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Globalist Coup Against The Freedoms of The Entire World

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Globalist Coup Against The Freedoms of The Entire World is becoming obvious to anyone with an eye to see, ears to hear.

As the people around the world are completely confused and questioning the motives of their leaders over the directives given for the Corona Pandemic, One has to wonder what really is the Agenda and where is it heading. Here In Australia we sit in various stages of lockdown and confusing directives, There is one side of the community who follow each directive with out question and another group who see through the rituals and abuse of governments own rules and regulations. The one thing that binds these groups is the BIG question when will life return to normal so people can get back to earning a living and enjoying the freedoms they were once accustomed too.

We have all enjoyed world peace, since the great second world war. Australians remember their ANZACS with great love and respect. No peace loving nation would wish to experience or entertain a Third World War as such. Although we have not lived without wars and rumours of wars in modern times, It appears that the world is at war, we just haven't properly recognized it.

This War as it spreads it's tentacles across the nations of the world,is a Spiritual, Economic and Political war, A futuristic war. Like a game of chess, this war is being controlled by the masters of manipulation. Bankers, and the Heads of Nations,who are jostling for the supreme power of control as they push the people into A NEW WORLD ORDER one Religion AI controlled humanity.

Do we want to continue into a future path of destruction, a life lived by fear and suppression


What if there is another NEW WORLD awaiting for humanity, An amazing future the people of the world choose to share together. Where Peace, Respect ,Recognition and Appreciation of individual uniqueness and differences unite. A future where all have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of technological advances through sound education built on ethical principles and values.

a future that is economically and environmentally sustainable founded on principles for the common good created by the common wealth of the people not abused by the self entitled few.

OH! I remember Australians enjoyed that once before it was stolen.

I'm sure many readers as I would, have a clear vision etched in their minds of 911, and many other world tragedies, created by the Greedy and Power Elites, who steer humanity and history for their own selfish evil agendas. I feel that the recent Beirut bombing is the 911 cousin.

I'm no expert in any kind of warfare or the mechanization of war, but my own common sense said straight away that blast was a military weapon of destruction.

I recently came across Videos and articles that certainly make me question who are the actors in this Inhuman, insane evil, perpetrated against fellow human beings.


right now for some countries they are just playing mind games with you

Are we not ashamed as so called human beings that we let a recent tragedy unfold before the worlds eyes and do nothing, NOTHING!!!

The Blood is on all our hands - where is our love for each other that we should just let these WAR crimes become just another tragedy, ITS MURDER!!!


As of the 6th August 2020

Deputy health minister Riza al-Musav told Anadolu Agency the number injured has reached 6,000.

The following content should be viewed with an open mind until the truth is actually revealed.

Lets pray that it does unfold as soon as possible The Lebanese people deserve to know why they had to suffer such an enormous atrocities.


refer article; by Brendon O'Connell Understanding the strategic context will help you understand who set off the blast in Beirut. It was no ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) blast. Whether a standard high explosive, small tactical nuke, Lockheed sub orbital hypersonic missile delivery system...who knows. Who benefits? Hezbollah has been in the pocket of Syria and Russia since day dot. Russia is deep in bed with Israel on The Belt and Road. Hezbollah love to play the fool on cue for Bi Bi - swearing to wipe out all non Indigenous Jews in Occupied Palestine, Hitler Saulting, bragging their youth movement is based on the Hitler Youth, dealing drugs and drug money laundering for weapons the world over while claiming "pious Muslim" status and on and on. None of the great MSM and ALT media personalities can seem to explain the clear and self evident co-operation between Israel, Russia, China AND Iran on the giant Rothschild City of London Belt & Road Project. They go out of their way to ignore it. Because they are all bought and paid for. Myself and Aran National Sufyan discuss a few key points.

Just looking at the links below should point you in the right direction. *Trump, Fox News - "Putin loves Israel and Bi Bi"* *Borscht Belt: Will Israel Spurn America for Russia?* *Israel to lure Soviet Jews from Germany* *Israel's former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country* *Why Russia Needs Israel* *Why Russia should take over Israel's defense from America* *Israel and Iran both set to join Russia-led free trade zone* After two rounds of negotiations, Jerusalem close to agreement with Eurasian Economic Union; separately, Tehran also set to sign deal ‘in the near future’ *As Putin Becomes One of World’s Most Powerful Players, His Surprising Jewish Connection is Revealed* *An Emerging Alliance: Russia and Israel* *Shin Bet Withheld Iran Secrets from Lieberman [Sec.Def Israel] as Security Risk* *KGB Infiltrated Highest Echelons of Israel’s Army, Business, and Political Leadership* *Like Putting the K.G.B. Into the Pentagon* *'The USSR Is Our Second Homeland,' Said One Kibbutznik When Stalin Died* *The KGB's Middle East Files: 'Illegals' in Israel - Russian agents and assets in Israel and elsewhere*,7...

Already strained by a popular uprising, economic collapse and the global pandemic, Lebanon's cultural sector was blown apart by the devastating explosion last week.


WATCH - because if you don't see the circumstances of this evil caused by whomever is guilty?? THESE CRIMES it is this insanity that must stop!!


Beirut blast: two women on the ground in Lebanon describe the explosion and aftermath | 7NEWS


ASK YOURSELVES out of the tragedy of LEBANON who gains

As always isn't it the ones who benefit the most. follow the money.....

How many people lost their lives? How many People their Homes? How many children will go hungry? And the Rich and Powerful just get more Rich and powerful!!! at the expense of innocent human beings.

When are the people of the world going to gather as one and tell these satanists to go to hell

where they belong. They are not liked and we don't want them messing with our lives anymore...

Ask Madelaine Albrecht - In this interview she tells you why it doesn't matter.

Beirut Nuked...WTF?



Editor's Note:

India Stoughton lived and covered the arts and culture scene in Beirut for eight years. She's currently based in London due to the pandemic.

At the moment that one of the largest non-nuclear explosions in history blasted outwards from Beirut's port and swept across the city, Zeina Arida, the director of Sursock Museum, was standing outside her office with two colleagues. The force of the explosion, less than a mile away, threw them into the museum's stairwell, as all around them windows shattered and glass and debris rained down. "We have escaped by a miracle," Arida said over the phone three days later. "The museum is blown away, very simply... There is no door, no window, no glass left in the building."

The force of the explosion also brought down parts of the ceilings and internal walls in the museum, housed in an ornate white mansion dating from 1912. Less than five years after it reopened in October 2015 -- following a seven-year renovation costing more than $10 million -- the museum is a wreck.

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