of total number of deaths have varied widely, as they are mostly based on mathematical models with various speculative assumptions


I T I S Y O U R R I G H T T O R E V I E W T H E F I R S T - H A N D T E S T I M O N I E S


R E A C T I O N S D U E T O T H E C O V I D V A C C I N E ( W I T H O U T C E N S O R S H I P B Y T H E N E W S M E D I A O R S O C I A L M E D I A ) . W I T H A C C E S S T O T H I S D A T A , Y O U C A N P E R F O R M A R I S K / B E N E F I T A N A L Y S I S F O R Y O U R S E L F .

Download • 57.68MB

Why was no one warned that immune thrombocytopenia is a reaction to the COVID vaccine?

Will employers accept liability for their front-line workers' deaths/injuries if they require the shot in order to work?


Blood Before and After the Covid Shot (Video)


The swab used to test Covid (PCR test) is saturated with Ethylene Oxide (EO) which is a carcinogen. Also damages DNA and fertility.


Shocking info: By the CDC's own data, we are seeing a 12,000 percent increase in deaths with these vaccines

Frightening and Ominous information from PHD and peer reviewed study.... vaccine is causing great harm! Crosses the blood brain barrier as well.

The information is about to be released to public!



Watch: FB CEO Zuckerberg: "We need to find & terminate people who leak stuff... we're very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff."

An internal Q&A Facebook meeting discussing whistleblowers leaking company information… has been LEAKED by @project_veritas.

The VP of FB’s employment law team and CEO Mark Zuckerberg fielded a direct question regarding the recent leak of company materials that allegedly exposed employee details.

They warned potential whistleblowers would be ‘terminated’ and ‘didn’t have enough information to be on the right side of history.’

The FB whistleblower in question, Morgan Kahmann, leaked internal documents exposing the tech giant's 'vaccine hesitancy' censorship campaign. Kahmann told Tucker Carlson: “They're afraid of what people might conclude if they see that other people are having negative side effects.”

Who will be on the right side of history?

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Aussie news Headlines

AstraZeneca recipients told 'don't cancel your second vaccination' after National Cabinet meets to discuss troubled vaccine rollout.

Coersive tatics..........Incentives will be offered to take the vaccine......

Doctors back PM's vaccine passport plan (Doctor Who? List their names please) 25/05/2021| Doctors back PM's vaccine passport plan | Sky News Australia

Doctors have backed the prime minister's proposal to allow vaccinated Australians to be exempt from interstate travel restrictions. Prime Minister Scott Morrison is expected to take the plan to a divided national cabinet next week to convince leaders it will increase domestic freedoms and provide more certainty. Doctors have backed the proposal saying it will give Australians a good reason to receive the vaccine. The nation's Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly says the government needs to look for incentives – indicating merchandise and even cash lotteries could be on the table.

..........Incentives will be offered to take the vaccine......

Such sincereity from the NSW Premier

Doctors back PM's vaccine passport plan | Sky News Australia

Queensland closes border to Greater Sydney

(this bullshit just keeps repeating itself, return tothe gaslighting of the people)

It comes as new restrictions are implemented for Greater Sydney, including only five household visitors, masks compulsory indoors, no drinking while standing indoors, and no singing by indoor audiences.

'I have never witnessed such incompetence and abuse of the truth in my lifetime': Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says the willingness of politicians to become followers, not leaders, from day one has damaged this country badly - and "we are now paying the price". "People are suspicious of vaccinations because they don't believe, up until now, that they have been told the truth," Mr Jones said.

Sky News host Alan Jones says “what was a conspiracy to damage Trump is now the truth” following reports Chinese military members were enlisted on the oversight committee for the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“This Wuhan stuff gets worse,” Mr Jones said.

“Not that there are any surprises, but we now learn that the laboratory at the centre of the coronavirus leak had listed members of the Chinese military on its oversight committee and allegedly included international scientists without their knowledge.”

Mr Jones pointed to news of a book titled ‘The Infinite Error: The Secret Story of a Pandemic That Should Have Been Avoided’, authored by Fabrizio Gatti.

“He’s saying that the Wuhan Institute of Virology deleted all the names of the Chinese military officials and the international scientists as well after the author contacted the scientists to ask about their roles,” Mr Jones said.

“Fabrizio Gatti asserts that the ‘Chinese Army is involved in this huge catastrophe’.

“Didn’t the Trump Administration say the lab was being used for military experiments? Didn’t the Trump Administration say that the coronavirus came from the laboratory?

“And didn’t the Trump-haters argue that these were conspiracy theories?

“It seems that what was a conspiracy to damage Trump is not the truth; I bet you’re not surprised.”

imacogindewheeloflife is banned from facebook....

Truth hurts!

Why does Facebook still ban users from saying Covid was man-made even as Dr Fauci casts doubt on virus origins? And Italian journalist is censored by YouTube for claiming it was created in Wuhan lab

News continued...

'Has the world been lied to?': Alan Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says if the world leaders are meeting in Cornwall they better decide what should be done to "cover-up merchants" like Dr Fauci and zoologist Dr Peter Daszak. The remarks come following new revelations into the origins of COVID-19 which revealed bats had been used in the Wuhan Institute of Virology - a fact Dr Daszak said was a conspiracy to suggest. "Now with the leaking of the Fauci emails, Daszak has been forced to admit that the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have housed bats, Mr Jones said. "It is this that world leaders should be concerned about – has the world been lied to? "What was the agenda behind this gain of function research, in a Chinese laboratory to increase the transmissibility of viruses and their lethal impact? "All while a body that Fauci headed, was contributing money to this research when President Obama said such financial support should end. "Do no bats Daszak and his mate Fauci, get away with all of this?"

ABC health expert performs 'complete backflip' on COVID-19 lab leak theory

The ABC's "self-proclaimed" national health expert and TV presenter Dr Norman Swan has performed a complete backflip on his view on the coronavirus lab leak theory, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny. Dr Swan had previously stated on national television in May last year that the coronavirus was a "natural mutation" and did not originate from a lab. In an interview with the ABC on Tuesday Dr Swan said there were "increasing signs" the Wuhan Institute of Virology "may well have been the source". Mr Kenny said this was a "complete backflip" and another example of Dr Swan's and the ABC's "repeated errors" made throughout the pandemic.

Dr Anthony Fauci has been ‘found out on a million fronts’


America’s most senior infectious disease expert Dr Anthony Fauci has now been “found out on a million fronts,” according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

“He (Fauci) was told early, way back in February 2020, that there was fairly good evidence that this virus had been engineered,” Mr Jones said.

“Funds made available by the agency which Fauci heads … to the tune of $600,000 went to this Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“This is the mob, remember, involved in gain-of-function research.”

Mr Jones questioned why Fauci would continue to argue coronavirus was transmitted from an animal to humans “in spite of advice to the contrary”.

“It is only now that the emails have been leaked that he has had to admit that he is not convinced that the virus developed naturally,” he said.

“The truth in all this from day one has not been shared with us.

“There can be no greater contempt for the people than to deny the truth.”

'How much is this prick being paid to speak with FORK tongue'

The unvaccinated will need to ‘deal with consequences’

Those who are vaccinated will eventually be granted more privileges than those who are not, says Infectious Diseases Physician Professor Peter Collignon. He said “as time goes on” and more Australians get vaccinated, the rules for those people should change. “Once you’re vaccinated, if you’re overseas I would think home quarantine would be an option for you,” Professor Collignon told Sky News. He said while he does not think vaccines should be mandatory, if people choose not to receive it there might be a price to pay. “By the same token people who decide not to get vaccinated or delay it, they may have to deal with some of the consequences of that.”


'Saint' Fauci's halo tarnished as email leaks land 'huge blow' to his credibility

Sky News host James Morrow says the Dr Fauci email leaks were a "huge blow" to his credibility and those of the media left who pushed the idea the coronavirus could not have leaked from a lab. "It's a huge blow to his credibility. It's also a huge blow to the credibility of so many people in the mainstream media who push the idea that this virus could never have come from the lab even though it originated at the home of the Wuhan Institute of Virology," he said. "Hello there's a clue in all of that and all of these media just said it's a Trump theory, it's a conspiracy theory - Facebook was even banning people for a long time from saying that this was a possibility. "So all of these emails show that this theory absolutely needs to be looked at and it also just tarnishes the halo of Anthony Fauci who was treated as a secular saint by so many lefties in the United States and around the world just because he stood up to Trump."


'Great man' Donald Trump delivers speech calling out China


Unsurprising Labor states are 'cosying up to China' given they're all 'authoritarian states' 18/06/2021|4min

Clinical Psychiatrist and Author Tanveer Ahmed says it is unsurprising places like Queensland, Western Australia, or Victoria are "cosying up to China" given they were already quickly "turning into authoritarian states". "Those three places, in particular, they're effectively closer to the Chinese model these days. They want to impose on ordinary human freedoms, they're using the pandemic to extend their powers at every turn, often unjustifiably," he said. "Obviously there's an economic interest and there's a strong political interest. You get the feeling states are on to a winning formula by poking the federal government at every opportunity."

Unsurprising Labor states are 'cosying up to China' given they're all 'authoritarian states' | Sky News Australia

"The couldren of lies is so deliciously good - whipped up so the people will gladly take their medicine" and NSW join in the deception

Victorian government 'absolutely busted' for 'complete beat-up' on COVID lockdown 02/06/2021| Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Victorian Government has been "absolutely busted" for telling "a complete beat-up about a beast of a new virus strain". "A beat-up its chief health officer later admitted he had really no evidence for. A disgraceful beat up to justify the Victorian Government's disgraceful decision today to make five million people in Melbourne now spend another week in lockdown," he said. "What kind of shameless scaremongers, what kind of incompetents are running Victoria? Running it into the ground. "And Victoria's head of virus testing joined in this extraordinary beat-up. Oh, the media fell for it. Ran hard last night with this story of some Frankenstein virus to soften up the public, to terrify them into accepting a lockdown that would never be done like this in NSW. "Bingo. That is how you convince people to accept yet more lockdowns from an authoritarian government that's locked up Melbourne for 140 days already."

Daniel Andrews and his rules

EXCLUSIVE: Police ABUSING 'State of Emergency' powers

THIS.IS.HOW.GENOCIDE HAPPENING AGENDA21 International Convention to Suppress Genocide (Criminal Code Act 1995) - Article II provides:In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;


Italian journalist Fabrizio Gatti was banned from advertising his book questioning the origins of Covid and criticising China's response on Google - even as top US disease expert Anthony Fauci says it warrants further investigation


There are scientists speaking out, a Noble Laureate, explaining that it is "the jab' that will cause variants... It's a diabolical few who are orchestrating this depopulation event. , those that remain quiet, who are in lock-step with these psychopaths are just as culpable. Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid Vaccine is 'Creating Variants'

Prof. Luc Montagnier said that epidemiologists know but are “silent” about the phenomenon, known as “Antibody-Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).


Here is the TNT docudrama on the Nuremberg Trial (1945-46) starring Alec Baldwin as Justice Robert H. Jackson, chief American prosecutor at the Trial. Among the screenwriters were David Rintels. For further information, see

"Nuremberg" starring Alec Baldwin as Robert H. Jackson

I'll Leave you with this message, because I won't FORGIVE NOR FORGET!!..... bring on the Nuremburg TRIALS

2..3...4...5..whatever it takes they deserve to pay for their crimes against humanity

**WARNING** Do not watch this video if you're the kind of person that gets offended by people using adult language. Jinx Lennon live at Pivo Pivo, Glasgow. November 2011. Permission to publish this video given by Jinx Lennon.

When the narrative didn't fit but people had to suffer

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says she understands implementing tough measures in the midst of a pandemic, but “we haven’t got a pandemic here in Australia”. Her comments come amid the story of Mark Kilian, who flew to Australia from the US to see his dying father, but has now been denied an exemption despite both him and his partner being fully vaccinated. On Thursday night, the couple returned their third negative test result in five days. According to Ms Hanson, the couple being denied an exemption is “a load of garbage”. “They’ve come from across the world … I am so angry about this,” she said.

So as above so below

'll Leave you with this message

by Septell

The average person is devoid of a working brain cell. Now wait for what's coming. We're "vaccinating" with something that stops the symptoms of the disease but not the ability to be infected and to transmit. Whereas a vaccine is limited in its lethality because it will kill its host and therefore die, if it's too lethal.. now it won't kill the host. This is going to breed worse and worse viruses. There's going to be another wave - this time it will be the unvaccinated that suffer. The media will paint the false narrative that the unvaccinated are the cause of the problem. As more and more are forced into vaccination, the situation will worsen. More "vaccines" will be recommended, causing further waves.


I and many others are doing their best to awaken the Australian public to the anarchy we are living. SO READ< IMVESTIGATE < AND WAKE UP FROM YOUR SLUMBER. HONOUR your ANZACS

THey fought for this countries freedom. not for you idiots to throw away because of your ignorance and complacency

(a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government))


UK High Court case exposes Western Australia’s role in national scandal

and this... I found on a forum

Have you tried to get the Australian Government to confirm its validity? Perhaps you should. If the current Government can not prove that they are legitimate, then there is a massive problem….. And by the way…. They cant prove this. Myself, mates on top of Scott’s case studies shows us that they are not the dejure government… So who are they then????


READ AND LEARN we do not have a De jure government in Australia

Information regarding the Australian treasury’s own admission regarding themselves as a private owned business. Hard to discredit if they admit it, isn’t

Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company -go here and down;oad from the GOV. website..

Attached are documents released under a Freedom of Information request seeking access to all documents that confirm the following: registration with the SEC of the Australian Government(Commonwealth of Australia) as a privately owned American company, file number:333-163307 CIK:0000805157.

check it out go on - open your mind to reality

or here

Download PDF • 2.93MB

by Tom R...

Australian Gov is selling or trading Bonds in our name on the US stock exchange? If the Australian Gov cannot pay for its trades will we the people Have to fork out for the Australian Governments bad debt.? What if they actually sold the Bonds to themselves or their friends and are insider trading. In fact why even issue a bond? Its just an “I owe you” with the peoples wealth as the collateral. Oh that’s right, we don’t have the right to issue our own money.!! Which means we are under the control of a foreign power does it not, which is Treason under section 44 of the Constitution Act . The right to issue money should be in the Treasury not the Reserve bank who’s board members are multinational company directors as well,(as a point of interest). We send an appropriation bill to the reserve bank and they make us sell bonds for the money? If the Government can issue a bond it can also issue a dollar bill. One forever holds us in bondage and the other frees us. Other acts of treason are

Federal Legislation:

• The Australia Act 1986 – This Act brings the States into conformity with the Federal Government. It places the Federal Government over the States as our sovereign. This directly contravenes Clause 5 of the Constitution Act and section 106 of the Constitution Act.

State Legislation:

• Courts and Tribunals Legislation (further Amendment) Act 2000(Vic) – Enacted in 2000 this Act took the oath of allegiance out of the legal practitioners Act. This means every lawyer, magistrate and judge in Victoria is sitting with the oath out. It begs the question, why do this, unless you want them to be sitting under another substituted jurisprudence? This directly contravenes Clause 5 the Schedule and section 109 of the Constitution Act.

• Acts Amendment and Repeal Court and Legal Practice Act 2003(WA) – This also took the oath and the Crown out and has the same implications as above. Section 109 of the Constitution Act states: When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

These Acts are inconsistent with the law of the Commonwealth and have no authority.

So I just don’t get why you are trying to justify them. Do you want them to do what they want or what we want? Constitutions a not put there for governments to restrain the people, they are put there for the people to restrain their governments . So trying to find loop holes for them to screw us even more should also be looked on as insubordination. Look what these governments have done to this world, because we trusted them and didn’t pay attention. It’s about time we did pay attention.

and this reply

go a little deeper because we clearly need to understand who is running who.

the confusion of private corporations, is probably more to the point that its Private Corporations that are running our government they are indebted to this private corporation, not only that our law society i.e the BAR society is a private society, who are they, where does all the money go?

So in fact the mere fact we are borrowing from IMF via Federal reserve USELESS DEBT INSTRUMENTS and that as you stated we place information into the SEC to get people to invest in this country, then its absolutely proves that we are required to pay that debt back. Now the government departments are ALL ACTING AS CORPORATE ENTITIES, this is FACT. For eg, why do the police force give you a business card when doing business on the side of the road. Roads and maritime would put a BUSINESS restriction on your for unpaid fines. they all deal in commerce, i.e sending bills, statements, instruments, therefore they are dealing in commerce, ITS ALL COMMERCE.

Just look at all the legal terms as per blacks law and tell me which part of this is NOT corporate, dealing in commerce.

1) De Jure Corporation – corporation which has been created as a result of compliance with all of the constitutional or statatory requirement of state of incorporation Government – from latin, gubernaculum signifies the instrument, that helm where by the ship to which the state was compared, was guided on its course by the gubernator, or helmsman, and in there view, the gov is but an agency of the state.

De facto Government (is this not Austalia? by replacing the royal great seal with australian seal, against the will of the people, as per last referendum was agreed to remain part of the commonwealth.

2) De Facto Government = one that maintans itself by a display of fore against the will of the rightful legal government + is successful shadow government?

3) Fact – A thing done; an action performed or an incident transpiring, an event or cirumstances and actually happening in time or space or and event mental or physical, that which has taken place

4) State – A people permanently occupying a fixed territory bound together by common law habits and custom into one body politic exercising through the medium of an organized government, independent sovereignty and control over all persons + things within its boundary’s capable of making WAR + PEACE + of entering into international relations with other communities of the globe.

5) – Colony a dependent political community consisting of a number of citizens of the same country who have immigrated therefrom to another.

6) Business – Employment, occupation profession in for livelihood. Activity or enterprise for gain, benefit advantage or livelihood.

7) corporation and artificial person or legal entity created by or under authority of the laws of State. An association of persons create by statute as a legal entity.

8) Private Corporation – Affecting or belonging to private individuals.

9) Entity – 4 real being, existence. an organization or being that possesses separate Tax Purposes. an example would be corporations, partnerships, estates and trust. The accounting entity for which accounting statements are prepared may not be the same as the entity defined by law. “Entity” includes corporation and foreign corporation; Not-for-profit corporation and not-for-profit unincorporated association; business trust, estate, partnership, trust, and two or more persons having a joint common economic interest; and state, ….

10) Citizen – One who under Constitution + Laws of the U.S or of a particular state is a member of the political community, owning allegiance + being entitled to the enjoyment of full civil rights.

11) Person- blacks law 6th edition, in general usage, a human being (i.e natural person) though by satute term may include labor organisations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trusses in bankruptcy, or perceivers.

GOVERNMENTS CAN NOT CREATE LAW!! period. they only create ACTs, STATUTES AND POLICIES. they call it law but in theory they only ACT in the colour of law.

The highest form of law is SPIRITUAL law. The courts or english law is based on the King James Bible, making it the highest law, which is supposedly under GOD, which some refer to as common law, or natural law, or common sense law. This law is basically based on the 10 commandments, primarily do not harm, or kill, do not steal or damage someone else’s property, or be brought before 12 or your piers to be judged!! Then law of the sea (admiralty law) Then there is man made law, Equity Law, Then common law, common to the people? then there is commercial law (commercial law is the lowest)

They created the person (well your parents did as they did not understand what they were doing) that is why you are always dealing in commerce as a person. Hence why people say its is a corporate run world, because that is what capitalism creates, and we the people are feeding the greed.

Every ACT and STATUTE AND POLICY The government creates refers to a person (we know what a person is)


Think about it. if we are borrowing Fiat Currency from IMF which is not backed by ANYTHING OF VALUE and they charge an interest on currency (not money) that is printed on demand go see and placed interest on it for digits on a screen. why should we give a shit about paying it back? see iceland and now iraq. its time to kick the IMF out and Federal reserve and go back to a commonwealth that represents what the people want.

I would never give a shit about voting as from early on, i could see its a system of Bull shit. how can you have a democracy when there are alway commercial interest involved. Why would a government department pay GST as you claim is the reason they have an ABN. Wouldn’t government departments be tax exempt?

IF THE GOVERNMENT CAN PRINT THE CURRENCY, AND ITS BACKED BY NOTHING BUT THE PEOPLE (the bonded slaves to pay the Bullshit debt back) – why is there even a debt? – why do they even pay interest? – who are they paying interest to? – what happens if people stop paying it?

GOVERNMENTS DO CREATE BONDS, Thats how they raise private capital, issuing bonds, and agreeing to pay back in interest. The birth certificate is a bond, you can find this out. its all there. you are bonded? or are you? just have to understand what is happening and who you are.

The game is up, and people are waking up all over the world! the New world order or one world government have their agenda and this is the way its heading, you can see it clear as day.


SOVEREIGNTY is not Bull shit or a waste of time, just look above in the legal definitions, why would they have it in legal terms, and in commercial maxims of law if it wasn’t important.

The truth is we are all sovereign, we just have to realise it, and ensure that corporate interest agencies know that its above all their Bull shit.

GOVERNMENT is merely there to deceive the belligerent, those who are too lazy to work out what is going on. i.e PUBLIC POLICY!! to deal with PUBLIC.

You need to ask yourself, do the public officials, public officers, public government entities, Politicians deserve our trust? do they not all act in the best interest of repaying the debt they have borrowed, blown, squandered…….

I do not give a shit about the government, nor their policies, i wouldn’t waste my time living in that fictional world.

(being sarcastic here:) lets all get our kids to go to school to be indoctrinated, let them all watch TV to be brain washed, let them watch our politicians avoid, dodge, skip any real questions and LIE constantly and pretend they are respectful members of our society. Lets make the best paying jobs the ones that have the least ethics, least positive impact on society and least positive impact on our planet.

wake up the world is being run by corporate greed, and fictional currency. Be sovereign, be honourable, create your own reality, stand in truth, and enjoy the journey, its all there for a reason. Bless, peace and love


im not saying they are doing it as a private company, its more of a trust from my understanding. Public Trust Act, my point was as you stated SEC is to attract investors to invest in this country, they raise capital by issuing government guaranteed bonds, those bonds entail interest, which is backed up by the People, TAX and all the other government corporations, collecting through all their unlawful instruments, ACTs, STATUTES, POLICIES. then as the income comes in the make Certificates of DEPOSIT to repay the BOND and Interest. you can find this out on any of the trading sites like fidelity etc. the privacy comes in when we are using and issued federal reserve notes, these are issued by a private bank. this is also fact. I could do a video on it. but the info is all there if you search. Whats not factual about the legal definitions of blacks law? im saying you article is correct but it only proves through your own statement that they issue the info voluntarily to get investment. With investment comes obligation to pay back. therefore they have to conduct commerce. the mere fact that they are registered in the SEC does NOT prove they are private companies, agreed, but as mentioned over again, you have to go deeper. If you believe your government is operating in your best interest. good luck to you. All i see is damage to environment, issuing of licenses against the will of the people for profits. i could back this up with as much fact as you want, but I don’t wish to waste anymore time when all the info is out there for those who wish to seek it. There are also private corporations like tolls, etc etc, acting under the protection of the government entities that have private interest. if roads are for the benefit of the commonwealth why are private corporations cashing in, why isnt it going back to treasury which benefits the country and its people. check that out. the article proves nothing either way, other than the fact that having the entity registered with SEC does not prove or disprove corporate agenda. people are waking up, a transition is in place. its exciting, its interesting. which way will it go, we will find out. Love to all :)…

LEARN MORE AT THESE WEBSITES - TREASON AND MALFEANCE crimes against the Australian people


This website grew out of the experience of importing my 1959 Chevrolet Corvette into Australia. I noticed there were Two Governments and Two Parliaments… worse, no one in government could answer why.

What The FUQ? you might say… and I did. I produced the documentary What The FUQ? – Frequently Unanswered Questions of the “Australian Government”

Ordinarily you’d expect you could take these matters to Court to resolve any dispute. It became obvious very quickly that the Office that gives authority to today’s courts was rotten.

It appeared the corporation masquerading as government in Australia was acting as an administrator to a bankrupt country… gone bankrupt from borrowing from private banks instead of printing money through the people’s Treasury. This brought the banksters into focus where I created the short video Bancorruptcy and later the 8 min video CONfinance.

With banksters and “government” ignoring requests for validation, treating me with contempt and still threatening compliance, it became obvious our rights were non-existent… whilst acting as a Legal Entity created to enslave the population. When the name on the outside of mailed correspondence could not be questioned, what chance exists of questioning the contents?

Welcome to the website. Please read carefully and do your own research. This site is intended to prompt further study into ‘What The FUQ‘ is going on in this world.


2 .Corporations Masquerading as Government in Australia & World Wide

By Andy Whiteley Contributing writer for Wake Up World

3. BrianShaw Has worked tirelessly for the past 30 years for these Political & Judiciary Criminals etc to be judged by the people sooner rather than later.

Julia Gillard and others were charged for treason and much more information on this website


The Renaming of our Commonwealth Of Australia and High TREASON - Political Maleficence series 2


(A comment from a friend

When this is over, how are we going to deal with these people? like they dealt with in 1600's ........hung and quartered them and kept them alive as long as possible. All of them have received vast payments to do as their masters bid, and Prison does seem too kind for most.

Hang in there, we'll overcome, even if you are right in thinking that Australians are asleep.)


RE: From Brian Shaw

As the saying goes ‘Knowledge is Power’ and education is the key to engaging the public once they understand their rights. A disinformed or misinformed public, are putty in the hands of those whose intentions are not for the good of the people/nation.

By design, the population have been dumbed down and deprived of the knowledge and education they require to understand the construct/hierarchy/role of government and the legal sector to equip them to properly maintain their rights under the 1901 Commonwealth Constitution. Without this knowledge, people don’t even know what’s being taken from them or why. “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6)

Education is a BIG issue as the government has all but removed information about the 1901 commonwealth constitution from every arena, including the classroom (including legal studies). As is often the case, many won’t engage with a political platform for a multitude of reasons, such as lack of knowledge, disinterest/disillusionment/disgust or even language/cultural barriers and lack of computer skills.

I may be preaching to the converted or stating the obvious, but while an open discussion platform for public access and political discourse with government could be a good thing as the people need a voice and the government has become increasingly distanced and at odds with the will of the people and the constitution, the proposal of an online people’s government, in my opinion, is fraught with potential problems, inequity and potential manipulation and interference.

The most informed, loudest and most dominant will always control the narrative and those who control the platform, whether now or in the future, can easily manipulate outcomes.

A case in point is the current subjective bias of political media, polls and similar online blogs and social media platforms (with external interference such as ‘Fact Checking’).

Perhaps if an online platform was to include (impartially) with their questions and interactions, the sections of the 1901 Commonwealth constitution and constitutionally based laws that are relevant to the subject matter so that people could understand their rights and options, then that could be a beneficial thing as they would then learn and be empowered to challenge a matter or provide informed answers and input. They could then also have some measure of confidence that those managing the platform are on the level.

A bit of a rant but just my thoughts.

From Brian Shaw

Got around to reading this today. Very interesting, I've heard some of it before.

Some comments/questions-

Many would welcome the removal of state governments (eg D#Andrews) and replacement with local governments.

Although many currently have little confidence in governments,police,courts what would take their place?

This is too complicated for ordinary people,we need to somehow see progress/evidence that these claims can proceed.

J.H wrote

Understand that the agenda IS to get rid of our constitutional STATE government and install D.E.L.W.P into carved up regional areas all across Australia with ‘Mega Councils’ to rule over ‘Mega regions’ or ‘Mega cities’.

D.E.L.W.P is a United Nations construct (I think it comes under ICLEI). It runs parallel to and looks like state government and has taken over certain critical state responsibilities, such as Environment, Land, Water and Planning, so its transition to regional areas will appeal to many for the convenience it offers. It’s actually ‘Big Brother’ being introduced into our back yards.

The United Nations cannot implement globalization without decentralization, which is what the proposed Gov Hubs in regional cities are all about.

Among many things, I believe the tactic being used during the Covid-19 lockdowns and border closures is intended to frustrate people to the point where they will choose to accept NO BORDERS at all.

Similarly, I believe the brazen corruption, ineptitude and abuse on open display by the various state Premiers and their respective cohort is also intended to completely disillusion and disenfranchise people to such a degree that they will want to get rid of our constitutional state government and opt for change.

Brianshaw Gerard radio

If you want to really learn the Truth go to

Australian Politicians on trial | Corruption of the Australian Political System

a message from an Australian patriot

Amanda Walsh

I support IMOPs philosophies wholeheartedly, but they MUST resolve this issue first and bring to Grand Jury all responsible parties (VIC Attorney General Rob Hulls also illegally removed the Grand Jury right illegally in 2006, I think it was, and as I understand it, Daniel Andrews was involved...)

We the people have a man, BRIAN SHAW, who has a stamped and filed Grand Jury application since before the Grand Jury right was taken, to expose all of this mess, and it is still yet to be heard. He has been working tirelessly on this action for nearly 30yrs.

All court documents, affidavits and research is available for people to comprehend at PLEASE make yourselves familiar with it or our children have no future. THE PEOPLE MUST STAND AND UNITE AND FIGHT!


Today 4th Sep 2020 Brian Shaw and Solihin Mollin charged the entire Victorian Police force with criminal fraud and misprison of treason. These charges were served at the St Kilda Rd Police Station at 92 chapel Street St Kilda 3182. These are two very serious indictable offence which by their acceptance by Sgt Hayden Bodycomb, vp #30568 at the St Kilda Rd Police station, effectively place the entire Victorian police force under arrest for criminal fraud and misprison of treason. There are a great many ramifications to the service of these charges of which more information will be available in due course. #justice

#NurembergTrials #repeat



Very Important Video for VICTORIANS, a phone call you need to listen too. and a profound message file attached for Vics and all of Aus.

This is also coming for the rest of Australia - You can help by downloading, signing and mailing back the Grand Dury Challenge document, please help to increase the numbers - I call it Your roll call Of Duty. reply with a YES when done, thank you

wether any of you believe, that our country, our freedoms are not in danger. of course that is up to you,but I have been on this journey for the past six years. FEAR is not my journey but truth and facts of Truth. I am co working with some very amazing Intelligent, knowledgable men and women. We are in a fight to expose the corruption, Political, pharmaceutical, judiciary, banking. All of the majority of these entities are compromised by pedophilia. this blog is to help direct you to the start of the rabbit hole of this evil.

We are now at a point that if more Australians decide to not stand against these corrupt forces.

we will loose our country freedoms everything. If you think Nazi Germany was bad. i can assure you all that this will be ten fold.( small eg Victoria) Millions around the world right now From UK, Germany, Ireland, North Korea and more are taking to the streets en mass peacefully, and I will say it again. Peacefully. the main stream media and police will not show you that. They pick out any of the speakers of these rallies and rough them up, then make it look like we are trouble makers. far from it. Or they put under cover people in to create dramas. Whatever I will continue to attend these rallies FREEDOM DAY, to regain our RIGHTS and a FUTURE that we can be proud to leave our next generations. IT IS TIME FOR YOU ALL TO WAKE UP FROM YOUR sleep walking. We are now entering the most critical times for all humanity, I understand that some who have children cannot attend, or older people., sign and send the document attached instead. that is a huge and easy task..Keep alert, keep your children close.

So what can you Do. get off TV, they are manipulating the population. Get researching.

The truth is in groups on Social media and Video Channels such as David Icke, Del Big Tree, Chef Peter Evans many more. qualified lawyers,doctors,front line workers,police speaking out to warn you.

They have sold 99 year leases to China of our major ports. Melbourne, Northern territory, Newcastle . Last christmas China sent three battle ships armed into Sydney harbour, If they come again will it be for far worse ulterior motives. Your Prime Minister Scomo new this and didn't tell the people,.they have sold Australians assets to CCP ( communist china) did they ask you if that was okay by you Australians. Sold yours and your childrens future..BUT! it's not all lost if we all unite.... WAKE UP! please all of us are at war. its a spiritual war , a united nations take over of all western countries.

Brian Shaw and co. He has been working for 30 years to educate the people of what these mongrels have been doing to our country. They are all in treason. see attached files. educate yourself



Download PDF • 1.85MB

The Biggest Insults on a Nation Includes Lock Down 2020

02 The Biggest Insults on a Nation Inclu
Download • 209KB


This brave man was arrested and his personal property kept by the Police.

He has been released and is well, and working with Brian Shaw.

10 Sol At Police Station-compressed
Download PDF • 48KB

Good things are happening since our last update. Initially our friend Sol

Millin got arrested, not once but twice, but it all turned out well with him

and Brian Shaw pleased with the outcome. More news hopefully soon.

00 Early Sept News Letter-compressed
Download PDF • 314KB

Senator Hefferman at the end of the royal commission. Stated there are those in Parliament and the Judiciary who are known pedophiles he has documented proof. John Howard placed a 90 year seal preventing the release of those named. Well nothing can be entirely hidden, I do have that list found in my research. The former Prime minister was Paul keating. also Paul keating likes little boys, he aslo likes to snuff out their lives. One of which he did at Cronulla Wanda never makes news media, all covered up by criminal entities.

just one example of their evil deeds. many thousands Of children in Australia and the world are being sex trafficked. FACT!

Also the lady who is naming all these pedo politicians has gone in hiding for her safety, but continues to expose them on social media" another lady who was doing the same, was bashed and raped by thugs. but these brave people continue to expose the situation to inform the public. A former politician some years ago Franca Arena in Parliament named a few, her life was made hell as she was villified by those high up.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews continues a roadmap Of Tyranny

File 10. Note good news yesterday after I sent all the files out. I have attached this file and revised File 02 to include Lock Down which also violates our Commonwealth Constitution Clh Act 1901. Regards Barry

latest News. VICTORIA

This is what the best has achieved yet again

Ben Shaw,today,the 4th of september 2020,my dad (Brian Shaw) and solihin mollin charged the entire victorian police force with criminal fraud and misprison of treason. these charges were served at the st kilda rd pokice station at 92 chapel st st kilda 3182. these are two very serious indictable offences which by their acceptance by sgt hayden bodycomb,vp# 30568 at the st kilda rd police station,effectively place the entire victorian police force under arrest for criminal fraud and misprison of treason. there are a great many ramifications to the service of these charges,of which,more information will be available in due course. chief wiggins and dopey dan will not be happy


more from Brian Shaw

Any police or magistrate must address this before they can hear any case against anyone. But If you find yourself in a position of fronting Judge or Magistrate make sure you have read and fully understand the content of this document Regards G Brian Shaw affidavite - attached

see post as above

We all have to awaken and join together to stop! what is occurring. We can do this and also support those working to make the change for freedom and a better future. You all have children/ grandchildren, Nieces/Nephews. their future is in our hands.

After 30 years in full employment, I never ever thought, I would not have a job. This plandemic bullshit! has taken away from many of us . Our Jobs, Businesses. but The big corporate businesses could and do still open their doors. Funny the virus is using discretion as to which buildings it enters. Do You know this so called virus has a patent!! Is just one of a number of flu viruses that come under the umbrella of corona. every year we have different strains. It is not a pandemic. Wearing a mask is unhealthy do your research. STOP! listening to the brain washing ,media and government gaslighting you...

love you all


as John says, the take-over of society and the loss of freedom.

We all know that something is pretty wrong/broken but most of us probably didn’t realise we were so far down the S bend!! Does the average person have the courage to stand up? Probably not.

Perhaps if enouph get off their backsides and stick like glew to the good men and women, who are doing the hard work to save this country and it's people, we will save this nation for the children and future generations


Download PDF • 161KB

02 The Biggest Insults on a Nation-compr
Download • 160KB

08-GRAND JURY Explained-compressed
Download PDF • 27KB

Daniel Andrews the Dictator

Following information sent by Barry Preston.

This content is largely to do with Victoria, but the problem is all of Australia, as part of the enclosed mentions. First of many being distributed to 1500+ and doesn't include feedback from this email or via Independent Radio happening from now onwards over a period of time. Anybody that is concerned about their Country please ask them to complete File 04 legibly. File 06 attached is available on request, and will not go out generally unless asked for. It is also a very important document, and in the High Court. There is a simple choice - 1. of Freedom (Restoration of our Commonwealth Constitution 1901 or 2. Confined Imprisonment (Fema Camps) Take Care WWW = We Will Win. My friend & I have Great & Grandchildren, what a legacy to leave them and the yet unborn?

Download PDF • 42KB

02James Edelman0820-compressed
Download PDF • 244KB

What Australians can do

CO - Join Form

03CoJoin Form-compressed0820
Download PDF • 102KB

Challenge to Daniel Andrews

Please sign and return

Download • 158KB

05Daniel Andrews Exposed

GRAND JURY Explained

• CO-JOIN Form

• COMPLETE CO-JOIN Form and return BY EMAIL to:

• COMPLETE CO-JOIN Form and return BY POST to:

Gerard. J. Donohue – Elector C/O 17 Macqueen Avenue Korumburra, VIC, 3950 OR

Barry Preston C/o 11B Clarice Road Boxhill South 3128 Victoria.

Please Note: The form you are signing involves no Legal Cost to you and explained

separately the process of Grand Jury


Make it your mission to contribute to the best of your abilities, before our

sons and daughters are once again made cannon fodder.

05Daniel Andrews Exposed -compressed0820
Download • 179KB

on request



A quote from the Committee Of 300 Report Relevant Now

This was written some fourty years ago. Before the internet or cell phones were widespread.

I wonder if the latest advances in technology such as 5G,Nanotech hydrogel and AI might help to implement such a scenario?

Nah nothing to see here, they said nuffin' bout it on the news or in the paper eh?, sounds like more conspiracy theory, I'm goin back to the watch the footy.

Full PDF Attached.

In "The Technotronic Era" Brzezinski talks about "the masses" as if people are some inanimate object--which is possibly how we are viewed by the Committee of 300. He continually refers to the necessity of controlling us "masses." At one point, he lets the cat out of the bag: "At the same time the capacity to assert social and political control over the individual will vastly increase. It will soon be possible to assert almost continuous control over every citizen and to maintain up-to-date files, containing even the most personal details about health and personal behavior of every citizen in addition to the more customary data. "These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information. Our existing institutions will be supplanted by pre-crisis management institutions, the task of which will be to identify in advance likely social crises and to develop programs to cope with them. (This describes the structure of FEMA which came much later.) "This will encourage tendencies through the next several decades toward a TECHNOTRONIC ERA, A DICTATORSHIP, leaving even less room for political procedures as we know them. Finally, looking ahead to the end of the century, the possibility of BIOCHEMICAL MIND CONTROL AND GENETIC TINKERING WITH MAN, INCLUDING BEINGS WHICH WILL FUNCTION LIKE MEN AND REASON LIKE THEM AS WELL, COULD GIVE RISE TO SOME DIFFICULT QUESTIONS." Brzezinski was not writing as a private citizen but as Carter's National Security Advisor and a leading member of the Club of Rome and a member of the Committee of 300, a member of the CFR and as a member of the old Polish Black Nobility. His book explains how America must leave its industrial base behind and enter into what he called "a distinct new historical era." "What makes America unique is its willingness to experience the future, be it pop-art or LSD. Today, America is the creative society, the others, consciously or unconsciously, are emulative. What he should have said was that America is the proving ground for Committee of 300 policies which lead directly to a dissolution of the old order and an entry into the One World Government-New World Order. One of the chapters in "The Technotronic Era" explains how new technology will bring in its wake intense confrontation that will strain social and international peace. Oddly enough we are already under intense strains through surveillance. Lourdes in Cuba is one place where this is happening. The other is NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, where a giant computer designated "666" can store data of every type mentioned by Brzezinski, plus possessing an expanded capacity to take in data for several billions more people than presently exist, if it ever comes to that, but which, in the light of the Global 2000 genocidal report, will probably never need to be utilized. Retrieval of data will be simple in the United States where Brzezinski and his Committee of 300 colleagues could simply add social security and or driver licence numbers to 666 to provide the surveillance recording announced.

Download • 805KB


who are exposing the crimes against the Australian Commonwealth and it's people.




🔴 🇺🇸 Blazing Press 🇺🇸 🔴, [29.05.21 17:12]

[Forwarded from Agents Of Truth]



“Cyber Polygon” a GRID DOWN exercise by the World Economic Forum, corporations & governments around the world!

Remember each time they simulate these “exercises”

they soon become real life events. Like they did with Event 201 which is now Covid and lockdowns situation.

They have a new one scheduled for July 9.

And it’s about collapsing our food chain/sources inducing famines and shutting us out of the internet etc. KIaus Schwab the psychopath runs this and of course all the richest in the world are a part of it (The EIites), including other monsters like BiII Gates.

They want us to suffer and die. Warn everyone you can. These monsters must be stopped.

How many times have you heard the term “conspiracy theory” used to discredit a source of information that’s attempting to shed the light of truth onto a particular subject matter?

From “Event 201” to “Cyber Polygon”: The WEF’s Simulation of a Coming “Cyber Pandemic”

Last year, the World Economic Forum teamed up with the Russian government and global banks to run a high-profile cyberattack simulation that targeted the financial industry, an actual event that would pave the way for a “reset” of the global economy. The simulation, named Cyber Polygon, may have been more than a typical planning exercise and bears similarities to the WEF-sponsored pandemic simulation Event 201 that briefly preceded the COVID-19 crisis.

World Economic Forum Supports Cyber Polygon

Cyber Polygon is an initiative of BI.ZONE (Sber Ecosystem) supported by the World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity

The event will be held online on July 9th


Great video content and information

Dr Byram W. Bridle, PHD - "Scary, ominous public disclosure, SPIKE PROTEIN IS A TOXIN" Peer reviewed and soon to be public! - The Blazing Press

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