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Save the Bees Australia

I never buy CapXXXX honey because I know it is a blend of who knows what ??

How is it  that one of the most significant Australian defamation cases in Australia this  year commences in the Supreme Court at Sydney tomorrow but you are unlikely to  hear anything about it in the mainstream media or through a google search  engine?

You would  if it was Rebel Wilson suing the tabloid media again, but this time it’s a  Chinese billionaire who now owns a large percentage of Australia’s prime manuka  honey sites attempting to silence Shane Dowling, an Australian anti-corruption  journalist AKA , by  using a defamation action in the NSW Supreme Court.

Last year  Hong Kong born Albert Tse (who has connections to the Chinese communist party,  billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes and is married to Kevin Rudd’s daughter)  purchased Capilano Ltd and changed its name to “Hive and Wellness Australia”. Mr  Tse and his associates quickly delisted “Hive and Wellness” from the Australian  Stock Exchange after purchasing the company and set about putting in place a  regime that ships pristine Australian honey to wealthy middle class Chinese for  a premium while selling cheaper imported honey through Woolworths and other  supermarkets to everyday Australian consumers.

The case  against Shane Dowling involves him criticising processes where Australian honey  is blended with millions of kilos of Chinese and other foreign honey then sold  to Australian consumers as a supermarket bargain. Shane has already represented  himself in the Supreme Court on several occasions and has already won TWO cases  against Hive and Wellness (previously known as Capilano Ltd).  

Despite  the fact he has won two cases against the honey corporation this journalist  still does not appear in search results even though articles about him are  crucial information for Australians who are concerned about issues including  food contamination, food security and trade relations.

We now  have 238,000 signatures on a petition which requests the government legislate  that it is mandatory to clearly display country of origin on food products but  it continues to ignore us.

Please  support independent Journalism, Shane Dowling and your local  beekeeper.

PLEASE SHARE Our bees need saving and real Honey should be on every Australian breakfast table.

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