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Updated: Jan 7, 2021


From the Current virus storm, are we following the same course of past history. Why hasn't humanity learnt the lessons past? . Why does humanity find comfort in self harm? It is time we grew up and changed the course collectively It's possible, Wean yourselves from the tentacles of corporate tyranny and government over reach. We must first put the blame on our own shoulders as those shoulders are what are holding up the disease and the coming collapse and perhaps the tipping point of another world war.

STOP! relying on the few good AWAKENED SOULS, giving up their valuable time to expose the HOAX. BECAUSE of complacency and lack of knowledge. being lazy is easy, the illness from that is we all suffer. Grow UP! Stand together we are the many we hold the power united as a community working together united we hold the remedy for a brighter future for all of our human family. OUR AUTHORITY - IS OUR SOVEREIGNTY, OUR COGNITIVE DISSONENCE - OUR DOWNFALL

"When people feel a strong connection to a political party, leader, ideology, or belief, they are more likely to let that allegiance do their thinking for them and distort or ignore the evidence that challenges those loyalties."

Derogatively referred to as "Sheeple" It's time you questioned everything being rammed into your grey matter by Political Parties,Bankers, Big Pharma , Corporations and the rinse and repeat washing machine of Main Stream Media. NONE OF THESE ARE YOUR FRIEND. They DO NOT love you, sorry correction ONLY AS THEIR SLAVE TRADE - You are valuable cattle for their profits. THEY HAVE STOLEN everything. LIED to your faces and now they are coming for your future generations, They DO NOT care if you die today or tomorrow, it's part of their plan to exterminate you any way. Get that into your grey matter. They have been killing and maiming humanity for centuries for profit!!! why should it be any different now. But we can learn to live through it and change our lifes course.

There is no place in this world for secrets, non whatsoever. Secrets only mean there is something to hide and that doesn't add up to love for your fellow man. It equals to the destruction of a free and just society. The Globalists have been planning this NEW RESET for centuries COVID is their Cover..... Do your own research and don't believe what the government and big pharma are telling you. There are many qualified Doctors, scientists and other professionals exposing the truth.

"N@zis were technocrats too, just saying. Funded by guess who, big pharma (IG Farben)"

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WE ARE IN A BATTLE FOR HUMANITY FOLKS - Good bad and ugly we are fighting for our sovereignty around the globe,.Freedom., Can you taste the freedom coming your way or the enslavement if the globalists have their way. Everything is REVEALED, the tipping point of we the people a future of mind blowing opportunities or a desolate enslavement too evil to comprehend. I will go with the power of the people and the quantum leap

The Global Currency Reset and NESARA/GESARA Was All About the Children


The Global financial reset has us moving into a world where all of our currencies are backed by gold and precious metals


The world is on the cusp of a second quantum revolution.


The Global financial reset has us moving into a world where all of our currencies are backed by gold and precious metals.

QFS: Everything You Need To Know


lots of incredible news here link

Jan. 1 2021 Trump: “It’s big, it’s all signed and it goes into effect Jan. 1.” Evidently Trump was referring to a return to the gold-backed dollar. (min. 12:35)

Between now and Jan. 7: Period of Darkness

Thurs. Jan. 7 to Sun. Jan. 17: Period of Enlightenment

Thurs. Jan. 21 2021: The Great Awakening

JFK Jnr faked his own death and is planning a return

And this GEM for those who already have been following Q

John F. Kennedy Jr. (Juan O’Savin) indicated that the Alliance was planning on election of the new Restored Republic president and US government officials in March 2021. The election would be transparent, instantaneous and take place under the new and already tested Quantum Voting System where US citizens could vote using their own computers or phones.

source of articles with many more on this site Dinat Chronicles


They haven’t administered the C19 vaccine in the US, because if they had it would kill people. There was not one vaccine that has proven to be effective. Ingredients were on the box, and they were the same ingredients that were used in lethal injections.

If you subscribe or follow my blog I have other articles on Nesara Gesara. of which started my journey down the rabbit hole of lifes trail of injustices. May we all seek peace and enjoy the prosperity of Peace Happiness and Love - A future filled with unconditional respect and true freedom for all on earth.




DO YOUR PART SHARE 'faith without action is dead' so- SIGN -PRAY - SEND WWG1WGA


And, Apparently Australia’s defence force have been advised to be ready for active duties from the 15th January.

Jaquie Dundee

URGENT - reliable intel from sever sources - Military being deployed 12th Jan for apparent takeover on the 15th Jan. Aĺl I can say is be prepared for the next stage - concurrent legislation passed in NZ and Australia e.g. they can come into your homes and remove your children - Army reserves has medical training in August and September- is this all just coincidence or a psyop??? JUST BE PREPARED


Jacquie Dundee JanulanntrSpyc fioodnfso2ot haot 6ds:r5s3eSue PcgmdM ·

More info just come through - Hi all, So I have just watched this video and apparently there’s some nasty shit planned for Australia and New Zealand in the next 2 weeks. Can everyone please send the following to: Please replace “Australian citizen” with whatever citizen you are. You can feel comfortable to honestly leave the part about friends/family in NZ - my family and friends will be enough of a conduit. “I am writing, as an Australian citizen who has friends/family in New Zealand, to inform you of my vehement disapproval of current plans within the NZ and Australian governments to: 1. mobilise the next navy, leaving nz without maritime defence. 2. Place citizens of NZ into lockdown on or around the 15th of January as part of your involment in the NWO scheme; and 3. the Australian governments involvement in bushfires in my country and it’s collaboration with the NZ government in simultaneous lockdowns across both countries on or around the 15th of January. I have been distributing this information, given to me by credible sources, and have also instructed these people to write to the NZ government. We are all aware of the gross injustices already carried out, and those planned for the future as part of NZ and Australian government’s involvement in the plan to implement a NWO. Please cease and desist all nefarious activities which are completely unconstitutional across both countries, and that go against basic human rights, breach civil liberties, and make a mockery of the Nuremberg code. Shame on the Australian and New Zealand governments. Regards, Sign your name”


Billy Te Kahika SDelcembfieecr 3o1, toS2ct0p2o0 odaftf n1S1n:s1smSmndocr5t efArdsMcdg ·

URGENT! - Contact email for the Government. Here is a copy of my letter to Ardern that is about to be sent: 31 December 2020 ATTN: Ms Jacinda Ardern: My name is Billy Te Kahika and I am the leader of the New Zealand Public Party that stands for the people of New Zealand. We exist to protect People's rights, Freedoms, defend Personal and National Sovereignty, Ensuring Government integrity & accountability and the repairing of our Economy and protection of our Environment. You have recently been served paperwork dated 13 December 2020 recognising He Wakaputanga - The Declaration of Independence 1835 and the authority of the rangatira (Chiefs) of Hapuu. This paperwork confirms and acknowledges that your Government, and previous Governments since 1986 have been an imposter 'Crown' operating as a corporate entity known as 'Her Majesty the Queen in Right of New Zealand' registered on the United States security exchange. This is not the Crown Treaty partner of 1840 and this Government has been dishonestly masquerading and representing itself as 'the Crown of England' which it is not. You have been served notice that you are required to stand down your Government in favour of honouring the lawful 1835 Declaration of sovereignty document as contained and referenced in the delivered and signed as received paperwork. I attach this paperwork for your records. This email serves to advise you the following: 1. That you do not have any authority to issue any orders of any kind that violate the accepted standards of the New Zealand Bill of Rights as per the standards of your own Government. That as an imposter 'Crown' you do not have any jurisdiction to lawfully enforce any legislation that violates the Sovereignty of Hapuu and ALL individual citizens. 2. That I, my organisation and members do not consent to any lockdowns of any kind of any status level without proven independent medical and scientific assessment and validation for its requirement. 3. We do not consent to any breach of personal medical and health sovereignty or forced compliance to accept Covid 19 vaccinations by way of legislation or 'soft' methods of forced compliance. 4. We demand the immediate suspension of the Covid 19 Public Health Response Bill in light that you do not have the authority nor medical science to support it's enforcement. 5. In order for any Government to enforce law in New Zealand there must be an International Maritime contract in place between the two parties including the people of the land. We have requested confirmation of this contract from your Government. It must be noted my associates have requested this information three times which has been receipted by the office of the Minister of Justice. Due to the failure of the Minister of Justice, Andrew Little, to provide proof of an international Maritime Contract between Hapuu and the foreign offshore private company masquerading as the Government of New Zealand, this confirms that all statutes, maritime admiralty jurisdiction, and acts of Parliament are unlawful. These requests were served by Alfred Mitchell in 2019 as Attorney General of the Confederation of Chiefs of the United Tribes of Aotearoa. No reply has been received nor verification of such a contract. I am available at any time should you request a meeting with my team and I that includes medical, legal, political and Declaration of Independence document experts to discuss the content of this letter. Despite the recent 2020 Election results I can confidently tell you that I represent ten's of thousands of concerned ordinary New Zealander's that have had enough of the behaviour of your Government. You may expect to receive many emails from concerned people that will mobilise to demonstrate to you and your communist, globalist Government that we will not tolerate an imposter 'Crown' without mandate, eradicating the freedoms and rights of our citizens for which our forefathers suffered and gave their lives to defend. In the spirit of sovereignty for all people to live freely in our Islands and of He Wakaputanga - the Declaration of Independence I send this email. My contacts are contained herein should you wish to contact me at any time. Therefore Ms Ardern please note you and your defacto Government are on notice. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Your sincerely, Billy Te Kahika Leader New Zealand Public Party


Message from an Aussie Patriot


One thing my studies of history have taught me, is this:


Consider Adolf Hitler, he promised the people a one thousand year Reich. What did they get? Thirteen years in power and Germany bombed into rubble. I know there was a lot of stuff happening in the background, foreign money and influence, secret societies etc. However, that's what was promised but look at what they got!

You can go back in history as you like, with Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greeks and the Romans. Each empire had its beginning, its peak and it's decline. All of them have come and gone, cracked and crumbled under the weight of their own greed, tyrany and debauchery.

The current NWO empire is following this same pathway to destruction. It will not survive because it is intrinsically evil. There is no coming back from the depths of Satanic depravity and the heinous crimes against the entire world population, over the last 300 years

What we are witnessing is the exposure of the Vatican's global trading and trafficking networks, as well as the catastrophic collapse of it's global financial arm. Nothing can stop what is happening and what is about to happen. No amount of gold, silver, high tech gadgets, software or weapons will save the elite and their minions. Their fate is sealed and their descent into the Abbys is set in stone.

Sure, it's going to be a bumpy ride and yes, there will be collateral damage. Lives will be lost and people's hopes destroyed, but I look forward to a better day and a new Earth, wherein righteousness exists and where God's laws, common law, universal law, reigns supreme. This is not pie in the sky, wishful thinking excetera. The storm is upon us, but almighty God reigns supreme as sovereign of the universe He created and I am putting my faith, hope and trust in Him and the principles found in the Bible as the sure foundation we can stand upon in these troubled times.

If you have a Bible handy, then I invite you to read Revelations 17 and 18 and you'll see everything I've been saying in this post, laid out before you. Babylon (the Vatican) is on its last legs and we can look forward to its final destruction one day soon.

God bless, protect and enrich you and enlighten you all, during 2021

Austin Hellier 04-01-2021 @ 08:51 pm...

Excessive Harrassment from NSW Health and Police for not taking a PCR test

Megan is a healthy vibrant woman with no flu-like symptoms. She decided not to have a PCR test...this is her story. Isolation, quarantine, lockdowns, restrictions, border-closures, tests...what's next? Despite intimidation tactics, you still have a choice and we all have rights...we just need to know and use them. Link to the video Megan mentions regarding The Bio Security Act -

Lawyer Serene: Teffaha explains the Law that regulates Government in respect of Covid-19.

Download • 622KB




And this is how it will roll out.

Thanks Emily Lightfoot Here's how the QR code with the Covid app will work, for the benefit of all of those who can't see the forest for the trees: * It is now mandatory to use the government's app to check in to a hospitality venue or hairdresser in NSW. This is just the thin end of the wedge. * It will soon be mandatory to use the app in other places like the supermarket, doctor's surgery, small retail shop, petrol station, or any other business or non-private residence location. So if you want to eat or get access to any essential services, you will be forced to use the app. * The government can then track your every move. * This will not be used for the stated purpose of "contract tracing". Rather, the government will use it to build a picture of the movements of every single person in the country. * This won't just be used to spy on you in a general sense, though. They will use this intelligence to fabricate targeted "Covid outbreaks". * Using the data from the Australian Immunisation Register and government databases, they will work out who hasn't received the Covid-19 vaccination. They will then use the real-time data from the QR code Covid app to pinpoint where you have been and declare a fake outbreak of Covid from that location. * They will then use the legislation that is already in place to force you to get tested and then to get a Covid vaccination (irrespective of test outcome). * The war has started - which side are you on?

Big Tech Hates us, We don't rely on social media so they can censor us. PLEASE sign up, visit daily and email our page to all your friends. IMACOGINDEWHEELOFLIFE.COM 

Stephen Reason

Victoria's 'State of Emergency' is due to expire tomorrow. It will undoubtedly be renewed now. What uncanny timing that after almost two months of zero cases the "eradicated virus" just happens to re-emerge and infect the public mind once again... just when it was fading from prominence, and things were starting to revert back to some semblance of normality.

Alas, Authoritarianism is a 'wicked' and 'deadly' virus that 'does not discriminate' as it ruthlessly infects the host body of a population, corrupting and deviating all aspects of normal life. It is extremely contagious and is resistant to all but the constant application of truth. It thrives and propagates on falsehoods and wilful ignorance. Many will unfortunately succumb to infection, and in their crazed-state seek to mindlessly infect others.

It is unlikely that the Herd will ever acquire immunity prior to complete devastation --so it is truly up to the courageous individual to become a 'front line worker' and administer the essential prophylactic:

All that is true


GLENN BECK - reads to you the open letter from Catholic archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to President Trump warning against the globalist push for the Great Reset and what follow. I echo his words. We are in a battle of good vs evil, and a Biden win will greatly further this global leftist agenda. But President Trump is fighting AGAINST it..

President Trump on Wednesday praised what he called an “incredible” letter to the president from a controversial Italian archbishop that said Black Lives Matter protests and the coronavirus quarantine are part of an orchestrated campaign by “the children of darkness” against “the children of light.”


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump· Jun 11, 2020 So honored by Archbishop Viganò’s incredible letter to me. I hope everyone, religious or not, reads it!

Download PDF • 388KB



Brigitte Gabriel @ACTBrigitte· Jan 3

"President Trump is going to shock the world in January 6th! Just watch!!"

MONUMENTAL all revealed -

BE A PART OF HISTORY! January 6th - arrive by 9AM White House Ellipse RSVP @

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump· 1h

I will be there. Historic day!

Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Executive Order 13818 of December 20, 2017

Download PDF • 240KB



Are We Going Into An Even Great Depression?

Neil McCoy-Ward youtube channel

Shareable link to Video Series (Playlist): 1: 2:

ANOTHER GREAT MESSAGE in next video please watch....


The Secret Truth About 2020



- START SHARING NOW: If you are on social media please save the Focus on Fauci promo images (below) and post them with the text :

“On the 5th of January, Sacha Stone will deliver a monumental 2-hour Live stream event exposing the historical pathology of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the many financial elements connected to his offices. To register GO TO:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. David Martin & Dr. Rocco Galati will join Sacha to bring before the public the vast pathology of crimes against humanity which many key researchers and experts allege against Anthony Fauci (the most powerful man on earth in the public health administration sector). Stay tuned for updates.”

For Social Media (Facebook) groups, banners, newsletters, or on websites/ blogs:




It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.Mark Twain


Catherine Austin Fitts | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown



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We can never forget the "Parliamentary Pedophile Protection Suppression Orders" and how many there actually are in Australia. Protecting not only Politicians, but also sport stars, TV stations and program hosts, Judges and lawyers and the list goes on


Rukaya Jabsie

Ok smart asses. You got your mandatory masks. You know the ones that SAVE PEOPLE and STOP THE SPREAD?

So watch and follow things from this point on.

If they work like you all believe they do, then the numbers will go down.

When the numbers don’t go down and actually do the opposite and we end up having heaps and heaps new cases, will you get off our backs?

Keep in mind. Those who refuse to wear a mask also refuse to be tested for the dreaded boogeyman virus. Those who wear a mask are not at risk of catching it from those who don’t and those who don’t test. This is using your logic.

Let’s go.

Enjoy the next few weeks of huge spikes and clusters with mandatory masks in place.

Well catch up again then to see how things are going



Download • 3.19MB



Nothing is mandatory it's all a bluff. No person can tell another person to cover their airways or receive medical treatment without consent!!!!!!!!


Scared the ‘virus’ might kill you????

The ONLY thing guaranteed in life IS Death!!!

So if you aren’t laughing Dancing Singing Loving Living freely

Then you might as well bury yourselves YOU are the living dead!


Please note rules are NOT LAWS vote her out. Kundan Singh

Answered: What is the dIfference between act, rule and regulation?

Act is of higher legal standing and has to be recognised and upheld by authorities and courts in full because they are statutory, passed by parliament and so are law. Rules, on the other hand, are not passed in parliament but are framed by various organisations and so are open to scrutiny and may not be followed by courts and authorities. Particularly if they are repugnant to Laws of the land . They are not binding on courts, etc and may not even be recognised. Further, they are open to scrutiny. Regulation generally refers to both of these and additionally for additional rules made by authorities under administrative discretion, for example, Road Transport authorities. They are upheld unless set aside by courts or parliament or even authorities themselves. Even regulations can be set aside by courts, etc, but not acts, since they are on standing of Law, being framed by parliament. Power to frame rules, regulations are given to various authorities ( this is administrative discretion, deputation, delegation)to address various situations and because Parliament committees cannot foresee or address all eventualities, circumstances, details, particularly those arising in future, and also because Parliament cannot go into great detail due to huge volume of all subject matters, for example, medical regulations. This is not advisable also because it will create inefficiency, huge expenditure of time, which parliament does not have. The Mental health act is framed by parliament. But additional rules are also framed by Indian Medical Association (mental health specialists, administrators). Similarly for TRAI, CA association, etc. Power to frame rules, regulations is also delegated to administrative, executive authorities because passing of an act by Parliament is a time consuming process and any amendment will take much time and within this time all affected will suffer. Further, frequent amendments by Parliament mean that acts in various fields will take very long to be ammended


Tim Dwyer 6ttShponsortseda ·

The Papal Bull ‘Unum Sanctum’ of 1302 is the only thing any man needs to research to understand and decode the book of revelation. The Vatican declared itself “the holy sea” under emperor Justinian by making a body of law called “maritime admiral law” which is of the sea. Which is the beast [system] of the sea. And thru maritime admiral law and the Unum sanctum they laid a claim that they own every soul on earth through the fictitious entity created at birth- the birth certificate. A claim is the highest term of law with the most authority, and that claim is still valid today since no one challenged it. (This is why the beast of the sea has a “little horn who spoke great blasphemies” that uprooted three horns (or three tribes of the ten original of Europa) which they killed off during the inquisitions. The Vatican is the little horn (little city) and blasphemies is plural. There are two definitions for blasphemy- to believe you are God, and to believe you can change God’s laws: and they’ve openly admitted to doing both by claiming to be the spokesperson of God ordained with ecclesiastical authority as Jesus Christ in the flesh, they claim to be above the Bible, and they changed sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Those who believe sabbath is Sunday do not recognize by observing this day as the Lord’s day they are worshipping the pope as God- and the transference of this sabbath is recognition of that. The REAL reason our four fathers came to America was to escape this beast system. But by doing so they created a beast also. An appealing beast though. The constitution, preamble, and articles of confederation created common law- or the LAW of the LAND. That’s why the beast [system] of the LAND looks like a LAMB. It’s appealing and perceived as innocent. That’s why immigrants flock to this country looking for the American dream. But this beast of the land had two horns as well- separated- this is symbolical for separation of church and state.. which common law was created to protect us from the Vatican’s authority and jurisdiction over the sea- or maritime admiral law. Revelation says the beast of the sea rose OUT of the water and came onto LAND.. well, through the birth certificate- and by claiming to be the NAME or trust or entity on the birth certificate- you give metaphysical consent to be debted or put in bondage by maritime law.. that’s why we see the prison industrial complex today. That’s why it seems people don’t have there god given natural rights created and protected by the constitution in court because we consent to be prosecuted under jurisdiction of maritime law. And that’s what it means when the beast rose out the sea and came onto land. It’s showing the authority of maritime admiral law gaining jurisdiction over common law. Only by claiming yourself a living MAN, not the artifice incorporated by the fictitious trust account of your NAME or BIRTH-CERTIFICATE making you a PERSON, does common law apply to any human. Look into black’s law dictionary 4th edition, corpus juris, or type living man in YouTube. Crrow777 has some really good podcasts on it- episode 110-115 and also a recent one maybe two or three weeks back. But the Bible tells us to come out of Babylon for there is no hope. Whether sea or land we will still be held in bondage and persecution, and it’s best to just come out of these beast systems in general. But once you study it you’ll come to realize the true mark of the beast is Sunday worship and the birth certificate. We are natural living mankind, we are not humankind who must abide and live by- bow down and worship- man made laws governed by other man. Natural rights are your ability to do whatever you so choose- as long as it does not harm nor interfere with any other man’s progress as well. Sorry I know that was long but too me it’s very important I plant these seeds. Don’t just take my words please research it yourself just like flat earth. Oh yea, and Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself! I know it is a bit late


World Economic Forum - have your welfare @ heart of course

referred now as THE GREAT RESET - All factual. Incredible viewing.

This has been their plan. The satanists always had this planned for humanity, but then TRUMP landed on their play book and didn't like what he saw... enter his friend John John and Q


This presenter articulates exactly what is happening, why it’s happening and what we can do.

221 A New World Order - Total Onslaught by Prof. Dr. Walter Veith

With the looming economic crisis post COVID, this lecture is extremely relevant as Pope Francis has published a new encyclical referring to these principles, Fratelli Tutti.

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation


create a PROBLEM cause a REACTION provide a SOLUTION

has been working for time begining - EVIL INTENT has been let loose since the Garden Of Eden and continues -

Where you own nothing but pay for it all instead

Servitisation is where customers pay for a service - such as air conditioning - rather than buying the equipment themselves.

We were signed up to things that people knew nothing about nor bothered to look into.

WHITLAM<HOWARD<HAWKE > past history and to date, stolen your sovereignty, your assets, your freedom, your childrens future...

The two party perferred voting system is a failure and is unrepresentative of the needs and wants of the Australian People. We don't want EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT.



The Australian PM has arbitrarily changed our national anthem without consulting the Parliament and, most importantly, the Australian People.

Regardless of whether you agree with the substantive nature of this change, surely this effectively opens a dangerous precedent for further arbitrary behaviour. Indeed, it further reveals our PM' s absolute disregard for basic principles of democratic government and accountability.

Furthermore, due to our nation's current predicament, this change in the national anthem could be easily interpreted as a bad taste joke by our PM and another act of provocation against the Australian people.

After all, the interstate border restrictions imposed by the state governments, coupled with the ongoing suppression of numerous other fundamental rights and freedoms, surely indicate that this once great nation has ceased to be either one or free.

Australians are now subject to an arrogant oligarchy who exercise full control over the people via a ruthless coercive apparatus that constantly violate their most fundamental rights and freedoms.

Enough is enough. It is time to resist the Morrison regime and demand the full restoration all our basic rights and freedoms - including free speech, freedom of association and freedom of movement.

Prof Augusto Zimmermann LLB, LLM, PhD

Maybe just a cover for his "Her Managesty"

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been awarded a prestigious US military honour in recognition of his leadership in addressing global challenges.

Upside down flag..Our country of origin is under distress Throwing it in our faces. Yes Australia under distress caused by the very people paid to adhere to our Commonwealth of Australia (UK)) Constitution of which is being denied to the Sovereign people of this nation...Most don't know that He takes orders from his employers U.N/CCP/ GLOBALISTS ELITES

and as (Peter says)

Peter Rogers

He is NOT a Prime Minister, he is a CEO of Australia the registered Corporation, and if all Australians don’t wake up they will loose everything they have, freedom, your land, your family, and the list goes on, notice the Corporate flag is upside down.....anyone know what that means.....if not work it out.


Tony Smith

Any alteration to our National Anthem should only be done via referendum. This act by the government amounts to communism. People fought wars under the flag and national anthem, only to be rubbished with a stroke of a pen.


ADMINISTRATION AND OCCUPATION - THE FOREIGN OCCUPATION of AUSTRALIA. created intentionally without our knowledge

Just like the 1939 an education treaty - signed to ensure that we didn't know the true history of Australia. For proof? Visit the Australian Treaty Series website and click 1939 and see what comes up.

And whilst you're there click 1910... that one is a doozy. It shows you the date we became and occupied nation... 26th January 1910!!!!


The reason they planned Port Arthur and used Martin Bryant as their fall guy was to take away our firearms, because this is what they have passed an ACT of parliament to put into play as of 2021 and fully completed by 2030.

It is called The Great Reset.

No guns means no way to fight back.

reference social media site - Port Arthur Tasmania Exposed (FB

Joe Vialls was a researcher who resided in Australia. His detailed online articles on various world events proved to be accurate in many areas. It was rumored that Joe Vialls in reality was an ex Israel intelligence asset writing as 'Joe Vialls' as a pseudonym.

Joe Vialls said something along the lines of ‘the Port Arthur massacre was staged by the Australian government in order to disarm the people so they couldn’t defend themselves against the new world order’? As of 2021 and fully completed by 2030. called The Great Reset.

No guns means no way to fight back.



After Martin Bryant's conviction based on coerced and fatally flawed 'guilty' pleas, the media continued a low-level campaign of continual reinforcement, designed to repeatedly convince the public that Bryant was guilty as charged, despite the complete absence of any evidence. By late 2000, newspapers started printing stories with photos of Bryant's mother Carleen and his sister Lindy. The stories were deliberately hurtful to both ladies, and the photos made them nervous, as they were intended to. Being identifiable relatives of the 'hated' Martin Bryant could easily place Carleen and Lindy Bryant at extreme risk, and possibly lead directly to 'revenge attacks' by fanatical followers of the 'Bryant Did It' official media story. Most hurtful was the complete lie in December, that Martin had 'not received a personal visit in more than two years'. Though it is true Carleen was deliberately tricked into not visiting her son for an extended period, she decided to take on the prison authorities late in 1999, winning the first contact visit with her son since his arrest in April 1996. Carleen has visited her son several times since, but all subsequent visits were of the 'non-contact' variety, with authorities deliberately placing a pane of bulletproof glass between mother and son. As this book proves scientifically, Bryant killed no one at Port Arthur. It is now up to the Australian Federal Government and people to track down those responsible for ordering and funding this loathsome terrorist attack against Australians on Commonwealth territory. Those still in doubt, are invited to look at the new startling photographic evidence on page sixty-one.

read here

Download • 855KB


Communist Goals 1963

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks. 15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States 27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch." 28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and state." 29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis

Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC)

One Day We Will Live Without Fear: Everyday Lives Under the Soviet Police State By Mark Harrison

What was life in the Soviet Union really like? Through a series of true stories, One Day We Will Live Without Fear describes what people's day-to-day life was like under the regime of the Soviet police state. Drawing on events from the 1930s through the 1970s, Mark Harrison shows how, by accident or design, people became entangled in the workings of Soviet rule. The author outlines the seven principles on which that police state operated during its history, from the Bolshevik revolution of 1917 to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and illustrates them throughout the book. Well-known people appear in the stories, but the central characters are those who will have been remembered only within their families: a budding artist, an engineer, a pensioner, a government office worker, a teacher, a group of tourists. Those tales, based on historical…Those tales, based on historical records, shine a light on the many tragic, funny, and bizarre aspects of Soviet life.. by Mark Harrison

Deadly Deception - Robert Willner
Download PDF • 40.46MB


The Keyes Of This Blood

Keys of This Blood: Pope John Paul II Versus Russiaand the West for Control of the New World Order

From Publishers Weekly In Martin's apocalyptic scenario, Pope John Paul II is a geopolitican whose aim is a new world order, the Grand Design of God on earth,a global government rooted in a recognition of universal interdependence. The other chief players in the "millennium end-game" are"hardcore Leninist" Gorbachev, bent on world domination, and the West's rulers, said to be eager to maintain the status quo as they condone "sinful structures" such as Third World exploitation. Martin ( The Jesuits ) contends that the Pope has allowed the Church to split into politicized factions and willfully ignores "rampant decadence and unfaith" among churchmen. He spins a dramatic tale in this long, unpersuasive saga, which purports to be a behind-the-scenes probe of the Vatican's role in the collapse of the Iron Curtain. 1990 Reed Business Information,

From Library Journal

A former Jesuit, Martin, also author of the best-selling The Final Enclave ( LJ 5/15/78) and The Jesuits ( LJ 4/1/86), contends that PopeJohn Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev, and international business leaders are in competition to establish one world government and that thiscompetition will end by the end of this century. The book claims to be an inside account of what the Pope is doing to win thisgeopolitical struggle and how he played an instrumental role in the collapse of the Iron Curtain. Martin's previous works, all highlycritical of Vatican politics, have provoked discussion and disagreement, and this book should be no different. Written with all theintrigue of a spy novel, this is an interesting and controversial commentary. Previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 5/15/90..

- John Broderick, Stonehill Coll., North Easton, Mass.

The Keyes Of This blood
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One of three letters from Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò warning against the globalist push for the Great Reset and what will follow.

We are in a battle of good vs evil, and a Biden win will greatly further this global leftist agenda. President Trump is fighting AGAINST it.

Trump needs Americans and the free world to stand behind him , to hold the faith and pray that truth will prevail in the coming days and weeks. It is time to be a soldier for Christ. I pray today and every day, and I hope that you all pray with me, that the children will be protected against what comes next. In Jesus Almighty name, I pray this with my whole heart, amen.

Trump.has exposed their evil and stood upto their mass media fabricated lies against him.


Viganò Warns Trump of GLOBAL-GREAT-RESET: Deep Church and Katechon

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You may never realize how much we will all owe him, for the many things we will never hear about.You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

Donald Garrett Friday, 30 October 2020

.com-You will likely never k


These are the accounts of Donald Marshall, a former Illuminati insider turned internet whistleblower. We came across Donald Marshall's online posts in late 2011,

detailing his firsthand accounts with a powerful global organization known as the Illuminati.

.com-Donald Mars
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