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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Australian Patriotic Song: God Bless Australia

Australia have never had a more urgent task that needs urgent attention by it's people

What you need to know about the Australian Government the rape of the people

R eal A rseholes P retended E ntity

Is the AUSTRALIAN TAXATION OFFICE a legal entity? Are you obliged to pay income tax? why does it say voluntary compliance on the ATO website? A look into the constitution, High Court decisions, ATO website. who is obliged to pay and who is not. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.


Rodney Culleton successfully files in the UK despite the Australia act 1986

London High Court of Justice Filing number CO/588/2020


Urgent Message From England Court To Australia Part 1

Updating CO/588/2020 London High Court of Justice THE DEFENSE HAS FAILED TO RESPOND! Rodney initiated by the Indigenous tribal elders!


Councils of Australia - are Unconstitutional and therefore UNLAWFUL!


Victorian candidate for Gap Darryl O’Bryan teaches us the true issues of why the laws in Australia are arbitrary and brings questions of treason having been committed against the good people of the Commonwealth of Australia


Darryl O'Bryan's recent 3-hour video talk on Jurisdiction now on-line. In the Introduction, more than half the attendees say they meditate, many of them hard-line activists & Freedom Fighters, implying a Higher Jurisdiction is DEFINITELY available.

For far more information, visit


If there is a perceived attack on humanity then it's because Humanity is not fulfilling a divine purpose.

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