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So, they're pushing you for tests, and vaccinations. That is why I am adding important data to the website so that you cannot be blackmailed and manipulated. You have rights.

Just print it out and present it to your "smart" employer. We know from some reporters that business leaders, POLITICIANS and others are vaccinated with vitamins and not a killer VACCINE. Even PCR tests are dangerous in the future….

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Protection against tests and vaccination


Dear Dr. [name],

I am writing to you regarding the COVID-19 vaccination programme, which your surgery has taken a very keen, and entirely unsolicited, interest in promoting to me.

I do not wish to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, nor do I wish to be the recipient of any further communication from you regarding this, or any other, vaccination. If I require a vaccination, I will contact you, just as I would were I to require any other kind of medical attention.

As an intelligent and discerning individual, I am quite well able to conduct research into the various COVID-19 vaccines myself, and make an informed choice. I do not require unsolicited promotional campaigns from you to aid me in my research endeavours, especially not repeated campaigns, which some might construe as a form of harassment.

Having reviewed the available evidence at length, I have made the informed choice not to receive any COVID-19 vaccinations. While I am not required to give you a reason for my decision, as it is my right to decline any medical treatment offered to me for any or no reason, I will elucidate upon my reasons for your interest.

In the first instance, this vaccine - like all vaccines - is capable of causing severe and life-changing impairment and disability. This is confirmed on the Government's website, whereby they state they have structured a compensation programme for those left severely damaged by COVID-19 vaccinations (1).

Leading on from this is the fact that the safety testing around COVID-19 vaccinations is wholly inadequate, lasting as it has only months, when vaccines are typically monitored for years or decades before being introduced to the public. "Fast-tracking" a vaccine means, by definition, there is no data on long-term safety. COVID-19 infection, if acquired, is mild for most, does not usually require hospital treatment, and the overwhelming majority of people go on to make a full recovery with no lasting ill effects. The same cannot be said for COVID-19 vaccinations, as the data simply is not there to tell us. We may very well find in years to come that the long-term harms of these vaccines far outweigh any benefits, as, of course, has been the case with so many historical medical products.

Please note that eminent authorities in vaccine science have issued stark warnings about the dangers of accelerating vaccine development, for coronaviruses in particular. Whenever this has been attempted in the past, test subjects have developed a syndrome known as "vaccine enhancement", whereby, when they come into contact with the wild virus, they develop far more severe illness than those who did not receive the vaccine. Many test subjects in these trials died (2).

Finally, and as you may or may not be aware, it is in fact a misnomer to call these products "vaccines", as their manufacturers state they do not prevent contraction or transmission of disease. Therefore, they do not "vaccinate". What these products are, in fact, are mRNA gene therapies. Given the accelerated nature of safety testing, they are experimental gene therapies, which are not approved for use, and have been licensed for emergency purposes only (3). I myself do not wish to be a test subject.

Please ensure I do not receive any further communication from your surgery promoting COVID-19, or any other, vaccinations.

Yours sincerely,



(1) Damage Payment
Download PDF • 95KB


.com-As pressure for coronavirus

more for download here link to lots of templates

Templates and letters available


MORE Part2


video link

What is the Aussie Patriots Roll?

Constitution Watch

If you can see through the illusion, you are part of the solution

An official UN-Affiliated NGO has definitively walloped the United Nations over mandated vaccine policies that are sweeping the world, exposing massive UN hypocrisy in following its own regulations, policies and guidelines. This report is posted on the UN’s own website!

link to article

“Vaccine Mandates Violate the Right to Informed Consent”

***************URGENT NEWS******************



  • FDA has authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine,

  • which is not an FDA-approved vaccine.


Your inviolable rights. What to present to the employer when blackmailing with tests and vaccinations. For your protection

Immediately upon arrival, request the following documents, to be submitted to you. (YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO INFORMEND CONSENT) Write down questions that you will NEED TO HAVE ANSWERED and have them documented before you continue to be provided medical services.

  1. Test quality certificate.

  2. Details of the test manufacturer.

  3. Documents and license from the test manufacturer.

  4. Extract from the state register of the manufacturing company or the company that produced the test.

  5. Documents of approval and accreditation of the company that carried out the approval.

  6. Valid company licenses: ⁕ test rod test certificate, ⁕ side effects of test rods, ⁕ valid company insurance in case of negative consequences, which the test rods produced, and the amount of any compensation.

  7. Documents from the person submitting the test: ⁕ Training and education. ⁕ Certification of the person who trained and trained the person who submits the test. ⁕ Work permit. ⁕ Her own negative certificate, test for COVID-19.

  8. How many years the exams were done and with what result. Normally, tests must be done for at least 5 to 7 years. What reactions and side effects the test subjects had.

  9. You may also require a test kit (or vaccine) to be sent to the laboratory for testing. Not necessary, at your discretion.

Ask for a written statement from the person performing the tests or vaccinations that you will not have any harm from the tests or vaccinations. Otherwise, the person is liable for all his property. Have their identity document (ID or passport) presented.

If the provider is a health. service and do not provide such documentation, they should not be providing a health. service. If they nevertheless continue to provide health services, you have the legal right to exercise your statutory rights.


Patients' Rights The most important right that a patient has is the right of informed consent. A patient should only consent to medical treatment if they have sufficient information about their diagnosis and all treatment options available in terms he/she can understand.

Before a physician can begin any course of treatment, the physician must make the patient aware of what he plans to do. For any course of treatment that is above routine medical procedures, the physician must disclose as much information as possible so the patient may make an informed decision about his/her care.

The Right to Refuse Treatment

It's a given that patients have certain rights including the right to medical treatment in emergency situations, but they also have the right to refuse medical treatment. From an ethical perspective, physicians and other healthcare professionals have the responsibility or duty to protect the life and health of a patient. However, ultimately, the patient has the final decision regarding the medical treatment they receive, even when it means they choose to decline such treatment.

Patient's Bill of Rights



Patient safety and Rights

Medical confidentiality

Legislation NSW

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights


The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (second edition) - A4 Accessible version.


Your Health Rights and Responsibilities

Functional Sub group Clinical/ Patient Services - Governance and Service Delivery Clinical/ Patient Services - Information and data Summary The policy outlines how the seven basic rights summarised in the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights are achieved in New South Wales. Replaces Doc. No. Your Health Rights and Responsibilities

Download PDF • 1.12MB


The full range of current Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents is available via the Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents Home Page. This site provides access to documents, including Bills, which are under consideration by the Parliament of Victoria, Acts and Statutory Rules in operation in Victoria and Consolidated Principal Acts and Statutory Rules in operation in Victoria at a given point in time.

Health Victoria


Health Services Amendment (Mandatory Vaccination of Healthcare Workers) Act 2020 No. 8 of 2020

20-008aa authorised
Download PDF • 395KB

Health Services Amendment (Mandatory Vaccination of Healthcare Workers) Bill 2020


The rights of patients receiving health care from hospitals, doctors and other health care services in South Australia are to be found in both legislation and in the common law.

Download PDF • 758KB

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link to

VAERS - Data (

How to find the CDC adverse reaction report from VAERS.

1. Follow this link:

2. Scroll down to “Search CDC Wonder” button.

3. Tick the box that says “I have Read and Understand the disclaimer”.

4. Click the search CDC Wonder button.

5. A new window will open entitled “The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Request”.

6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “I Agree” button.

7. Select the “Request Form” tab.

8. In section 1, select Group results by “VAERS ID”, not by symptoms.

9. In section 1, under optional measures, select the “Adverse Event Description” box.

10. Scroll down to Section 3. “Select vaccine characteristics”. Click on the “Search” tab.

11. In the top line type Covid, and then click the search button.

12. Select the line that says “>COVID19 (COVID19 VACCINE)”. This will gather all results from all Covid19 vaccines.

13. Scroll down to Section 4. Select “All Locations” under the State/Territory section.

14. Scroll down to Section 8. “Select report received dates:”

15. Change the ‘From’ and ‘To’ date to the same month in the same year. If you search more than 1 month, more than 10,000 results will be found, and the search will fail.

16. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Send” button.

The results should be displayed for the month you selected. If you wish to filter the results you can click on the “Request Form” tab again and change one of the variables.

For example, scroll down to section 2 “Select symptoms”, and select the search tab. Type in “Death” and click the search button. Scroll down to “>10011906 (DEATH)” and click this. “>10011906 (Death)” will be added to the “Currently selected:” field.

Click on the “Send” button.

The report will now show only Deaths from the month searched.


A doctor discusses what’s wrong with vaccines, and some of the obvious flaws with them.

Dr. Dan Neides, former medical director and chief operating officer of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, discusses how an innocent article about vaccine safety ended his career there.

We need more doctors like Dan who are not afraid to look into vaccines and not afraid to speak against them.

This video is definitely worth watching if you want to hear what made a doctor look into vaccines, what they discovered and what happened to them when they said what they had found.



Infringement of Rights

The curfew is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and (indirectly) limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration. This requires a very careful decision-making process.


A top court in The Hague issued a “shock” ruling the other day condemning The Netherlands for its sweeping Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) curfew restrictions. Said restrictions “must be lifted immediately,” the court said, because they are an abuse of power that violates freedom of movement and assembly. This decision comes after weeks of fierce protests throughout The Netherlands, where Dutch people in unison – if only we had such unity here in the United States – told their government enough is enough. An official court statement explains that the nation’s invocation of the Extraordinary Powers of Civil Authority Act to impose a national curfew is unjustifiable and will not be tolerated. Only in a “very urgent and exceptional circumstance” is the Dutch government allowed to circumvent the normal legislative channels – and the Chinese virus does not qualify. “The curfew is a far-reaching violation of the right to freedom of movement and privacy and (indirectly) limits, among other things, the right to freedom of assembly and demonstration,” the court announced. “The Preliminary Relief Judge ruled that the introduction of the curfew did not involve the special urgency required to be able to make use of the [act].” The court added that the Dutch government had plenty of time to deliberate a curfew through the normal legislative process, but instead chose to abuse emergency powers instead. “The use of this law to impose curfew is not legitimate,” the court declared. The Netherlands has more freedom than the United States Reports indicate that The Netherlands’ now-defunct curfew was among the most draconian in Europe. Since Jan. 23, Dutch citizens were ordered to remain inside their homes between the hours of 9pm and 4:30am. Violators faced steep fines, and the restrictions were originally intended to remain in place until March 2. Thanks to the court ruling, they were nullified a whole lot sooner. Had the curfew remained in place, only those with medical emergencies or “essential” work would have been allowed outside their houses during those restricted hours. When the emergency curfew was first imposed, Dutch people gathered by the thousands to protest it. There was no left-versus-right nonsense – all Dutch people agree that locking people down over Chinese germs makes no sense and is a violation of human nights. The Virus Truth Foundation also filed a lawsuit, which is what triggered the court in The Hague to take action. Unlike in the United States where Americans sit by and do nothing while their rights are steamrolled, the Dutch nipped this thing in the bud quickly. “We fight for the preservation of a democratic constitutional state in which our children still have the opportunity to develop themselves in freedom and to live a life with their own beliefs and opinions,” the Virus Truth Foundation explains on its website. It is important to note that the illegitimate curfew was the first to ever be imposed on The Netherlands since World War II. This is part of the reason why it was greeted with massive public opposition. Demonstrators made a point of emphasizing that The Netherlands is not in wartime, nor is it under any known threat of invasion. As such, there is no legitimate reason to lock everyone away inside their homes. “The satanic narrative is collapsing,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter. “Threaten your governors, politicians and anybody enforcing this nonsense.”

“The harder they push this BS this time, the harder the backlash will be,” wrote another. “They’ve woken the whole planet up with their twisted malfeasance. There aren’t enough resources to pay everyone to sing for their supper and hire every big strong kid out of every neighborhood in every place on earth to work the ‘sports’ plantation anymore. These globalists better kill everyone now or it’s game over.”

Hague court declares Dutch coronavirus lockdowns “illegitimate, far-reaching violation”




The Hague, February 16, 2021

The preliminary relief judge in The Hague today upheld the claims of the Foundation to put the curfew in the Netherlands inoperative. The curfew must be lifted immediately. Press judge Gert-Mark Smelt:

Extraordinary Powers of Civil Authority Act

A special act, the Extraordinary Powers of Civil Authority Act (Wbbbg) has been used to introduce the curfew. This act offers the cabinet the option of imposing a curfew in very urgent and exceptional circumstances, without first having to go through a legislative process - involving the Senate and the House of Representatives in advance. The Preliminary Relief Judge has ruled that the introduction of the curfew did not involve the special urgency required to be able to make use of the Wbbbg. This is evidenced by the fact that before the introduction of the curfew, the possibility of a curfew had been discussed more often. The Wbbbg was therefore introduced while there was no question of a situation for which the law is intended, as is the case, for example, with a dike breach. Therefore, the use of this law to introduce curfew is not legitimate.

Court of The Hague on Dutch Lockdown
Download OD • 24KB


DISCLAIMER; It is also important to note that these IMACOGINDEWHEELOFLIFE blog articles are not, in any way, to be considered as legal or financial advice, and are not intended to diagnose, treat,cure or prevent any disease , they are simply content for information purposes only and is not intended to provide or replace medical advice. this content is available across the internet and advise that you do your own research for information and strategies during this challenging time.

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