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Courageous Ozzies Victorious Indestructible Defenders

Saturday 5Th September Freedom Day.

An event attended by thousands of Aussies expressing their rights and freedom in every capitol city and various Shires of Australia.

The event had a mix feel around the country and was attended by all who are concerned for the

countries well being,and that of the future, because of the draconian measures being implemented against our fellow Australians in Victoria. I will start with this first video message from Brisbane, True Blue Aussies.

In 1966, Robert F. Kennedy said…

“There is a Chinese curse which says "May he live in interesting times.

Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty; but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.”

We are unquestionably living in one of the most interesting times in the last 100 years.. A time full of uncertainty and danger… unprecedented rise of government overreach, socialism, historical revision and pandemic hysteria. As well as the apparent takeover - or partial takeover of at least 3 Australian ports, if not 4, by the Chinese.

As the nations people awaken, never before have there been more opportunities available to take back control, increase your freedom and restore law and order not acts of tyranny. We must all Come To The Rescue, to make the Socialist Apple Fall On the Politicians,Corporations and Bankers heads.

Rise, Step forward, it's your freedom, livelihood, future, prosperity, peace & much more worth preserving, restoring & protecting? NOW! is the Time to Restore OUR COUNTRY to the People,

Australians futures are at stake, Your childrens & ours!

We made the first step, so lets keep the momentum going the risks are too high not to make the move..


Adelaide city.

SA Assistant Police commissioner's press conference after the protest in Adelaide.

Well Done South Australia Police.

Very respectful of the Adelaide community and their concerns. perhaps he should be teaching at Melbourne's police academy. 5 to 6000 attended the freedom day and the commissioner was very in tune with the peoples concerns.


Very Important Video for VICTORIANS, a phone call you need to listen too. he had the lady tongue tied and a message she had no answer for, but held her ground even to the end, still wanting his personal details

Steven, calls them out. "Stunned Mullet"


We are one, but we are many And from all the lands on earth we come, We'll share a dream and sing with one voice "I am, you are, we are Australian" "I am, you are, we are Australian"


Sarah Mills - Amongst the Stars What The media doesn't want YOU To See


This is also going to be rolled out for the rest of Australia - You can help be the difference ,by downloading, signing and mailing back the Grand Jury Challenge document, please help to increase the numbers - I call it Your Roll call Of Duty.thank you. Download to sign

Ben Shaw Today,the 4th of september 2020,my dad (Brian Shaw) and Solihin Millin

charged the entire victorian police force with criminal fraud and misprision of treason.

these charges were served at the st kilda police station at 92 chapel st st kilda 3182.

these are two very serious indictable offences which by their acceptance by sgt hayden bodycomb,vp# 30568 at the st kilda rd police station,effectively place the entire victorian police force under arrest for criminal fraud and misprision of treason.

there are a great many ramifications to the service of these charges,of which,more information will be available in due course.

chief wiggins and dopey dan will not be happy

09 Challenge Flyer & CHALLENGE TO DANIEL
Download • 196KB

08-GRAND JURY Explained-compressed
Download PDF • 27KB


Victorians are set to remain housebound for weeks

Open letter from a group of Victorian Doctors giving their expert opinion which clearly shows how the government have gone so wrong.

Doctors letter V5
Download PDF • 226KB

petition, Calling on the Governor of Victoria to dissolve the Victorian Parliament The average life expectancy is 82.5 years, the last 5 deaths due to Covid were individuals between the ages of 80 and over 100.

I implore Her Excellency the Honourable Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau to dismiss Premier Dan Andrews. I encourage you to do the same. Sign the petition!



The Trump tweet reads:

“The most outrageous lies are the ones about Covid 19. Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust.”I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.”

This week the CDC quietly updated the Covid number to admit that only 6% of all the 153,504 deaths recorded actually died from Covid. 9,210 deaths (screenshot above). The other 94% had 2 to 3 other serious illnesses and the overwhelming majority were of very advanced age; 90% in nursing homes.

The Trick Was Attributing On Death Certificates Anyone Dying WITH Symptoms Of COVID (Respiratory Infection, Coughing, Etc) As Dying FROM The Virus.



They come for the young, the elderly, the innocent, the frail. easy soft targets to put fear into the community.


Such a shocking Con on the world, I personally never believed any of it from the start, especially as it rode off the back of the horrendous Fires.

When the sheeple wake up if their still breathing after the MASK parade, They still will never likely know how much pain we have been living knowing the wool was being pulled over their eyes. And having to live through the reality of the damn fuQing lies!!!

Time to bring out the hang mans noose. POLITICIANS are the most evil thilth of our times. Main stream media entities just as bad, they should all be stripped bare of their assets and thrown in jail for life. Still we have the big pedo net to fully come to surface.

you might want to scroll down to that video at the subject heading

Fiona Barnett names all of the Australian Government pedos along with Aussie celebrities

And then there is this blog title that's had over 4000 views

Right now I just want to hold that word COVID in my bare hands and crush it to a million pieces - the destruction - deception - and heartache it has caused around the world. #Death, #Loneliness, #Fear, #Heartache #Oppression #suicide #homelessness #Soul #Destroyer #Depression #Sacrifices

#suppression #False #Incarcerations now we are dealing with this media censorship BULLSHIT!

This is a war people,a war against the many by the greed and power lusts of a few at the top of the ladder. These corporate and political fascists who think nothing of destroying everything you created through hard work all your lives.

Am I angry, YOU Betcha.......... Have we had enough YET! I HOPE SO



This brave man was arrested and his personal property kept by the Police.

He has been released and is well, and working with Brian Shaw.

For the full and VERY IMPORTANT - Story read the pdf

Please help by letting us know you recognise Sol & Brian’s work, and to get

those Co-Join Application forms sent to us. AS IN WAR DO YOUR BIT.

continue here for the full article - Open

Solihin Millin Interview with the Victoria Police after being arrested – 28th


September News Letter

Regaining Australia Early 2020 - A CHAIN E-MAIL AMOUNT OF FIVE MILLION.

This would frighten our Judicial, Legal, Political & Government

individuals and to take notice of YOU for the first time in 60 years.

for much more information go to library at the end of this blog


Tim Dwyer Every Act, Law, and Direction Both State And Federal since 1986 is Ultra vires Description Ultra vires is a Latin phrase used in law to describe an act which requires legal authority but is done without it. Demand The Documents of Proof of Authority Of Every Government Agency State & Federal.

A Total Vacuum in Leadership in Australia. No legitimate Parliament

Pay Attention

The Government has No Lawful Standing


zoom 2020 09 03 Privacy Act is your protection. You are Crown.

Did you realise that you have protection through legislation as long as you apply it. No information held back, all answers within the video


The Truth goes Mainstream as the boot clamps down (Beast System Reveals itself)



It's a busy time for the mind. they want our souls. Tread in the light of love and well meaning/ learning and sharing. I was so incredibly proud of those Aussies who gave their time on Saturday 5th September. Even the Police were put off, on the actions of those participating. we showed them that we could be happy protesters lol!. It's true and it will grow if we water the garden it will grow. exponentially. All we have to do is invite one friend One family member. It will grow.

walk in the light of love, respect and understanding. and the promise of a magnificent future will fall into place. For those who don't resonate.. Capoosh!!


Everyone listen up ,the only issue to consider to expose all the other issues is lack of valid authority to do anything against the public .All Crown authority has been deliberately removed without our consent over many years at different times in different states resulting in Treason and concealment and Fraud. Which means Governments and their agents have no credibilty or integrity and are sitting in breach and dishonour .All actions , decisions, treaties and agreements are null and void including the UN operations in Australia and elsewhere.Jim Rech


Sky News host Andrew Bolt says Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews is out of control and is a “menace” to his state and to the country as he imposes ruinous bans on people already just hanging on.



Doctor Blows whistle on nursing home deaths


This poor man taken a beating from the Covid Cops -

having no criminal record and a family man. Father of two young children. of course it never rated a mention in the News Media.

ROBO COPS - when it's necessary to protect themselves from unarmed Victorian protestors wielding placards and microphones - paper cuts are their worst fear.



A Set Up - People are making this viral on social media

They take this poor man out, but watch his back pack


FREEDOM DAY 05th September

Meanwhile in Adelaide and Brissy the police worked with us not against us.

Perth was the most peaceful -

I saw 6 cops for a crowd of 9700

Nobody violent

Nobody arrested.

Who else is aware Darwin & Victoria both have leased out there Ports to China for 99 years?

Merredin WA has done the same but with an airport .. true story, sold the airport for $1 Its labeled a “training facility”

Ever Question why the Chinese are stockpiling all the baby formula?

China already has a 2.8 million soldier army, give it 20 years ( if that ) nobody’s thought about an invasion.,

The reality is, China’s on our doorsteps andwhere completely disarmed. Victoria’s current shit storm is just a test.. for the real threat .. Which is the invasion

By Ben Lewis


Fact not Fiction - with Jacquie Dundee


Julia Gillard - Former Prime Minister - charged with treason

Brian Shaw, a 30 year quest to hold these politicians accountable for their treason and treachury

Elijah's Challenge

click on graphic link. where you can find court documents and constitutional information - please also join Brian by downloading and signing

or these links to file download




Once Founded on The Christian Faith.

A Nation now floundering in its lost sea of Souls


If fellow Victorians, Australians and Global citizens keep falling for the co....

Jamie McIntyre -

Find more real news articles like this one @


WE WILL WIN THIS NOW. - When Silence is an injustice. FREEDOM OF SPEECH

The USA never ratified the 1997 Rome Convention to the International Criminal Court, but their allies ("The Fascist Coalition of the Willing"), namely: UK, Ecuador, Sweden & Australia have and it is through these ratified nations that the petition alleges psychological torture is being delivered to Julian Assange by some corrupted Public Officers (past and present). Psychological Torture is classified as "Crimes Against" in the 1997 Rome Convention to the ICC.



Adverts for crisis actors in Melbourne to sell the lie that is COVID.

By Jordan Williams

Melbourne Hiring actors to ‘play people affected by lock down’ in a storyline of how they are coping throughout this ‘Plandemic’.

Watch for the propaganda they’re going to film through ad campaigns in Melbourne Victoria; with multiple actors – supposedly in dangerous lock down; to push further the false narrative in order to keep Victoria under heavy restrictions and lockdowns.

You can’t make this shit up.

Actually you can, then broadcast it via Mainstream, paying these ‘actors’ anywhere from $1000 to $5k

I mean, why not, anything to sell the fable of Covid-19 right???

Question – Still a ‘conspiracy???’

Check the fake protestor ie; Paid actor/instigators,there to make the peaceful protests look violent when really they were not. This is clear evidence of a government psyops. Check him out wearing an ear piece and the only person on the day fighting with police. All others in the crowd were walking peacefully, some people were singled out by the police questioned to fine or handcuff them.usually the police aim for the event speakers first. This was happening around all the events on the day. The media then promotes the psyop actor to instill public perception that peaceful protests are fight fests. All to instill fear into law abiding peaceful citizens.

We may now consider mainstream news sources questionable, once highly respected media, now becoming a propaganda vehicle for “manufacturing dissent.” and fear porn. The police handy tools in the equation.


Questioned for exercising their rights

video by Damian Vanderw


Stand UP! TYRANNY Australians

Andrews' roadmap a 'death warrant' for Vic business, communities

Premier Daniel Andrews’ roadmap out of lockdown for strangling Victorian business and community while the coronavirus caseload continues to trend downward.


DR David Martin Discusses the Irrefutable Paper Trail

link to video content


Australians Voice their thoughts



Just days after a pregnant women was arrested following a post on her facebook page, footage has emerged of five Police offices threatening to arrest an elderly woman and her friend in a Melbourne park.

It really makes you wonder why we didn't we see this same dedication to enforcing the law when it was tens of thousands of BLM activists marching through our streets!

How low can you stoop -



Wayne Glew has a message


.Fiona Barnett names all of the Australian Government pedos along with Aussie celebrities


Riccardo Bosi_ The Rising Tyranny of Globalism, Revolution in Australia, & the Next War Cycle.


Have You Realised The Lock Down Is Here To Stay Yet?



When playing God, sees humour in a planned,problem + solution = billions of $$$ = billions of lives.

Gates of hell



A $1.7 billion agreement confirming the supply and production of over 89 million vaccine doses has been spruiked by Prime Minister Scott Morrison as “another significant step” towards protecting the health of the nation against COVID-19.




Times like these we need a little sense of humour


The Aluminium in Vaccines revealed


Jacquie Lambie speaks in Parliament on How they mistreat our Cadets and soldiers - Bloody Shocking!


Melbourne. You’re on again this Saturday.

This may become your ‘Yellow Vest’ moment.

.... but peaceful





All Pdf's available for download. All Invaluable information - supplied by Brian Shaw and Barry Preston



Solihin Millin Interview with the Victoria Police after being arrested – 28th


Early september news letter

What Was Concealed Is Now Revealed.(all areas mentioned

effect every one of us, and which concludes with ‘Good News etc’

The Constitution and Law of Treason

Daniel Andrews Exposed

Australian government -Global Crime Organisation

High court Writ

Rob Hulls - Treason

Dual Citizenship

Grand Jury President - Maxwell

Certificate Titiles

The Overt Act Of Treason

The Great Australian Robbery



Judiciary Courts


Lady's Of Justice 2

Judiciary Sir Harry Gibbs





SEVEN ILLEGAL High Court Judges

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